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The Mayor, Favre...and CHTV?

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The Mayor, Favre...and CHTV?

Yes, the Mayor of Green Bay is soliciting suggestions on how the city should welcome back Brett Favre on November 1st. And yes, the Associated Press has cited one of our suggestions from back in August.

Feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments below.

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D.D. Driver's picture

Rename "Brett Favre Pass" as "Brett Favre Interception."

alfredomartinez's picture

hold our head high as GB fans and kill him with the greatest weapon of all...kindness...

PACKERS's picture

Brett will be booed louder than any other plywr at lambeau. And I will be very happy

antony24's picture

I think having the bikini girls hold a huge sign saying that Rodgers is our man would be the best way to let him know we mean business

keeley's picture

I'm going to trip him as he runs out of the visitor's tunnel. So there.

Jim Shelby's picture

Have what's left of the entire Superbowl Team of 97 there as honorary guests on the side lines. If that doesn't get in his head nothing will, even get Coach Holmgren!

Brian's picture

How about you all accept your going to get your ass whooped. Have fun!!

Brian's picture

You will get beaten badly have funn

Ron La Canne's picture

No cheers, No Boos, No Noise,period. TOTAL SILENCE!
Get one of those electroic Viking Horn thingies and blow the damn thing at max decibals for every Viking play.
Instead of the wave, every time Brent goes on the field all fans get up and turn their backs to the field.

foundinidaho's picture

I suggested to the mayor he re-retire Bart Starr's number with a really big ceremony while both teams are on the sidelines. That would make me snort. I also like wearing those black "Judas" jerseys when he comes in the stadium and making it totally black. However, that might make him feel good. Can't have that.

Ron La Canne's picture

Alert - Ahman Green is working out with the Packers today.

Ima Fibbin's picture

Boycot his steak house for the weekend.

resq91's picture

I like the idea of painting a Favre Packer Jersey on the ground in front of the tunnel for the Vikings to enter the field.

PACKERS's picture


FITZCORE1252's picture

Yeah, I saw that today in the Seattle P.I. Blowin' up


matthew's picture

put up a video montage of Ted on the scoreboard after farve throws an INT.........actually treat him with respect and beat him on the field....will be the best revenge.

JerseyPackFan's picture

I say instead of the Go Pack Go! chant. They should say F-U BRETT!

Glorious80s's picture

Ignore him. He's just another opposing player. But this Packer team can bond with the fans forever with a big victory. This will be one of those games that will be remembered.

Visiting Vike's picture

What I've seen thus far is pretty lame. Have a few more brews, brats,and cheese curds. It'll come to ya, someday.

big z's picture

these ideas are lame...i liked the idea of the largest waffle of number 4 is made and presented on the field as a guiness record, after that, favre bloopers and funny moments on the big screen with respect

PackersRS's picture

The original sugestions are awesome. But I think in the end we should treat him like he was just another player. Just ignore him. This will hurt his ego more than anything.

jpeter's picture

Have the punter wear #4

dustybricks6's picture

Force him to play the game wearing a purple uniform, I can't think of anything more embarrassing than that.

Cuphound's picture

The only thing that could help is for the defense to squash him into a greasy purple spot on the (not yet) frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. There is victory or defeat. Everything else is hoopla.

fzn_tdra's picture

I agree with jpeter. I said a while ago to friends that Ted should give the punter the #4. That would kill Brett.

Andrew In Atlanta's picture


Two Jet Winston's picture

Just set a pro sports record for the longest boo. Make even the commentators uncomfortable. And I really like the interception vid. Someone suggested turning our coats inside-out (turncoats). Then give #4 to Crosby.

madchaddar's picture

Bow to him and all you chedder heads swear allegience to the future super champion vikings. That would be a fair welcome! Skol!!!!!

Rich Ward Jr's picture

Label the Vikings coming to Green Bay as "Black Sunday" and have every Packer fan dress in black

Welcome Favre with complete silence, and treat him as if there has been a death in the family....

4VikeMike4's picture

I say:


GO VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!

Wheelis's picture

Just wondering, do the Packers hate Vince Lombardi for retiring one year and coming back and coaching the Redskins?

4VikeMike4's picture

Well I saw a plane comin' out of the sky
It had a Vikings symbol on each side
Fans commenced to shakin' and said "Ooh-eee"
Looks like a Favre’s gonna be a Purple PACKER Eater to me!

It was a one-eyed, two-horned, flyin' Purple PACKER Eater
Sure looks cool to me.

Well he came down to earth and took a knee
I said Mr. Purple PACKER Eater, don't eat me!
I heard him say in a voice oh so gruff
“I wouldn't eat you cuz Vikings fans are so tough!”
I said Mr. Purple PACKER Eater, what's your line?
He said,
“It's Eatin' Cheesehead Packer people with some Wine!
But that's not the only reason that I came to this land
I wanna be the Quarterback and the Viking’s Main Man!”

Well bless my soul, Brett’s on a role.
Mississippi Grown, flyin' Purple Packer Eater
in a Viking’s uniform
Sure looks cool to me!

