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The Packers Could Make Some Serious Noise With Their First Round Picks

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The Packers Could Make Some Serious Noise With Their First Round Picks

The Packers free agent spending spree last week has caused the direction of the first three selections of their draft class to become somewhat uncertain.  If you asked me a week ago where the Packers were going with their first two picks, I would have told you they could feasibly draft an edge rusher with both their 12th and 30th selections.  Now that Za'Darius and Preston Smith have joined the Packers front seven, there is an endless amount of avenues that the Packers could explore in the first round.  

There are many different ideas circulating around who the Packers will select with the 12th pick, or what their strategy will deploy in the first round.  At this point, they have put themselves in a position to draft the best player(s) available regardless of the position they play.  I think that the Packers could look to draft an edge rusher, tight end, corner, or even trade up or down with their two first-round selections.  

The philosophy of being able to draft the best player available on the draft board gives General Manager Brian Gutekunst a higher success rate with each of his first three picks as he will not be limited to draft for one specific position group.  The signing of two formidable edge rushers and a safety allows Gutekunst to shift his focus to other areas of the roster and come back to these positions in rounds 3 and 4 if value picks still remain.  

The Fortifying of the two main areas of weakness does not necessarily eliminate the Packers from drafting an edge rusher or safety with their first three picks, it just gives them flexibility and options to draft the player who best fits their roster. I firmly believe this draft is going to be incredibly unpredictable, so my advice to everyone is going to be to fasten your seat belts, hold onto your seats and enjoy the show.  

Here are some scenarios in which the Packers could make headlines with their first-round picks:

  • Draft a cornerback with one of their two first-round picks: With the uncertainty of the future of the cornerback position moving forward, it may behoove the Packers to trade a few spots down out of the 12th spot to draft a corner like Greedy Williams.  Williams's 6'3 frame and blazing speed would allow him to stand step for step with elite receivers and allow him to make a positive play on most 50-50 balls.  The rationale behind drafting a corner is pretty simple due to the fact Kevin King has not been able to stay on the field, and there are legitimate concerns on whether or not Joshua Jackson can be an every-down corner or will need to shift to the safety position.  
  • Trade down a few spots and draft T.J Hockenson with the 15th-17th pick and Clelen Ferrell with the 30th pick:  This would give Aaron Rodgers another target who can help with pass protection and would add another young pass rusher to the fold.
  • Draft Ed Oliver at 12, Byron Murphy at 30, and Jaylon Ferguson at 44:  This would give the Packers three top 45 picks on defense who should be week 1 starters which would further solidify their defense.  Ed Oliver would solidify the interior line and provide insurance for Mike Daniels who is coming off an injury-plagued season and is in the final year of his contract.  Byron Murphy would provide another option to start opposite Jaire Alexander and would give Mike Pettine the flexibility to play Tramon Williams at safety.  Jaylon Ferguson would be a selection who has a high value, immense ceiling, and will probably be overlooked because he did not play for a blue chip program.
  • Trade down a few spots and draft Devin Bush with the 16-18th pick, draft Clelin Ferrell or Byron Murphy with the 30th pick and draft Jaylon Ferguson with the 44th pick.  Devin Bush could be part of a new wave of linebackers who can cover like a safety, rush the quarterback, and still play the position like a traditional middle linebacker. 
  • (The trade I previously mentioned) Trade the 12th and 30th picks to Oakland for the 4th overall pick and draft Josh Allen.  If things fall the right way with the first three selections, Allen could be available at 4 for the right deal.  This is the scenario that Brian Gutekunst imagined coming face to face with when he traded with the New Orleans Saints last season to acquire an extra first-round pick.  I say that if you have the opportunity to trade both of your first round picks and move up to the 4th overall pick and draft Josh Allen you absolutely do it.  Allen looks to be a "can't miss" prospect who will have the chance to flourish alongside Za'Darius and Preston Smith.
  • Trade the 12th and 44th selections to the Jacksonville Jaguars for the 7th, 98th, and 109th selections and draft Rashan Gary with the 7th overall pick.  Gary is a versatile edge rusher who can move up and down the line, depending on the package Mike Pettine is playing.  His explosion will allow him to get through interior lineman as well as offensive tackles.  Gary could be the perfect fit to round out the new young trio of Packers edge rushers in Mike Pettine's system.

Sound Off:

Let me know if you like any of these out of the box scenarios.  Remember that the extra draft capital allows for a lot of flexibility to accumulate multiple premium draft picks and also gives the Packers the ability to trade those premium picks for a can't miss prospect like Josh Allen or Rashan Gary.  I look forward to hearing your 2019 Packers draft scenarios.         



David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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Cubbygold's picture

Love the creativity.

I'd like to see what GB could get by keeping their pick at #12, then using their #30 and #44 to move up to #16.

albert999's picture

love that scenario !

Barnacle's picture


Our new HC will probably be a lot better at using our players better than the old stubborn HC. Therefore, I lean slightly towards more new players and trading down.

GBPDAN1's picture

I'm hoping (dreaming) Elite Pro bowl OT/OL at 12, pro Bowl TE at 30, Pro Bowl safety at 44. Great OLB in the 3rd. Starting CB and a RB or slot receiver with the two 4th rd picks. Fill depth from there.

