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The 2nd Annual Titletown Awards

By Category

The 2nd Annual Titletown Awards

It's almost been a whole year since we last visited The Titletowns.

For a refresher course we go back to the 1st Annual Titletown Awards:

Basically, when we started this website, we were extremely naive about how much work it would be, how much people would come to expect of us, and surprisingly, how much quality competition we would have. In fact, we were so impressed with the competition, that we decided we’d start an annual tradition here at Cheesehead TV, henceforth known as - The Titletowns.

This year there are four categories. They are as follows, with nominees included:

Best Packer Blog 2009

There are literally hundreds of blogs dedicated to the Green Bay Packers maintained by fans of the team, as those of you who traverse the Packer Blogosphere well know. They range from the serious to the absurd. These are 4 of the best, with last year's winner Railbird Central fighting second timer packergeeks while fending off the newcomers.

Packer Fan Website Design Excellence 2009

This one is near and dear to my heart. Packer Fans that take it to the next level. From unique layouts to overall structure to handling new technologies adeptly - these are 3 of the most excellent websites. Current champion Packer Palace facing off against the new challengers.

Greatest Cheesehead 2009

It astounds and amazes us year after year what people will do in the name of love for the Pack. Last year's Greatest Cheesehead nominees were examples of that. 2008 saw some amazing testimonials to the way the greatest team on Earth takes over peoples lives and urges them to act in ways they could never have imagined. The nominees are:

Best Packer Fan Web Video Clip

Here are the 5 BEST videos from the 08-09 Season: (click here for all videos on one page)

For you die-hard CHTV fans, you may be asking "where is the Packer Pro Media Source category at"? The answer is that last year's winner was JSONLINE. We are holding them the undisputed heavyweight UNTIL Further Notice- not only because we like Greg Bedard but because really - who's better? So basically they win every year but we're too cheap to give them a prize :) That is until the Green Bay Press Gazette or the Wisconsin State Journal are taken over by Die-Hard Packer Fan Rebels.

There you have it, the nominees for the 2nd Annual Cheesehead TV Titletown Awards. Winners will receive a framed certificate of recognition, a special set of gifts from our store, plus a copy of our Packer Remix on a custom designed CD as well as custom designed buttons. Winners will be announced Friday, February 27th at 1PM, so check back often between then and now for a more thorough look at all the people behind the blogs, videos and fans of the Green Bay Packers that make up our 2009 nominees.

Good luck to all the nominees!

Get Free nominee web buttons to help promote the Titletowns!

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IPBprez's picture

Interesting - You don't give Packer Report any chance at all.... is that it? Hmmmm! Slanted, me thinks?

Dale Z's picture

c'mon prez. The video of me dancing in nothing but a cheesehead didn't get nominated but you don't see me complaining.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

I guess it just goes without saying that CHTV would win every category if this were a "real" competition. If it doesn't go without saying - then I'm saying it. No knock on the other quality blogs out there. CHTV is just better (e.g.; best podcast, Packerworld page, quality content, intelligent posters, lack of sophomoric flame, etc.).
And for Dale Z., the one you should have been nominated for is "Best Logical Argument" award. Your case for why you should be the next Defensive Coordinator was priceless. I really like the Packers Lounge podcast as well

PackerAaron's picture

IPB - I loved Packer Report - back in 1984. The world has moved on...

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

I have the Packer Report cover framed from the Super Bowl victory in 1996-1997. I let my subscription go shortly after that. That was a cool publication tho back in the day

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Must have been a nice stipend Andrew? :)

I vote RailBird or Geeks, Packer Addict, and Ben.

Of course CHTV is the best, but I think they cheat somehow.

PS Sophomoric Flaming is AWESOME.

IronMan's picture

If the best video is decided by a poll, how are the other awards decided?

PackerAaron's picture

The poll is informal. All winners are determined by Corey and myself.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

I wish they were giving me a stipend P1. And of course they cheat. Can't you tell by now Bedard put a hidden camera on the 3rd floor of Lambeau with a direct feed to Aaron's Blackberry?

Cheezer's picture

I just come here and use this site as a jumping off point for Packer information.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Andrew - that is true. Perhaps Aaron is REALLY Greg Bedard who just secretly always wanted a killer Packer blog - realizing their superiority to real news.

IPBprez's picture

Aaron - PR is still good, even if it is no longer the Weekly paper-stuffer it used to be. The Monthly Mag is pretty damn good.
The nice thing about PackerFan Sites is that each one has its own personality. JSonline/Packer is more "like any other City's Sports Paper" in all reality. PackersNews (before they re-designed their website) was really good in that once signed in, you saw everything the non-Members didn't have access to.
CHTV main strength is the Video side - but the Blogging in getting better. I like the fact that Greg Bedard, an up & comer around Milwaukee, is droppin by for visits every now & then - something to build on.
At IPB, we've kept a similar stance (by email) with Todd Korth, and now Bill Huber. Huber's coming down for the Combine, so a get-together is already in the works, for the Membership - just waiting on an itinerary from Bill. And, while we don't brag (at all) about it, a few of the members are trying their hand at writing Sports Articles thru the Regular Season. Hey, ya never know!
I would agree that PackerChatters is still in the Top Five, but the WWW is growing and there are more flavors to try these days - CHTV being one of them. All said, I think Cheeseheads are the most prolific bloggers on the Internet, period. The trick is to avoid the sneering and the smearing (packerfans are "supposed" to be better than that - then you have a quality site.
Congrats on the success.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I disagree slightly IPB. Yes, Packer fans should be better than that. But, as long as threats are not involved, I think people should be able to express their thoughts as they see fit. It is an emotional subject.

I will agree that CHTV does an outstanding job of stating that they are not into that type of thing. It boils down to whether you prefer the Flinstones or The Simpsons.

Also, videos better than blogging? My man Aaron schools the world with literary bombs unseen in other Packer sites.

coreyb's picture

Wait was that a slight? We're the flintstones?
That's messed up:(

PackerAaron's picture

Thanks for that PackOne. :)

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I submitted a formal apology to Corey for a bad analogy.

You know what I'm saying - demographics man demographics.

Franklin Hillside's picture

Lot of backslapping going on here. Lol.

What do you guys think of the NFC North Blog on ESPN? I like hearing about the mistakes the Vikings and Bears are making, but I usually end up feeling sorry for the Lions.

PackerAaron's picture

FH - I thought the ESPN Norse blog had promise at the beginning of the year but found that by the time I checked it, I had already read about most of what he had to say...

Franklin Hillside's picture

Regarding Packer info, I would agree, but since I read nothing about the Bears, Vikings, and Lions, I find it useful. Seifert does a pretty good job too.

packergeek's picture

Aaron/Corey - hey, thanks for the recognition. I'll join the chorus of others in recognizing you guys for what you do. I love coming to Cheesehead. You get updates on breaking news as fast as anyone, you provide a great variety of content, the analysis you provide generates quality/insightful discussion and of course, your technical stuff (podcasts etc) sets you apart. Speaking of technical stuff, I think Packergeeks should get a second look for website design nominations - we spent SECONDS designing our site!!!

PakkMann's picture

I gotta give it up for the Carl dude...anybody who torches their stock in protest of Thompson's wayward Titanic is a friggin' hero in my book!

Matt Flynn's picture

Wow! Packerland is in SERIOUS need of some good web designers if those three above are nominees for best design. Think I might start a Packers site just so I can put up something that doesn't look like it was done by a 5-year-old. Seriously, those designs really suck.

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