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The Cardinals Aren't The Only Ones...

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The Cardinals Aren't The Only Ones...

...who didn't show everything last week.

I keep reading things like this from Tom Pelissero, quoting Cardinal defensive coordinator Billy Davis:

Asked how hard it was to watch the Packers roll up 302 yards in their first five drives last weekend, Davis said, “As hard as it comes. That’s as hard as it gets, in both the run game and the pass game.

“But we had a plan going in, we stuck to our plan and we had great reasons for our plan..."

It's the 'great reasons for our plan' that I like so much, as if these 'great reasons' are all set to be revealed this Sunday out in the desert.

Look, the Cardinals were not as 'vanilla' this past Sunday as they like to pretend. (They ran a rub/pick play for God's sake, which resulted in one of Warner's few completions) But they seem to think that they have fooled the Pack into showing something which they can take advantage of this weekend.

If that's the case, they're in for a loooooong day. The Packers ran basically the same offensive sets they ran in the preseason game. They showed a lot of base, straight up looks on defense. You can bet the house that all of that is going to change on Sunday.

The Cardinals are starting to remind me of that guy we all knew growing up - the guy who's ass you would kick at whatever game/sport everyone on the block was playing, and when you got done whoopin' his butt, he would take the ball to start the game over and say "Ok, this time I'm gonna play for real"

And then you kicked his ass again.

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hyperRevue's picture

Sunday cannot come soon enough!

PackerFan4Life's picture

every card fan that I have talked to this week seems to think that it was ok to just play dead an lose the game while they say GB was stupid for showing its hand an I laughed in their face. Like you haad posted I told them look at the preseason game and look at week 17 MM basiclly played the same plays in both beatdowns and they didnt want to hear it insisting on how the cards would dismantle the I have a raw feeling it is going to be a looooong day for warner and the cards since it doesnt look to good on the injury front for the cards which in case could be a smoke screen heres what I found on espn: The tough part for the Cardinals is the injury situation. Even in trying to rest players, the Cardinals had the worst Week 17 of all the playoff teams as far as injuries are concerned. Wide receiver Anquan Boldin has ankle and knee concerns. Cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie injured a knee but hopes to be able to play. Defensive end Calais Campbell fractured a thumb. Also, safety Antrel Rolle hasn't shaken a thigh injury from two weeks ago, and guard Deuce Lutui left Wednesday's practice with a sore back. it doesnt look to good for the cards

bomdad's picture

McGinn's article outlines it: Dockett needs to be motivated. This is how they do it. Dockett and Wilson are their playmakers, thats the difference in the playoffs.

PackerFan4Life's picture

brad childress son was arrested for his 2nd dui lastnight ahahah
I hate seeing a kid in trouble but it doesnt surprise me that entire organization is garbage

Jason Albert's picture

Hell yes. 1000x yes on those last two grafs. I guess we're just going to have to go in there and kick their asses one more time. Three's a charm, no?

alfredomartinez's picture

to be honest...i hope we r not being as overly confident as we were in the days prior to the bucs...

packeraaron's picture

alfredo - totally, totally different team.

alfredomartinez's picture

i know i know, but i dont want my lil cheese heart to be broken lol

Steve in Mpls's picture

My lesser half is a redbird fan. My son,who
obviously was deprived of oxygen at birth,
loves the filthy Queens.My next door neighbor has a 14 foot inflatable Viking on
the front lawn ( I've knifed it twice )And
KFAN radio won't shut their pieholes about
the traitor. However, in just a few weeks,
our PackAttack will be champs,and bells will ring, beer will flow,and virgins will
be deflowered. GO PACK !!!

RockinRodgers's picture

I'm glad that we are a little cocky. I want this Packer team to show some attitude. I want them to go into Arizona and just beat the shits out of them. I'm sick of the Cards and this "poor us" talk. The Cardinals and their old QB are going down!

Scrumptrulescent's picture

I really hope you're right Aaron. I hope Capers calls the game of his life. He may be old, but Kurt Warner is still pretty quick at reading D's and can burn a defense badly. I'm pretty nervous about this weekend.

bogmon's picture

Next the Cards will be yelling "Hey, NO FAIR... WE WEREN'T over"

FITZCORE1252's picture

HAHA! I so know that guy!