First he threw from the Red-zone and got a first down,
Then he threw a bomb to Rice, and got a Touchdown!
It was a crazy little play with a AD on the out
3 - 13 – 28 – Hut!

Well bless my soul, Brett’s on a role.
Mississippi Grown, flyin' Purple Packer Eater
Doin’ his best on 3rd & 4th down
Flyin' and belittling Cheeseheads all around!

And then one day, what do ya know
I saw Brett Favre on the Monday Night show!
He was blowing the Packers out, and really knockin' em dead
Throwin’ touchdowns with horns on his head!

packeraaron's picture

Wheelis - Just wondering, did Vince Lombardi whine like a girl for like , 5 offseasons in a row, constantly holding the franchise hostage, and then retire - and then decide to unretire and demand his job back even though it had been given to someone else? Just wonderin'...

vincent's picture

I hope Favre comes to Lambeau and has a career day and absolutely demolishes the packers.

PackersRS's picture

Wheelis, he went to the Redskins, you say? Because I could swear he went to the Bears, or to the Queens, you know, one of those teams that Green Bay has a rivalry against... BTW, that comparison sealed the deal for me. In that moment, I knew his true colors.

4VikeMike4's picture

Over 21.8 Millions viewers when The Pack played on Monday night Oct 5th.....I wonder if we'll top that.


GO VIKINGS!!!!!!!!

bucky's picture

I know a guy who knows a guy. . . .

keeley's picture

Aaron - Some ammo for the Queens fans that have descended on the site (not in any particular order):
Hershel Walker
Wide left
Brad Childress

packersbaleno's picture

how do we feel about signing dominic rhodes and my boy ahman green?

seekr's picture

@ D.D.D. I was thinking of renaming it "Brett Favre Ass."

packeraaron's picture

Working out Green and Rhodes is most likely just the Packers keeping their emergency list updated. With Wynn hurting and Jackson looking shaky, they need to be ready to make a move if it's needed.

dave's picture

Here's my suggestion for welcoming Favre back:

Try to not be a bunch of douchebags and graciously welcome the man you kicked out of town after so many fantastic years of football.

Rich Ward Jr's picture

It's needed.

4VikeMike4's picture

I would like to take this moment to personally thank Ted Thompson for being so pig-headed 2 years ago, and not letting a living ledgend/future Hall of Fame quarterback, come back and play when he wanted to.

I mean, seriously.....the man proved his ability time and time again, for 16 years, never missed a game, set more records than any player in history.....and Ted just says, " suck. We're moving on with this half-a$$ed rookie." ................I just wonder if he was feeling ANY SORT of regret on October 5th...?...while he was wearing his special little PINK tie...and watching his team get executed by the guy he told to, "Get out of here! We don't want you anymore!"

I mean...have ya'll seen this? GOd Deanna looks good standing in the Metrodome, next to a Vikings T-Shirt!

4VikeMike4's picture I typ-od a few words. Whatever. You get my point.

Rich Ward Jr's picture

You are clueless my friend. a 3rd offseason of will he or won't he was too much. It was time to start over with the young core... He gave Favre another chance to succeed by sending him to a good team in a major market. Get off it.

packeraaron's picture

4VikeMike4 - This was all expected - in October. Come back and see us when its December and Favre is throwing mind-numblingly stupid picks. He's faded the last 5 years in a row - no reason to think he won't now that he's (gulp) 40.

Jack's picture

It is unfortunate that the troll who stalks the Green Bay Press Gazette and JSOnline message boards has found his way on to this site.

Re Brett Favre's welcome home party: I love the idea of the video montage of his interceptions; I think it should be accompanied by the song "Prima Donna" from the musical Phantom of the Opera.

4VikeMike4's picture

Rich Ward Jr:
Are you kidding me??? Ted sent Favre to good team??? What team was that?? I hope to God you're not talking about the Jets!! Give me a break!! Look at how they were doing BEFORE he went there, and look at how they are doing now that he's NOT there! friend...are the CLUELESS ONE!

Well....unless you were referring to Ted sending Favre to the Jets, so they could (in turn) release him so he could join the Vikings. In THAT CASE, "yes" he went to a good team.

Ted ONLY released Favre to the Jets because he was DEATHLY afraid of him playing in the same division against the Packers TWICE PER YEAR! . . . . . . OR . . . . .Favre WOULD'VE been here LAST YEAR!
Do you live in a cave or something?? Come on man! Get with it!!!

GO VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!

Ryeguy812's picture

Ugh Aaron, a bit of publicity for your site and all the garbage comes rolling in just like on the JSOnline and Press Gazette comments section.

4VikeMike4's picture

Ummmmm.....let's see...Favre NEVER went 5-0 with the Packers...let alone 6-0.
Are we all forgeting that the Jets had a completely foreign system for Favre.
And that's EXACTLY why Thompson traded him there. He KNEW it was a bad fit, and he KNEW that he wouldn't have to worry about playing against him...unless of course the Jets AND the Packers actually made it to the playoffs and played against each other. Or (a bigger dream than that) the Super Bowl.