We need to get AR back on track. Protecting him and giving him an Elite TE will help a lot. Maybe add WR

Nick Perry's picture

I'm with you Dan... I absolutely think Gute will use some of these higher picks on Offense. Fixing the O-Line and drafting a TE HAVE to be a priority IMO. Hell just drafting some offense should excite people. What could happen to this offense if Adams goes down is a scary thought. I like MVS and EBS as much as the next guys, but I'll be damned if I'm convinced they'd be able to step in with Adams out without this offense REALLY feeling the loss.

carlos's picture

All the scenarios are interesting. I’d like to see the Packers get two pick in the first round. Opportunity’s like that are almost impossible to come up with. And, unfortunately, no one is a sure thing. Too many intangibles- like an injury. We all know the draft is a crap shoot. Obviously some players are above and beyond better than other players, but the more swings at the plate increases the odds of getting a hit. Or two or three even. Cannot have enough corners. Another safety is a must. And there is enough other holes to fill, as we all have discussed.

Seether59's picture

If at all possible I would package 12/30/ and one of the 4ths and try and get William's from Alabama.

Rak47's picture

"I say that if you have the opportunity to trade both of your first round picks and move up to the 4th overall pick and draft Josh Allen you absolutely do it."
Trading up is a ridiculous idea and foolish at best. The list of players available at 12 and 30 will be long and talented. Let's say the Packers come away from the first round hypothetically with Devin White and T.J Hockenson can you prove or even make a compelling argument that Allen will be better than either of them as a pro? Because in reality he could easily turn out to be the worst of those 3. There are so many opportunities for the Packers to come away with 2 starters with pro bowl potential that it would be beyond stupid to throw that away on a gamble for one player. Especially considering how many needs this team has. There is no guarantee that Allen or Williams for that matter is going to be a star, either could be another AJ Hawk or Aaron Curry or Steve Emtman for all you know and none were worth one first round pick much less two.

zeke's picture

Playing devil's advocate: if you (as GM) are convinced that Allen is the next Khalil Mack, would you pull the trigger?

porupack's picture

Good Question Z;
A complex question of probabilities, synergies and ceilings. Your question is still a probability (being convinced is not a certainty); so it seems like the choice is this, and I would;
rather take the chance at two B+ or better players, than roll the dice to set up for one A+ player.

However, if there were less holes on the roster, then I might attempt to get the A+ player and forego two chances.

fthisJack's picture

i'd rather trade down than up. take Hockenson in the late teens. if Bush is there at 30 grab him. if not take the highest rated OL on your board. BPA in round 2 and Lindstrom in 3 and BPA from the trade with second third rounder. Isabella and Hill in 4.

Guam's picture

I also would not trade up and would rather trade down if we can pick up another second/third round choice. The Packers have many holes to fill: (1) potential starter/top reserve needs at Safety and ILB; (2) depth needs at OL and RB; (3) aging players at RT, DT, and TE that will need replacement soon; and (4) potential need at slot WR if second year players don't perform. The list is too long to trade up and lose choices. With a supposedly deep draft, trade down, take BPA and fill the holes.

David Michalski's picture

Is 17.0 sacks, 21.5 tackles for loss and 5 forced fumbles in the SEC a compelling case? Most NFL talent evaluators have Bosa and Allen a full tier above everyone else. I think Green Bay’s m.o is to trade down and accumulate picks because the philosophy is take more swings at it, I completely get that, however, why not take one swing and hit on a more guaranteed commodity. In reality Burns, White, and whoever else you want to insert in there could theoretically be ”busts”. The reality is that the draft is still somewhat of a gamble and I think Allen is less of a gamble. However, if we traded down a few spots for Hock, added more capital, and drafted Ferrell and Isabella with the next two picks you wouldn't get a complaint from me.

zeke's picture

This is why I would have no problem moving up to get Allen. They already have 10 picks, and it seems like the rationale for doing what Gutekunst did last year was to put them in this position. If he’s confident that Allen is a tier above everyone else and feels that it is unlikely the Packers will be picking this high again in the next few years, I’d go for it.

Full disclosure: I thought Sherman getting Joe Johnson was an act of genius when it was announced.

Duneslick's picture

Packer Greg says: I just can't imagine a scenario where you can get white or hockenson at 30

4thand1's picture

I think the Pack stays right where they are 12, 30, and 44, 3 players rated in the top 50. They should go BPA and come out smelling like a rose.

Montana's picture

Good call BPA is the right choice....

Jonathan Spader's picture

Great hypothetical draft scenarios David.

Packer draft visits:

SR - Senior Bowl meeting.
EW - East-West Shrine meeting.
COM - Combine meeting.

Nick Brossette, RB, LSU (EW)
Blace Brown, CB, Troy (EW)
Lukas Denis, S, Boston College (EW)
Noah Fant, TE, Iowa (COM)
Penny Hart, WR, Georgia State (SR)
Daylon Mack, DT/NT, Texas A&M (EW)
Ed Oliver, DT, Houston (COM)
Jachai Polite, DE/3-4OLB/OLB, Florida (COM)
Jace Sternberger, TE, Texas A&M (COM)
Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida (COM)
Cody Thompson, WR, Toledo (EW)
Olisaemeka Udoh, OT, Elon (EW)

fthisJack's picture

how can anyone dislike this post? its information only! SMH!

Jonathan Spader's picture

People can dislike posts for any # of reasons fthisJack. Maybe the Packers didn't meet with the player they wanted: for example Fant instead of Hock. Maybe they didn't like my opening statement saying I enjoyed the article. Maybe they had a bad day. Maybe they didn't like a previous comment I made.

