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The Packers Are Going To The Super Bowl

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The Packers Are Going To The Super Bowl

Obviously, those are incredibly emotional, and personal, words for every Packer fan.

The experience of being here at Soldier Field and watching the Packers win the NFC Championship is one I will cherish for the rest of my life. The time I got to spend as a credentialed member of the media led to a chance meeting with Bob Harlan. I simply could not let the opportunity pass without introducing myself, telling him quickly about Cheesehead TV, and then thanking him for saving the Packers - because that's what the man did.

Harlan looked me in the eye and said "Thank you for that. That means more than you know."

Just after this exchange, Harlan approached Aaron Rodgers and congratulated him. It was a perfect picture of the man who resurrected the Packers franchise and the quarterback who carries the mantle of the winning tradition that Harlan brought back to Green Bay.

It was, in a word, brilliant.

Go Pack Go.

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Matt's picture

Goosebumps. Still doesn't feel real. The next 2 weeks should be fun. Go Pack Go!

Tommyboy's picture

The next two weeks are gonna be LOOOOOONGGG!!!! This game felt like it took an eternity to get to.

Phillthy Phill's picture

Amazing game Rodgers will play better on the turf and climate of the Super Bowl. LETS GO PACK!

bigfog's picture

I'm so damn happy right now. And proud. It was a hard fought game, but in the end Green Bay pulled it out. We're going to the Super Bowl.

David's picture

"I simply could not let the opportunity pass without telling him quickly about Cheesehead TV, and then thanking him for saving the Packers - because that's what the man did."

Damn straight. Harlan is the man.

Btw, excellent job repping the Packers fans, while still conducting yourself in a professional manner as a member of the media. I couldn't have done it.

Eric, of the North's picture

Nothing but class from that man, and the champagne and sausage tastes so good right now.

Aaron Biderman's picture

Great stuff! Got to get that man on Packers Transplants!

Norman's picture

I'm really happy you got the chance to go to the game Aaron, and from the looks of it, also got the chance to get in the locker room after the game. On behalf of all of the Packer fans who frequent this site, I want to thank you for all you do for us fans, this is the best Packers site in the world!

Idiot Fan's picture

Great job Packers and good job Packer faithful!!

Just one more game!!!!

CSS's picture

Texted the CEO I report to and matter of factly informed him I would be worthless Superbowl week.

His response: I figured, enjoy it!

Lumpy Gravy's picture

Hell YES!

alexwoodsIAM's picture

I'm sorry but whose Harlan

ZaphodBeeblebrox's picture
Real66's picture



PackersRS's picture

The Packers are going to the Super Bowl the same season Greg Bedard leaves for New England, and the best regular season team (Patriots) doesn't make it.


Indypackfan's picture

Bedard siren

Lumpy Gravy's picture

As I said on the game-time chat, you all deserve this. Greatest fans in the world, and all following the greatest team in the world. To quote my fellow Chicago-based Packer superfan John Rehor, "Enjoy tonight, tomorrow, the next day, and the next few weeks. This feeling doesn't happen often enough." Just so happy right now. Can't even bother with complete sentences.


JerseyPackFan's picture

It really is amazing to be here with all of you experiencing every minute of this great season! Thanks CHTV and thank you fans. On to the Super Bowl!

Cuphound's picture

You have my word. I will never utter a word against Mike McCarthy again. He has delivered us a sealed certification that the Bears Still Suck for the next fifty years.

The moment is of unparalleled glory.

jack in jersey city's picture


bogmon's picture

I have come to realize that passionate fans take on a mob mentality sometimes.

I too got caught up in the MM bashing...but he has been impeccable in his playcalling this whole post season and also has his team ready to go every single game.

Mike McCarthy; Ted Thompson; and even Mark Murphy to some degree have made the new era Packers glorious once again...

It's now hard to imagine how bad it was at the end of the Sherman era just 6 years ago!

packfan4u2c's picture

Just as much as the bears fans suck... so does the president right now.

aussiepacker's picture

I put $20 on the pack to win the superbowl at the start of the season at $14. Mid season i thought we had no chance. Now i am 1 more win away from collecting $280.

jack in jersey city's picture

cool! i made a bet with a giants fan that they would get to the NFC championship game! that's $50 that will come in handy! i also bet a redskins fan $50 on this game (although i lost $100 to him in week 5) :(

aussiepacker's picture

When i collect my $280 i think i will buy a new packers jersey, Not sure if it will no.12 or no.52.

Nerd's laptop's picture


Lynn Dickey 12's picture


Phillthy Phill's picture


thepretzelhead on twitter's picture

You might laugh...but 8

djbonney138's picture

I am not laughing. I cringed every punt and could not believe the result. Masthay was masterful...too much? Yeah but I don't care WE ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!!

JerseyPackFan's picture

Get ready for the biggest and probably the greatest Super Bowl ever seen. EVERY football fan will watch this game.

Jerry Jones wins.

Tommyboy's picture

Aaron - VERY cool. Love it. Love this site. LOVE THIS WIN! GO PACK!!!!

jack in jersey city's picture

i've never screamed so much as i did throughout the game and afterwards. good thing the SB is 2 weeks away because it's gonna take that long for my head to stop hurting! :D that said, i picked the packers to go to the NFC championship game before the season started. before we had 15 players on the IR. and now we're going to the superbowl! man!!! big props to ted thompson for putting together a solid team with excellent depth. also, big props to mccarhty for keeping them together and focused on the goal. now let's go BEAT THOSE STEELERS!!!

