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The Impression That I Get (Packers OTAs)

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The Impression That I Get (Packers OTAs)

This title serves two purposes. Purpose one is to get The Mighty Mighty Bosstones stuck in your head all day. The second purpose is to share some of my initial impressions after the first week of OTAs, now that players and coaches have been made available to the media. 
If Packers fans had any concerns about veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers adapting to a new offense, those fears should be alleviated now. 
“I think it’s an offense that I can infuse creativity in and put my stamp on,” said the quarterback. 
What does that mean? Well, to me, that sounds like Aaron Rodgers still gets to play like Aaron Rodgers, and all Packers fans should be excited about that. 
It seems like QB1 is also a big fan of Billy Turner. Rodgers indicated his confidence not only in his starting five linemen, but in the depth that exists behind the starting five, too. We all know a healthy, scrambling Rodgers is dangerous, and a solid offensive line helps him play the way he likes to play. 
Additionally, much has been said about new head coach Matt LaFleur’s offense, and how he plans to utilize certain position groups. One position on offense getting a ton of attention is the slot receiver role, recently vacated by the departure of Randall Cobb. 
In a Mike McCarthy-led offense, Cobb was the prototypical slot receiver. For Matt LaFleur, the slot role can function a number of different ways. Equanimeous St. Brown and J’Mon Moore were two of the names that LaFleur mentioned as having taken reps in the slot during these first few practices. 
In LaFleur’s offense, the slot receiver body type will matter less than the type of routes the receiver is expected to run. LaFleur highlighted Julio Jones as someone he was able to move around on offense during his tenure with the Falcons. Picture Davante Adams serving a similar role for Green Bay. 
With Adams missing practice for precautionary reasons, LaFleur also indicated the importance of the practice snaps the young receivers will get in his place. 
“We do have some young receivers so that’s a great opportunity for those other young guys to really get a bulk of the reps.”
Behind Davante Adams and Geronimo Allison, the WR3 position and beyond is pretty up-for-grabs. For what it’s worth at this point in the season, in Adams’ absence, Marquez Valdes-Scantling filled in opposite Allison in the starting lineup. 
On the opposite side of the ball, defensive coaches and players feel good about the talent that’s in the locker room. 
Tramon Williams, who spent time at the safety position last season due to a bevy of injuries, expressed his confidence in first round draft pick Darnell Savage and free agent acquisition Adrian Amos. 
From day one, Savage has impressed with his football smarts. That’s something Williams noticed right away. “In a defense, the safeties are the quarterbacks,” he said. Savage’s ability to read the offense will go a long way in gaining the trust of his fellow defenders. 
Whether Josh Jones gets traded or not, the safety unit is a lot more secure than it was heading into 2018. I fully expect Raven Greene to make a second-year jump behind Amos and Savage in the rotation. 
Defensive Coordinator Mike Pettine mentioned the flexibility the Packers now have in their secondary, with Amos and Savage capable of playing interchangeable roles on the back half of the defense. While Amos fits the profile of a strong safety and Savage is likely the starting free safety, their flexibility to play either role serves the defense well. 
Pettine also mentioned the various roles the newly acquired Smiths will play on defense, with Preston’s ability to drop into coverage as more of a “finesse” player, and Za’Darius serving as more of a power rusher. 
“What I like about the room is that it’s not all the same guy,” said Pettine. “I think that in every position room you need to have that variation in skillset so that way you can do some different things with different guys and move them around.”
While Mike Pettine is back for his sophomore season as the Packers’ defensive coordinator, he’s joined by some fresh faces on his coaching staff. Both inside and outside linebackers coaches, Kirk Olivadotti and Mike Smith, respectively, are new to Green Bay. 
“I’ve got some guys that love football, and that always makes it easier,” said Smith about coaching his outside linebackers room. 
Any fans with concerns still lingering from the Rashan Gary pick should remove those negative thoughts from their minds. Smith is perhaps the most vocal advocate for Gary, saying he hasn’t seen a combination of size, speed, and athleticism like Gary’s in the eleven years he’s been in the league. Keep in mind, Mike Smith just came from Kansas City where he worked with both Dee Ford and Justin Houston. 
Additionally, Smith discussed that his main focus on defense is getting pressure on the quarterback. When pressure is created, sacks will come naturally. Good thing Za’Darius Smith (per Pro Football Focus) had 60 total pressures in 2018, the most in the league for a player with less than 700 snaps. Oh and Preston Smith? He had 53 pressures the same season. 
While Gary is a raw prospect, the talent is there, and he finds himself in an incredible room to learn under Mike Smith, Za’Darius Smith, and Preston Smith. 
Kyler Fackrell will also see snaps during practice in a variety of different places. He’ll rush inside and outside. Don’t be surprised if Fackrell plays a little inside linebacker in 2019, especially in a crowded edge room (and if Josh Jones remains absent). 
Another point to keep in mind, if Preston Smith does drop into coverage or play the middle of the field, he already has some familiarity with Olivadotti from their time together with the Redskins. 
So what impressions did I get? 
Look out for the Packers defense this season. That’s a unit that will create a massive amount of pressure for opposing quarterbacks. It’s football math. Pressure leads to turnovers, whether those turnovers come in the form of strip sacks or interceptions. 
Secondly, expect the unexpected on offense. Matt LaFleur has playmakers. He’s going to line them up in a variety of ways and let Aaron Rodgers get creative. 
Finally, this team is a great mixture of veteran experience and raw talent. Packers writers and analysts have discussed this at length, but Ted Thompson had a tendency to focus on in-house talent. Draft and develop. It’s the Green Bay way. This Packers team looks different because it is different. Rather than build a roster solely through the draft, free agent signings were made to bolster every position seen as a weakness. Now when you sit back and look at the roster, there really aren’t any holes. 
That’s the impression that I get. 

