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Tebow To The Pack? Sure, Why Not?

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Tebow To The Pack? Sure, Why Not?

So, this morning I was writing a post following up on all the Tim Tebow talk I heard at the Combine. Coupled with my question  to McCarthy about the Wildcat, and McCarthy's response that they didn't yet have the 'right personnel', I figured it was at least an intriguing idea to wonder about the Packers taking him, letting him learn for a bit and developing him.

Then Kevin Seifert posted about the possibility of Tebow coming to the Packers, ESPN did a mock-up of Tebow in a Packers uni, and then all hell broke loose in my inbox and on my Twitter feed.

Look, do I think Tim Tebow is a viable NFL quarterback coming out of college? Hell no. Do I find myself interested in what McCarthy might be able to make of the young man? Hell yes.

This is all probably a moot point because, as someone pointed out on Twitter, I just don't think there's any way Thompson spends anything higher than a 4th round pick on the guy and he'll most likely be gone before the 3rd. But to dismiss the kid out of hand is a mistake. Who's to say McCarthy couldn't devise some kind of innovative offensive package?

I don't think he's an NFL quarterback. I do think he's an incredibly intriguing football player.

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RockinRodgers's picture

In the sixth or seventh round. This dude gets way too much attention for a guy who probably won't be around that long. I don't see anything he does that would translate well to the NFL. Now Jarrett Brown is a guy I would take a chance on.

Packnic's picture

I kind of hate to say it, but he does seem like Packer People. You know Ted Thompson likes him.

Im not a huge Tebow fan at all, but I would definitely give him a shot in at least the 3rd. Dude won a lot of football games, and after watching him at the combine, I think he might make a hell of a utility player. FB/TE/QB worth a shot really.

jerseypackfan's picture

I love that Kevin Seifert pull out "The Randy Wright Scale." That totally cracked me up!

Randy Wright gets no love from me either. When he started for the Packers, those truly were The Dark Ages for my generation.

alfredomartinez's picture

3rd round, trade james jones and flynn to any team needing a nice wr and qb combo, then pick up tebow...develop packnic said (FB/TE/QB)...that would be awesome...its okey to dream right?

Brett Cristino's picture

I'm with ya, I like him too but I still think he goes in the Top 40 and I wouldn't want him that early. All it takes is one GM to fall in love with him and I think there's going to be plenty of teams that would LOVE to see Tebow sittin there in the 2nd Rd. And with the way Thompson works, I think you can all but cross him off our board with the way he raved about him last week. I think he goes to JAX in the 2nd, if for nothing else to get people in the seats.

nerdmann's picture

If anyone could do something with him, it would be MM. Maybe make him a TE/H-back kind of guy who can run the option pass. That'd be deadly with Finley, Jennings and the boys downfield.

madden07's picture

I'd love to see him on our special teams.

PackersRS's picture

This is EXACTLY the same thing as last year with Michael Vick...

FITZCORE1252's picture

No sooner than the 5th. Well aware he'll probably be gone, but still.


CSS's picture

Great kid and I admire what he did throughout his collegiate career, but it would be a shock to see him as a Packer.

a) That would mean he likely slid beyond the 3rd round for the Packers to have nabbed him, ain't gonna happen.

b) Wildcat, the formation/package he would run for a few years while developing as an under center drop-back passer, is a great gimmick for teams with average to subpar quarterbacking. I would deem Mike McCarthy bat-shit insane to take the ball out of Aaron Rogers hands even once for the occassional 'wild gouda' package.

Ruppert's picture

Only if he can punt.

Glorious80s's picture

I haven't read the articles, yet, but they sound like so much of what I've been reading here and elsewhere - so far off the mark. I've so got to disagree with you all. People are looking at the wrong projections. The set up arm position can be fixed as it was with Rodgers. The guy only led a team that won back back national championships and a Heisman and almost two. He is a winner and winners always find a way. He's way beyond Wright. The leadership quality, the locker room presences is off the charts. I don't know how much people have seen of the UF Gators up there, but he's the BF without the ints and divaishness. He goes the first round and at least #10 (Jacksonville), perhaps Miami and who know else. GB won't have a shot at him, but if they do they should jump. You don't want him as a Viking.
McCarthy was quoted as saying he'd love to work with him.
BTW, Urban Meyer is buds with Belichek.

CSS's picture

Glorious 80's: here's a list of other 'winners' in college, how'd they do in the pros?