What are the odds of THAT happening!!?
When's the last time the Packers were in the Super Bowl? And, most importantly, WHO TOOK YOU CHEESEBALLS TO THE SUPER BOWL??
Dissing Favre WILL UNLTIMATELY be the end of Ted Thompson's career. I know several Packer fans, over here on the S.E. MN/ S.W. Wis. border...and they are ALL saying that.

Thanks again, Ted!! DumbA$$.

Vikes4Life's picture

how about you pass out purple #4 hankies so you can all chear on the Vikings on the way to the superbowl.

4VikeMike4's picture

Besides Ted Thompson's stupidity, it was very unloyal for him to not let Favre back in. Do any of you realize how much money he brought in to the team in those 16 years?? And if, I'm not mistaken, isn't it those profits that make your shares in Packer Stock worth ALOT more??
Good Luck, Ted! I think you'll need it. Because it doesn't look like you decision has been working out so good for you so far. (Especially after last season's embarassment).

burgie's picture

When Favre comes to green bay. The right thing to do would be a standing ovation. Yeah it sucks he's on another team. But he did so much for our team. In this era of football, trades and free agency are apart of the game. Everybody made the whole Favre saga to be much more then what it is. And the media is to blame.

IronMan's picture

Since it will be the day after Halloween, we should have "Ted Thompson mask" night. Imagine Favre looking in the crowd and seeing 70,000 Ted Thompson.s looking at him

MerrimacMan's picture

When he arrives on field his golden arm, which carried Green Bay through 16 great years and a Super Bowl win, should be immediately amputated and buried with full Packer honors. The rest of him should be hanged.

Only joking! I personally like Brett and want him to do well but this is too fun a topic to pass up. If it can be done with good taste and good humor, it would be funny if they announce the Vikings starters and when they get to Brett, they 'accidentally' call him "Brent Favre".

4VikeMike4's picture



Jimi_The_Saint's picture

I think we should give the punter the number 4. I mean it's not retired yet so why not?

Pack Fan In Enemy Territory's picture

Who let the purple version of Baby Huey post on a Packers blog?

Come on Aaron & Corey! You guys are better than that. Don't let this great blog turn into the trash that is known as JSO.

Jimi_The_Saint's picture

Why are all you Biqueens Fans in a CHEESEHEAD Fansite? Did you run out of Gay porn to look at? I wouldn't even think about going to a Viking fansite I'd be afraid of what the hell you tuckfards talk about.

packermania's picture

go Favre!
Beat us up badly, so Ted will be fired!

Nick's picture

Ideas for the mayor...
Whiskey and vicodin night
free pictures of Irvin favre (Brett favres dad)
Brett favre devil costumes (nov.1 day after Halloween)
brett favre is a arrogant redneck prick signs
everyone throws cheese at him as he walks down the tunnel

Black Hawk's picture

4VikeMike4 - Get a clue, Ted or nobody in Packer nation never said that Favre still couldn't play. Trading Favre to the Vikings or Bears is not smart business, that's why he was dealt to the Jets, besides they were offering the highest draft pick. I think that Mike Sherman is in part to blame for the prima donna that Favre has become. Sherman let Favre walk all over him. All the remaining Favre lovers like to blame Ted. Fact is Ted had the balls to show him the door. Why? Because nobody is bigger than their boss. Favre has played the retirement tune since 2003 and was really heated the last two years. So if he's taken back last year? Same thing would of happen this year? Arod is presently a much better QB, give him the Vikes O-line and his numbers would soar even more. Favre just thought he could hold the Packers hostage and walz back in and get his job back. Yes, he gave the Packers 16 great years, the ironman of football. However, if he's so great...why only one Super Bowl Ring? Because he's also the king of pick. He should of won 3 or 4 rings with the talent we had a few of those years, instead so many season's ended by the king of pick. 6 interceptions at St. Louis to end our season, 4th and 26 game at Philly...ended with a Favre throwing it up for grabs and who can forget his last pass as a Packer, the NFC Championship game, in OT...a pick right to the defense, and yet another promising season...lost by Favre. The picks will come playing for the Vikes also, should of lost the SF game, the pass that should of been picked remember...hearing the boo's? Good thing that AP's ankle doesn't look serious, because if he goes down and you have to rely on Favre...he'll go back to his old ways.

Maybe rename Brett Favre Pass...Bendict Blvd.?

austin's picture

i say when he walks out onto the field no one should make a peep

JCs's picture

How about setting up his old locker (in green and gold) and putting it in the
visitors locker room for his use upon his arrival.

Favre Black Sunday's picture

Have everyone in town drive around and to the game with their lights on and displaying a black "4" car flag as in a funeral procession, mourning the death of Favre's Green Bay legend.

4VikeMike4's picture

Nick - Ya know what I find the most Green Bay fans would defend Favre's honor no matter how bad he did, WHEN HE WAS ON THE TEAM......Now, that he's sided with the enemy, you all do nothing but say "how many interceptions on this game" and he "blew that game at the end".....amazing how it works when the guy ain't on your team anymore, then you bad mouth him to the end. But, if he'd have stayed retired and not came back to ANY team, you would all be praising Favre for decades to come! Pitiful. Why not crticize Lombardi for unretiring and bringing the Redskins out of a decade-long slump? Again...pitiful.