Maggie Loney is a writer for Cheesehead TV and a podcaster for the Pack-A-Day Podcast. Find her on Twitter at @MaggieLawler.

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Coldworld's picture

Interesting and positive. It sounds like it is likely that Fackrell and Preston Smith will see some time at ILB. That lends weight to the suggestion that it really is heading to a one traditional ILB approach. That in turn speaks to the adequacy of depth at ILB.

kevgk's picture

I don't think they meant ILB, just OLB droping in coverage like in the flats or an off the ball LB

Joshua65's picture

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Lphill's picture

Ty Summers will find time at inside linebacker , he will impress.

Handsback's picture

Lphill, Ty played under the best defensive coach in the NCAA. If he couldn't be the big contributor there...not expecting him to shine in Green Bay for a few years.

Padre's picture

That's my feeling too ~ thanks confirming it. I appreciate the positive style writing ~ thank you!

dobber's picture

Of course it's wait and see time, but you know what? There's nothing wrong with being positive this time of year. Most rosters are healthy. Most teams have tried to fix their problems in the off-season by adding fresh new players, coaches and management. Most fixes give optimism that there's a chance to be successful. We all know it's not going to go perfectly and that there are rain clouds on the horizon, but it's fun to dream.

In line with the title...
"I'm not a coward I've just never been tested--
If I was I'd like to think I would pass."

Once the hitting starts, once players start getting hurt, once we start to see how the parts do or do not mesh together, once we find out whether rookies look like they belong--go ahead and start recognizing where the rain clouds are on the horizon. But allow yourselves to indulge a little bit. It's what makes those more trying 7 months from July to January a little more bearable.

"Have you ever been close to tragedy or close to folks who have?
Have you ever felt a pain so powerful, so heavy you'd collapse?"
--love this song.

Minniman's picture

This year the Packers have something that they've not had for nearly a decade - the luxury of the element of surprise this year. This will get them to about week 5 (if MLF and Pettine really opens up their playbook).

I'll be really interested to see how this team plays in weeks 6-11. To Dobber's points I'm certainly excited and enthused to see how this team (coaches and players) progresses and counter-adapts to how opponents will evolve their play style once they actually have tape on the MLF Packers.

I personally think that WR may be an issue this year, but fingers crossed.

IceBowl's picture


I think all teams, players and fans are optimistic this time of year. I would not want to be a part or fan of any other team that thought otherwise. It's just fun!!

I bet all other 31 teams/blogs are professing the same positive opportunities/players for each team. If not, why be fans??

Tarynfor12's picture

So this article is a synopsis of what players and coaches said and you not having any actual visual of the OTA's ?