At the end of the day who cares? I put out some information that I found interesting. I want to see how Gute's interviews compare to TT's. TT used to meet with mostly likely UDFAs prior to the draft. Gute has met with some of the 1st round prospects.

stockholder's picture

We just spent 30 mil. on edge rushers. We have Fackrell yet. Ferguson would have been a great pick @44. But were set. Next CB; after Alexander and drafting Jackson. I don't think Murphy has enough make-up speed./ 45.5 doesn't work regardless of his quick hips. Trade for Gary and Allen. Thats committing Harry- Kerry. Draft capitol is hard enough to get. Getting a TE/WR that Arron Rodgers won't TRUST, is worth nothing too. The draft must be Pure and simple. The crystal Ball wants to know who will be on the DL next year? I for one would like the problem to problems to stop. The number one need is ILB. Bush is the guy for that. But reinforcements are the way to go. Missing Oliver or Wilkens opens the door for Bush. Regardless @12. This pick is between Bush and Wilkens I believe. I believe there are more options for LBs then DL later. Take the DLs in rd. 1. Rd. 2 is ILB or OL. The trench wins the fight.

MikeS's picture

Hockenson at 12 is a no brainer. Lindstrom at 30. Saftey at 44.

jannes bjornson's picture

Do not believe Hockenson will fall past #10. The QBs in this draft are not worth moving Up the board to secure. Depends what Elway is thinking or for that matter Gruden. The Pack is best served to go OT or DT @ #12.
If Taylor and Dillard are off the board then target Wilkens, Oliver or Ferrell. Wilkens fits the profile. If they view Williams as a guard a one pick is too steep a price.

Old School's picture

It would be quite unusual for a TE to be drafted in the Top 10. I would also point out that the most effective TEs in the league over the last decade were taken after the first round.

jannes bjornson's picture

That may be true as I would pick one from the second or third round. The fact is Hockenson is projected in the top ten after his Combine. He's the total package with his blocking.

Lare's picture

The Packers have been drafting defensive players high the last few years and also just spent a ton of money on three defensive free agents.

I doubt if the Packers just signed an offensive coordinator as Head Coach and spent $100 million on a quarterback so that they can continue to devote most of their high resources to the defense.

I think the Packers are glad that everyone is still predicting they’re using their early picks on defense. That way some really good offensive players will fall to them early in the draft. I’d like to see them go OL, TE, RB and WR their first four picks, they can build defensive depth later in the draft.


Bert's picture

Hey Lare. You are absolutely correct. We beg for an offensive minded HC and then we get an offensive minded HC and then we spend our draft capital on the defense? Again? You gotta be kidding.

Jonathan Spader's picture

MM was an offensive minded coach didn't mean that TT spent his draft capital on the offensive side of the ball. I have more faith in Pettine as a DC than MLF as an OC. Look at the cap space between offense and defense. Look at the game changers we already have on offense. Draft BPA not based off of offense or defense.

GBPDAN1's picture

I agree, Lare. We need to finally draft offense early as D has been the priority for quite sometime. We need to get Rodgers back to Elite and the offense rolling again. I would prioritize a safety with 30 or 44 and move T William's back to CB, other than that all offense with the other early picks.

OL to pass protect and open holes in run game. Elite TE would be deadly. A shifting slot receiver. A RB to rotate in and keep the chains moving/ take pressure off Rodgers

crayzpackfan's picture

Lare- that makes perfect sense to me. I will deviate just a tad though and say 3 of the 4 first picks for offense and use one of them on a BPA on a safety or ILB. Otherwise, I’m with your analysis.

jannes bjornson's picture

Who covers for Daniels if (when) he goes down with an injury. Front seven talent on defense gets the three and outs. Then your offense can work the opponent with the run and play-action.

porupack's picture

what about this; 'best defense is a good offense"?

Offense controls clock, wears down their defense, scores at will, and puts high pressure on opposing offense, whereby only a few offensive units are able to keep up without gambling. Most take chances and create opps for mistakes.
GB 's elite assets are on the offensive side, and have been held back by a few glaring holes (20% of Oline, RB lack of depth, TE and WR (previous lack of speed and experience.

WR is good looking forward.

So, two picks in rounds 2-4 for Oline,

One pick in rounds 1-2 for TE.

A pick for WR or RB in rounds 4.

That Offense will have little weakness and have sufficient depth.

fthisJack's picture

i'm with the BPA crowd. i wouldn't pidgeonhole myself to O with the first 2 picks let alone the first 4. if Oliver is there at 12, thats a no brainer to me or trade down and snag Bush or Hockenson. both are needs but can be argued, BPA also.

Old School's picture

The top four offenses last year were the Patriots, Rams, Chiefs, and Saints.

Dzehren's picture

Id'e be happy with 50-50 offense-defense split in early rounds.
GB needs a break from from drafting CB's & these Josh Jones & Oren Burk types in early rounds.
OL & TE would benefit QB 1.

David Michalski's picture

When you continually miss on draft picks on defense and some of the others are injury prone or take a while to develop you find yourself in the Packers current situation. That being said, Hock/Fant with the first pick works, Ferrell at the edge with 30 gives some additional fortification to the front seven, and a slot wide out at 44 works. You can probably draft a right tackle in the third round as the OT’s/Guard class isn’t quite as good this year.

wildbill's picture

Don’t agree with trading both first round picks to move up in the first round to get a “can’t miss” prospect. Many “ can’t miss” prospects have not panned out in the past. Sure both our first round picks may not turn out well but it doubles our chances to get a great starter

lebowski's picture

I agree, would much rather take two swings in the first round

MarkinMadison's picture

also, too many holes to fill

jannes bjornson's picture

Can't miss guys can get a knee destoyed in a millisecond. More picks at high rounds spreads your risk. Allen is good, but not that good. Polite or Ferguson may be had in High RD two or the #30. They both have Bend. I am still leaning to the DT, @ Edge with speed as round one picks. That is the area of strength in this draft. The WRs are Not exceptional talents to be taken that high.
#44 on a safety or WR/RB. #75 on Dieter

David Michalski's picture

I think people are underestimating how good, Josh Allen is. If 17.0 sacks, 21.5 tackles for loss, and 5 forced fumbles in a loaded SEC doesn’t do it for you, I don’t know what does.

jannes bjornson's picture

I watch the SEC religiously. He's good, but you don't give up your draft to go get him.

