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Ted Gonna Ted: Packers Not Expected To Sign Winston

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Ted Gonna Ted: Packers Not Expected To Sign Winston

Last week, in the smoldering debris of the loss to the world champion Seattle Seahawks, the Packers reached out to the agent for free agent offensive tackle Eric Winston.

The Packers had just watched as their starting right tackle, Bryan Bulaga, had once again succumbed to injury and then had the added horror of seeing his replacement, Derek Sherrod, look like he not only didn't belong on an NFL football field, but twice put on an impressive matador display that would rival some of Bugs Bunny's best work

Ted Thompson is well known for being just about the polar opposite of his mentor Ron Wolf. When Wolf saw Craig Newsome go down in the opening game of the 1997 season, he was making calls off his emergency list while the game was still in progress. 

Ted is much more patient. 

According to a league source, the Packers have decided to stand pat with what they have rather than sign Winston. 

Obviously, the Packers are hopeful that Bulaga, who has told the team he wants to try and play, will show enough in this week's practice to allay the fears of the notoriously conservative Packers medical staff. If Bulaga is deemed unready, the team will count on a much-improved showing from Sherrod in the friendly confines of Lambeau Field. 

Obviously, this fits Thompson's usual method of operation, preferring to roll with his own guys rather than go outside the building for help.

Here's hoping this plays out as well as possible for Thompson and the Packers.

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pooch's picture

What a dummy

Bryce Hansen's picture

Here's to hoping Bulaga plays. Or Sherrod improves. Or Rodgers is fully healed.

jeremyjjbrown's picture


The problem is, "Bulaga plays or Sherrod improves or Rodgers heals" isn't what they need. They need "Bulaga plays and Bulaga stays healthy and Sherrod improves and Rodgers heals".

It's a big difference, and also unlikely.

thebeast431's picture

Talks with Winston should of began after he was released. Without Barclay as the backup it was a definite need. If Barclay was still healthy, I would understand.

ben's picture

I was the 1st one off the Sharrod Bandwagon. I started the Don Barclay Bandwagon 2 pre-seasons ago.

Practice Squad Player, Undrafted Free Agent, OT Jeremy Vujnovich is the next Don Barclay. Like Barclay, Vujnovich most likely can play inside and out. He looked very good at LT, and possesses rare athletic ability.

Get Vujnovich off the practice squad.

RCPackerFan's picture

I haven't seen Winston play in a while but is he really going to be a big improvement over Sherrod?

And if they were to sign Winston, who would they release?

If Bulaga is going to be coming back within a couple of weeks i think this is probably the smartest move.

Nick Perry's picture

The guy is a turnstile RC. Even if Bulaga was to be able to come back and play, I'd think the Packers would want depth. Sherrod couldn't run block in the last preseason game and that's against guys not playing football. Those guys are on practice squads or the street today. Hopefully McCarthy will be calling passes that are out of Rodgers hand in 1.5 seconds from the snap because the Jets DL will eat Sherrod alive. It's not his fault, he had a horrific injury but there's times when you actually need to look elsewhere for help, this is one of those times. Kinda like last year when TT took 3 or 4 games before he finally called Flynn.

RCPackerFan's picture

The thing I keep coming back to is, if Winston was that good why is he a free agent right now?
That's why I question if he is worth bringing in and if he is any better then Sherrod.

I honestly didn't think Sherrod was horrible. He had 2-3 bad plays, but he was going against the top defense in the league and in the hardest place to play. Remember just 2 years ago Bulaga gave up what 7 sacks in 1/2. Its not an easy place to play.

I would like to have the depth there, but who do they cut to bring him in, and is it worth cutting a young developmental player for depth?

Nick Perry's picture

I keep hearing because he's a big part of the Players Union teams have stayed away from him. Don't know if that's the reason for sure or what. He's not that old either, 31 I believe. I'd just like to see some established depth for the O-Line. Even if the only reason is Bulaga made it to what, 2nd or 3rd quarter of week 1? He's been hurt since week 9 of 2012, Sherrod since week 13 of 2011. Unless you count the 7 snaps against the Lions last year.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, the part that would concern me is that neither Bulaga and Sherrod have proven to be able to stay healthy. I agree with that completely, and that does concern me.
But the Packers can always slide Lang to T if they need it. Not ideal but its an option.

From the way it sounds they aren't going to be bringing Winston in, at least not right now. For all that we know maybe Winston doesn't want to come to Green Bay either.

real some guy's picture

assume this means Bulaga is back by the lions at the latest. i would still sign Winston, but i also think the panic about Sherrod is overblown. i think he can be someone who is no worse than Barclay the last couple of years. just needs to get more real game action

Remember, those are some of the best DE's in the game he played against and he's been rotating tackle spots. thats hard. he had a lot of good snaps and admittedly a few terrible ones. i think he'll be much better

Samson's picture

This has alot more to do with the fact that the Pack still has 14 games after this week's game. Eventually Bulaga will be able to play again but for how long? Certainly Sherrod will play better against the Jets (hopefully) but will he be the answer for an entire season if needed in that role?

Bringing in Winston adds depth no matter how everything else shakes out.

Evan's picture

"Bringing in Winston adds depth no matter how everything else shakes out."

True, but at the expense of what? Who gets cut to make room?

Samson's picture

Cut anyone of the last ten or so players to make the roster. Anyone of them are expendable. The health of AR is a huge part of this equation. Who cares about another developmental player TT has on the roster?

8-8 is the result if AR goes down.

Evan's picture

It's not so much caring about a particular developmental player, it's about depth at other positions.

Yes, AR's health is/should be paramount. But if cut, say, Bradford, or Goodson or Taylor...suddenly they're thin at those positions.