I'll wait until there's visual evidence to backup what each says or regard it as usual player/coach speak as to how all is glorious.

August will be the beginning of this new chapter in Packer history.

The article itself is well written but the premise is mere PC/PR to sell a product not yet on the market but in the experiment stage.

Coldworld's picture

In all fairness, that’s all she can write about at this point, unless CHTV has a time machine.

IceBowl's picture


How much of what you have posted are your opinions vs facts?

Give them (and me) a break.

Tarynfor12's picture

Anything I say is based on what I watched and therefore my opinion is based on my visual assessment. We heard how awesome things are every off season and OTA's and then the real time comes and the visual is hard pressed to quantify 50% of the PC bs that was spewed prior.

I have no opinion about this team since nothing has been visual. So, as I said when LaFleur was hired,I'll wait and see this new culture before offer of opinion and take synopsis of the unseen for it's value...nothing but fodder for fans of blind optimism.

As to new players, I care not what they did in college but what they now do in GB. Why any were taken is over and now why they stay begins.

You can take all the breaks you need no permission from me.

IceBowl's picture

Tarynfor12 ,

Many were at the session open to the public Tuesday!! Media and fans.

Visual assessment. Visual evidence.

And the most advanced/informed/precise team/player assessment at this time by non coaches.

Hope you can make the next open session.

Tarynfor12's picture

OTA's is like 1st grader's following in a straight line to class and seeing which need help in following directions.

Samson's picture

Actually I don't mind your analysis or how you phrase your analysis. -- However, you have a tendency to ignore known quantifiable "new" facts that can be attributed to the present GB roster.

Many of the new additions to the roster have proven track records in the NFL (all the FA pick ups).... Many of the new additions (draft picks) have attributable numbers as college players & at the combine that would strongly suggest they are bigger, stronger & smarter football players than last year's edition of Packer player.

There's no denying that GB's present roster is a dramatic improvement over the last few seasons. --- This is the crux of the "new optimism".

Obviously, your tentativeness (wait & see attitude) is justified. -- We're all doing that. --- That's nothing new.

IceBowl's picture


It seems Tarynfor12 hasn't "looked/seen" at any of that. But the baseless , according to her own rules, comments keep coming.

Dazed and confused!

IceBowl's picture

Tarynfor12 ,

All you have to do is watch, as you say, and then comment. As you say.

Archie's picture

Tarynfor12 - I for one enjoy your input to this board. Like you I too lean towards reality-based analysis over homerism. And I note for the record, that having read your posts for several years now, your batting average is better than most. Having said all that, given the plethora of moves this club has made in the last couple of years, I believe there is sound basis for optimism. Doesn't mean it will come true but more than for many years we have lots to be optimistic about.

1 - TT is gone.
2 - DC is gone.
3 - MM is gone.

Gutey seems to be much more aggressive in building a roster. It is still to soon to judge his GM skills but early signs indicate we are in much better hands.

Pettine worked miracles last year with not much talent. What can he do with a real pair of S (Amos/Savage), a healthy KK, and two young CBs coming into their 2nd year in the league. Throw in the Smith brothers, Gary and several interesting pieces at DL and on paper at least, Packer fans have much to be optmistic about on defense.

Even the offense figures better in 2019. 12 needed to get away from MM and ML seems to offer 12 just what he needs - a fresh start in a creative offense that is proven. The OL is much improved. Turner and Jenkins are starter quality additions while also providing key depth at other positions. Cole Madison is found money. Our interior OL problems and depth problems seem to be solved, on paper. Geronimo is back, three rookies are back for year 2 jumps, and we have Adams. I am skeptical Jones can stay healthy for a whole season but the two Williams are solid complementary depth. TE seems like a trouble spot unless Sternberger is able to make a big contribution in year one. Jimmy Graham is a longshot in my opinion but Gutey thinks otherwise.

In addition, we have a new ST coach. A bunch of roster additions probably means lots of new starters on ST. That can't be a bad thing.

So I have to side with the optimists until at least some time in October. At that point we can update our analysis with real data. Until then, it looks good on paper but until we see it working, there is nothing wong with being skeptical.

My two biggest concerns is it's a lot of new parts all at once and the schedule looks challenging. But if we get it rolling before season's end, I will consider it a smashing success. And if we don't, I will still be inclined to give them one more season to get it working. As always, our ace in the hole will be #12.

