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Tactless miscarriage of Sunday's defective officiating looms ominously over NFL

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Tactless miscarriage of Sunday's defective officiating looms ominously over NFL

-- Now what?

"Those are not fouls."

"I think we're setting a dangerous precedent."

No matter how two former Vice Presidents of Officiating, Dean Blandino and Mike Pereira, put it, this is the NFL that's been constructed through an overhaul of rules -- albeit "emphasized" -- sloppily slapped together in one offseason.

These new precedents began well before Sunday's divisional matchup at Lambeau Field. Well before Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews was flagged for roughing the passer -- the "passer" in this scenario being Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins -- a mere millisecond after he threw the ball. A throw that would've ended the game and presumably given the Packers an eight-point victory and a second-straight home triumph to start the 2018 season.

Among other new implementations, the usage of the helmet as a weapon against an opponent was outlawed over this past offseason. Rightfully so, obviously.

Throughout the preseason, there were multiple instances of defenders struggling to coincide with this new rule. It essentially forced them to alter the way they've instinctively played a game whose requirements necessitate peak athletic ability, advanced mental conditioning and sharp, innate prowess for every respective position.

Rather than being able to lower their shoulders and, not even deliver a bone-crushing hit, but just connect shoulder-to-shoulder, they're now forced to pull up at the last second and mold their playing style to accommodate this new rule.

So far through the first two games of the regular season, that hasn't been a problem. The officials ironed out what and what-not-to call through five exhibition contests.

But that really isn't the problem anymore. Of course, it's something else.

No, it's not the fact that referee Tony Corrente -- and apparently the league office, who are siding with their officials -- believes Matthews lifted Cousins off his feet and drove him into the ground, which is the complete opposite of how that game-changing play developed.

It's the blatant, inept mishandling of the whole ordeal that has done nothing but put the league offices incompetency on notice.

To remind themselves -- and the 32 teams across the league -- of the NFL's complete and utterly inadequate efforts of carrying out justified discipline on the field, they'll be sending out a weekly teaching video to every club showing teams how to properly tackle a quarterback. 

You can't hit the passer in the head, which is perfectly understandable for obvious reasons. You can't hit the passer in the lower body, also for obvious reasons that would put them at risk of a potentially ghastly knee injury or something along those lines.

According to the league, you can't hit them in the midsection either -- a place where, a year ago, was seemingly the only spot you could get away with doing your job.

In that video, there will be an emphasis -- hooray, more emphasis! -- on the "scoop and pull" technique that Matthews evidently did to Cousins.

This could just be something that lingers all season. It could be something that the league and its players just have to live with and oblige to. It doesn't matter how much emphasis is placed on rules built around protecting the quarterback -- even if one of those rules was seemingly nonexistent before Sunday.

The only real emphasis the league placed on protecting the quarterback over the offseason was centered on defenders landing on passers with all of their body weight, either in the process of a sack or right after the ball is thrown.

The rule came as a result of Anthony Barr's hit on Aaron Rodgers last season that broke Rodgers' collarbone. Barr drove Rodgers into the ground, Rodgers braced his fall by extending his right arm, and that was all she wrote -- not just for the Packers' 2017 season hopes, but for the last shred of what little immunity defenders had left against opposing signal-callers.

Players are coming off of inordinate suspensions for smoking marijuana while domestic abusers run free with their respective teams, nobody knows how to tackle and Mychal Kendricks is starting a Monday Night Football game for the Seattle Seahawks after trying to recreate Wolf of Wall Street.

Your NFL.


Zachary Jacobson is a staff writer/reporter for Cheesehead TV. He's the voice of The Leap on iTunes and can be heard on The Scoop KLGR 1490 AM every Saturday morning. He's also a contributor on the Pack-A-Day Podcast. He can be found on Twitter via @ZachAJacobson or contacted through email at [email protected].

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Jonathan Spader's picture

I don't know what a catch is, pass interference, holding, or how a defender is supposed to tackle a QB. I think I understand illegal block in back and horse collar tackle. Videos explaining the rules clearly and why are a great idea but the league should post them for fans as well.

croatpackfan's picture

No, they would not! Are you insane? To educate fans so they can see all shortcomings of their personnel? Ah....