You guys are just as two-faced as anyone can be.

You said it yourself, "Football's a buisness"....and if a man want's to continue working, but the company he worked in for his whole life won't hire him back....doesn't he have the right to work anywheres else & seek out the best position & pay as possible?...INCLUDING the competition?

2linepass's picture

C'mon, Pack nation! We traded Brett to the Jets. Most of us wanted him gone because he was waffling so bad. As far as I'm concerned Minnesota picked up a free agent from the Jets. I love the pack nation, but think some of us need to put on our big boy pants and move on. I'll be cheering for him when he walks out onto the field until the kick-off. He has done more for this team than any other person in the history of the team.

Visiting Vike's picture

Okay after my last comment, you've come up with some real good ones. Must have been the beer? That said, the one suggestion that I like the most is "give him a standing ovation". That would show real class and appreciation for what the man did for you. Nuf said.

packeraaron's picture

4VikeMike4 - (and visiting Viking fans in general) - just for some perspective, here's my NYT piece about Favre - you might be surprised:

Packermancarl's picture

I think the Packers fans nation has simply become a living breathing example of Mike Judge's movie, 'Idiocracy'. You people are embarrassing and prove to be the most ungrateful morons in all of the NFL.

Meanwhile, you seem perfectly happy with Ted Thompson and his five years of inability to build a consistently winning team. Which was supposedly the reason for bringing him here, wasn't it you lying fools?

That's what you all said. You said Sherman couldn't win a Super Bowl and we needed someone to get us over the hump. Well all he's done is hump, and it ain't pretty.

packeraaron's picture

Packermancarl - Ungrateful morons? Really? The same people who defended Favre every time he ruined the season with a bevy of interceptions? If you're going to come here and insult people you might want to look at the whole picture rather than coloring things to fit your view.

Pack Fan In Enemy Territory's picture

Who gives a [email protected]#t about a [email protected]#$%&g GM? We're talking about a GM. Does he play the game? I've never in my enitre life seen so many people obsessed about a
[email protected]#$%&g GM. Get over it you tools, he is the Packers GM & he probably will be for at least this year and next. So whats the use of crying about it constantly. You guys sound like my kid sister when she doesn't get her way.

bearbgone's picture

I say give #4 to some homeless man and when the Packers take the field let him come out first to a standing ovation. Then at halftime retire the mans #4 (who ever he is). Make sure you keep the guy in plenty of beer and brats.

Mark's picture


From Drama Queen to VIQUEEN!!!


Kleinsasserfan's picture

Just sit back and watch Brett Favre dismantle the Packers, like when Ted did when he let Brett go. He was the glue to a great team and now you are but mediocre. We are the Vikings, we are proud and now we have your progial son! We will wreck your dreams of a Lambeau win and Brett will jump into the endzone bleachers and it will be his welcomed Lambeau Leap return!! SKOL VIKINGS!!

bearbgone's picture

I have the patent on the shirts if the queens do win the Superbowl.

"The Vikings Finally Won A Superbowl but It Took A Packer To Do It!"

cacafreakaziod's picture

How bout showing an old waffle with a cane throwing interceptions left and right !!!! or a sign that says... "we got cheese for your whine"

backthepack4's picture

How about a Standing-O for the greatest Packer to ever play the game, and one of the greatest football players ever? It will be a national embarassment if Packer fans boo him before the game. Living in Chicago, I'd say the Packer fans are acting like Bears fans on this one (and that's not a complement). The Packers didn't want him, the Vikings did. Get over it and show some class Packer fans! Remember all the great memories he gave us, and welcome him back. Once the game starts - treat him like a Viking, and cheer like crazy for the Pack!!!

Gloria A. Le May's picture

I have been a packer fan all my life but no more. I cannot believe all the revengeful things Packer fans are thinking of doing to Brett Favre at the 11/1 game. Remember, you didn't want him and now he's with a team that does. Why the revenge???? Would you be so revengeful if his team was losing instead of at the top of the division? Grow up Packer fans and put the blame where it belongs. Leave Brett alone and give him the respect he deserves after spending 16 years in Green Bay. This whole website is disgusting.

packeraaron's picture

Cheesehead TV has been called a lot of things over the years. But never 'disgusting'. Thanks for breaking new ground there Gloria. I would only add that anyone who would stop being a Packer fan because of anything having to do with Brett Favre was not really a fan to begin with.

bucky's picture

"I'm revolting!!"
You certainly are. . . .

jamitch45's picture

Green Bay should do absolutely nothing. BF can come back to Green Bay and see absolutely no residual that he was ever there. Gone and forgotten in my book.

Pack Fan In Enemy Territory's picture

" I have been a packer fan all my life but no more "

.. but you are not now because some Packer fans voice their displeasures about him now? If that isn't the biggest crock of [email protected]#t I've heard in a long time.

Have the love the Favre ilk. Do you think its safe to say majority of them have no concept of TEAM sports, no one person is GREATER than the TEAM. It takes 11 men on all 3 phases of the game working as one to be successful. You win as a team & you lose as a team. I think Favre & his ilk may have forgotten that along the way...