Coldworld's picture

Your point about this being a lot of moving parts that need to come together is an important one. This team isn’t likely to get close to its potential straight out of the gate. There are going to be some individual and collective growing pains to go through, but given whatever we were, that was inevitable. As you say, if we can be on the up through the season, we should be very happy.

jasonperone's picture

A reminder to all that CHTV isn't credentialed so our ability to be at OTA's, training camp and games comes out of our own pocket and on our own time. Many of us don't live in WI.

Based on the site traffic, that doesn't seem to be a huge issue to most.

Handsback's picture

Maggie, very good write-up. I can't help but hear that song by Shonlock "I want to win". It sounds like this team wants to win.

RCPackerFan's picture

I can't wait to see what this team will look like this year.

We don't know what it will look like with LaFleur running the show. We have a good feel for what Pettine will do, though that will really change with bringing in 5 high level players to the defense.

On defense Pettine was given a lot of new players. 4 of them will be starters. Another will be a rotational player to go along with the starters. We should see some returning players taking jumps this year as well. Alexander, Jackson, King, Burks, Adams, Lancaster, Fackrell are all guys who could take a jump this year.

On Offense we know one thing. We have Rodgers which means we have a chance in just about any game. Now we are adding a whole new offensive scheme that should allow our offense to be less predictable.
We have a trio of 2nd year WR's who will hopefully be taking a 2nd year jump. We have a dangerous RB with Jones. And watch out for our rookie RB. He might be one of those late round RB's that surprises.
I'm looking forward to seeing how Lewis and Graham fit in the new offense. I wouldn't be surprised if Graham puts up bigger numbers this year.

I can't wait to see this team on the field.

Samson's picture

"I can't wait to see what this team will look like this year!!!!"

As he waves his pom-poms wildly in the air. -- Just mess'in with ya.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

All speculation at this juncture.

Coldworld's picture

Really insightful Doug. Of course it is before even mini camp.

dobber's picture

I give him credit: speculation is a 4-syllable word!

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture


jannes bjornson's picture

Place your bets.

fastmoving's picture

Thanks Maggie, really interesting stuff. Nice to get an update of the OTAs. Actually I did not see a lot of articles about it.
And Doug, you wont know, but about the future is always speculation. And the only guy to get this little update twistet (with way too many useless words) in something negativ is the Tarynator of course.

Since '61's picture

I’m confident that every team in the league has a similar review of their OTA and team at this point.

Every team looks fresh and good at this point. There is nothing to compare anyone with. Everything is positive now but let’s get through TC and into the season when the hype and speculation meets the road and the competition. We will have plenty to cheer for if reality ever equals the hype.
Thanks, Since ‘61

Tarynfor12's picture

You're always so eloquent compared to my bluntness and I gladly take the dislikes though we express the same opinion. The likes you are about to receive assure me my assessment is real to many who dismiss the sound of reality. : )

packerbackerjim's picture

It’s the essence of “its not what you say, it’s how you say it”.

Tarynfor12's picture

It's not my intent nor am I inclined to appease those of self induced blind optimism/fanaticism, but to quickly and harshly, as need be, to awaken them from a stupor.
I leave such writing to those who have career in such necessity. I am of the quick and direct and breeding and rearing. Time is valuable and I'll not waste minutes and longer on what takes a second or very few words.

If this were a face to face...these words would be far to many already.

Lare's picture

For some people, the glass always looks half full, for others it always looks half empty.

People see what they want to see.

Tarynfor12's picture

An over used matter how one sees the glass it's still only has half of whatever is being sold or bought.

Gort's picture

The glass is always completely filled, just remember that part of it is air. Sometimes that might be hot air or smoke (and mirrors). We will find out in a few months just how much hot air or if the magician makes good use of his smoke and mirrors.

Tingham's picture

Thanks so much for enlightening the great unwashed. We humbly accept your transcendent knowledge.

By the way it is too many not to many oh great one.

johngalt's picture

Still can’t master the too vs to though. Trying to sound smart is hard.

4thand10's picture

Grasshopper....take the bean from my hand...

4thand10's picture

Grasshopper....take the bean from my hand...

IceBowl's picture

Oh boy, another great day today.