Turophile's picture

I almost never get angry at stupid stuff. Every team gets bad calls from the refs (and they get a break sometimes as well).

That tackle by Matthews though, was something else. Anyone who has spent some time watching football ~KNOWS~ that was a fair tackle. Call it a gut instinct, experience, whatever, you know it was fair.

If that kind of tackle becomes a 'roughing the passer' penalty, it's like they have taken away the game we watched for years and substituted it for another game that we just don't know or understand at any level.

Even after the game, when they could have manned up and admitted a mistake, the officials only reaffirmed that it was a penalty and said they'll use it as training tape. That just compounds the mistake and the attempt to validate the ref's decision just makes it worse. Whoever makes the final calls on what is and isn't a penalty needs to be kicked out of office and replaced by someone with at least a lick of sense.

When even long-time rules experts like Pereira say it's wrong, it is WRONG. There needs to be an immediate re-evaluation of what is legal and what isn't, back to some kind of commonsense where most of us can watch a play and say with confidence, THIS was fair, THIS was a foul, and THIS was a close call that could go either way.

Some might say they wan't a better defined rule, to allow zebras to get it right. I say, that's ok, but I'd go further. If necessary, you can make the wording vaguer (yeah that's shocking), if that is what it needs, to allow refs the wiggle-room to make the natural call.

You know you have got things right when most people understand intuitively the difference between a legal play and a foul. If a play looks right, feels right, it probably IS right. Sometimes you can get so involved in the minutae of something you completely lose the big picture.

So yes, I'm (uncharacteristically) angry at that call, not because it happened to a Packer, but because the game is becoming something I don't know anymore, and don't much want to support if it continues too far down this path.

As Jonathan Spader said above, the nonsense of what is or isn't a catch has also become a horrible murky area recently, as well. Give refs the room in the rules to make a natural call, without having to use a sextant and look up logarithm tables to determine the outcome. Use replay if you have to, to verify, but never let that be a crutch to supplant decision making on the field.

I've been known to occasionally criticise authors at Cheesehead TV, for both inaccurate and blindingly obvious headers to their articles, but Zachary nailed this one.

Gort's picture

I lay blame for most of the league's problems squarely on the commish. He talks a whole bunch about "protecting the shield", but many of his decisions have done exactly the opposite. He kowtowed to the PC crowd when he didn't discipline for uniform violations (socks with pigs dressed as police). His tenure gave us catch rules and now sack rules that nobody understands. Most problems go right up to him.

sardog's picture

Gort, I understand your position but think you're aiming at the wrong target. The commish is paid to have a target on his front and back. His actions and non action is blessed and has tacit approval by the owners. Until the fans confront the owners (including the Packers President) there will be no changes.
So what tactics would work for the many would boycott attending the games? Or quit watching on cable/satellite? Or even show up at the league meetings held twice a year to protest outside? Or quit buying the merchandise for a year? Or blitzing via email fax or phone the league office?
That takes a lot of effort on the fans part and a lot of organization. The NFL banks on our addiction and loyalty to just complain on blog sites. Once again I understand your position but aim at the NFL'S wallets.

Gort's picture

I always got Packers stuff for B-Day or X-Mas up until the past couple years when I asked to not get more. I agree that $$ drives everything and I connot influence the TV revenue stream. Much like others have said, I am not watching every game, just most of the GB games. The at large shareholders might fill the stadium, but don't have enough votes to make an impact on how Murphy votes in league meetings.
THX for the comment.

4thand1's picture

There has been more controversy in the Roger Goodell era than ever before. Make more money, don't pay refs,throw out suspensions and fines, change the rules every year, what a crock. Players have been banned for gambling, but the whole country can bet on football now.

frank the fork's picture

This is a business that is run by organized crime and for vegas to make more done ...i will always be a Packer fan but this is not the football game I played nor my father and brothers once knew.
Ref's can fix games and control outcomes...In the last two minutes of the game all calls should be reviewed.
Your comments and opinions welcome!

flackcatcher's picture

Zach, this has been coming for the past two years. We all seen the signs from short OTA and reduced training camps, to overprotecting the leagues 'cash cow' the QB position. This really isn't that hard to fix. College football faced the same problem head on and put hard and fast rules covering the exact same situation the NFL faces now. What does one say. It all comes down to ego, the owners too full of them selves, and the players not willing to sacrifice in the short term for the good of the game. These idiots have no idea how close they are to killing pro football as we know it.

