The Most Iconic Packers Moments From 2023

The Green Bay Packers have a rich history in the NFL. Fans of the team have a wealth of iconic moments and tragic losses to recall in the team’s history. 2023 was another hallmark year of moments for the history books as the club hurtled their way through a season of stunning football into the divisional round of the playoffs, only falling short against one of the year’s Super Bowl finalists, the 49ers.

Whether you’re a seasoned fan or one of the many casual admirers, the team from Green Bay has provided tons of memorable moments this season. With Packers fans feeling nostalgic after the team announced the transfer of legendary quarterback Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets, now is a great time to reminisce on some of the best moments from the Packers’ 2023 season.


Aaron Rodgers saga ends with trade to Jets

After spending 18 years with the Packers — 15 of those as the starting quarterback — Aaron Rodgers has finally signed off on the endless pre-season speculation about his return. It’s with mixed emotions that Packers fans saw him off to the New York Jets in 2023. While Rodgers delivered some incredible play in his time, including leading the team to a win at Super Bowl XLV, fans are deeply conscious that while other teams soared, they only made one Super Bowl in those years.

It was an extra kick that Rodgers’ season with the Jets came to a close after just four plays. Rodgers ruptured his Achilles Tendon and was out for the rest of the year. It’s a bit of a kick in the teeth for the NFL star to see such an anticlimactic turn in his career.


Jaire Alexander: A notable absence

The Packers team had a large hole this season, with one of the team’s star players, two-time all-pro Jaire Alexander missing at the start of the season due to a back injury. In just the first game back, he injured a shoulder against the Rams and missed the next six games, a loss that coach LaFleur admitted they “miscalculated”.

That wasn’t the end of Alexander’s misfortunes this season. On his first game back, Alexander, potentially slighted that he hadn’t been selected captain, very nearly botched a coin toss before they managed to scrape by with a win against Carolina. The cornerback wouldn’t even make the next game before another big scandal dropped on the Packers’ star.

After the game, the Green Bay Packers announced that Alexander would be suspended for his pre-game actions against Carolina. Public relations were tight-lipped but did make an allowance that it’s never just one thing leading to a suspension. The whole saga has left fans baffled and everyone in a lurch awaiting the permanent return or departure of one of their best players.


Love vs. Mahomes: Victory against the Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs had a mascot for December’s away game, with megastar Taylor Swift taking a detour to watch her boyfriend Travis Kelce face off against the Green Bay Packers. However, the cheers from the singer didn’t make a dent in the Packers’ momentum, and the Packers seized the day with an outstanding 27-19 win. This marked four of the last five games as wins, bringing their record swinging back up to 6-6 after a streak of losses earlier in the season.

This was all thanks to brand-new quarterback Jordan Love. Right now, Love is at the very top of his game. That night, he rose to new heights, putting down three touchdowns and no interceptions, after completing 25 of 36 passes for 267 yards. He earned a huge 118.6 passer rating, beaten only in his first half against the Cowboys in the playoffs.

When interviewed, Love said: “For me personally, obviously I’ve had this game circled for a long time. My first start, obviously didn’t play how I wanted to the first game. So to be able to see these guys again, and get the victory, is huge. It’s just a great team win tonight. Everybody just balled out so it was an awesome win.”


Pulling it back in the fourth: Miraculous win over the Saints

Thousands of NFL fans are huge fans of sports betting and Packers fans are no exception; the most unexpected Packers win of the season gave punters even more of a wild ride than the rest. This was the nail-biting 18-17 win over the New Orleans Saints right at the start of the season. Fans were heartbroken — the Saints were up 17-0, and the Milwaukee crowd had thrown in the towel. Then with no points on the board at the end of the third quarter despite Jordan Love’s admirable attempts, it was a point of no return for any football game and the loss was all but cemented by the absence of five key players. With the Packers marked as the favorites for the game, punters were hastily grabbing for their live betting apps to change their bets to the underdogs.

However, everything changed as the Packers broke into the fourth quarter. Off the back of some truly gritty play, the Packers finally gained the endzone, and after that, there wasn’t a thing the Saints could do to stop them. Spearheaded by fresh quarterback Jordan Love, the Packers seized a phenomenal 18 unanswered points in the last seven minutes of the game.


Cowboys Beatdown

The Packers might have dropped out of the playoffs, losing to current Super Bowl finalists the 49ers, but before that gutting loss, the Green Bay team hit a high note, delivering a stunning beatdown to the unsuspecting Dallas Cowboys.

Fans knew they were in for a big one as soon as the players hit the field, and by half-time, the Cowboys were down 27-0. Fans were roaring, and quarterback Jordan Love was undoubtedly the star of the show. The new player threw three touchdown passes and led Green Bay to seven touchdown scoring drives.

No matter the next-round knockout, fans will always remember the masterclass performance from the team this year. Despite being one of the youngest teams in the NFL, the team, led by coach Matt LaFleur, has hurtled through the season all the way to the playoffs. Maybe next year the Packers can set their eyes on their second Super Bowl win in 18 years.


Hall of Fame: Packers take top spot for most wins

The game against the Cowboys wasn’t just any old victory for the Green Bay Packers. After clinging on to the victory in the second half, the Packers left the stadium with the most playoff wins in NFL history, tied at 37 wins with the New England Patriots. It was a moment of glory that was slightly quenched when the 49ers joined the same tie-break with a win against the Packers themselves, but the achievement came like a light in the tunnel to Packers fans, a glowing reminder of the great history of the team.

Fans can only hope that the next season brings another shot at the playoffs, and more opportunities for the whole team to show their steel.





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