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Tauscher Works Out For Packers

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Tauscher Works Out For Packers

Like the title says, from Jason Wilde over at

...former Packers right tackle Mark Tauscher worked out for the team earlier today and is in town, according to an NFL source.

This is in-line with what Thompson said this offseason, about Tausch probably being ready by October. It will be interesting, if Tauscher is signed, what that does to the makeup of the line. Will it be Clifton, Colledge, Spitz, Sitton, Tauscher? Sure would think so, but a lot depends on Tauscher's conditioning and if he can get up to game speed in two weeks.

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foundinidaho's picture

Well, apparently Ted WAS paying attention last night.

keeley2's picture

Here's to hoping Tausch is "close" to ready to go.

Ron La Canne's picture

MM presser going on now: "He looks good. Talked to Barbre already, but he is still the starter."
"Make sure we apply those correction in to the game plan YADA, YADA, YADA."

Pack66's picture

OOOH..that must have hurt Thompson to his core to do that!


nerdmann's picture

Glory be.
I've heard Larry Beightol is trying to get back into the league...

RockinRodgers's picture

It's gotta be Clifton, Colledge, Spitz, Sitton, Tauscher.

If Tauscher is close to ready.

Ron La Canne's picture

Blackmon is out for the year with an acl
Bigby should be back for Detroit
Colledge should be back for detroit
Clifton should be back for Detroit

nerdmann's picture

Yeah, Tauscher definitely starts over Barbre. Presumably Giacomini gets released.
I'd use Lang as the backup at LT.
Here's a question: if you're Tauscher, do you sign with the Pack? I mean have you been snubbed? What sort of compensation do you request? You've obviously got the Packers in a desperate position.
That said, it's pretty clear that if the Pack can stabilize the OL, we'll be ok. In fact we'll be a very good team.

Packnic's picture

how does Tauscher help us at all besides depth?

I say forget Clifton. its his last year and times up. he cant stay healthy and even when he is... he isnt dominant anymore, or even serviceable some games. Plug in Lang at LT and put Colledge back in his guard spot and just stick with it. Its about all we can do at this point.

Lang / Colledge / Spitz / Sitton / Barbre
Clif / Spitz / Wells / Breno / Tausch

Barbre held his own yesterday... I dont see how this helps. But i like that depth and youth combo i guess.

Keith's picture

Ugh. Blackmon out for the year w/ an ACL. This is the worst news of the day, for me at least.

PackerAaron's picture

Keith - Nelson is def an upgrade on kick return and at least equal on punts. Not that big a blow.

Pack66's picture

Yeah. Stick with Barbre over Tauscher, that would be a good move. :eyeroll:


deskguy's picture

finally! Tausch should move right in and can hold serve against the Queens in November rematch.

Packnic's picture

Pack66, not that you deserve a reply.

I hope Tausch can come in and start. I hope he comes in and takes over and shows Barbre how its done. Meanwhile, back in the real world ... Tausch is coming back from a serious knee surgery and hasnt even seen this years playbook. But back in your crazy world... Ron Wolf is POTUS and Flanagan is still playing on the oline. So i'm sure he will come in and win a starting pro bowl spot.

Bad Knees's picture

Saw Blackmons injury. If his knee would have been adjusted (chiropractor or osteopath) before the game it wouldn't have buckled. It was weak from an overlooked misalignment of the joint and it folded like a house of cards in a wind storm...unnecessary/avoidable injury. Adjusting sprained ankles greatly speeds the healing and recovery time...medical doctors are not trained to do this. Sure hope they add this type of talent to the medical staff. It's needed.

JerseyPackFan's picture

I am very pleased to hear about this since most of the day all I have heard from all the people in Jersey is "What happened last night?"

Keith's picture

Aaron - I know, but you know I am a big Blackmon fan.

andy's picture

Sign Tauscher, sign Levi Jones, cut Giacomini, keep Barbre as a backup, and release Blackmon. The guy is CONSTANTLY injured.

seekr's picture

I agree Aaron, I'd much rather see Nelson taking the returns rather than this Jukin and Jiving B.S. show from Blackmon.

ctSharpeCheddar's picture

Blackmon is out for the season.Damn it!

VApackerfan's picture

Blackmon is a loss that we can afford. Tauscher potentially coming back is a good sign because it shows that our front office is getting off their asses and doing something about the OL. However, we haven't seen Tauscher since his injury so it's pointless to start projecting starting lineups. He's got a lot of catching up to do and Babre has already been in the system, and slowly getting better. Let's wait and see how this thing plays out

VApackerfan's picture

Looks like we are signing Tauscher. Just saw this on a Chiefs site.

"Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel just reported, "[Packers head coach Mike] McCarthy said Tauscher joining the Packers is imminent provided things work out." Interestingly, McCarthy also said they will retain their starter at right tackle which means, for now, Tauscher was/is willing to take a non-starting role. This was a discussion we had earlier in the week regarding the non-signing of Tauscher."

sunflower100's picture


I agree that the LT position is more of an issue then the RT. However, the idea being that people don't think Barbre hasn't done a good job replacing Tauscher so they want him back at least for the year.

Tauscher was the Packers union rep. at one time so obviously he was a popular guy in the locker room. that could factor in as well after TT was called out by Woodson on cutting Smith.

Keith's picture

Sheesh, tough crowd. No one was saying Blackmon is irreplaceable - most returners are. Just saying I like watching him return kicks.