Nick Perry's picture

"These idiots have no idea how close they are to killing pro football as we know it."

If I could give you more than one"Like" I would just for that sentence above. I'm not foolish enough to think my support of the NFL means a damn thing. But it's becoming increasingly clear the fans are getting FED UP with the product on the field.

I'm a "Football Fanatic", I love this game more than any sport available for my viewing pleasure. It's the "Pleasure" part of this that has waned the last several years because the NFL keeps F****** with the product on the field. When the customers start yelling in unison the game has become unwatchable they should open their ears and listen.

Player Safety is one thing. Supporting a call like the one on Matthews and then actually having the sack to continue to support it by suggesting it will be used as a teaching video is another. At this rate I just may see the demise on the NFL in my lifetime which even 5 years ago was unthinkable.

frank the fork's picture

ditto that

Turophile's picture


Skip greenBayless's picture

We clearly need a new guy running the NFL. Someone who preferably played the game and understands what these poor (mostly rich) players go thru trying to play gladiator while pretending not too. Someone who's not a liberal PC guy catering to every person/group except for the people that actually watch and care about football the way they want to see it played. The question is who is that next great leader? The sooner we get rid of Goodell the better. Rodney Harrison would be my choice. Goodell is killing the game.

sunildutt's picture

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marpag1's picture

Zach, you dog you, you’ve finally written an article with which I entirely agree. (OK, the grammar and vocabulary are still a little shoddy, but at least the title hits the issue on the head). This has nothing to do with being a Packer fan, and nothing to do with the disappointment of tying in a game we clearly should have won. This is about being a fan of football. And frankly, the nonsensical rubbish that the NFL seems intent on producing is not football. Right now I am as discouraged about the future of the NFL as I have ever been. If Clay Matthews’ relatively gentle take-down of Kirk Cousins is not only a penalty, but is actually a teaching tool for training players what they ought NOT to do - (holy sh*t!!) - then it’s time to rekindle my long-lost interest in baseball. Roger Goodell and his fellow morons at the league office can look for new jobs flipping burgers.

12guage's picture

I've been a die hard fan since the lombardi era...but the game is losing me fast with the new rules and all. This is not football anymore and if it doesn't change back fast to some semblance of the game that I've grown to love over the years, then I am done. It will sadden me. ..but that game last Sunday with those referees and their calls just left me in utter disbelief with what I just witnessed. Disgraceful to say the least.

J. R. Zimmer's picture

I have to agree with 12guage. I said the same thing to a co-worker yesterday. The league is starting to lose me after 40+ years. I don’t want 4 hours games, but even baseball has adopted expanded replay availability to make sure most calls are correct. Blatant errors in judgement due to the speed of the game or other factors should not impact the fairness of the game. Calls like these only further the narrative games are sometimes manipulated to make them more competitive or to favor one team over another. The expansion of legalized gambling certainly doesn’t help lessen this perception.

marpag1's picture

Only problem with the replay idea is that this is clearly about the RULES, and not about whether or not the ref saw the play clearly. The NFL carefully reviewed the tape of the Matthews play, and STILL they somehow said that it was a foul.

Oh, it’s “foul” alright...

I hate it.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Me too.

If the NFL is going to decide that is an illegal hit then they need to release thier training video before lack of definition has effected the season not after.

LeotisHarris's picture

Agree with both J.R., and 12guage. The additional piece driving me away is how the production is sold to us via TV. I've long listened to Larry and Wayne (Jim and Max before them) on the radio with the TV volume on mute because I can't stand listening to the various color commentators regurgitate the same-old-same-old. They've now made it a visual clusterfuck as well.

There's no flow to the game anymore. Officiating is part of that, but so is this schidt:

First down play
Close-up of player
Replay of first down play
Close-up of coach with plays sheet in front of his face
Close-up of QB
Shot of player leaving/running onto the field
Crowd shot
Ref shot
2nd close-up of coach with play sheet in front of his face
Shot of stadium from drone/blimp
Crowd shot
Shot of D linemen
Close-up of QB (hands over ear holes)
Shot of O breaking the huddle
Split screen of coach and action on field (coach rips mic down and yells)
Crowd shot
Back to line of scrimmage as ball is snapped
2nd down
Repeat for 3.5-4 hours, with additional sideline reports.


frank the fork's picture

bingo jr

Coldworld's picture

Knee jerk reaction to support the officials is understandable, if one doesn’t consider the wider implications for the game. Clearly nobody at the NFL leadership level did have the sense to slow down the instinct to self justify at all costs. That is on the Commissioner.