Pat White: 34-8
Brian Brohm: 24-9
Colt Brennan: 27-10 (including 12-0 in regular season as a senior)
Troy Smith: 25-3 (plus Heisman)
Vince Young: 30-2
Matt Leinart: 37-2 (plus two National Championships and Heisman)
David Greene: 42-10
Joey Harrington: 25-3
Ken Dorsey 38-2

List of Heisman quarterbacks (who were winners):

Jason White
Eric Crouch
Chris Weinke
Danny Wuerffel
Charlie Ward
John Torreta
Andre Ware

Can you name the spread QB's that have had any success from college to the pro game? (hint: Vince Young may be the only quasi, debateable success). History is seriously against this kid. I BELIEVE he will compete, I don't like his chances.

P.S. - I borrowed the list, not mine.

Brett Cristino's picture

CSS: I agree with your point but I think there's one glaring difference between Tebow and the rest of those guys and that's his work ethic and desire to be great. He's as good of a prospect as i've ever seen, from a mental standpoint, and I think he's going to put in twice as much work as the next guy. Like I said though, I like the player and I'd welcome him with open arms but the value just doesn't match up for me.

CSS's picture

No offense, Brett, but you're really buying into the hyperbole and there's no way you know even one of the above former prospects enough to make the statement that Tebow's work ethic and desire is greater than theirs. No way you can make that statement.....

I can't say enough about Tebow based on what I've read and I'm cheering for him. I don't think people on any message boards understand how far behined the 8-ball a prospect is when he has basically never taken a snap under center working in shotgun only during college. He doesn't have a hill to climb on this one, it's a mountain....

Brett Cristino's picture

I am buying into it, everybody who has ever worked with him has praised his work ethic to the highest degree and he's only proving them right by completely retooling his release/mechanics before the Draft. You're right though, it's unfair to compare his work ethic to the rest of those guys but like I said, Tebow's mentality is as good as i've seen from a prospect.

He's a project no doubt about it, but Tebow has the mindset to make it happen IMO. It's all about footwork and he wouldn't be the first player to make a successful transition to the NFL after playing in a spread Offense. Drew Brees played in a spread Offense at Purdue and was also "too short" to play QB, same goes for Kyle Orton. It's been done before and I wouldn't dare bet against a guy like Tebow.

Glorious80s's picture

CSS, re. your list, true in those cases, but Tebow is beyond those guys. Brett is right about his work ethic. Tebow has the ability to lead, to will his team to victory and he's got mobility, strength, a decent arm, intelligence and leadership. The skills he needs can be taught. A couple of years wouldn't hurt like with Rodgers. NFL Teams are moving more to spread type offenses, but I have no doubt he can learn the traditional pro offense.
McCarthy uses a type of spread set. Read the Seifert article, McCarthy said he would love to work with him. TT likes him.
Go watch some film on UF games, they were dominant in a rugged SEC for three years. They beat most of the best and beat them down.
I'm confident he can do well in the pros. Acutally, the Packers won't have a chance at him unless they move up and given their needs TT won't do it. The Packers are very good with what they have.
Some opinion makers are seriously underestimating this guy.

maxginsberg's picture

I don't think it will happen, but TT wasted a 2nd rounder on Brohm, so I guess anything goes on draft day.

hyperRevue's picture

He can "will his team to victory"? What does that even mean?

CSS's picture

The recruiting class that Tebow came in with will go down as one of the greatest recruiting classes of all time. Stop the hyperbole, Florida's SEC dominance was not all Tim Tebow.

Wow, this is starting to smack of the 'Favre legend' and how he was the Packers (yes, I went there).

FITZCORE1252's picture


That's what worries me. Not that I think Ted would spend a 2nd, BUT, you NEVER know when it comes to Ted and the draft. And what if MM is getting in his ear saying "I can coach him up Ted, I can FIX him".

Not sayin', just sayin'.


foundinidaho's picture

CSS makes the very point I was trying to make the other day on the live blog. Heisman + college glory does not always, and in fact often does not guarantee success.

I still think he's a waste of a draft pick. If we draft him, I of course hope I am totally 100% wrong.

Glorious80s's picture

One, Tebow = Brohm, not! What did Louisville win? Two, will = inspire. Watch the UF games, the way he works with his team mates. Three, SEC dominance was not all Tebow, but he was very much a part of it. We will see where UF is with Brantly. Four, yes, you will get the Favre hype with this guy, but without the diva part.
Lastly, AN: "I don’t think he’s an NFL quarterback. I do think he’s an incredibly intriguing football player." But isn't that the point? In the end, he is a football player, a very good one.

longtymefan's picture

He is a winner, no matter if he is a nfl q/b or not..

I dont want to see a 3rd rd from us...

ppabich's picture

what i take away from the sefert article is this, <blockquote> Remember, McCarthy and Packers quarterbacks coach Tom Clements provided the modern template for developing a young quarterback prospect during two years with Aaron Rodgers. Among the improvements they made was smoothing out Rodgers' throwing motion, now considered one of the prettiest (and most successful) in the NFL.

