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The Dom Capers Bag Of Tricks

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The Dom Capers Bag Of Tricks

First of all, I wanted to draw your attention to a particular piece of information located in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel by Bob McGinn today. In it, Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers suggests there's a possibility of the defense not using two inside linebackers on passing downs:

Capers replied that the Packers could junk the nickel and go with a dime defense featuring just one inside linebacker and six defensive backs.

"Last year, when we had inside people that were matchup problems, you saw (Charles) Woodson in there a lot," said Capers. "In Pittsburgh, we never played five (defensive backs). We've got to be ready when people try to spread us out."

Of course, this is predicated upon the Packers trusting Al Harris and his surgically repaired knee, Brandon Underwood and Pat Lee enough to go this route, which may or may not be a good idea. Only time will tell.

But I did want to pass along one other bit of information seen by attendees at training camp practices but not afforded to those who can't make it to Ray Nitschke Field in Green Bay.

At a couple points through camp, the defense has been giving a look in which an inside linebacker will switch with the outside linebacker right shortly before the snap of the football in an attempt to confuse the pass protections and get more pressure on the quarterback.

I've seen Desmond Bishop swap places with both Brad Jones and Brandon Chillar at the right outside linebacker spot at a few different times. On the surface, it makes complete sense having Chillar drop into coverage given his past experience on the inside and allowing Bishop to blitz the passer. With Brad Jones dropping into zone that may require him to chase a receiver down the seam, I'm less convinced.

As could be expected, the Packers haven't displayed this in a televised setting yet, either in the Family Night scrimmage or during the preseason game against the Browns. And there's every chance they won't show it until the regular season begins. But keep an eye out for it.

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PackersRS's picture

Great catch, Brian.

About that Capers comment, I know it's no use crying over spilled milk, but, are you kidding me? They didn't trust their CBs enough to use a dime package, and yet they didn't sign a veteran FA CB? AND we got burned repetitively? SMH.

pat fermanich's picture

its only preseason a lot can happen in 3 weeks.

PackersRS's picture

I'm not advocating for a CB NOW.

I was, however, last season, when Harris went down and Jarrett freaking Bush was the nickel corner. And it seems I was right, as we didn't play dime, and we were "gashed" by the Steelers and Cardinals...

Oppy's picture

Jarrett freaking Bush was the nickle... And you're comlaining we didn't see DIME personnel on the field?! You want to see what's lurking in the murky depths behind Bush? You're a glutton for punishment, aren't you! ;)

But, seriously, as I've stated before, I don't think that the Packers lacked depth at CB last year, it's how far into that depth they had to dig due to multiple injuries at the position.

In retrospect, putting Pat Lee on IR for a questionable injury was a huge mistake, and a big part of the reason things got so ugly last season once the DB injury bug hit.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Agree top to bottom.


PackersRS's picture

Wow, you really misinterpretated what I wrote. Or you just didn't read my first post.

Oppy's picture

Completely misinterpreted what you wrote.

Went back, Read the first post, and it's actually pretty clear. My bad. I don't know how I missed the first comment in this section!

Dale Zawada's picture

That gave me a football boner.

Capers always trying crazy stuff. Better work out better than Psycho!

jeremiah's picture

Do not doubt brad jones' coverage skills. He is every bit as fluid as chillar.

Look at his highlight tapes from colorado. He lines up an plays man to man coverage on slot recievers, and does fine. Would rather have him in coverage than hawk or bishop, and they way nick barnett has been limping aroubd on that knee, maybe more than him too.

eddiemathews's picture

First time at Cheesehead TV; nice site.

I don't think we will see much of anything exotic in preseason this year, especially compared to last. Nice to have some insights into what is being worked on. Hope the Eagles aren't scouting this out.

Brian Carriveau's picture

Thanks, Eddie. Don't be a stranger.

Tommyboy's picture

I've said before and I'll say it again (Man, I love being a turtle!...but seriously folks...), I wouldn't mind if he finds a way to get three of our safeties on the field. If Bigby can come back healthy and productive, why not throw a third safety in there as opposed to an extra linebacker or CB. Burnett, Collins, and Bigby could offer some interesting cover and run stopping abilities...not saying it WOULD work, but it'd be cool to see.

WoodyG's picture

I'm just hoping Dom can stay awake all season long to make sure everyone is on the same page when he installs some of these 'exotic' formations ......

DAWG's picture

Just hoping Capers can coach against a contender, history says different:..

NickGBP's picture

Anyone who thinks he was sleeping in that shot in the playoff game clearly doesn't have working eyeballs.

WoodyG's picture

You're right .... All he was doing was practicing bouncing his head off the table ...... Coaches do that all the time during games.

asshalo's picture

Something to look for Saturday!

Bernie's picture

The real issue with this defense is the ability of the inside linebackers to provide pass coverage in the middle of the field. Barnett was toasted by Arizona (their second touchdown of the game), Hawk was burned by Cleveland (their third touchdown of the game).

These gimmicks may be more designed to stop the three step drops and quick passes to the middle of the field than to provide a pass rush.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Don't show anything 'till Philly is what old FITZCORE would say if one were to ask FITZCORE what FITZCORE thought about new looks!


FITZCORE1252's picture


Wiscokid's picture

Fitz, you really need to switch to decaf :)

FITZCORE1252's picture


JimR_inDC's picture


eddiemathews's picture

McGinn said today in the JS tree by-products edition that Bush might have trade value. If so, make sure that it's somebody on the schedule.

BubbaOne's picture

Please keep anything exotic away from Underwood. He will pay for it.

bomdad's picture

I think NOT paying for it was the problem.

PackersRS's picture

Damn, we need thumbs up buttons.

pat fermanich's picture

arron buying thumbs up,best sports writer of the of the year award.the top cheese head award.#1bloger of the year.the pat and mike award for peace.

pat fermanich's picture

brian the gold pat and mike award.the silver award to put up with pat and mike.the greatest man on bloger award.the best comments award.the gocart award at bay beach in chasing down pat and mike.#1 award catching two live big foots that speack english.

Michael (Pat/s Twin)'s picture

Coach Capers is not going to show his cards this early in the season even in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal. This is not High School grandstanding 101. Come on scout professionalism is so precise that even Public Relations is secured via future competition. Yes give a little credit to the Coaching Staff of the Green Bay Packers. Example; Capers would like to play Rodgers on Defense once in a while because Rodgers knows how the QB'S fend off pass rushers. Dah? Give me a break!!

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