Time for wiser heads to intervene before lasting damage is done to the product.

PAPackerbacker's picture

Why does the video of the hit by Matthews have to used to justify the officials decision rather than a tool to justify the need for replay on bad officiating? Game changing plays need to come from players, by rule of course, not by horrible officiating. Penalty calls that change possession or nullify a touchdown need to be reviewable and reversible, just as any other bad call is reviewable and reversible.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

It's being used to retaliate against the fans and media. They could find another video, but they've chosen to try to embarrass us into accepting their lousy product.

For part, I am limiting my consumption of NFL to only Packers games this year. I would let them know, accept they removed their feedback link from Probably as a result of their botched handling of other issues in the last year.

Coldworld's picture

I would characterize it as simple arrogance unchecked by leadership. I believe it will impact viewers and eventually be reinterpreted.

Were I an owner, i’d be calling the commissioner to suggest he ensure that happens fast. If no owner does, then they deserve what they get.

sardog's picture

Jeremy you can always call the league office at 212-450-2000 or nflpa at 800-372-2000. Or the commissioner's email [email protected]
Fax 212-681-7599
Or Lars Osterland - Head of Game Operations and Jade Burroughs- Senior Director Football Operations at 303-962-7272. Their email is [email protected]

Razer's picture

Hard to watch particularly when you want the athletes to determine the outcome. The league missed the mark in taking 'blatant' violence out of the game and instead opted for a complete neutering of the game. Watching Mike Daniels give up when he got to the QB is the ridiculous extension of these new rules.

I don't want my team winning or losing with stupid calls that confuse and short circuit the competition. Football needs the contact and the clarity. Perhaps the gambling industry is now ruling the gridiron and needs a little more certainty with its odds making.

Too bad because I won't be devoting many Sundays to the stripped shirt drama.

Guam's picture

As a lifetime avid football fan, I have to agree that the NFL product is becoming less watchable by the year. The latest iteration of rule changes has significantly altered my enjoyment of the game. It is hard to watch a game when you have to hold your breath after every play to see how much laundry is on the field.

I fully understand the desire to protect players, but at some point in time it still has to be football. The college game seems to have it about right, so why can't the NFL get to the same point?

Mojo's picture

It's gotten to the point that after nearly every play, I wait a few seconds and wander over to the bottom right of the screen to see if the yellow "flag" graphic has popped-up and whether the action has been validated.

I don't know if there's any other sport where the officials are so ingrained in the fabric of the event you're viewing.

Tundraboy's picture


Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Let's not lose sight of the key fact:

This isn't just an issue of the league ruining the game with over-restrictive rules. This was a case of clear bias--applying said rules with no hint of even-handedness--and then having the corrupt league leadership back the call of their flag-throwing employees.

This is what happens when a bunch of control freaks take over a business or government. They place like-minded thugs throughout the organization to enact their objectives, then back every ridiculous action with corporate spin.

The result? A game is ruined, and obvious bias is written off with "we're just protecting quarterbacks" spin.

Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.

4thand10's picture

I have to reply to this. This is what happens when you have unchecked, unbalanced, unfettered Captolism with Foxes watching Henhouses and making their own rules as they go along. Nothing wrong with capitolism, but it needs to be checked, balanced. S&L bailouts, GM bailouts, Bear Sterns bailouts etc... and they still get to keep corporate cars, jets. Then on top of that... Oh, let’s deregulate that so we can do the same stuff all over again. I would rather have more instant replay review, full time officials and balances in place to restore the integrity of the game.