Can't wait for another one tomorrow.

Oh WAIT, I have to see if the sun comes up.

Since '61's picture

Taryn - since we go back to the AllGBP days you know that I don’t put much stock in preseason events and/or preseason performances.

I support Gute’s efforts to improve our team via FA and the draft but until the games matter we have hope and hype. I believe our team is improved but until I see it on the field I will manage my expectations accordingly. Thanks, Since ‘61

Tarynfor12's picture

Agree, though I appreciate the articles written here by all the writers, I cannot simply cheer the PC speak that comes with them. When I hear players and coaches saying things so PC,one of two things is true;
They refuse to treat fans as intelligent people or the expectations bar is very low as to have all pass with flying colors.

Archie's picture

When you are in the arena (as a coach or player) you must face each new season with great optimism or what's the point. Some would say that applies to much of fandom as well.

fthisJack's picture

Debbie Downer.....your reality comes from a place that no one on here wants to be. you must be a real fun person to be around. if you can't speculate that this defense will be much better than last years, then you are not following the other kindergartners and need a time out.

IceBowl's picture


Sorry I have to disagree if you think your comments are saying the same Since '61. Generally, mostly not. And certainly in this case.

Samson's picture

Can't agree. --- I doubt the Ravens, Jets, Bucs, Broncos, ++ do not feel like the off-season has helped their prospects going into season 2019. --- Any losing team in season 2018 needed to make changes. --- Some were aggressive & others not so aggressive. --- Gute was aggressive & plugged several weaknesses with proven talent.

There's no denying that GB's present roster is a dramatic improvement over the last few seasons. --- This is the crux of the "new optimism".

Of course, everyone's waiting for the games to begin. -- That's a given.

dobber's picture

"Kyler Fackrell will also see snaps during practice in a variety of different places. He’ll rush inside and outside. Don’t be surprised if Fackrell plays a little inside linebacker in 2019, especially in a crowded edge room (and if Josh Jones remains absent). "

I have a hunch this will be true. There are snaps to be had on the inside, and with what now seems to be a deep OLB group, Fackrell and P. Smith--who appear to be better in space--could garner snaps there to change up the pass rush while not being completely lost in coverage. Get your best 11 on the field.

jannes bjornson's picture

He will take the Inside game Matthews was running. Fackerell still has his legs to get home.

Mark S's picture

Very good article and very reasonable presentation of all we can know at this time. I also agree with the positivity. Those who stress "we don't know yet..." I agree but look at what we do know:

We know in general the Le Flures new offense will look like you took the offenses of LARs, Titans, Chiefs, Eagles, Falcons and 49'ers in a bag & shook it up. There's 1 exception however, none of them have Rodgers. And clearly he's bought in, is energized, gets it and feels he can make it uniquely his own. That's seriously good news and should scare the rest of the league.

We know only Atlanta possesses a WR as good as Adams. Our RB room looks alot like most of theirs, only one bellcow RB amount them. And before they had their success did anyone know who guys like Cooper Cup were. They all run WR by committee, name the elite receivers the Titans, 49'ers, Eagles had last year. Some have elite TEs but not all. And our OL isn't inferior to any save Philly & LARs. The reasons for excitement on this side of the ball is real even before we mention it's biggest new advantage, a defense that can actually get stops, can hold field position, get extra possessions for Rodgers & Co with turnovers AND hold leads. Rodgers et al have had that only twice, 2010 & 2014 and you know how those seasons went.

We also know Pettine is very good. He overacheived last year. With the huge upgrades in personnel his tool box is as loaded as that of any DC in the NFL. There are so many different combinations of how he can use these guys it's too much to list. I picture a mad scientist joyfully driving opponents nuts every play.

Sure we don't know who'll what & how well, though the talent upgrades are to clear to ignore. Then there's the biggest wild card at all...

With the disasterous ST Coordinators gone how much can they improve? Considering they've cost us AT LEAST a game a year & playoff games to boot, how much does just average special teams improve our record?

Plenty of reason for optimism!

dobber's picture

An interesting article from JSOnline today...

Some of the things that LaF needs to do to take hold of this team, it appears he's doing.