Ryeguy812's picture

This entire thread proves that there is nothing more disgusting (other than CHTV apparently ;)) than confident Vikings fans. Living in MN my entire life has shown me one thing, these fans are as fair weather as their climate controlled toilet bowl stadium. They are all about their team once they're winning but once a rough patch starts they start jumping off the bandwagon. You wouldn't believe how many times I've heard "I hope we lose our last few games so we get a better draft pick" in this state. It's truly unbelievable. They needed an extension to sell out a home playoff game for crying out loud!
And now we're here entertaining their comments and taking them with the same analytical approach we do for comment-makers who actaully have intelleigent things to say about the football team we all love.

mvsticka's picture

This is our chance to show some class to the rest of the world. We don't have the best image right now. To welcome and show respect for Brett Favre will go a lot further than any negative display. A standing ovation rather than boos will get Green Bay favorable reviews around the world. Some Paqcker fans feel betrayed, the rest of the world had utmost respect for theman and his talent.

JChevy's picture

It's simple. Be a class act. This will no doubt be nationally televised, so I hope Packers fans can swallow thier disgust for the moment he walks out on the field in the Purple #4 jersey and give himm the standing ovation he deserves. It will make us Packer fans all look good.

Greg S's picture

Play video footage of Favre with Jets and Vikes all the while playing (as loud as the speakers will tolerate) Joan Jett's "I hate myself for loving you!"

rpheifer's picture

I have been a Packer fan my entire life not because they reside in the same state as I , but because they have been known for their hospitality and respect for whomever travels to their stadium. I have had privilege to stand next to an Eagles fan in Philadelphia who was shocked at how well he was treated in Lambeau even though he was rooting for the opponent. Are we really willing to forgo what we are known for just because the man changed the color of his uniform? If so, then yes I guess you can chalk me up to the crowd who is no longer a Packer fan either. I have been proud to be associated with the Packers because they represented how I would treat others and expect to be treated myself. if the Packer fans now decided that denigrating the opposition is appropriate, I am out.

Stand and cheer; then work hard to send him home with a loss and you will have regained some credibility in my book.

4VikeMike4's picture


It really doesn't matter who wins....the game will be remembered forever!
As a lifetime Vikings fan, I would accept a loss gracefully, if it happens that way.
No matter what smack talk you guys hear out of me.....I still have respect for ya'll.
When Favre played in GB all those years, I used to always say, "If the Vikes ain't winning, then our neighbors might as well. At least it stays in our Division."
And to be completely honest....I used to go out of my way to watch the Packers when Favre was there simply because he's fun to watch. When he left, I tried to keep watching, but the fun was gone.
In fact, I was cheering along with several other Packer fans during the 96 Super Bowl. That's a fact.
Go Vikings!

packeraaron's picture

Quality post VikeMike. Cheers :)

Todd From Minnesota's picture

4VikeMike you lost my respect for the comments made about cheering for the 96 Fud Packer's. Never liked the Green uniform but always respected the number 4 jersey. That said you still would of never caught me cheering for cheese nation. Purple will always be a better color.

Dale Wilber's picture


DanTX's picture

A brief message to all Packer fan haters: we didn't kick him out. We didn't bring him here. It's our team, however, and we'll talk about it however we please. Now go back to your blog - which pales in comparison to Cheesehead TV - relax, take a breath, and find something interesting about your personnel to discuss with your family and friends.

4VikeMike4's picture

From the St. Paul Pioneer Press:
Already, those who wear cheese on their heads are weighing in, with mixed results.

Put a big No. 4 waffle on display? How cute.

Play a continuous loop of his interceptions with the Packers on the stadium video? So predictable.

Name a street after him? Already been done.

Hang him in effigy outside Lambeau Field? That might not fit the mayor's definition of "tasteful."

But, really, what do you do for someone you once loved who now plays for your hated rival? Even the most devoted Cheeseheads seem to be having a hard time figuring this one out.

Wear flip-flops? How would Favre know?

Do a reverse Lambeau Leap on him the first time he gets near the end zone? Just remember, he's the one wearing the helmet.

Paint big red "X's" on his old replica jerseys? Hey, those things cost money.

Give him the world's biggest group hug? You know he'll just start crying again.

The mayor is going to wish he had never thought of dusting off the suggestion box for this one.

To understand Favre's motives, you have to understand this: He's basically an overgrown kid who gets his kicks playing football and he'll do it until the day either his right arm finally falls off or he can't find a team willing to pay him to take snaps behind center.

The color of the uniform doesn't really matter, at least not anymore. Once Favre's divorce with the Packers became final, he was available to the high bidder.

. . . . . . . . . .
Favre was the face of the franchise for so many years, it was almost possible to forget another great quarterback, Bart Starr, once led the Packers to greatness. Fans could accept Favre leaving, but they're not so accepting of him being reborn in the Metrodome.

He'll soon be back, if only for a day. He deserves a welcome, and Packer fans deserve something, too.

So give him a big ovation.

Then let the Packers make the real statement with an even bigger win.