Your right ALP about unchecked power. But I wouldn’t say business or government, I would say just business...people have choices on voting government officials in or out. But in corporations ...they run their own show, unchecked, screwing investors every step of the way...and in the end one is responsible or accountable because guess what?? Corporations are considered people, their own entity. Why do you think there ar so many LLCs? Because if the LLC makes a mistake...everyone gets to walk off, the LLC itself files the bankruptcy...but the people involved get to leave and keep their personal assets....even though it was their hands that screwed it up.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

You know, I can easily counter your argument on more levels than I can count, but that would escalate yet another political argument--and apparently only Conservatives like me are willing to stop political discussions here.

Never mind that I was being kind and even-handed to a fault by including both business and government together, when I could easily have gone off on government corruption (FBI, anyone?). No, you STILL felt it necessary to launch an all-Leftwing attack. Your side never, ever stops. Never.

And since virtually no Conservatives come to the Cheesehead site anymore, I'll incur yet another downpour of downvotes.

Nothing ever changes at MSNBCHEESEHEAD.

Oppy's picture

For the love of all that is holy. Stop it.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

No politics please. Just don't respond

Oppy's picture

please stop it. stop. stop it.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Tell the provokers to stop it, not the provoked. I generously lumped business and government together--specifically to avoid taking political stands.

Then a responder blew that up with a hardline, all-out political barrage. Even then, I refused to dissect and respond to his points.

So stop it, Oppy. Stop lumping the provokers and needlessly provoked together. Stop telling the political side you dislike to keep taking unprovoked stabs without responding. Stop it.

For when the provokers stop--both posters and the hard-Left writing staff at Cheesehead--then all the politi-speak will magically...


Oppy's picture

"I generously lumped business and government together--specifically to avoid taking political stands."

There was no reason to "Lump in" government at all. You're not an innocent victim. You're the little boy sticking your finger in his sister's face and repeating "I'm not touching you! I'm not touching you!" then you cry that she hit you when she slaps it away.

You don't get to play the victim card while being one of the provokers.
And both the little boy and his sister need to stop it.

JUST STOP. Like I've asked everyone else.

I've been reading and commenting here and over at the old AGBP since around 2007. There's never been anything like the political commenting flaring up around here recently. It's ridiculous.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Of course there was reason. Both business and government are organizations where power corrupts. You just don't want government "lumped in" because you are a leftwinger--which is your right. But unbiased people see no problem acknowledging corruption in both business and government.

I took an even-handed stance. Someone on your political side responded with a completely one-sided, political stance. You then chastised me for being political.


You keep acting like I provoke when I haven't started a single one of these conversations for many, many weeks. They're almost all started by people of your political ilk, and the moment I call them out, you start crying, "Stop it! Just stop!"

If you don't want politics discussed here--AND UNLIKE YOU, I TRULY DON'T--then every time these things start, call out those starting them. Call out the provokers and only the provokers.

Don't look for excuses to lump in people like me who are just doing what you should--calling out provokers. When you lump us in, you let provokers off the hook.

You're an enabler.

In this thread, I clearly started nothing--twice. Each time, someone else injected politics.

But why won't you blame just the ones starting it? Obviously, because you'd have to spend 90% of those conversations calling out your political allies.

You're not trying to "stop it" at all, Oppy. You're just providing cover for your buddies.

That's why you don't go after provokers. And as for calling me one, that's just pathetic--and grossly untrue.

Paul Konieczny's picture

Long time Packer fan, long time football fan. Will no longer watch an nfl game other than a Packers game. Hope they can get squared away soon before I give it up all together. I may start golfing again. Thanks, since 57.

Razer's picture

Don't know what will be more frustrating - but - I hear you.

Paul Konieczny's picture

Learned long ago if you really aren’t that good no use getting mad about it. I go for the beer and fun.

Booner's picture

Three words that describe the NFL and the commissioner! STINK, STANK and STUNK!

stockholder's picture

His Family loves the Vikings. I remember Roller Derby. Saturday bowling. WWF. Watching Boxing. Even Nascar is hurting. If the TV revenue goes. So goes the NFL. The Changes will wreck Football. if the refs don't first. People won't pay for it. I hate the new catch rules. (process) I hate the new QB rules. I hate refs.

Since '61's picture

I agree with just about every post here so far. I have posted for years here that the NFL product is getting worse every season and the officiating worse by the week. Now we have reached a low point not only in officiating but in what are the rules especially around tackling, roughing, illegal contact, PI, what is a catch, and even holding was called incorrectly on Taylor.

