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The Packers did right by JK Scott

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The Packers did right by JK Scott

It's easy to point out things you think the Packers get wrong. Goodness knows, I do it all the time

So, I thought it only fair to highlight something they got right. And by "right" I mean they should be used as an example of how every NFL team should deal with football, family and the meeting of the two in real world situations. 

I'll let NFL Media's Kyle Brandt take it from here. Well done all around. 

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PatrickGB's picture

They did right by him. Now they need to do right for the rest of the team and it’s fans. And we all know what THAT is.

Skip greenBayless's picture

When do you think the due date is for McCarthy?

RCPackerFan's picture

So lets go down this hypothetical road.

This time next year. Packers have a new coach, some new players. Same exact record.

Who's fault is it then? Who are we blaming?

dobber's picture

There's always the honeymoon...

RCPackerFan's picture

Well from most stuff I have been reading, the Coach is the sole problem. So if the coach is the only problem this year, a new coach should have a great record next year right?

Demon's picture

No one here has said MM is the only problem, but many of us think he is one of the biggest problems. One that should have been rectified years ago.

The combo of TT and MM was a perfect storm of futility. Of the 2, which one is/was better? Which of them is/was worse? The annswer to both questions would be: it would depend on the day.

If you are going to keep defending him at least tell us what it is he is good at?

RCPackerFan's picture

Are you reading any other comments?

We have already seen the damage the last few years Thompson has done with the roster. He was great his first years in GB but basically since 2014 he has done very little to improving the team.

The roster is now being restocked in talent.

I'm not saying McCarthy isn't at fault, but he isn't he biggest problem either. The talent on the roster eroded the last few years.

And the biggest problem right now is that Rodgers hasn't played that well.

Bearmeat's picture

I think MM is the biggest problem. I think Rodgers is #2. I think they're both to blame, but one of them has to go, and the coach is easier to replace than the GOAT.

A coach who can rein Rodgers in is a must.

RCPackerFan's picture

If Rodgers who has his worst completion percentage of his career, completes 4-5% more of his passes, don't you think that is the difference between winning and losing?
Also the Packers are dead last in completion percentage inside the 30 yard line. Lets say they are even mediocre. at 15-20 range. Doesn't that change many games for us?

Our team, our offense looks so much better if Rodgers just completes the passes he is supposed to.
There was a perfect video of 2 almost exact same plays against the Rams and Patriots. The difference was the Rodgers held the ball to long in the Patriots game. Btw both throws were behind St Brown.

Plain and Simple. Once Rodgers starts playing better, our team will look a lot better.

flackcatcher's picture

I'm amused. Get rid of McCarthy and "the sky will come out tomorrow...tomorrow..." Like I don't need no facts, only my feels. The ugly truth is because Thompson was forced to stay on an extra year, the rebuild was delayed. In case some of you forgot, TT had announced that he was retiring in 2014 and wanted his successor in place by 2016. Why Mark Murphy delayed and then was pretty much forced to hire IAMGUTE is a story which has been left untold. I doubt if Packer nation will ever get the full backstory, but, here we are. That delay had a massive ripple effect in the front office and down to the coaching staff. One of which is the lack of talent which our new GM is addressing. Blame McCarthy for the on the field operations of his team. But he is not responsible for the crap fest that the front office became in the last couple of years. That is all on Mark Murphy.

TheBigCheeze's picture

flack......I've never really cared much for murphy, either.....he's a yes-man doofus.....

TheBigCheeze's picture

RC......the head coach is responsible for EVERYTHING......"a new coach should have a great record next year right?"......that statement is too simplistic......a new coach is not a guarantee of success......

Daren726's picture

It will take any new coach at least a year to get rolling. What if Rodgers doesn’t like him? Oh boy, what a mess that would be.

RCPackerFan's picture

Look at how Rodgers reacts to new QB coaches. Imagine how he would be if he didn't like the entire offensive scheme.

Hawg Hanner's picture

Ted Thompson for leaving the cupboard bare

RCPackerFan's picture

Nailed it!

Barnacle's picture


If the head coach has no responsibility(blame), why do we pay him $6,000,000/year? We provided the highest paid player in the league for our coaches.

Is it Gute’s fault our young players make stupid mistake after stupid mistake? Did you happen to notice that Belichek does not seem to have the stupid players problem?

Instead of bowling during training camp next year, maybe have a half hour video on avoidance of stupid behaviors on the football field. Or maybe just do it during the last 45 minutes of a 3 hour practice, instead of sending them home early after a crueling 2 hours and 15 minutes of a 3 hour authorized practice.

RCPackerFan's picture

Not saying the head coach doesn't deserve blame.

The whole point is if Rodgers plays better, the entire team looks better.

Gutekunst is doing a fantastic job. I truly believe he will have the team loaded in talent in the next year or 2.
All of the players he is getting rid of are all players that Thompson had brought in.

Lare's picture


Oppy's picture

It was a great gesture that was only able to come to fruition by way of good timing. Very lucky to have a roster spot come free and also have a viable street FA punter Available just before the expected birth window. don’t know if many specialists will ever have the stars align in such a way again.

Still, hats off to the Packers for seeing the opportunity and seizing it. Of course, if Jk had to go, and the replacement lost the game for us, everyone around the league would be talking about how you put business first and foremost, personal second.

Lare's picture

Nice to see that at least one person here is able to stay on topic and turn every single conversation into a pro/con McCarthy argument.

Oh, and I agree with you.

RCPackerFan's picture

I thought the Packers did a great job handling this situation.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Maybe they can sign another coach for when McCarthy doesn't show up on gameday?

ILPackerBacker's picture

I ran this by my boss who is a bear fan. All he did was laugh and say that explains a lot.

LeotisHarris's picture

Has your boss had access to Bears games the last 30 years?

Barnacle's picture


Your boss is very perceptive. Our team management should be laughed at.

D Ernie's picture

My MM issue is between his football ears. Some of the things he has said and done coaching wise doesnt fit todays modern game.

1. Mike said once he looks for O linemen with short arms they run block better. Hearing that I realized that the Pack over the years have passed on better talent in the draft looking for people to fit their mental mode. Skip any fast quick running back, they arent bruisers. Skip the big strong O linemen with long arms they cant run block?
Skip a shut down corner or safety if they cant play more then one position. Really?

I mean they came out an said they want guys who can play two positions. I would want the best player available for the position I need. Speed, size, intellegence, injury record. Those are the things that matter not whether they could play two positions.

Its crap like that that has held this team from putting talent on the field in the defense and offense. How many pro bowlers are on this team now? Maybe two, Bahtairi and Adams. . Rogers doesnt make it this year.
The Vikes probably have 5 or six. Bears have three or more.
There just arent play makers on this team.

The TKstinator's picture


Cheesehead dallas's picture

3. Second-half points a whopping 48 total yards rushing bozo calling the plays and coaching Head up the ass running the front office Annd gee why did we lose .Time to clean house Rogers on the bench before he gets killed play Kaiser his back up and let them learn I seriously doubt Rogers played out his contract Time for the owners of the team to show some balls and refused to go back to the Late 60Two Super Bowl 31 if anyone thinks this team is going to get any better this year I like To have what you’re smoking And put entire team a notice play or your gone. This team is the result of too many years of Bozo the clown coaching to delete and totally making of 13 players and head of the S in there for an office but as always go pack go

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