Jaylee's picture

This is it right here.

It is much better to have more swings in the first than to put all of your faith in one high pick. History has shown that even a high first round draft positions is not necessarily predictive of success.

Give me 3 chances at 1st round-ish talent, not 1.

Slim11's picture


I would much rather see Gutekunst stay at 12 and POSSIBLY trade #30 for a team wanting back into the first round and willing to give up a #2 (prefer early #2) and a third to do so. There will be players who can help GB who fall from first round to second and the same with respect to second round graded players falling into the third. It has always happened.

This doesn't happen unless another team wants back into the first round at #30.

AgrippaLII's picture

If the Packers cap space is as low as it's been reported I think Gutekunst will try to move up after he picks at #12...and use up some of his picks to target specific players.

jannes bjornson's picture

Try to get an extra three pick or a two if he uses 2020 picks. Fill your voids for next year this year if they plan on moving on from Daniels, Bulaga, Graham or Martinez. Rookie contracts don't hurt you.

jannes bjornson's picture

Try to get an extra three pick or a two if he uses 2020 picks. Fill your voids for next year this year if they plan on moving on from Daniels, Bulaga, Graham or Martinez. Rookie contracts don't hurt you.

Old School's picture

Trade down from #12 and pick up an extra Day Two pick.

4thand1's picture


Minniman's picture

Ha Ha! It really depends on the deal offered doesn't it. If it were only a few places and was for an early round 2 pick (picks 33 - 37) or a 2020 R1, then depending on how the draft had fallen (and I can't stress the importance of this factor enough) it could be a steal.

fthisJack's picture

that's what Gute did last year and it worked out pretty well didn't it. i would look to do that again if someone really good doesn't fall into their laps. someone will give their left testicle for that 12 pick.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture


Packerpasty's picture

so we finally draft in the upper half and you want to pull a Ted and drop down...hope not..

Old School's picture

Isn’t it what Gutekunst did last year?

jannes bjornson's picture

Someone may offer if they're desperate for a QB, but Washington covered itself with Keenum, Denver with Joe Flacco. Miami will be on the hunt. Who knows if you move the other team doesn't grab your guy?

kidflash's picture

I could see the Packers getting one of the ILBs with the first pick. They might have to trade up for White, and maybe down a little for Bush. At 30 I see one of the TEs. At 44 a safety.

jannes bjornson's picture

There are good TEs in the second and third. The ILBs in the later rounds are not too shabby. White is a dominant player and every team would want him on their squad. Still looking at building the berm on the O line and D line.

crayzpackfan's picture

Even better TE’s in the first

crayzpackfan's picture

Even better TE’s in the first

pakmann's picture

All these athletes have to pass the question of, "How do you feel about playing in Green Bay" before drafting anyone. It's a big question mark before considering anyone and we are not privy to those closed door sessions.
If Oliver passes the verbal test and is available at #12 I'd be all in. He's a beast and I'd compare him Aaron Donald.
Then depending on how the 1st round progresses take T.J Hockenson at #30.
I do like the idea of packaging both 12 and 30 for Josh Allen if he passes the closed door meeting test. He's the best pass rusher in the draft but getting the opportunity to take two players in the top 30 is to good to pass up with so many opportunities to add depth and talent to the roster.
Whatever happens Brian Gutekunst is such a breath of fresh air compared to Ted Thompson. I feel so much more confident he understands that free agent additions under the right circumstances can be valuable and is a good talent evaluator willing to makes moves during the draft process. The off season has become exciting in what goes on in Green Bay.

4zone's picture

Oliver or White are dedicated if still around at 12. Not sure how to get Adderley and one of the top 3 TEs out of the deal. I would like to get our hands on Campbell or Isabella somewhere in their possible Campbell is an instant starter at punt and KO returns and threat anywhere on offense.

jannes bjornson's picture

All of the Toledo guys are interesting.

Minniman's picture

My thumbs up is based on the comment re being committed to play in GB. This is a pivotal draft for the Packers and the draftee @ #12 will be a big part of Packers plans for the next 8 years+ (rookie + 1st extension +)

porupack's picture

I would rather package next year's first round pick with #30 or #44, and move up for Hockenson, or ILB Bush, than to package 2 firsts this year for a low first.

We should be picking somewhere around pick #28-32 next year.
We could forego that, and get two picks this year in the teens.

Seems better deal to me.

fthisJack's picture

i like your optimism!

jannes bjornson's picture

Send the text to Gutey. I'm a fan of using 2020 picks to play the Cap.

Holecrap's picture

i like the corner at 12 if white is not available. Devin Bush, too small for NFL punishment. Lets get a top TE and a Corner or the best linebacker available with 12 and 30.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Dont believe any DB's are worthy of 12 this year. It is considered a weak group. Why wouldn't we draft best player available at 12 instead of selecting someone not worthy?

jannes bjornson's picture

Get a CB at the three pick or look for post draft, veteran cuts (trade).

fthisJack's picture

combine.....Bush 5'11" 234#. White 6'0".....237#. no size difference to speak of.

