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The Defensive Staff Was Infighting

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The Defensive Staff Was Infighting

So sayeth Bob McGinn, the Sy Hersh of Packer journalism, in a piece in this morning's Journal Sentinel. McGinn, who never met an anonymous source he wouldn't quote, gives us this gem of a passage:

According to one source, Sanders and Nunn stood united in support of the scheme whereas the other coaches to various degrees advocated change.

"Sanders and Nunn wanted to do it the Bates way, that it was tried and true," the source said. "But there was another camp within the staff headed by Moss that didn't like the scheme Sanders was using. There was a lot of bitching and griping.

"They caught themselves and didn't let it continue. But the job is hard enough. It's even harder if you have to get the assistants on the same page each week."

It's interesting that, if this source is to be believed, Moss was openly questioning the scheme and being overtly vocal about it. We saw hints of this throughout the year, with Moss giving a lot of "You have to ask the guy in charge of the defense why that happened..."-type of answers to reporters as they repeatedly questioned the failing defense.

Now, this is one person, possibly with an ax to grind, perhaps one of the fired coaches, speaking to McGinn on condition of anonymity. It has to be taken with a large grain of salt. But at the same time, it offers a peek into what sounds like a pretty dysfunctional coaching staff. If that truly was the case, McCarthy's brash action of firing most of the defensive staff may have been justified.

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Ron La Canne's picture

Aaron, The Press Corp that covers the Packers may be unique in all the NFL. They are more like members of the internal PR department than objective journalists. The perks showered on the reporters far outweigh any sense of investigative journalism they may still possess. If indeed there was this palace revolt underway why did we not hear of it sooner?

McGinn's credibility, in my opinion, went right down the toilet when he authored that completely bogus article on NFL Exec's rating Rodgers against other QB's. His survey, as he admitted, was of 4 team exec's (what ever that means). He even had Vince Young rated higher than Rodgers in his article. What kind of moron would even print that. A valid survey? 4 teams represented out of 32? Or was four towel boys from the same team? Of course, Ole Bob hides behind the anonymous label. His story was crap. He probably made it up in order to keep a deadline.

As geezerdoom overtakes McGinn's brain cell count, he is producing nothing but crap. It's time for the MJS to put him out to pasture. As a bonafide geezer, I have nothing against getting old. It's the getting stupid part that bugs me. I give McGinn's article zero credibility. It is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to promote Moss as a viable option for DC. I'd rather see an article documenting the positive things Moss did to improve LB play. I've seen none, probably because there are none.

packeraaron's picture

Wow Ron - tell us how you really feel? ;)

I disagree with you (there's something new!)on McGinn for the most part. I understand your point, and yes, the Rodgers article was a little ridiculous, but McGinn is one of the best beat guys in the NFL. Period. Having lived in Chicago, North Carolina and New York and seen what passes as 'coverage' in those areas, I hold McGinn in the highest esteem. Does he produce a clunker now and then? Of course, every columnist does. But more often than not, he brings the goods.

IPBprez's picture

I side with Aaron ... Ron? Lemme ask you... why didn't we hear about the mass graves in IRAQ during the 1980's? It was because CNN was covering up for the guy (true story, like it or not). Seems real familiar here, along those same lines. If the Press are getting BIG perks, at GBP, then it seriously needs to stop, RIGHT NOW. Reporters are supposed to be investigative, not collusional (therefore delusional, as well).

I do agree that JSonline is probably the biggest purveyor of that crime, moreso than all others put together, in my book.

Here's another thought: If MOSS is the Assistant HC, where does he NOT have power on even stature to correct problems with the D? Passing the buck on questions at Press time is the last thing I need to see & heaar from my Coaching Staff - MY, as in I'm a diehard packerfan, so therefore, I count, just like the insiders. Is Moss beng told to hush up by the HC? Think it thru.

McGinn does write good Articles that open a lot of lanes for discussion. I'll give him that. Although, he was out of bounds several times over last summer, and you know why!

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