4VikeMike4's picture



(and I know I'll have every single figernail chewed off by the end of the 4th quarter)


Todd From Minnesota's picture

After this game and this season cheese nation will be sent off packing in the NFL. Once upon a time this team could participate in the NFL but with the franchise structures and marketable competition you better sell the stock before they go bankrupt.

Todd From Minnesota's picture

Brett Favre and the Vikings Rock. Favre plays better in Purple than any game wearing Green. Brett was younger and with the Viking's they would have had 10 rings. Instead the Green got one. Big waste of talent.

VApackerfan's picture

Wow Todd, you sound like a winner, and seem to get your facts wrong. It's the Minnesota franchise that is hurting. Our season tickets are sold out for close to 30 years. Bottom line, we have the most dedicated fans in football. I would be worried about your franchise. LA is still looking for a team.

Todd From Minnesota's picture

VApackerFan - I agree the Vikings will need to get a stadium built to satisfy the other franchises. The Packers do sell out games but not since the Reggie White signing there has been action in the off season. Signs of a struggling market. Face it Green bay doesn't bring in the money like it use to. The other Franchises are tired of supporting Cheese nation.

PACKERS's picture

all favre wants is attention. After a long loud boo at the beginning, ignore him and cheer really loudly for Aaron. Show him who our favorite QB is now. GO PACKERS

Todd From Minnesota's picture

I like Aaron can't wait until he's in purple too. Go Vikings.

PackerParry's picture

Taunt him with giant Vicodin pills and he should lose his focus. This should produce at least 2 interceptions.

See Ya Later Trader!!!!!!

packerbacker's picture

Another vote for the punter to wear #4.. Plus, maybe retire Don M. (the magic mans) jersey instead of farves.. :)

PACKERS's picture

Retire don m's jersey instead of favres. That's the best one I've heard so far. I'm still laughing. ( if Aaron ever plays in purple, I will never declare loyalty to another player again). Go pack

True Packer Fan ask Favre's picture

I agree with one other blogger... Cheer Rodgers as loud as we can & ignore Favre to show him who is our QB. A real and or TRUE Packers Fan knows what I to Favre!!

Purple's picture

Regardless of what you do, The Vikings will own the Pack. Rodgers will be picking himself up off the ground all day after being crushed by Jared Allen. AP will run over goldey locks multiple times, and Favre will put the finishing touches on with a few TD passes to Berrian, or Rice. Pick your poison. Packers are screwed. End of story.

foundinidaho's picture

I do like the idea of retiring Majik's jersey. That would be pretty damn funny.

akendall's picture

Show a video of Brett Favre throwing an interception to every team in the NFL.

Paul Schlect & Gary Weiss's picture

This was submitted to the mayor:

The Green Bay Gazette publishes a special 4 page pictoral edition of the great Packer Teams. Huge headline: WE LOVE OUR TEAM. A copy is handed to every fan entering Lambeau with instructions on "welcoming" #4 back. The PA must announce the starting line-up for the Vikings offense. When he says, "And starting at quarterback for the Vikings" everyone hold-up the paper as to be reading. Everyone in the place stays stone cold silent for 44 seconds. Then the PA system booms Bon Jovi..."Shot through the heart and your to blame. You give love a bad name" The place would go wild and the national audience would understand the Packer community is much more than one man.

BF4ever's picture

Hey Aaron Nagler and the rest of Packer Nation. Your cheered for Brett for 16 years. Grow-up, show some class, stand up and cheer for him, then, if you think your team is so good, they'll kick his @$$. If not, oh well, cause it's time to move on, cause Brett's over the hill. Go Brett & Go Vikings!!

milwaukeepackfan's picture

In the past, I've always booed when the Vikings entered the stadium. If Brent is among them when they run out of the tunnel on November 1, so be it. He shall be booed, too, as an enemy.

zelda's picture

The best way for Mayor Schmitt to RESPECTFULLY welcome back one of the city's most famous former residents is to initiate the departure of Mr. Thompson. The person who caused Brett's departure.

milwaukeepackfan's picture

The one responsible for Brett's departure is his own ego, thinking he could waltz back into town after "officially" retiring and reclaim his job (not bigger than the game).

Barbara's picture

I have been a Packer fan forever. Raised my son as a Packer fan, even though we moved to Arizona, and he was born here.
He even had the opportunity to go to Lambeau for a game. Green Bay and it's fans have always been respected. Very special team and commitment. But, this site is very disappointing. My respect for the fans, gone. No matter how things played out, Favre deserves some respect. Don't think you know all that has transpired behind closed doors between Favre and the Pack! This whole thing is just sad for this Packer fan.
My suggestion, show some class. Leave the guy alone and let the game speak for itself.

PACKERS's picture

I agree. Favre needs to understand that the team had already committed to Aaron Rodgers, and that Thompson was acting out of consideration for the whole team and not just one selfish player

portwashingtonpacker's picture

Let's face it, Favre is and was a great quarterback in the NFL. I agree he doesn't receive special treatment, just boo (like you normally should do) when the vikings enter the field, and cheer loud as hell when the pack come on. It is just the vikings.

Prambousek's picture

We rememberyou Bert, did you bring Ernie?