Ruppert's picture

Okay, if we're going to take a late-round flyer on somebody, would you all rather see Tebow or Myron Rolle? It wouldn't kill me if we threw a 5th or later at Tebow, for the record. But if we're going to be gambling, I guess I'd rather see it go towards a position we definitely need help at.

bucky's picture

Tim Tebow's ability to "will" a team to win is the same as mine. We'll both have the same inpact on the game on the field, me sitting on my barstool and Tebow sitting on the bench.

Jayme's picture

Ok, please understand, there are players that are perfect for college, but just not cut out for the pros. Take Ron Dayne: Big bruising back that could break tackles, but wasn't all that fast. He used his skill set to win 2 Rose Bowl MVPs(basically equivalent to National Championships, since this was before the BCS), a Heisman Trophy, and set the all time NCAA record for rushing yards. How'd he do as a pro? 3700 yards and 28 TD's in 8 years as a backup. His body type and skill set were PERFECT for college, but once everyone was as big and strong as him, but faster and better at tackling, he fell by the wayside.
That's what is likely to happen with Tebow, if he even lasts that long. As for teaching him the mechanics and delivery, I read an article 2-3 years ago (I believe it was TMQ on ESPN), that said that he was already working on his delivery mechanics and release speed. If he couldn't get it fixed by now, don't expect it to change.
On a side note, I think he will make his team plenty of money. He is an extremely marketable guy. For this reason, and this reason alone, I seem him being drafted well before the Packers even come anywhere near discussing his name on their list.

hyperRevue's picture

I agree with Ruppert. The Packers have other needs and can't afford to take a flyer on a player who, in a best case scenario, becomes a #2 QB or a #2 TE on the team.

Ryeguy812's picture

I'd be fine taking Tebow after the 3rd round, but as has been pointed out already, he won't last that long because everyone has that sorta of intrigue-like affair with him about what he could POSSIBLY do.
But its funny reading the comments on this blog and others. Had I not known who we were talking about in this post I would have guessed it was a certain #4 who would will his team to victory and have all the intangibles and could do no wrong. All that's missing is a reference to flatulence in the huddle.

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

I'm trying to figure out why all the pundits think Tebow is a lock for stardom at H-back or TE. I think he'll get pummelled. Saw him play A LOT here in SEC country. I think he is one of those guys that was a GREAT college player but I just don't see it in the any position. IMHO

CSS's picture

Andrew in Atlanta - I agree. He has ZERO wiggle in his hips and ZERO fluidity in the open field. Watch his games, watch the senior bowl. The kid mastered the combine drills but his hips are stiff and he can't shake anybody in the open field. Not a quality you want in an H-back or TE.

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

Plus he's not used to getting hit CSS. I mean, maybe it can work, but the guy will take some big shots he's just never experienced at a position he's never experienced (H-back/TE). Maybe I'm way off but I just don't see it

Glorious80s's picture

It's hard to understand all the negativity here and elsewhere.
Tebow should be drafted and used as a QB, that is what he is. For all of the past two years, blog talk was all about winning, and that statistics mean beans. Tebow has been part of a winning tradition at a very high level, consistently, for three years - two BCS championships and almost a third - against the best programs in the country. There is reason for some of the hype. Can you guarantee success in the pros? No. A ready made pro style skill set can add up to a Ryan Leaf. Clausen and Bradford are no sure things and will go high. I'd take chance on TT even over the other QB prospects because he's been on top and has proven leadership. Yes, Tebow is going to benefit from a couople years behind a veteran and a teaching pro system. AR did. That used to be the usual route with rookie qbs.
Likely it won't even be an issue for the Packers as he will not drop.

CSS's picture

Every prospect spends the entire process, from all-star games, scouting combine and respective pro-days having holes poked in their games. I don't see anybody on this board personalizing the criticism of Tim Tebow, they are fairly pointing out the massive, massive project he is at QB and the silliness of projecting him to H-back or TE, two positions he's never even played.

Love his attitude, love his leadership ability, love his desire (note, these are all intangibles you hear praise for re: Tim Tebow). However....

Never taken a snap under center, runs an offense where receivers run to open areas of the field (hasn't seen an NFL route tree), his mechanics are slow and deliberate (NFL safeties are salivating), his footwork is terrible, he abandons his reads and opts to run.... The list goes on. Look, do I think he has a chance, yes! Are the odds stacked against him considering NOTHING he's done from a technical/mechanical standpoint in 4 years at Florida have prepared him for the pros, yes.

So to recap: His blind proponents somehow believe his will, desire and competitiveness will overcome every tangible necessity to survive in the league. I'm realistic.

CSS's picture

P.S. - Aaron Rodgers DID NOT learn from or get mentored by Brett Favre. He learned from an exceptional QB coach in Mike McCarthy and invested the time to become a great QB. LOL, no LO flippin' L at the notion Brett Favre taught Rodgers anything.