Nononsense's picture

12- White, Oliver, Sweat, Hockenson
30- Bush, Fant, Adderley, Simmons, Risner
Trade 44 and 75 for 32 and a 4th from New England take whoever didnt get drafted on my list if anyone.

porupack's picture

That's good NNonsense;

I agree. My only tactic would be to use future draft asset to move up. Not current draft asset.

Package #44 with next year 1st rounder to get a the third name on your list.
Package #75 with next year 2nd rounder to get into second round for the CB, or Olineman.

Come away with Sweat, Bush and SImmons, and Irv Smith, or
Hockenson, TRapp, SImmons and Butler

The more talent acquired this year in 'blitzkrieg approach' , dilutes the cost in the trade, because (by winning in 2019 would achieve worse pick position which lessens the cost of that trade).
So present assets and the draft positions should be maximized and not traded. Trade future assets and do in blitzkrieg to be sure to dilute the cost traded away.
That is the correct strategy unless a team is in a bigger rebuild project.

RickInCali's picture

Gary at 12 is a disaster - let alone trading up for that.

Oliver at 12 would be fine. Trade down if Oliver and White are gone. Hockenson with the trade down and get Adderley at 30. How about Marquise Brown or Hakeem Butler at 44? That would be a sick haul.... get me a Badger for OL in the third or 4th and we're golden.

crayzpackfan's picture

Hakeem Butler will still be on the board well past 44. His value is late 2 early 3. He’s a stud, but not a 30 or 44 overall kinda stud.

Monsmoy's picture

Started so well by Saying Gary would be a disaster at 12 (and 30!), and identifying Oliver and an ILB. Then you lost it.
White likely to have gone and Bush is arguably better. Def want him but is it worth a risk trading back a few? Prob not.
Whilst taking 2 x TE in rd 1 is unusual, it seems likely and if Fant goes 1st it may be worth trading up a couple to secure Hock. Otherwise take CG-J or Riner at 30 and ISJ at 44.
No need for WR rookies this year.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Everyone has seen me talk about a lot of players but I truly want to see the best players possible drafted and I mean the best players available and not the best player at position of need.

I like where the Packers are right now as no team knows who the Packers might draft. Totally unpredictable helping to prevent teams trading up and leap frogging them for players.

lebowski's picture

You had me until the end when mentioning trading up for Gary. And as much as it makes sense, I can't freaking believe we're talking about taking a corner in the first round AGAIN! Ugh. So many other positions getting neglected because of the swings and misses, drives me crazy.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

There isnt a DB worthy at 12. Dont fret it ain't happening!

ballark's picture

With Lock and/or Haskins still on the board, the Packers trade back to pick 17 (w/the Giants who jump ahead of Washington and Miami) to take their QB. The Packers get the Giants' pick in rd 3 (#17).

With pick 17, and picking ahead of the o-line needy Vikings, the Packers take Andre Dillard, locking up their RT of the future.

With pick 30, the Packers select Hakeem Butler, WR, Iowa State, giving Aaron Rodgers a big target.

With pick 44, the Packers select Irv Smith Jr., TE, Alabama, giving Rodgers yet another weapon.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Not bad!

leche's picture

Giants don't have the #17 slot in the order and they forfeited their 3rd round pick with a pick in the supplemental draft. The only 3rd round pick they have is at #95 overall, last pick before the compensatory picks, which they just acquired from the Browns in the OBJ trade.

If you're trading back with the Giants, we should move up in the 2nd round along with it... Packers get 17, 37, 95. Giants get 12 and 44.

Using 30 and 44 on a TE and WR seems a bit excessive.

jannes bjornson's picture

You're hired.

jannes bjornson's picture

You're hired. Leche, that is. Why would you go for Butler when Equan is on their roster @ 6'-4, 215 Lbs? He was a steal in the 2018 draft with ratings varying from a rd one to a rd five. He looks to be the next guy on the ascent. They need a slot guy with twitch. They can be picked in round four.

fthisJack's picture

i like the trade...not the picks.

ChuckCecilKO's picture

I'm gonna say White or Oliver at #12. If both are gone go Hockenson. At #30 go Marquise Brown or Risner. At #44 let's get lucky with Simmons or Adderley. Now that would be a mega draft of talent and need with the first three picks.

EdsLaces's picture

Gimme one of the Devins with the 12th and Murphy with the 30th. Grab Savage or Adderly in round 2 and bam ...our d is legit!

EdsLaces's picture

3 dislikes for my hope or guess as to how our draft pans out? Super cool.

Community Guy's picture

the Devins.. maybe.. definitely much better than the rest of the ILB prospects.
Murphy: if you think his long speed is enough.. his work in Indy with the drills was really beautiful.
a safety at 44: sounds alright.. love, love, love Savage in run support.. is his body big enough for the league? that speed: wow!

Duneslick's picture

Packer Greg says : Murphy has the same speed as Josh Jackson whom he would be replacing because Jackson is too slow

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Jaylon Ferguson got mentioned a lot. He just had the WOAT pro day. 8-second three-cone guys tend to drop (in 7 tries).

jannes bjornson's picture

What was his Combine result?

jannes bjornson's picture

Oh, yeah, no combine. 4.75, 40 weighing in at 271. Ten pounds over last season's weight. If he's an Edge he drops back to 260#. He must be getting feedback from 4-3 teams to play DE.