Yeah, let's see Zona just flip that switch and amaze us all, NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

I am so glad Coach kept his foot on the gas as opposed to what Wissenscrote did, Card fan can't be feeling confident.


Ryeguy812's picture

Love the last paragraph Aaron.
Like the Bears (or any Chicago sports teams) the Cards need to somehow create this "No one gave us a chance" mentality to motivate themselves. I'm sorry, but you won the NFC last year and you're a division champ this year, doesn't work.

eric's picture

The Card's really need to stop all the crying. The fact is Green Bay did have something to play for last week. If they would have lost they would have been the 6th seed and not the 5th. The chances of having the NFC Championship in Green Bay is very slim, but with the win, it gives them a chance.

wgbeethree's picture

LMAO...The only guy funnier than the ''I'm gonna play for real now'' guy IMO is the ''try way too hard'' guy. We call them Captain Hustle or Game 7 Guy in our pickup basketball games. You know the guy who isn't very good at all but shows up and sets hard picks, dives for loose balls, and runs around trying to give chest bumps and high fives. The guy who mistakes the church gym at 8 o'clock on a wednesday night for the Boston Garden during the finals. Nothing beats that guy for comedy value especially knowing that when he loses it actually matters to him and he'll likely change into the ''i'm gonna play for real now'' guy.

Brady Augustine's picture

Packers are the more physical team and when you play flat against a physical team, you end up with players getting iced on the sidelines. Boldin and Dominique ("DRScrewed) are going to struggle with bad wheels. Have to love the way this team is playing right now...esp the improvement in the red zone. And we fear NO running attack, we've faced the best in the league all season! Great post, Go Pack!

IronMan's picture

I'm not taking anything from the last game. It was meaningless. I remember saying the same thing in the pre season, and I was right.
To say we are going to "kick their ass again" based on what happened last week, is the wrong way to look at it. That said, if we play to the best of our ability, we can beat ANYONE.
But Arizona isn't going to lay down for us like they did last week. You are taking way too much out of last weeks game, just a few days after you said, "Can't take much from this game."
And can someone please link me to ANY quote where Arizona is "whining" about how we played last weeks game? I have seen a lot of "stirring of the pot" lately, with no actual facts to back the claims. Who is mad? What did they say?

PackerFan4Life's picture

ironman its all over espn and just read the actual article an not the bs comments that the fans leave...wisenhunt was a bit peaved that the packers continued to conduct an air assult on his team even when it was in the 3rd and he had majority of his startes out, but what no one thinks about is they always say its won in the trenches and frankly we have dominated in the trenches against the cards, our oline and dline have straight up dominated. LINEMAN are one of the few players that would play all game long with some rotation. Im nervous but confident this team will be firing on all cylinders....kurt is going to have a long long day

IronMan's picture

Our offensive line (with Babre at RT) dominated in pre season. How did that translate to the regular season?
"Its all over ESPN"
What is? Speculation? Did Whisenhunt say he was pissed?
I ABSOLUTELY think we can beat the Cardinals. But its not going to be like the last two games with them. Not even close.

Bearmeat's picture

I hated that guy growing up! He was a total punk. But I did enjoy kicking his butt over and over again...

Graffin's picture

Come on Ironman, a little blind faith is in order come playoff time.

IronMan's picture

Graffin, I think we can win. Its just not going to be like last week. It just isn't. Has nothing to do with faith.

packeraaron's picture

IronMan - didn't say it would be the same. They WILL kick the Cardinals' ass. Mark it down.

Ken's picture

Best post I've ever read.

fish's picture

"A+" games all around! The "A" is for the glory of the win, and the "+" is so they don't have to explain to Woodson why they F'd up a play.

PackerFan4Life's picture

Ironman have some faith man. The articles about wisenhunt being pissed are on espn and like I stated, it is an article on his own words not specualation, take sometime to research for yourself before knocking what others are trying to tell you. Games are won in the trenches plan in simple and the packers have dominated the cards in the trenches ironman I didnt say in the regular season now did I....Aaron I agree with you, the packers are going to flat out whoop that ass, granted it will be a good game but I dont think the cards can compete with the packers both offensively and defensively, esp def. Cards led the league on turning the ball over and we all know the packers led the league taking the ball away.

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