DRACO026948's picture

Quit being crying little babies. just put your heads between your legs and kiss your asses goodbye. GO VIKINGS

4VikeMike4's picture

Ya know, I'll have to admit.....the people who post on this blog are much more civilized than The St. Paul Pioneer Press. Check this sensless smack talk out:

randyr's picture

whats wrong with you people. im the hugest GB fan. If it wasnt for Favre we'd still be the laughing stock of the NFL. I LOVE the pack, but i know we have NO chance of winning this game. i want Favre to get his revenge, he deserved it. We're 3-2, Minn is 6-0. Thompson is an A-hole. Favre had no problem not being wanted back, but when Ted told him he cant play in the division, that set him off, and it would of done the say to me. Good for Brett,hes about to get his.

Favre+Pack=Superbowl's picture

I will be cheering as loud as hell when THE MAN Brett Favre comes out on the field. Im a 21 year old Packer season ticket holding fan and all I remember of Packer football is Brett Favre. In the time I have been watching we have had two losing season...JUST TWO! and one was last year without Brett. That means something to me. I respect the man and give props for making my Packer football experience a great one. It's easy for me to remember that Favre was traded away from us, he did not leave us. Watching the Monday night game between the Vikings and Packers also reminded me that the old man can still play. I don't blame Ted for the decision he made because I feel it was the right one for the Packers, but i don't dislike Brett for still playing at a high level on a team that gives him a great chance of winning. That team just so happens to be my second most hated team behind the Bears. That being said, I know Im a true Packer fan and thus must thank #4 for the great years and give him thanks when he returns to 1265. GO PACK GO!

dennis stambaugh's picture

first of all people packer fans seen to forget who took them to the super bowl twice and put green bay back on the map. i think showing the 1996 super bowl would be aggreat honor brett and packer fans alike.i like watching brett.i am disappointed in the packers for treating him this way. the man loves to play.he is the greatest. from dover pennsylvania home of packer player john kuhn.

greenbaypackerbob's picture

I like this one:

"Try to not be a bunch of douchebags and graciously welcome the man you kicked out of town after so many fantastic years of football."

I've been a packer fan since 65 (even through the horrible yrs -70-80's). I love the way folks on this site have their own definitions of 'what a real Packer fan is' - sounds like a bunch of kids on the playground. But saying it's so doesn't make it so. Favre sparked life into GB and any critic on this site would have admitted it just a few years back... now you have become the 'turncoats' after allowing a 4-5 yr GM tell you how it's going to be. Loyalty runs inches deep in GB - not like it was in the old days... GB has become just like any other NFL team.

I'm glad most of you all were not around during Lombardi - can't imagine how you would have received him if Redskins had been in a playoff w/ Packers. Holgrem took you to 2 SBs (w/ Brett)... haven't seen you tear down his signs and legacy like on this site ... and he went with a team that played GB many times after he left. So Farve waffles on his career because he loves the game so much... what a great crime that is. When he did disagree with GM it was over what he thought was best for the team, not money like most NFL players (in fact he offered part of his salary to get Moss if possible - but Moss was over the Hill too... yeah, ask Tom Brady about that one!)

Grow some brains (and gracious manners)

Packerfan4Life's picture

I'm all for giving #4 jersey to a rookie, showing the reel of the interceptions, and bringing back what remains of his superbowl victory team, have them stand there on the sidelines wearing their jersies,and when he gets announced and he runs out there, have them start walking off the field.

The one thing I hate, Vikings fans who hated favre for the years he played as a Packer, are now praising him as a god because he joined the Vikings.

milwaukeepackfan's picture

We didn't kick him out. He RETIRED. Last I checked, Favre Pass is still there.
PS: I love it when Favre advocates play the "he-loves-the-game" card and "doesn't-care-about-money-like-other-players" card.

milwaukeepackfan's picture

I also love it when Favre advocates give Brett all the credit for the Super Bowl runs. Where would he be without the number-one-rated defense in '96, Reggie White, an O line, etc.? Just one man, not a team.

greenbaypackerbob's picture

I love it when Packer fans think giving Brett credit for a SB constitutes giving him 'all' the credit (what a straw man they like to create) and therefore his trade should be minimized or justified.

Where do you think the Pack would have been without their 3 time MVP, future hall of Famer who holds almost every QB record there is ?(oh, I know, interceptions too... but you will find all the greats have their weaknesses but they always overcome them by their greater strengths e.g. check out the strike out record of Babe Ruth, etc.).

And now to attempt to belittle Favre's role after years of giving him due credit is hypocritical.

Shame on you!

PiedmontPackerFan's picture

Welcome him back with silence. He does not deserve anything else.

In 20 or so years, when he is inducted into the Packer Hall of Fame, then we can cheer. But his "me first" conduct is not consistent with Packer ideology and should not be rewarded. He's had plenty of cheers anyway. Save them for someone more deserving.

milwaukeepackfan's picture

You want to talk about a humble athlete who loves the fans and appreciates the uniform he wears? Give me Donald Driver any day. And to hear that DD received a congratulatory phone call for breaking the reception record, not from Brett but from Brett's brother in Mississippi, is a reflection on Brett's egocentric character. The man has changed. Shame on me for pointing out what Favre advocates deny and don't want to hear? Fine. But shame on Brett.