4zone's picture

Don't like really any options there. Almost completely ignores the offese other than Hockenson. We can do way better than this. How bout Burns at #12, any one of the top three TEs at #30 and Campbell at #44. Add Singletary in Rd. 3 and we have some serious Offensive weapons for AR and another great Edge rusher to add to the mix.

OldPacker's picture

I have a different view of the draft .. I would not pick anyone after the 4th Round.. do what you have to do but quality over quantity .. over, at least, the last 5 years 3 un-drafted FA made the 53 / plus we do not have that many open positions .. as it stands now I think a PR / KR & a gunner are two of the most important jobs open.... a specialist that can run back kicks.. trade 5,6 & 7 and get a 3 or a 4 .. save money ... I know we can all find lower picks that turned out great ..I can say the same for Un-drafted FA ..go wild bringing in the un-drafted FA ..lots of gems out there!

fthisJack's picture

remember we got MVS and EQ in the 5th and 6th last year! those are not throw away picks.

Lphill's picture

Need someone named Devin , then the entire draft will be a success.

David Davis's picture

Good article. Liked the scenarios with the exception of Rashan Gary. I keep thinking bust with him. I especially love the Drafting of Greedy Williams and the trade up for Josh Allen.

jannes bjornson's picture

If you draft Greedy then you need Devin White in front of him to actually tackle somebody. Kevin King is similar but he is better.

SterlingSharpe's picture


ILB Stephone Anthony, 2015 #31 overall pick (age 26)
ILB Ramik Wilson, 2015 #118 pick (age 26)
ILB Antonio Morrison, 2016 #125 pick (age 24)

The only Packers ILBs currently on the roster are:

So yes that's right, only one guy that we know can play. Imagine Martinez out injured. You want another rookie like last year Burks? Can't count on them. In my draft scenario, Devin White is gone. I'd take Devin Bush, but I have the Packers grabbing Oliver as they grade him as a top-6 talent and an immediate upgrade over Mike Daniels. And Daniels is in the last year of his contract. True BPA selection.

Anthony hasn't panned out, but just 4 drafts ago was a popular mock pick to the Packers in Rd 1. Saints took him and he hasn't made it yet in New Orleans or Miami. Worth a cheap flier.

Ramik Wilson adds some versatility.
Morrison had some intensity last year that I liked. He's still young and would be a lot better in year 2 after a full off-season of work in Pettine's system.

12- Ed Oliver, DL, Houston
30- Jachai Polite, Edge, Florida
44- Nasir Adderley, S, Delaware
76- Andy Isabella, WR, UMass
115- Kaden Smith, TE, Stanford
151- Trayveon Williams, RB, Texas A&M
186- Yodny Cajuste, West Virginia, OT
196- Bunchy Stallings, Kentucky, OG
228- Corey Ballentine, Washburn, CB

leche's picture

Packers have picks at 114 and 118 in the 4th (thanks to the Ha-Ha trade).

leche's picture

Packers have picks at 114 and 118 in the 4th (thanks to the Ha-Ha trade).

jannes bjornson's picture

Its solid up top but Cajuste will not get out of the second round. He tosses 35 reps on the bench and played LT covering Grier's blind side for 3 years.
It brings speed to the front seven and you get to develop your FS behind Tramon for a few games. Isabella had moved to round three on some boards. The old school look for size guys but the Pack already has them on the roster. A good value draft.

Community Guy's picture

there is a lot in your post. if the Pack still had $ to spend, your ILB choices might be good.. i was one of those people who liked Anthony 4 years ago.

i think Polite can be had at #44.. he had such a bad Combine.

i think the Pack can do better than TE Smith. Ballentine that late is not likely.. i would invest in him sooner.

there is really a guard named "Bunchy"?

Slim11's picture

SterlingSharpe says...

12- Ed Oliver, DL, Houston
30- Jachai Polite, Edge, Florida
44- Nasir Adderley, S, Delaware
76- Andy Isabella, WR, UMass
115- Kaden Smith, TE, Stanford
151- Trayveon Williams, RB, Texas A&M
186- Yodny Cajuste, West Virginia, OT
196- Bunchy Stallings, Kentucky, OG
228- Corey Ballentine, Washburn, CB

Might have to draft Adderly at #30 and Isabella at #44. Some mock drafts have Adderley going early second before #44 and the same with Isabella in the third round.

I don't think Cajuste will be available at #185 but might be at #114. If Adderley is the #30 choice and Isabella is chosen at #44, then selecting Smith/another TE (Sternberger?) at #75 and Cajuste at #114 works reasonably well. I'm willing to let Polite go and risk him falling into the #118 (Packers' first fourth round selection) slot or not getting him at all.

(NOTE: The draft choice numbers differ based upon the selection numbers posted for the Packers from

splitpea1's picture

Either keep the picks we have or trade down to get more--we've lost too many players due to releases or free agency and they have to be replaced. Still have needs in the secondary--when will this ever end? I'd like to seem them take OL and TE with two of the first three picks, but after that, they'd probably have to go heavy on defense with the rest after the departure of Breeland, Ryan, Matthews, and Brice. We've got some serious turnover here, but it's long overdue.

draftpete's picture

Like all the comments. Would like to see Oliver or Burns at #12 then take one of the three TE's at 30. Best scenario would be for us to have a trade down to 15-17 and still get Burns and extra picks. Those extra picks could be used to get back up from 30 (possibly w/Seatle but may not be necessary) to get the best TE of either Hockenson, Fant, or Smith Jr. Then take Risner at #44. Greedy Williams does not like to tackle and is poor at run support so a CB early is not for me.