If we combine that with a decline in the overall play we have an unwatchable product. But it is actually worse now because defensive players will probably hold off now on making plays for fear of roughing or tackling or whatever. This will free the offense for even more scores and more yardage and more FF stats which will make the FF leagues and their players happy. The NFL wants to grow the FF group of fans for the future as they push away the older traditional fans like myself and many others here.

It will also allow for even further manipulation of the outcome of games for the now legal gambling segment. And as LVT has correctly pointed out for years Las Vegas never loses. Now they have more ways to manipulate the outcome in their favor.

Soon we will reach a point where the defense can't tackle RBs and the offense can just run around the field unopposed. Then we will have a variation of the NBA or Arena football. No defense just score as many points as possible in 60 minutes. The owners will agree since they will have less players to pay with no defenders on the field.

Where this league is going is anyone's guess but it doesn't look very good right now. Thanks, Since '61

marpag1's picture

"Defensive players will probably hold off now on making plays for fear of roughing or tackling or whatever."

Exactly, Since '61. Want to see a perfect example of this? Check out the Vikings 1st and 10 play at the 6:32 mark in the third quarter.

Mike Daniels bullrushes the Vikings' center straight back to Cousins. Daniels is literally face to face with Cousins and practically has him in a bear hug. He's got him dead to rights. But Cousins gives a little pump fake, and rather than taking Cousins to the ground, Daniels simply lets him go, turns away, and then stands at ease. Meanwhile Cousins still has the ball, and simply runs away.

At first, it seemed inexplicable, but then you realize what obviously happened. Daniels THOUGHT that Cousins had released the ball, and suddenly Daniels is petrified to even touch Cousins. So he instantly lays off of him and lets him go instead of simply taking him to the ground and making sure. Why? Because Daniels is obviously afraid that if he even tackles Cousins he's going to get a personal foul and probably a hefty fine.

The end result? Rather than a 10 yard sack, Cousins scrambles to a one yard gain, and we are forced to witness sloppy, unwatchable "football."

Tundraboy's picture

À l


frank the fork's picture

As i said IM done!
Season tickets just sold...thanks for the ride packers hope it works in the end. Good bye NFL. That was easy...took me 10 minutes online!
Always...go pack go.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Since 61, Thank You!! It makes me feel Good that a few people here are beginning to see it. Especially You!! By the way Chicago beat Seattle last night. What a Surprise!! That was a legitimate Win, but I'll bet you the money was on Seattle. The Bettors were Wrong again. The games will not be this easy going forward. The NFL knows that more & more fans are getting wise to it. So far this year a lot of the games have been easy to pick. I don't expect that to last. As far as GB goes, Unfortunately, Unlike the Pats who are Hated, GB is Loved all across this country. They carry a Ton of Money on their back every week, regardless of the spread. Favre fought it his whole career.

Think Back, When we were 15 & 1, why do you think we lost that 1st Playoff Game. Why do you think we won the SB as the 6th seed & on the road as underdogs the whole way? Easy enough for me to see.

I'm going to tell you something that most here won't believe. The NFL has Unbelievable Power over Teams, Coaches, Players, & yes Sports Commentators. They all know what's going on, but they don't even Dare to mention the words: Gambling or anything to do with covering the Spread, or they are finished. It's really not the NFL. It's LAS VEGAS!! They are the ones running the show.

I don't want any Smack back on this. Most fans don't Bet, so they can't see it. I understand that. I have to be careful myself. I've already said Too Much on here. One More Thing: Rodgers injury, just like Jordy's a couple of years ago have helped GB, more than it hurts, as long as he can keep playing.


jeremyjjbrown's picture

me to: [email protected].com

Subject: NFL no longer wants fan feedback but maybe the NFLPA does.

Body: Hi,

I am contacting the NFLPA because you publish contact info and the NFL no longer does. Since my feedback affects the players I thought I'd let you know. NFL no longer wants fan feedback but maybe the NFLPA does.

Since the NFL has chosen to use the Clay Matthews play as an example of and "Illegal Hit" I'm reducing my consumption of all NFL related activities until the NFL cleans up it's act. While I support 100% rules to protect players, I'm convinced the NFL is doing this to embarrass the fans and media who found the call to be in error. I will still watch Packers games on the antenna, but I will not watch any other games. No MNF, SNF, TNF, playoffs, NFL related Pregame shows. Nor will I buy NFL products, NFL media products for the duration of the season.

