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It's that time of year where the people who watch a lot of college football crawl out of the woodwork and pile mock draft upon mock draft on us as we spend many an hour debating who Ted Thompson might select in the first round. While I do enjoy it all strictly for the sport of it, I am more than willing to concede that I know nothing when it comes to not only the draft but college football players in general, so you won't find a lot of clinical knowledge here at CHTV over the next (less than!) 90 days. There are a group of personnel people at 1265 Lombardi who have been looking at these players for well over a year and whatever they come up with is fine by me.

I found this passage from Colin Lindsay of the Great Blue North Draft Report over at PackerChatters (who are one of the few Packer sites smart enough to have guest writers who know what the hell their talking about when it comes to the draft) particularly pertinent:

...most fans - and indeed, most people in the media, not to mention the myriad of mock drafters out there - when they look ahead to a draft, start with an assessment of the team's weaknesses and go from there. As such, they then tend to identify a top player at the weakest position as the 'player they would pick.' Most coaches/management, particularly the good ones, however, often look more to proactively build something or a system rather than just look to fill shorter term holes. It may be to install a more diversified offense or develop an aggressive, attack oriented-defense or simply to get faster across the board; in order to do that, though, they often end up drafting players at positions which seem to be solid. And this phenomenon may be the biggest reason why predicting any draft is so difficult, because if often means having to get 'inside the head' of the respective coaches and GMs around the league.

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January 29, 2009 at 10:01 pm

I've always believed that the draft is the wrong place to fill holes, and agree with Lindsay quite a bit as a result.

The idea that we are going to get players in this draft that are going to round out our 3-4 defense or replace Clifton and Tauscher is nearly impossible. At best, your first rounder MIGHT be able to start productively as a rookie, and your second and maybe third rounder MIGHT be able to come on by the end of the season.

Everything else is a complete crap shoot that results in more crap that success, statistically speaking.

Those players should already be on the roster. The draft, overall, is being used by Thompson as it should...the only problems is that we keep rebuilding, and we can't keep stocking from the draft only and expect immediate results.

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