BoCallahan's picture

David wrote that the Packers could make some serious noise in the draft. I’m hoping the noise does not resemble the sound of a belly flop.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture


You are forgetting TT is gone! :)

Packer Fan's picture

Trade down and get another 2nd or 3rd round pick. Then with seven picks in rounds 1-4, pick ILB, OL, S, Slot WR, Edge, TE and another DT or another OL.

Rossonero's picture

I'm not crazy about trading up in the 1st round and losing picks. Later on? Sure, if the right opportunity presents itself. Trading down? Maybe. Depends on the offer.

Now we're in a position to take the best available player at #12. Even if it's a DT like Ed Oliver, I'm ok with it. Mike Daniels will be a FA in 2020 and it's not easy to get a 3rd contract in Green Bay, even as good as he is.

TE is another no-brainer. Jimmy Graham will start this year, but it makes so much sense to draft one this year, get his rookie growing pains out of the way in 2019, and if we cut Graham in 2020 for cap reasons, then at least we have a guy ready to take that next step in 2020.

There are some nice safety prospects, but I really hope we use our 2nd rd pick on one because if we wait until the 3rd rd, the best ones will be gone. Nasir Adderley is my favorite, and I think since he's from a smaller school like Delaware, that he'll be available (sort of like Nick Collins from Bethune-Cookman in the 2nd rd).

I'm not crazy about Jonathan Abram -- I feel like he's another box safety like Josh Jones, nothing more. Deionte Thompson is just meh to me. Everyone clamors over the Alabama name a little too much.

O-Line is a huge need. We just gave Rodgers a billion dollars, so we must protect him. Bulaga and Spriggs are probably gone in 2020, so even with Billy Turner on board, we desperately need a OT in the 1st rd.

4thand1's picture

Rossonero, pretty good assessment. There's no guarantee you'll get a better player by trading up. I'm standing pat with 3 picks in the top 50, better odds IMO.

Rossonero's picture

Thanks 4thand1. Exactly my thoughts about trading up. Let's keep as many darts as we can so we have more chances.

Trading up feels like gambling unless the prospect is such a lock like a Khalil Mack type of guy, that I would not feel good about it.

fthisJack's picture

best scenario is trading down and still getting your guy and adding another #2 or #3.

Rossonero's picture

Absolutely fthisJack. I'd love it if some team like Miami (#13), Washington (#15) or even the Giants now at #17 are desperate enough for a QB still on the board.

While the Giants have a top 10 pick, word on the street is they don't like Dwayne Haskins. I could see them taking a pass rusher with their first pick and then being eager to trade up with us to leap frog Miami and Washington, who both need QBs (Ryan Fitzpatrick is not the answer in Miami and Alex Smith may not play at all this year in Washington).

Slim11's picture

Not so sure the Giants don't like Haskins. They sent enough staff to watch his pro day in Columbus. They also had dinner with him the night a very long interview...and seemed favorably impressed with him as well as WRs McLaurin and Campbell.

I agree that Miami and Washington might look to trade up for a QB. Regarding your comment about Smith...he may never play again. Retired Redskins QB Joe Theismann says Smith's broken leg was as bad as his, if not worse.

puffybabyman's picture

12: Jawan Taylor, Jonah Williams, Ed Oliver, Devin White

~17: TJ Hockenson, Brian Burns, Andre Dillard, Greedy Williams, Deandre Baker

30: Jeffrey Simmons, Devin Bush, Dalton Risner, Nasir Adderley, Chris Lindstrom, Noah Fant, Jachai Polite, Byron Murphy

44: Irv Smith Jr, Deebo Samuel, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Parris Campbell, Jon Abrams, Taylor Rapp, Justin Layne

Late 2nd: Juan Thornhill, Zach Allen, Jace Sternberger, Renell Wren, Chase Winovich

75: Terry McLaurin, Max Scharping, David Long (LB), Isaiah Johnson, Deionte Thompson, Darnell Savage Jr

stockholder's picture

12: Taylor No Williams- possible, Oliver Gone, White Gone. 17 Hoek- No, Burns possible, Dillard No,Williams Possible,BakerNo. 30 Simmons-possible, Bush Gone, Adderley Possible Linstrom - No, Fant possible,Polite Gone, Murphy Gone . 44 Smith Jr. Possible,Samuel No,Johnson No, Campbell No Abrams No, Rapp No, LayneNo. Late 2nd Thornhill No,Allen Gone, Sternberger possible,Wren - No, Winovich No 75 McLaurin No, Scharping Possible, Long Possible,Johnson No, Thompson Gone, Savage Jr. Possible. /// No means No/// Possible means Packers could.////////Mock: @12 Williams/// @17 Trade? Burns over Williams //// @30 Simmons because you took williams. ///@44 Smith Jr Late 2nd Trade? Sternberger but this should have been OL here.//// @75 Scharping can play 3 different positions. RT,LT,RG ////// Savage is a great pick. The size pushed him down. But size did not stop the packers taking Alexander. Long is a good option too.

