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The Casey Hampton Possibility

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The Casey Hampton Possibility

I would be shocked if the Steelers actually traded/cut nose tackle Casey Hampton. I would be even more flabbergasted if Ted Thompson brought Hampton in.

While some are trying to throw water on the reports, there seems to be a slight rumble that the Steelers coaching staff has grown weary of Hampton's offseason work habits - which is what makes it hard to believe Thompson would bring in a guy who would command a decent salary, even on a one or two year deal, and then watch him skip the offseason workouts. It would just fly in the face of everything the Packers have worked so hard to build over the course of the last few years. Indeed, just yesterday Peter King was writing on how McCarthy was citing the teams 97% participation rate as one of the reasons we're seeing the success we've seen so far this preseason.

Of course, there's nothing saying Thompson couldn't bring in Hampton on a one year trial basis and see how the nose tackle fits into the culture of the team. (And make no mistake, that is a bigger deal to Thompson than almost any other General Manager) And bringing in Hampton would make an already solid interior absolutely frightening for opposing offenses.

In the end, I'm sure we'll be treated to an article by Bob McGinn this time next week detailing how Thompson was a phone call away from signing Hampton only to have the Patriots swoop in at the last moment and snatch him away...

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PackersRS's picture

I've heard that we would be dealing Driver and Lee for Marshall. This one doesn't surprise me a bit. But I doubt it. Pickett is in the same contract situation. Bringing in Hampton would be a huge slap in his face, and could possibly ruin our locker room. And the same can be said about the Patriots with Wilfork. Although they run their team much more on fear than accountability, so it makes more sense.

packeraaron's picture

"I’ve heard that we would be dealing Driver and Lee for Marshall."
Please put the crack pipe down...

PackersRS's picture
Asshalo's picture

Thompson rarely brings in Band-aid veterans. I have a hard time believing there aren't teams 3-4 or 4-3 that need a NT more than we do.
But if it happened...Would this mean Raji would exclusively play DE? Suddenly the 6 man depth chart for the front three would look pretty damn good. If we can sign him to a one to two year deal, bring him in and cut Montegomery

Packnic's picture

no way on Marshall. If Driver doesn't retire a Packer I will be one sad panda.

If all we have to do to bring in Casey Hampton is cut Montgomery and increase our cap a bit. It's more than worth the gamble on his offseason habits. Like you said, bring him in for a one year loan and hope that he takes to our offseason program. If not peace out, thanks for your time fatty!

nerdmann's picture

I'd love to get Hampton. That would REALLY put our defense over the top. LOL. Damn.
As for trading Driver and Lee for Marshall, that would never ever ever happen in a million years. Ever.
First of all DD is a TT kind of guy. Works hard, does and says all the right things. Marshall's a bigger head case than T.O.
And Lee is half of our "two TE" tandem. That's gonna be a HUGE threat this year. No way they deal Lee.

Jayme's picture

I have a quick question for you guys. Do you suffer through the same affliction that causes you to read the comments section at the end of an article on both and I can't help doing so, even though I know that every single comments section will devolve into an argument that goes something like this:
"I can't believe you idiots are drinking the Kool-aid. The three stooges suck! So does Rodgers. Favre is the only good QB in the NFL." "You're an idiot. Everyone knows Rodgers is the next coming of Christ himself." "Wow, you're dumb." "No, you are!" "No, you are, you big fat doodoo head." etc.
Of course, I cleaned up the grammar because I can't even force myself to write as poorly as some of them do, but you get the idea. I know this is going to happen every time, yet I cannot stop myself from viewing the comments. What is wrong with me and do you have any suggestions to fix my problem?

manolito's picture

Yes, yes I do, Jayme! And I hate myself for it in the morning. Just say no and stick to places like CHTV that attract more reasonable folk...

Ryeguy812's picture

Before camp I would have jumped at this prospect, now I'm not so sure. I like the guys we have, but as we saw last year, you can never have too much depth on the D-line

Oppy's picture

LDE Jolly/Raji
NT Pickett/Hampton/Raji
RDE Jenkins/Montgomery/Wynn
(in no particular order).
My good lord, now that's a nice looking depth chart, IMO. It will never happen, but just the fact that you'd be able to rotate 3 capable big men at NT and keep Pickett and Hampton fresh for the duration of a game is huge.

If you're going to keep six d-linemen and you're planning on playing multiple fronts, that compliment of players gives you a lot of options to mix and match between pure pass rush, good balanced pass/run, and brick-wall run defense.

A boy can dream, can't he?

Keith's picture

I will make this short and sweet.


Hampton = YES.

BuckslayerNYC's picture

What about Corey Williams> Hah he is on the trading block, I would guess that Chicago might be interested.....

retiredgrampa's picture

We can all dream and speculate but, IMO, neither will happen. Neither player, while talented, is the type TT will knowingly ever sign....and giving up Driver is anathema for him.

sunflower100's picture

TT did give Koren Robinson a chance and did try to trade for Moss so it is always possible. I just can't see them dealing with someone with as many problems as Marshall has though.

Wouldn't Marshall also want to be the # 1 WR? The Packers just signed Jennings to a pretty good contract. The fans see Jennings as the heir apparent to DD. Jennings is seen as the anti-T.O. (good in the locker room, etc.). There wouldn't be a lot of fan support if Marhsall became the # 1 WR.

I can't see Thompson trading DD unless he wants to be tar and feathered and have his house burnt down. Driver is untouchable in a lot of the fans eyes. Unless there is some behind the scenes things going on that nobody knows about.

Favre was for a long time but his retiring and unretiring was a completely different situation.

Even if Driver isn't the # 1 WR anymore he still can find a place on the teams as the # 2 or # 3 WR and still see a lot of playing time. That's not the same for a QB.

I can't see TT making this trade after the whole Walker disaster. Of course I thought it was interesting that Walker came back to Green Bay for a charity event after Favre was gone. Maybe I am reading way too much into that.

ctpack's picture

We need another reciever like Green bay need a snow making machine . we have maybe the 2nd best recieving tandom in the league.Now some of you guys a talking abought Marshall? Some of you wanted unsigned Crabtree.You guys love controversy.The sea are finally calm.There are not enough balls to go around now.

Keith's picture

NEWSFLASH: Greg Jennings is already the #1 and a top 5 WR in the NFL. We now return you to your local programming.

sunflower100's picture

I was talking about public perception.

Ruppert's picture

While there's no way he goes after Marshall, I wouldn't be surprised at all if Hampton ends up here. But certain things HAVE to happen for that to be reality. First, Pitt would have to cut him, because Theo won't trade for him. Next, Harrell must go on IR. Third, the price must be reasonable, because I truly believe Thompson will put some pressure on the cap this year by extending a few people. But if all that happens, the decision would be this: Is renting Casey Hampton for 1 year better than keeping Mike Montgomery for a year, because that's who'd end up on the street if this went down. Again, I think all the aforementioned things HAVE to happen. But if they do, I think it's a very real possibility.

PackerBacker's picture


Thank you for mentioning the JSOnline blog. I was just going to mention that when I started reading this thread. There have been over 300 posts on a short blog about how AR is on the regional cover of SI. 300? Really? 300?

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