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Surviving Sunday: Packers news, notes and links for the football deprived

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Surviving Sunday: Packers news, notes and links for the football deprived

Now that training camp has officially started for the Green Bay Packers, this will be the final Surviving Sunday of the offseason. We'll have plenty of Packers topics to cover now that practices are underway and real football is just around the corner.

To close out another offsseason of Surviving Sunday, I wanted to cover a very important, deeply divisive, and controversial topic: Where does MIke McCarthy's beard rank in the history of Packers' beards?

Let's break this question down...

Forget McCarthy's decision to give up playcalling duties to pay more attention to the defense and special teams. McCarthy's biggest offseason decision was to grow a beard. When the Packers go 19-0 in 2015, historians will point to McCarthy's beard as a key reason for the historical season of dominance.


Long-snaper Brett Goode had a solid beard. Very well-maintained and consistent in color. It also looks soft and inviting. If I were a bird, Goode's beard seems like it would be a comfortable place to make a nest.

Let's not forget about John Kuhn's beard. Not as full and complete as Goode's beard, but when 80,000 people chant your name at Lambeau Field the one or two times you touch the ball per game, you should have a beard.


Ugh. Clay Matthews' beard is absolutely atrocious. Matthews got married recently. He's lucky he's Clay Matthews. Because if he wasn't, no woman would get within 100 feet of him with that ugly mess on his face.


Can we count Brett Favre's retirement beard? Technically, he wasn't back in the Packers family yet, so probably not. But kudos to the 'ol Gunslinger for his brief appearance in the Packers beard hall of fame before being inducted into the actual Packers hall of fame.


Charles Woodson had the long goatee, which I guess could count as a beard. I'm including it because Woodson wore it so well.


Josh Sitton's beard is so awesome, he once tried to hauk a loogie and it got intercepted by the beard.


I don't remember Matt Flynn having a beard. Should backup QBs be allowed to have beards as impressive as Flynn's? It might be too distracting to have such a full set of facial hair over on the sideline.


Oh no, remember Aaron Rodgers' Jesus beard and matching hair? Just because Rodgers can walk on water, it doesn't mean he should have tried to look like the only other human being who also could walk on water. 


Remember Jeremy Wilcox, the dude who lives in a log cabin near Wausau, Wis. and does some telecommunications work for the Packers on gameay? He has the beard that Rodgers tugged on before he re-entered last season's finale against Detroit. Even though Wilcox isn't a player, his beard has healing powers so he qualifies.


Evan Dietrich-Smith's beard would have finished higher if I wasn't so distracted by his tattoo sleeves.


Packers news, notes and links

  • Jared Abbrederis suffered a concussion during the first practice. It's not the WR's first concussion, but we don't know for sure just how many he's had. If Abbrederis is to have a career in the NFL, his injury luck needs to turn around. Quickly.
  • How long before Mike Daniels gets a new contract? I predict by week 3.
  • Clay Matthews says he's still "figuring things out" at inside linebacker. He seemed to figure things out right away last season, and I'm sure he'll do just fine this time around. Also, how about Nate Palmer getting some solid reviews at inside linebacker? I didn't see that one coming.
  • The Green Bay Packers annual report shows that while the NFL seems to be going through crisis after crisis off the field, the money continues to pour in at an astonishing rate.  For example, the Packers received over $226 in NFL revenue sharing. That's money in their pockets before a game is played, ticket sold or jersey purchased.
  • Consider this: I live in Minnesota, where the Vikings are building a new $1 billion stadium. Of course, billionaire Vikings owner Zygi Wilf said there was no way he could possibly finance the stadium themselves, so they turned to me, Joe Taxpayer, for help. I'll be paying for about half the stadium, along with some annual operating expenses. The other half will be "paid" by the Wilfs. "Paid" is in quotes because the Wilfs will be using a no-interest loan from the NFL, naming rights to the stadium that will total in the millions, and, of course, an annual NFL revenue sharing check (money that's in their pockets before they even do anything) to "pay" for their share. You're welcome, Zygi. NFL ownership....not a bad gig if you can get it. 
  • Sorry about that Vikings sidebar rant. Back to the Packers...
  • No Packers players made Grantland's list of the NFL's worst contracts. Thank you, Ted Thompson.
  • By most accounts, the Packers cornerbacks have looked great so far in camp. But apparently, some people think they're too short.
  • Two of my three bosses (Aaron Nagler and Corey Behnke) were in Green Bay this week to cover training camp. Be sure to click around the site and check out all the amazing coverage, like this video recap of the Packers first padded practice.
  • So far, the merger of CheeseheadTV and has been going extremely well. Our crew from continues to crank out daily content that covers the Packers from every angle you can think of. Aaron, Corey and the rest of the crew from CHTV are second to none when it comes to fan interaction, social media and a unique fan's perspective on the Packers. Of course, none of this is possible without all of you who continue to read and consume everything we crank out -- even this silly Surviving Sunday column. THANK YOU and we look forward to another fun season of Packers football.