Buschmen's picture

I'm still thinking Best player available regardless of which side of the ball. We still have holes to fill and lack depth.

lowcsp's picture

I see a lot of people want to draft more offensive weapons for AR well Jawan Taylor @12 Risner @30 and David Montgomery @44 it wont happen but that would be an offense that would chew up the clock and add a few more years to ARs carer

stockholder's picture

I think Arron Rodgers is closer to the The end of his career then more people think. Lots of talk last year taking a Qb. We saw the difference on the field. Yes the collar bone may be healed. But he's still a china Doll. People want to many OLs and Blocking TEs for him. Even Jake Fisher could come in and help. If it's blocking their after. But I wonder why so people aren't screaming QB this year. So in the 5th rd. Grier QB West Virginia.

jannes bjornson's picture

I doubt Taylor falls past The Giants or J-ville but if he comes on board, Bulaga would have to move inside or be cut. A proactive deal there saving some Cap. Risner is over-valued at #30. Williams from Alabama is projected to guard in the NFL. Why waste a one pick on a guard.

Ryan B Dub's picture

Concentrate on offense in a league that is predicated on scoring. Packers offensive line needs help. Should add a QB, a RB, a TE, and a WR. That is four players right there. We need three players on the offensive line who can play. It would be great if they can add a corner as well. Draft should be fun. Don’t forget to run the ball!

croatpackfan's picture

The problem with salivating about some draft prospects is: " ... looks to be a "can't miss" prospect ... "!

There is no certain picks. It is more what you think than what you know when you are picking...

And my grandma told me that "to think is shit compared to know"!

4thand1's picture

potty mouth granny, lol

stockholder's picture

Just Certain rated numbers.

bodei1newbie1's picture

don't do anything just stay where they are somebody will make an offer

imnion's picture

White at 12....Fant at 30. Probably won't get either..

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Likelihood of either situation slim. Particularly Fant at 30. Likelihood Fant gone at #12. :)

Lphill's picture

Imnion I agree , can get O line help in the 3 rd and 4 th round, but tight end and inside LB has to be a priority.

jww061356's picture

If we can get our hands on White @ 12, this transforms the defense and really puts us 1-2 players away(corner, safety) from being dominant. TE @ 30, Risner or Dillard or Adderly @ 44, then Isabella in the 3rd round.

Gilbertbrown4lyfe's picture

I really like the 3rd scenario to truly solidify our defense. Just my opinion, but I think it would be pretty bad ass.'s picture

OK, all those that think Bulaga will make it though the year w/o injury raise your hand--I didn't think so. all those that think Spriggs is a good replacement raise your hands--that right. So we need a RT at 12 or 30 and/or Oliver(12) and RT(30). If we can move down a few spots and if Oliver is gone, we take Dillard (17) and OL(30). we can get TE in 2nd RD (Smith) and DB, WR or safety in the 3rd. We need Rodgers standing up this year and not running toward the sideline only to throw it away on 3rd. down. Colts have 3 first rd.OL picks in their starting lineup. They have best OL in NFL.

Dragon5's picture

TY Hilton likely to have a bad year...another case of a snake sign in a pig year (like Bulaga, L.Taylor, M.Daniels,) but also an injury prone 7 life path to boot. Should really help Ebron's cause for an encore and make Funchess and receiving back Hines late round fantasy sleepers. Defenses will try to stack the box.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

With Hockenson at #12 or #15 if you move down and you get a TENACIOUS BLOCKER and receiver. You knock out 2 birds with one stone!! Best of both worlds.

New England won because of their offensive line. No sacks for the Rams.

lowcsp's picture

If you a willing to take white at 12 an he is gone then would you take d. bush as his game is on par with white an there is only 1" difference in them

lowcsp's picture

personaly I would love Hockenson at#12 but if its between him an Jawan Taylor I think they will have tackle graded higher than tightend

Monsmoy's picture

3 picks in top 44 is pretty good when you have the needs the Packers have. Personally, I would stay put but if a move was offered it would only be backwards. I see no sense in taking Allen at 4, not least as the jury is out on him anyway and he could go after then which suggests he is not KMack.
I think there will not be a rush on QBs and so it increases the chance that a team wants our 30 for a QB and before the Patriots. If a decent offer came in I would consider that as it would offer the chance to get probably 2 additional key players, perhaps OLine.
It seems all over the place at the moment with people rating players very differently, but I would take Bush at 12 (that is a must), Hockenson at 30 (or CG-J /Risner). At 44 Irv Smith.

Rick F's picture

The 12 pick you must pick a player that will be a big impact player. The 30th pick will be determined by the flow of the draft. You get as many talented players as you can and let competition sort it out. That gives you quality depth and not so many project players.
The packers aren’t planning on picking inside the top 15 next year so they are overhauling this roster. Gutekunst has drafted and signed players to fit specific needs. His ability last draft to gather the second 1st is remarkable and get a 4th from Washington has set them up for a one season revamp. This team will have more HWS players and that will make you more competitive. The best talent in this draft is where GB must restock the roster.
6 picks in the first 118 selections, and put that with the free agency group and you have something to work with. 12th pick Oliver, Burns and Williams and 30 you can move up or down depending on your board.

Slim11's picture


Rick F's picture

Height weight and speed. They like longer limbs, taller players that have quick twitch and closing speed. Just means they are looking for certain players.

Slim11's picture


KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Who is ready for the draft?

Bring it on!!!

What is really making this draft more fun than usual is Gute gifting the Packers with the 30th pick in round 1. Amazing how that extra selection is providing the Packers with so much more flexibility in draft. The 30th pick is the most important draft selection in the whole draft for the Packers as it allows the Pack a luxury selection in round 1 at either #12 or at 30. Personally I believe #30 allows the Pack freedom to select a player at #12 they normally would not be able to draft in a normal draft with one selection in round one.

Gute is going to such a better GM than TT it will not even be close IMO.

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