I know I will hate myself for posting this, but now you know why these guys hold out for as much money as they can possibly get. Once they're hurt, they're just cast aside, and it only takes one play for your career to end.

Andrew In Atlanta's picture

I agree Keith. I got spanked by a few folks last year for saying I understood Grant's hold out for the exact reason you stated - avg life span of a RB is 3 years. You don't have to like it to understand it

retiredgrampa's picture

Well, it's a step but maybe not in the right direction. It must kill TT to see a part of the money he's been hoarding to re-sign incumbants, going to Tausch.

nerdmann's picture

If Blackmon's out, then Tausch could take his roster spot, at least for the time being. Is Brandon Underwood ready to be the 4th DB? Or are we looking at Bush getting some time out there? Brett Swain? Big Okie?
Maybe Tausch is gonna try the left side.

nerdmann's picture

BAD KNEES- chiropractic is stone age compared to acupuncture.

Jack's picture

Tauscher will be a stabilizing/motivating force in the locker room. Even if he is not 100% on the field, his leadership and his role as a mentor will be invaluable. And he will obviously be an upgrade over Barbre.

Bad Knees's picture

Acupuncture is great, but it doesn't move a joint back into place. When a misaligned joint shifts under load it tears the ligaments trying to hold the joint in place. From my previous posts I've suggested the Packers should have chiropractors/osteopaths and acupuncturists on the medical staff. Small $investment, big returns. I believe we lost to Cincinnati because Raji was unavailable. With a sprain/strain doctor on staff (acupuncturist/chiropractor/osteopath)he would have been available and the Packers would have won. And, how much practice time is currently being lost due to players nursing injuries because of the poor design of the medical staff?

bucky's picture

I don't see Tauscher as the great savior that most here seem to. He didn't exactly set the world on fire before he got hurt last season; in fact, he really wasn't any better than Barbre has been the first four games. In particular I seem to recall his abysmal performance against Minnesota in the dome last season. I have no trouble signing him if he's ready, willing and able, but I don't know how he's a significant upgrade here.

Pack66's picture


You guys make such a big deal about "this year's playbook". Do you honestly think a guy that's been playing for the same team for 10 years is not going to be able to get up to speed?

Do you think it radically changes that much from year to year...?

Do you think Favre couldn't have come back and run the offense better than AROD did in 2008 because "the train has left the station"?

If you do, you are more foolish than I even thought.

Aaron's picture

Bucky - have to disagree. Tausch started slow and I wrote as much, and yes he had a horrible game in MIN - who did't? But he was playing worlds better than Barbre is right now the last month before he got hurt.

bucky's picture

Aaron. Gotta disagree. Tauscher pretty much blew last season. His decline was a big factor in going 6-10. And while Barbre had an absolutely awful opening night against the Bears, he's been better since then. You yourself pointed out that he wasn't the problem against the Vikings.

Tauscher may have something left, and he may be a marginal improvement over Barbre. But he will not be anything more than that.

PackerAaron's picture

bucky - We could go round and round. I'll just say that what most people are missing about Tausch possibly coming back is how it would free up Finley to do more of what we saw on Monday night. Barbre has improved, but he is still getting a ton of help. Tausch would need to be brought along, obviously, but the positive is that his game was never about his physicality or brute strength. His game, esp in pass pro, was always built on fundamentals like hand-placement and having great balance, tools he won't likely have lost while rehabing.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

this team is not 2-2 because we don't have enough witch doctors on the medical staff. they're 2-2 because the o-line is bad, running a scheme they can't run, and because dom capers decided it was better to give brent 7.4 seconds to throw the ball than it was to risk a big run or two from peterson.

wgbeethree's picture

I don't understand people saying that TT would have to swallow his pride over this move. Tauscher was a free agent who was not going to be able to play for the first part of the year because of an injury. When this happened the team kept in contacct with him. Heck they didn't even remove him from the roster on the official packer site until the start of training camp even though the other free agents (including the ones we resigned) were. This possibility has been talked about by the front office since day one and they rarely ever say anything specific about personnel decision. Why would it possibly hurt your ego to do exactly what you had said you planned to do. Some people are such haters that they will ignore the facts to help ''support'' their bias.

PackerAaron's picture

Bad Knees - "Saw Blackmons injury. If his knee would have been adjusted (chiropractor or osteopath) before the game it wouldn’t have buckled."
Really? You saw it? Did you see when he made the EXACT SAME CUT at Lambeau last year in Week One on his touchdown return? The Metrodome's turf was responsible for that injury, not some lack of adjustment by the Packers' medical staff.

PackerAaron's picture

wgbeerthree - Completely agree. Thompson left the door wide open in an interview in July for this exact reason.

Ron La Canne's picture

Anyone who thinks Barbre had a good night on Monday hasn't replayed the DVR of the game. The combination of Edwards and occassionally Jared whooped him badly. Sorry, but that is the reality.

WoodyG's picture

I thought Tausch was always on GBs back burner.... Once it was determined he could actually play in 2009, GB was going to bring him back......
If Blackmon were also a serviceable DB, he would be a loss.... He hasn't developed into even a 'good' back-up at DB ........Returns: Nelson will do fine, maybe better.....

nerdmann's picture

Acupuncture would keep that knee from being misaligned to begin with, along with a good qigong practice.
I'd take witch doctors anyday over regular medicine. But I'm radical, I guess.

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