Non-Packers links and other nonsense

  • The death of Roddy Piper is more devastating news for the wrestling world. There aren't many icons of 1980s wrestling left...
  • The dentist who killed Cecil the Lion broke the law and should without a doubt face consequences for what he did. But do we need to ruin his life over it and post signs on his business wishing that he "ROTS IN HELL"?
  • Book recommendation: "The MIdnight Express & Jim Cornette 25th Anniversary Scrapbook." This book is full of insider stories and fun mementos from one of the greatest tag teams of the 1980s. I've been reading a lot books that cover depressing and deep subjects lately, so I needed somthing light and fun. This did the trick.
  • I like Paul Newman's salad dressings, so I found this story interesting.
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Nick Perry's picture

I vote for Woodsons Goatee. Look what he's shown off on his right fist!

Bummed about Abbrederis. The kid was one of the best route runners coming out but if he's really had 4 or 5 concussions like some think (Only one documented) it may be smart to step away.

Thanks to Aaron and Corey for all the awesome coverage and to all the writers who came over from You guys are doing a amazing job.

WKUPackFan's picture

Excellent information as always Adam. I'm going with Wilcox's beard, those healing powers are incredible.

Will seriously miss Roddy Piper. Very entertaining, and a cross-over success. His work in the movie They Live is quite good (the movie is good also).

Cornette runs Ohio Valley Wrestling now. See him on TV every week in Louisville.

johnnyd17's picture

always liked the sci-fi film Rowdy Roddy was in w/Keith David, "THEY LIVE", great fight scene they had rehearsed for days and director (John Carpenter) decided to not film but they successfully convinced him to do the scene...and the great Meg Foster too...RIP Piper

WKUPackFan's picture

That fight scene is outstanding! Thanks for the background. Meg Foster has the freakiest eyes.

4thand1's picture

I don't think Brett Goode would appreciate "soft and inviting" for something surrounding his mouth.

WKUPackFan's picture

This comment has so many possible comebacks - and I'm not using any of them.

Nick Perry's picture

LMAO!!!!! I'm still laughing!!! Thanks, good one!!!

egbertsouse's picture

Good article by McGinn. I know that's blasphemous because all fans are supposed to hate him because he's critical of Packer management once in awhile.

I ask the same question McGinn does. Why does TT go for the 5'10" CBs in a division with Megatron and Jeffries? Why not go for the Sherman types? Is it because of draft position and these guys are not available or is it because of the defensive philosophy?

Somebody help me out here.

4thand1's picture

Because of where they draft. Any tall premium CB's will be gone before the Packers draft. I'd rather a 5'10" guy who's fast and can cover than a slew footed tall guy. Bigger is not always the answer.

Tarynfor12's picture

The over all talent of a CB vs WR's as a whole is more prudent than the individual team match up,IMO.

Looking specifically for these Sherman types can be as faulty as the ideology of Lovie Smith's thinking..."My objective is to beat Green Bay"...the more singular one gets in direction the more you're apt to miss.

Cwoodson21's picture

I believe that Ted is going for DB's that Ted thinks are the best playmakers. Turnovers = wins.

Evan's picture

"Sherman types" are exceedingly rare. Look at the heights of the top 25 CBs from this years draft. Only a handful were over 6'0. None were "Sherman types" (6'3")

Nick Perry's picture

I'm going to watch Eric Rowe who was taken in the 2nd round by the Eagles with the 47th pick. He's 6'1" with a 39" vertical and 4.45 speed. I only bring him up because some had him as a possible choice by the Packers. He played Safety for 3 years and switched to CB last season.

johnnyd17's picture

that is 226 million dollars revenue sharing....$$$$ not exactly risky business....

cheddarhead's picture

Maybe A-Rod should tugged on MM's beard for luck.Lol

Cwoodson21's picture

I have to vote for Woodson's goatee.

4thand1's picture

Thanks to Adam, I'm hooked on Goode.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"No Packers players made Grantland's list of the NFL's worst contracts."

The importance of this can not be overstated.

4thand1's picture

Have you seen any Olivia Munn vids. She must be a black belt. Hope AR doesn't break up with her, she'll kick his ass and be out for the season.

croatpackfan's picture

So, it is looking good when Packers received full amount of $226! Two hunderds and twenty six USD! Wow. They can pay Aaron now!

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