Bryan Chisholm's picture

I really can't wait to see our new safety tandem at work.... I think Savage has a legit chance to have a Derwin James like year. I'm also excited to see a Mike Daniels with something to prove, he's not the lost guy on this line. He just doesn't seem like the type of player to just roll over and not earn another contract, even if just a one year contract. I think he played better than a lot give him credit for.

Hearing Rodgers say he can put his stamp on the offense is something that's pretty encouraging though. I think Sternberger does more than expected, and think this offense should benefit him more than many expect as well. With upgrades and added depth on the O line that Rodgers is also confident in, this all just leaves the door open for Aaron Jones to set it off!! Let us see !!

Tarynfor12's picture

" Hearing Rodgers say he can put his stamp on the offense is something that's pretty encouraging though."

So the 40 yard bomb on 3rd and 1-2 is still available and encouraging.
Can't wait !

Lare's picture

The proof will be what we actually see during the season, not what we think we'll see.

Tarynfor12's picture

We have all seen the Rodgers 3rd and 1 bomb and we all know that is a stamp he will keep.

fthisJack's picture

haha....yeah, that's gross speculation!

Bryan Chisholm's picture

I bet you didn't have that problem when he was slinging that 40yd TD to Allison to start the rally against the Bears on 2nd and 2.

How many QB's make that throw that he made to Tonyan against Seattle. That's the Rodgers stamp.

Yes, give me that stamp.

Tarynfor12's picture

When you're down 20 starting the second half and your QB is injured...I'd expect bombs and luckily the OL gave protection,especially since Mack was tired since he had no camp. But let's not forget all the 3rd and 1's that everyone was screaming wtf.

fthisJack's picture

its a eff of a lot better than MM fullback dive for no gain. you know...i give you a dislike without even reading your bummed out shit anymore.

blondy45's picture

IMO this year will be much different. Now we can run 3rd and 1 & get first downs. We have a better O-line that I hope will be healthy. We have a new offensive play caller. He should not be as predictable as in the recent past several years. If Rodgers throws the bomb, so be it. We have the talent to go get it. They are young, tall, fast, and talented. Why do you think we did not address the WR position in the draft or free agency? The reason is because we have an overabundance of WR talent on this team. Best yet, they are only going to get better, sooner than most think!

Freezn's picture

New beefed up offensive line will give Mr Rogers time to throw the ball and that is a scary thought for apposing defenses and this year our defenses will be putting the run on apposing Quarterbacks if not planting them into the field

Tundraboy's picture

Taryn I think you need to speak with Aaron about this.
You need to rebuild your trust in him.

Samson's picture

Maggie -- love the article. ... Your positive view makes my day. --- The best part.... I think you may be spot on.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

With the Bears & Viqueens week 1 & 2, I sure hope they gell early because being 2-0 would go a long way towards securing a home playoff game come January.

Thank you Tommy Robinson.

blondy45's picture

Agreed Eddie. The Bears & The Vikings are at a disadvantage. They do not know the Pack's tendencies on Offense or with this monster Defense. I hope Rodgers plays a few more pre-season snaps this Summer. He needs to not only get the Wr's trust in him, but the Wr's need to trust Rodgers. The Receivers need to turn it up several notches, & not be afraid to make an error. Rodgers has to forgive the errors, & not be afraid to give them the next chance. Pre-season errors will occur. We just need Rodgers to not put up a wall and decide not to trust a player who makes an error.

I bet the Pack spends more time in the pre-season games on running the ball though. The O-line needs to jell. I do not see the Pack putting their 'best air show' on tape pre-season. They must throw some to get the confidence meter pointing upward. On Defense, the Pack will be vanilla also.

Come week one, the Bears & the Vikings will not know what hit them. The Pack will be 2-0. The defense is usually more game ready early in the season. This Packer's defense should be fantastic. Many more 3 & outs, with Rodgers getting more chances to move or control the ball. I can not wait for the 2-0 start.

Archie's picture

No more MM slow starts???

Freezn's picture

Yes Aron will be able to hold the ball longer while apposing Quarterbacks will be running for their lives as Mike and his defensive coaches will be sending players from all directions I feel sorry for offenses that will have face our defenses

cheesehead1's picture

Everything sounds good, and it did last year as well. It’s the same for every NFL team. Time will tell, no one really knows. As far as personnel goes, I want to see Kevin King stay on the field “consistently” and show all of us what he can bring, not just a snapshot. Keeping my fingers crossed, hope he’s worked hard this offseason to get back on track.