Obviously the next step to to completely eliminate the NFL, which based on the product I saw on Sunday is no loss to me.

Very Sincerely, Jeremy Brown

Guam's picture

Excellent idea. Perhaps a limited boycott is in order to convince the powers that be that the game is changing beyond recognition and not for the better.

marpag1's picture

I don't think the NFL suits are using the Matthews play "to embarrass the fans and media who found the call to be in error." And I don't think that the NFL big shots are simply trying to hide the fact that they made an obvious mistake. I think it's worse than that. They REALLY ARE so dense and thick-headed that they actually feel the Matthews hit should be a penalty.

Coldworld's picture

Or they have just bought into their own hype that they are insulted by the mere suggestion of error by a group so ignorant as the fans who merely give money and viewing ratings.

PackfanNY's picture

The problem with the NFL is they can't simply admit the official made a mistake. See that was easy. It is a bizarre way to deal with the truth. Nothing will change the result as we all have to accept that a mistake was made (in the end). Instead they "double down" on the error and try to tell you what you saw is not really what you saw. They also tell you things that are demonstrably false "Matthews left his feet" despite that all video evidence supports a clean hit within the already ridiculous rules.

4thand1's picture

There is only one solution, hit em in the pocket book. That will NEVER happen. Many people quit watching because of Anthem protests and the NFL scrambled to find a solution. But cameras panned the sidelines and media and everyone got involved. Polotics got involved which was the intent, to get the conversation started. The only way to safely play football is not to play it. Most of us , if it involved multiple suguries or risk of brain truama would find a new occupation. But most of us don't make 6 or 7 figure salaries a year. Also the players have the best health care, team drs. trainers, nutritionists. The cost of an MRI alone is sky high, my insurance doesn't cover it. The players know the risk and they take it. All the safety stuff didn't happen until the NFL lost a lawsuit.

stockholder's picture

Seems like the players are going to have to do a protest against the Refs bad calls. #52 needs to start it! McMahon wore a Rozelle head band. Maybe CMIII should lie down on his first play of the game.

Big Moe's picture

The bottom line is that the Vikings couldn't beat us even when the Refs compleatley succumed to Vegas preassure and tried to assist in the this outcome, it was a bad call and sitting back in the league office and playing make believe WILL NEVER MAKE IT A GOOD CALL!!! Now step up and do the right thing for a change instead of being a scared little bitch about it, your Ref screwed the pooch and very badly at this one, now at least admit he F***** up, but termination of the ref would be a much better reaction. IMO He better not be involved with the Pack again this season no matter what!!!

Barazinho's picture

I used to care about the NCAA tournament. The Badger win over Kentucky was one of the best games I ever saw. The final was a huge letdown, where the refs took over the game and handed it to Duke. I let it go, and still enjoyed, and the final the following year was a great game - an example of how even officiating can make the game great. The following year, Gonzaga got the same treatment as Gonzaga. At that point, I realized the fix was in, and now I barely care about "March Madness!". The NFL just pushed a whole bunch of people in this same direction. They really have a good thing - the salary cap encourages parity and turnover, which keeps the league from being dominated by the same teams every year (EPL, MLB, etc) - it's really a golden goose, but they seem to sh*t the bed when something unexpected happens (deflategate is a great example).

Barazinho's picture

Correction (ugh) - Gonzaga got the same treatment as WI.

Community Guy's picture

i am waiting for the muck-racking journalism that exposes how gambling is influencing the outcomes in NFL games.

i am too addicted to pro football to stop watching Packers' games; however, there is no way i am ever going to put any money down on an on-field outcome in the NFL.

Skip greenBayless's picture

The closest we can get here to "the truth" is to listen to a guy who lives the life in Vegas. He's the expert and he's offering his info here for anyone willing to listen for free. His name is Las Vegas Tom or LVT for short. The things he's talked about has blown my mind and am learning alot. I am clueless about gambling but he's becoming more relevant by the day now that betting on NFL games has been legalized. This past GB/MN game has pretty much awakened even the greatest skeptics with how it ended.

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