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That Sound You Hear...

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That Sound You Hear... Ron La Canne's head exploding.

I'll admit, I was very high on Montgomery heading into last season. But after watching him get destroyed repeatedly in the running game, I am dubious at best at this prospects of becoming an effective 3-4 end. I know some will ask why he's not being moved to linebacker like Kampman, but one need look no further than the Tampa or Atlanta games last year to witness the severe athletic limitations Montgomery has. He would be an absolute disaster at linebacker. Apparently, the Packers think he might be able to help at defensive end. My problem is - if a guy can't set the edge to save his life when going against tight ends, (seriously - go watch those games again) how on Earth do you expect him to play end in a 3-4? 

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DaveK's picture

yep, minimum deal with no guaranteed money. He'd have to make the final roster to get a penny which is probably doubtful. He is probably holding out for something better but no one is willing.

Ron La Canne's picture

I'm hanging onto the word "may". I sincerely hope Huston's stupid enough to give him an offer. He was trapped consistently and showed very little ability to detach himself from blocks. At 270/75 he isn't a prototypical DE in the 3-4 and he's way too slow for LB.

This is not a good sign for the future. The Packers were 6-10 for a reason. Off the top of my head, Montgomery was responsible fully or in part for three game losing TD's last year. Long runs off his end were killers (Some blame goes to the LB's on these runs as well - another area that seems to be ignored).

GB better hope Jenkins and Pickett can play the whole year. We already know Jolly will be gone for some time during the season (His hearing should b e coming up soon). Let the list of Backups sink in - Harrell, Malone, Thompson (Bedard must have moved him to LB), Toribio(? - who cut him) and Bledsoe.

jerseypackfan's picture

After following the link to the page I found the article on the guy with the stolen meteorite in Wisconsin more interesting then the article on Montgomery.

coreyb's picture

haha- Jersey that article was definitely more interesting.

Please someone take a huge gamble on Mike Montgomery. Take the useless crap off the balance sheet- that includes J Bush.

Ron La Canne's picture

I'm suffering an attack of extreme confusion. I look at the way the 2009 team was at the end of the season and what it is now. GB has lost Cole (no big deal) and added Smith (I'll be polite and say he's a work-in-progress). Net no change.

Now JSOnline is so desperate for news relating to the changes that probably should be happening, they write up Montgomery as a possible return. Crap - He can't play the 3-4 and GB would think about taking him back?

I'm afraid there is more to the Packers activity (or lack of activity) in the FA market than just TT's influence.

I'm anxiously waiting for the Packers to relaase the 08/09 Annual Report after the end of the fiscal year on March 31. Could it be the decline in the market has had a severe impact on their cash flow? How much of their retained earnings is invested in the markets? Hopefully they anticipated and moved all investment to Treasurys, if so their ok. If not, they could have taken a real loss in their cash balances. Let's hope they were very conseravtive investors.

Now Ellerson on WSSP is saying his contacts are saying TT is planning to trade down in the draft. Don't know how good his sources are but that would fit a tight money approach.

jerseypackfan's picture

read this great article on the 10 yd Split by Wes Bunting..

Hoping for the Pack to either stay at 9 and grab Aaron Maybin if he is there or trade down a few spots and draft Clay Matthews Jr. Either way its a good call.

gratif's picture

After any loss Monty was my verbal whipping boy last year. I think he's awful.

Ron La Canne's picture

"Cowboys LB Kevin Burnett signed with the San Diego Chargers.
According to the San Diego Union Tribune, Burnett signed for a guaranteed two-year contract worth $5.5 million. Apparently that was too rich for the Packers' blood. Besides the guaranteed part, it's similar to the contract Brandon Chillar signed last year with the Packers. Chillar has/could earn more in incentives and escalators, so Chillar is the better paid of the two players

Seeing the numbers on Burnett's contract tells me two things. 1) The Packers must have 90% of their $29 million cap room budgeted for contract extensions or some big move because Burnett's contract was really digestible. 2) Ted Thompson obviously -- stop me if you've heard this one before -- likes his guys and thinks they're good football players. Yeah, well they also went 6-10 last year and are playing in a new 3-4 scheme in which none has any experience. Burnett does. He's also 6-3 and 242 pounds. Only Brandon Chillar legitimately has that kind of 3-4 size. I think they're good players and all, but couldn't too-small players like Desmond Bishop and, to a greater extent, Danny Lansanah or Spencer Havner be axed for a more proven, experienced guy like Burnett? And when you consider the iffy proposition it is for Nick Barnett to come back fully effective this season from his ACL surgery, doesn't a move to guy like Burnett make sense? Again, Thompson must really like his guys (read: they're cheaper). But I'm starting to get worried about Thompson's love affair with Lansanah. It already cost them Tracy White, which worked out splendidly. Now you can add Burnett to that watch list."

Greg Bedard says it all above. That's exactly why my head exploded.

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