Coldworld's picture

Last year we knew and I think everyone in the league knew that we had holes in certain areas. We have more competition across the roster by far this year. I was hopeful last year but not confident. This year I am excited about what we are seeing in terms of change on both sides of the ball. I believe we are aggressively trying to compete. Whether we succeed this year is impossible to predict, but we are finally trying not just to be good but to be real winners. It’s a long time since I have believed that.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Over/under how many games does Kevin King start & finish this season?

10 1/2

Who has the over?

RickInCali's picture

I’d even have a hard time if you’d said 7 1/2.....

IceBowl's picture

First impressions.....

The Pack has much to do. On O and on D. Just because we signed some players does not mean we can dominate.

If execution can be instilled, even without the full playbook, we can have a chance WK 1 & WK 2.

Slim11's picture


Several things to add...first, AR is going to HAVE TO PLAY (!) in preseason games this summer. He played little, if any, in recent preseasons because he was "comfortable" and/or "knowledgeable enough" and/or had enough chemistry with Nelson, Cobb, Adams, et al to not need any live snaps in the preseason. That's just not the case this season with a new offense and so many young receivers.

Second, there may be holes in the kicking game. I hope Crosby's performance improves with LS Hunter Bradley and punter/holder JK Scott in their second seasons. Continuity goes a long way here and improvement is necessary. I don't ever want to see Crosby (or any other kicker.) have a bad day like he had in Detroit last year. I was at the game and never saw so many bad breaks for a kicker in one game.

The return game needs improvement. I know there are many players who can return punts and kickoffs on the roster. I don't like seeing starters exposed here and hope one of the rookies can do both effectively. Trevor Davis has the physical skills to do both but I continue to question his decision making. Davis also doesn't contribute enough as a WR to part of that rotation.

IshpemingPackAttack's picture

Like Mr. Nagler says......It is May. A time of year to be positive and dream of a Super Bowl. Nobody really knows what the future holds. Smile and enjoy Green Bay Packer football. Very good article young lady!!

MarkinMadison's picture

#12 is one of the smartest players in the game, so I never really had a fear of him not picking up the new scheme from a mental point of view. From a physical point of view he is not the same guy he was 5 years ago (nobody who plays a contact sport for 5 years in their 30s could be) so I just hope both MLF (and #12) are building the scheme with that reality in mind.

As everyone adjusts to the new offense this team will need time to jell. How quickly they jell will be the real measure of MLF's coaching ability.

I love what they've done on defense, and I LOVED the Savage pick from day 1, but counting on any rookie to start, excel and not develop injuries by the end of the year that materially limit effectiveness is a gamble. This is why I'd be happier if Jones was taking a different approach to this off-season. He hasn't earned the right to be penciled in as the starter, but there is still plenty of opportunity there for him.

Pierre's picture

The Packer defense should be improved and a strength this season based on FA upgrades at OLB. How effective Rodgers plays QB leading the offense to scores will be the difference between wins and losses. His performance at QB has been more towards mediocre and not elite...and he needs to show improvement or it’ll be just another season of missing the playoffs.

He does need to make quicker decisions in passing the ball and cut down at leading the league in throwing the ball away out of bounds. His lack of confidence throwing the Packer receivers open is concerning and it’s tiresome to hear the numerous excuses for his poor QB play that when watching the games is obvious to see in the low completion percentage and not choosing the passes or runs to get first downs and keep the chains moving. He has way too many three and outs and this puts more pressure on the GB defense. Not good signs when you are paid at an elite QB level.

No matter the personnel changes success in the NFL is determined by QB play and right now Rodgers play remains questionable in his inability to convert third downs and score the ball at a high percentage level compared to playoff team QBs. Keep an eye on Rodgers completion percentage in early games and you’ll know what kind of win/loss season the Packers will have.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

The biggest thing I see is that the defense might be a lot better. It could improve by a bunch of notches, or just a few. I also think the offense will improve by a couple of notches.

Coldworld's picture

It will be a major positive if we can be on an upward curve during the season for once. This roster has the potential to be better than that if last year and the potential to be better than they will be entering the season. It has been a while since I have felt that.

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