Sacco's picture

I think we should rename Brett Favre Pass to Aaron Rodgers Way. In a pregame ceremony give Brett his street sign. BTW all you VIQUEEN fans, don't be so bitter. Since Brett left, Aaron Rodgers has put up better numbers. He's your problem now and when the smoke clears at the end of the season Favre will choke and you will come up short like you do every year!! Zero Super Bowl apperences since you started playin in that craphole of a dome, history always repeats itself and this year is no different. Favre has not really done anything since 98'. Its 2009!!! And don't be mad at us cuz we always have had better QB's in Green Bay. Once again this year is no different!! GO PACK GO!!!!!

packermania's picture

yeah..once we had don majkowski ..

Sacco's picture

Hey Packermania!!??!! When we had the Magic Man, who did they have? Google it and get back soon! The VIQUEENS make it a purpose to hire 40 year old men to QB their team...... Warren Moon, Chris Chandler, Randall Cunningham, Brad Johnson.... TWICE!!!..... the list goes on.... and how many championships did they win in those years? You can say what you want about the Packers.... and some so called Packer Fans can still root for Brett Favre. But like before, the train has left the station..... get on or get off right now!! BRETT FAVRE IS A VIKING!!! Get it through your head!! The enemy!!

greenbaypackerbob's picture

milwaukeepackfan - "who loves the fans and appreciates the uniform"
You must have missed Favre running over to Donald Driver to speak with him after the MN game. A lot of affection was expressed btwn both of them... of course you don't want to bring up the fact that many veteran Packer players still like respect and speak well of Favre... then again, you probably didn't see the end of the MN game either because you cut off your TV and went to bed after Brett threw his 3rd TD in the game.... likewise, if Brett had thrown a pick, fumbled the ball in the red zone and got sacked in the end zone for a safety (all like Rodgers did in the MN game) I know exactly what all you Favre haters would have been would have all been Favre's fault and one more reason why Mngment should get rid of him...of course Rodgers gets a pass. I know you all are loathing that Favre is holding a high passer rating with only 2 picks all year... kinda cuts against the grain of all that critical hate mongering.

Greg S's picture

Have someone underwrite this for a game day giveaway to all who enter Lambeau:
70,000 t-shirts in varied colors (red, blue, green, white, purple) to be worn during the game. Front side: #4 // Back side: COLOR DOESN'T MATTER. RESPECT DOES. GO PACK!!

Mattamania's picture

The fact that some of you guys are even contemplating booing green bay's greatest ever QB (maybe along with Bart Starr) is an absolute disgrace. At the game we should cheer brett, no matter what he is doing now he is still a legend.


PACKERS's picture

We aren't angry at Aaron because, despite the fact that he had a bad game (name one player who's never had a bad game) he is a phenomenal quarterback, who had a great season last year, and will have a great season again this year. For the record, that was Rodgers only interception in this season, but Brent is keeping pace pretty well. Only two picks is pretty good for him.

PACKERS's picture

We will boo him because we care about our teams present, and more importantly, it's future. I'm tired of pack fans saying that we respect favre just because he was a great quarterback for the team. I'm not saying that he didn't do alot for the team (one sb in seventeen years isn't to bad for the "greatest Pack quarterback ever) but packers fans need to look forward to a new era. We're moving on, and we will treatfavre jusst like any other opposing quarterback. There is a difference between being a Brett fan and being a packers fan. Ok. I'm done on Brett for a while.

OnTheFencePackerFan's picture

How about a welcome parade to show your gratitude?

Green Bay Last 16 seasons
w/ Favre - wo/ Favre
Wins*- 161 - 98
Win % - 63%- 40%
Playoff app - 11 - 1
Playoff wins - 12 - 1
Div Title7 - 0
Superbowl app - 2 - 0
Superbowl win - 1 - 0

* Winningest team in the league

packeraaron's picture

Gratitude...for the NFC Championship pick. For throwing it up for grabs in overtime at the end of the 4th & 26 game. For throwing 6 picks against the Rams in the playoffs. You're right, the list goes on and on...

PACKERS's picture

Aaron, excellent point. BURN

OnTheFencePackerFan's picture

Funny, if he is so awful, why are you guys so mad? Shouldn't you be glad he plays for the Vikings?

You guys sound like an ugly old girlfriend that got dumped for a hotty

Packerbacker's picture

I am happy.. Look at last week. Live by the Favre, Die by Favre. I have said that for years. Even with the packers.. He can make great plays, but he can also blow it to. It was great to finally cheer for Farve again.. Two mistake returned for touchdowns.. You can have him.

backthepack4's picture

Not sure if anyone's paying attention to this thread anymore, but here's a great take on what to do:

packeraaron's picture

Yup, I'm paying attention. But clearly, you're not:

gaduck1254's picture

I sure miss winning games agains the vikings i guess if we would have kept brett as our starter and had rogers learn for a few more years he would have picked up how to finish a game like brett does.. We SUCK

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