Ruppert's picture

This shit is cooler than Kool-Aid!!!

PackersThad's picture


asshalo's picture

efffffffffffff yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zub's picture

We are going to the Super Bowl by winning 3 road games without these key players:

Al Harris
Brad Jones, then Poppinga, then Zombo
Mark Tauscher
Mike Neal

Mathews plays injured most of the season and misses some playing time.

Look at that list again, and thats does not include every one on injured reserve that made the 53 man roster.

As I reflect, the only person the Packers truly miss without question is Finely, Quarless struggled out there today. With Finely that game would have been over at half time.

Thats 6 starters, with Players like Neal and Chillar that get lots of reps.

I think the Pack could skip the draft next year and still get better and imporove their depth

Oppy's picture

The silver lining to all the injuries the Packers have endured and overcome is this:

All the depth players who normally wouldn't see significant playing time now are well-seasoned players. They have grown in exponential ways that would not have been possible otherwise, and many of these young men would have never had their talents properly assessed without that quality play time in live, NFL games.

This means not only do the coaches have a full understanding of that talent, but they will be ready to step in and relieve starters in the future without hesitation. Some of them may take over starting jobs. And some of them, who may have had little to no value across the league previously, have now played enough snaps on film to be viable trade options.

It's win, win, win for all involved.

We've got one more game to win, and then we are in for a very, very interesting off season and training camp.

BLACK HAWK's picture

Very well said, though let's hope there's not a lockout and a new CBA is in place.

Bob Hagen's picture

Findley would have put this game out of reach.

D.D. Driver's picture

...and Jolly.

Imagine the D-line rotation with Jolly.

JoePackersNYC's picture

Amazing work Aaron. Harlan was simply an amazing executive, as you said, a savior to the Packers.

I want to buy merch and the Pro-Shop is down. Anyone having any luck with the site?



NoWay Jose's picture

Aaron, were you in the locker room for the post game celebration? Holy shit. Way to go!

I cant stop smiling here. On to Dallas, time to take OUR trophy back home.

mark's picture

what a great day. had we lost, tomorrow at work might've been the worst day of all time. i can't imagine how bears fans must feel.

that packer passing attack is gonna be mighty tough to handle on the dallas turf.

go pack go! congrats everyone!

packfan4u2c's picture

Well its a good thing we wont be seeing any bears fans..... including the president.
Im just happy he wont be there!

FITZCORE1252's picture

Well, we're opening as 3 point favorites on SIA. Good or bad thing? Probably doesn't matter either way.


dane's picture

I just randomly found this on a recommended link on Pretty funny, I think.

Mike's picture

Damn works gonna be rough today I am so damn excited and happy I can't sleep. Just great effort by everyone today they never give up and somehow manage to make a play when it matters most. Could have been a blowout but hey the excitement and feeling i had on sammies int was awesome. Breaking chi heart like that awesome! Now face a tough pit team but seems everyone was healthy after today's game and seeing how it's on turf I expect the o to explode once again. Pitts line is as bad as chi especially if pouncy is out, so Ben is gonna have a long day. I don't expect him to quit like cutler but if we can hit him making him uncomfortable and wrap him up for sacks well be fine. They have speedy wr but have already seen that in phily and chi so should be fine. Only concern is the physical nature pit will bring. Gotta protect a rodge

Mike's picture

Hes also gotta be careful on the run. One thing I've noticed is pit is borderline dirty and they will not hesitate to take big shots on Rodgers. In the last 2 games I've seen them hit guys late, head but players go helmet to helmet and the usual pushing and shoving so hopefully he stays out of any compromising situations. Never thought I'd say this but Ted Thompson ur the man!!!! Gopackgo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One more to go.

Doug in Sandpoint's picture

Had to watch the game on halting streaming video at a trade show with that annoying buffer circle thingie going every few minutes. It was the greatest experience ever! Really sad to miss the live blog but I can't stop smiling.

Aaron, you are a total stud...the CM3 of Packer media. Thanks for helping make this year so awesome. Can't wait for a locker room report.

thepretzelhead on twitter's picture

What kind of "I hate the American Male" trade show schedules for Championship weekend?

bill from jersey`'s picture

i am a 50 yo old man living in nj.been to many games at green bay.was at 96 champ game and until now that was my most satisfying moment in all my packer moments,that was until last nite at 6:23 est.THERE WERE NEVER MORE UPS AND DOWNS in one season then this year.i think in 65 now. many years were put on me by watching this champ game.was that the longest 3 hours in packer history or what.THANK YOU TEDDY...i stood by u....THANK YOU MIKEY,BOBBIE,MARKKIE AND ALL OF THE GREEN BAY STAFF for the most satisfying year in the history of my green bay packers. pack wins it all 31-17

thepretzelhead on twitter's picture

Winning and losing, or triumph and disaster are really nothing more than two impostors!

Listening to them would always lead to destruction. Becoming preoccupied with and "listening" to your thoughts about winning or a fear of losing will always lead you down the same, dead-ended path.

The athletes who consistently perform to their potential regardless of what's at stake are the ones who don't get seduced and distracted by these two impostors.

These athletes know that to consistently be at your best you must keep your concentration on the moment by moment experience of your performance.

They understand that the instant you get preoccupied with the winning and losing of the outcome, it becomes completely impossible to compete the way you're capable of.

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