You'll probably say, sure, but depth at OL is more important and I'd tend to agree. I don't think there is any easy or right answer.

Imma Fubared's picture

Even if Beluga can't go and Sherrod sucks and the team fall's behind, they have that awesome offense to win a bunch of games at the end of the season to make the playoffs. LOL

Standing pat also means not spending any money and if nothing else, Ted can win the trophy for the least amount of money spent on a team not making the playoffs this year.

BradHTX's picture

The fact that four years after the guy was drafted, you still don't know the difference between the Packers' right tackle and a species of whale tells all that needs to be known about the level of intelligence behind your moronic "Tightwad Ted" idiocy.

Packer_Pete's picture

We cannot assume that Winston is an upgrade over anybody the Packers have on the roster. At the same time, my main concern here is that Bulaga either cannot play again soon, or if he plays and goes down again, which is a good assumption that it will happen at some point. Then Sherrod will have to play. And nothing against him, but what happens if another OT has an injury then, even just for a few plays? Bakhtiari or Sherrod? What then ??? Nobody can tell me Taylor or Gerhart can play OT, so I guess Lang has to move outside and one of the backup OGs has to come in.

Evan's picture

I was actually wondering this weekend if long-term the best o-line isn't Bahk-Sitton-Linsley-Tretter-Lang.

I asked Brian and he pointed out that they've tried Lang there in the past (I vaguely remember that, his rookie year, I assume?) but maybe he'd be better now? I dunno. Just spit-ballin.

aj's picture

I think moving lang to tackle would be similar to moving raji to end. It negates the advantage they have in the middle of the line. Both are extremely athletic when in the middle of the line, while becoming average to subpar when moved outside with the quicker, more agile linemen.

MarkinMadison's picture

Assuming that Bulaga is not ready to go this week, I have no clue who the first tackle is off the bench if there is another injury. I suppose they are forced to swing Lang outside and plug in (?) at guard. The line is feeling thread-bare, at least for this week.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

MarkinMadison, Let me ask what is probably a Very Stupid question. Can Mark Tauscher still play??? LVT

Handsback's picture

I like Winston, he read my book, but what we need to look at is he better then who we have on the PS? He won't be better than Sherrod, but if another tackle goes're talking about bringing a guy from the PS or having Winston available.

I hope he's not needed. Sherrod will get better since this is his first year playing any significant snaps. These are also the Packers and injuries always happens in bunches.

I look at the Cowboys and marvel how well their O-line plays and stays healthy. They have their health problems on the defense side of the ball as well as their GM is really bad, so maybe every team goes through some of this.

Evan's picture

The bigger question is would Winston want to sign with a team where he'll be a back-up?

With how many injuries occurred yesterday, if I were Winston I'd be holding out for a starting job.

Evan's picture

LeMichael James released. Somewhere, Ben weeps.

RCPackerFan's picture

Maybe the Packers will sign him. Ben would be very, very happy.

Also it will be a win win because they don't have to give up something for him in trade. Everyone Wins, especially Ben.

Evan's picture

Yeah, for all the shit we/I give Ben, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world now that's he a FA. 28 yards per return on kickoff over last 2 seasons (11 yards per punt). Slightly better than Cobb on both accounts (albeit on less than 1/2 the attempts).

Not sure how sure-handed he is.

Of course, I don't know how they'd fit him on the roster.

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, I agree... Its different signing a guy as a free agent then it is to trade your 1st and 2nd round picks for him like he proposed.

I honestly do think he could be a good fit in Green Bay. He has KR/PR ability, he is a good receiver out of the backfield, and could add something the offense.

The problem, like you said is where do we get the extra roster spot from?
The most expendable player I think would be Goodson. And that would be if the brought Winston or anyone in for that matter.
If they lost Goodson to another team they still have Rolle on the PS.

RCPackerFan's picture

Not sure why this double commented...

CaptainLou's picture

This is obviously waaaay premature, but how about this for a longer-term (i.e., 2015 and beyond) solution? Keep Linsley at center, and move Tretter back to tackle.

Tretter played LT in college, so he's familiar with being outside, and his height/arm dimensions wouldn't hinder him at RT the way it would at LT.

Also, Bulaga is in a contract year, and I don't want to give him a bunch of money. He's fantastic when healthy, but he just can't stay on the field. It's a shame.

pooch's picture

Ha Harry Sidney on the fan just said 1-8 weeks,depending on who you believe,guess we need no insurance,just like QB last year

Clay Zombo's picture

One of the things that frustrates me the most about TT and MM is change doesn't come until things are so painfully obvious to everyone else that they can ignore it no longer. They have to be stung multiple times before it ever registers for them.

Its one thing to not see the problems but its quite another to sit and allow the problems to continue before they do anything about them.

How many years now and they still have no answer for the read option. I expect to see every team we face this season run the jet sweep and to employ some read option if they are able.

4thand1's picture

If Winston is the answer, why isn't he playing? That is the question.

Aeric's picture

What an asinine statement. Must be weird looking through cow shit spattered glasses all the time. Bahktiari can play and injuries happen. Watch this team get better as the season goes on.

Tundraboy's picture

Now that the spirit!

But right now the worst tackle pair absolutely or at least one of the worst.

Mr.Bigg's picture

I have been thinking about this all week. We R going to be a very good team. Say that again... WE R going to be a very good team. We just played the best team in the NFL, best D and very very good Offense. We played in a loud stadium, on the west coast, and the first game with a rookie center. People every body we play from now on will be easier. Th eteam will improve and we will rise to the top!

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

Can't use the rookie center excuse, though. Linsley played great.

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