Glorious80s's picture

Regarding mechanics, it will be interesting to see what development takes place in the next round of evaluations as he is working with pro coaches, Zeke Bradkowski, to name one.
Assuming everything you say is accurate...Slow mechanics, you mean the loop? That's teachable. Footwork, snaps from center, teachable. Pro reads, a learning curve for all young qbs. Accuracy in tight spaces, we'll see but he must have been accurate enough to get the ball to even open receivers.
Tebow has good mobility and strength. And if he abandon's reads to run, you could also call that making plays if there was coverage.
Did I not say he could benefit from some mentoring time? Hey, it's a gamble with most college qbs in one way or another. It used to be the norm to sit qbs for several years but salaries have altered the practice.
Not blind support, but you just can't judge by mechanics alone. Leadership and determination are significant factors, in determining success. Those should be added to the evaluation. There is no doubt Tebow has these in abundance.
I wonder, given the above alleged faults, how he ever managed to lead a double (almost triple) championship team. Yes, UF had good teams, but Tebow certainly wasn't a drag. Winning consistantly at a high level has to count for something.
As for BF, Rodgers stated ("Life After FAvre," I believe) he eventually developed a working relationship with Favre and studied his every move, as well as scouted the opponents as backup for Favre. So, with or without BF's blessing, he did in factlearn from him.

CSS's picture

Just because he 'studied his every move' doesn't mean he mentored him or learned from him. Rodgers OBSERVED, he was never directly taught or mentored. It's like you're purposely trying to read something that isn't there.

I stand by what I said with Tebow. He is climbing a mountain. Look at all the prior spread QB's and NONE, NONE of them could overcome all of the above to be NFL QB's. I didn't say he couldn't, I said it's STACKED AGAINST HIM, big time. Tebow was a leader, but his offense and defense was dominate. Percy Harvin? Pouncy brothers? Aaron Hernandez? I could name 18 players in two of the draft classes (Tebow's and the one after him) that are picks in the 1st four rounds.

You're not being objective at all about this.

As far as Favre Mentoring: lololololololololololololololololol

No, he never ever actively taught or passed anything along to Rodgers so he could develope. Never ever, not even in fantasy world.

Glorious80s's picture

CSS initially said: "Aaron Rodgers DID NOT learn from or get mentored by Brett Favre. He learned from an exceptional QB coach in Mike McCarthy and invested the time to become a great QB"
You said did not learn, but Rodgers did learn from him, was quoted as saying he did develope a working relationship with Favre, studied BF. Doesn't matter who approached who first or even if BF liked it. Yes, he also learned from his coaches, as he has also said. But how can you say BF never passed anything on to AR? Were you on the sidelines those three years?
I suppose it's how you define learn from.
Tedford quarterbacks don't do well in the NFL either. Depends on the guy. Also, teams are employing elements of the spread.
Tebow has to learn the job as do others, but his makeup and success make him worth a risk worth taking. MM has said he would love to work with him. Tebow knows how to win, which is what bloggers have been talking about for two years. I agree UF had a great team, but someone had to lead it.
I'm weighing what you and others say with what he's accomplished, what we saw on the field. Clausen, Bradford, Stafford and their teams never accomplished what UF and Tebow did and against the competition they had. I'm not saying Tebow's an instant starter, but neither was AR.

CSS's picture

Studying Brett Favre is not 'learning from Brett Favre.' Can't you see how you're parsing this concept?

That's why Favre is on record saying, 'it's not in his conract to mentor Rodgers.'

You're dead wrong on this, Glorious 80's. Why don't you ask some folks on this board.

Glorious80s's picture

So it's an issue of interpretation. If you're narrowing the meaning of "learned from" as exclusively the passing of information from BF to AR, fine for you. But Websters New American Crossword Dictionary (only one at hand) says otherwise, ie - get, see, find, hear, study, master, discover....
Who gets the credit for AR's learning? Well, more than one person, obviously. Is he a self starter, also obviously.
"When the 21-year old (AR) got to the Packers, he became, in a sense, a scholar of Favre..." from "Life Without Favre," Phil Hanrahan, Pg. 122.
AR was also quoted in a JS article last year (can't find the reference) as saying he had developed a working relationship with BF.
To me that says he acquired knowledge (learned) from BF whoever initiated it. To get into the huddle to listen to Favre's calls (also, Pg. 122) had to be with some permission from Favre. I have seen no sources, including your above reference, that prove BF didn't eventually perform a mentoring service. Until that quote is found, BF's role in teaching AR is incomplete since BF's remark was, I believe, an early one. Therefore, criticism of BF here may be premature. But to say AR didn't learn from BF isn't entirely right.

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