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Surviving Sunday: Packers news, notes and links for the football deprived

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Surviving Sunday: Packers news, notes and links for the football deprived

I was going to use this space to address Aaron Rodgers' decision to cut dairy products out of his diet, but CHTV's own Thomas Hobbes beat me to the punch and wrote a much better piece about it than I ever could. Hobbes's piece contains facts and stuff. My piece was just going to be all snark and cheap shots directed at QB1's new aversion to cheese, milk and yogurt.

To be clear, we're all free to eat and drink whatever we want. If you want to eat at Chipotle because they don't use products with GMO ingredients (even though GMOs have never made anybody sick ever, while Chipotle has had to deal with numerous salmonella outbreaks) have at it. More power to Rodgers if he thinks cutting dairy from his diet will prolong his career and keep him on the field. It probably won't, but it probably won't hurt him, either.


As great as Rodgers is, we can't let this announcement slide without vigorously making fun of it. So, this week's Packers news and links sections will not only be filled with Packers news and links, it will also be filled with cheap shots at the now dairy-free Rodgers.

Packers, news, notes and links

  • As previously mentioned, Aaron Rodgers has removed dairy products from his diet, including (GASP!) cheese. If I were the Packers general manager, I'd cut Rodgers immediately for this horrible infraction and terrible life decision. But since that won't happen, hopefully the new diet filled with seaweed, almond milk and pixie dust helps keep him on the field for a few more seasons.
  • Here's a cool story about how a 2005 mock draft helped the Packers get Aaron Rodgers. I wonder if a 2017 mock draft can get Rodgers to eat cheese again?
  • Football Outsiders had a great deep dive on Rodgers this week that examined why the game's best quarterback "only" has seven playoff wins and one Super Bowl. "When a great quarterback is consistently great but doesn't win multiple Super Bowls," Cian Fahey writes. "We go in search of fabricated reasons why." We sure do. And now we have yet another fabricated reason: THE MAN NO LONGER DRINKS MILK OR EATS CHEESE! 
  • Quinten Rollins' finger injury at OTAs was so bad, he had a bone sticking out of his hand. Gross. You know what would have prevented the bone from breaking through the skin? Drinking milk. But Rodgers has probably convinced Rollins that milk is the devil.
  • The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel caught up with former Packers TE Jermichael Finley. Among the revelations: Finley now coaches youth football and he's repaired his relationship with Rodgers. No word on how Rodger's recent announcement about giving up dairy is impacting the Rodgers-Finley relationship.
  • Mike at predicts the Packers 2016 depth chart. I'm trying to think of a way to tie this into Rodgers and cheese, but I got nothing. Go read Mike's predictions. I always love way-too-early roster prediction posts.

Non-Packers links and other nonsense

  • Why does Bill Simmons continue to take shots at ESPN? I get that it was a tough breakup, but without ESPN, there is no way Simmons is nowhere near as popular (or rich) as he is today. Have a glass of milk and chill, Simmons.
  • If you missed Billy Chrystal's euology at Muhammad Ali's funeral, be sure to check it out.
  • Book recommendation: "The Only Rule is has to Work" by Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller. The book explores what happens when two stat heads take over an independent league baseball team in Sonoma, Calif. Lindbergh and Miller are insightful and funny as they share what happens when the world of analytics collides with the human element of playing baseball on the independent circuit.
  • Cancer update: We got the results of my latest scan this week. Everything remains stable. My cancer hasn't spread further. Of course we were hoping to hear, "It's a miracle, your cancer has disappeared!" news, but stable is good. We'll take stable for now. Here's a few more details in my latest Caring Bridge post.
  • Confession: After my cancer diagnosis, I cut sugar out of my diet (along with red meat...depressing). Much to my surprise, dairy products like milk and cheese contain a fair amount of sugar, so, I, like Rodgers, am now dairy free. And it sucks. The research on giving up sugar and red meat to fight cancer isn't definitive, but there's enough evidence out there that it's worth a try. Plus it makes me feel like I'm doing something to fight this disease instead of just sitting there getting poisonous chemotherapy pumped into me every two weeks. But I did cheat and have a slice of cheese with breakfast this morning. It was amazing.
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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

No snark and cheap shots on a Blog? Inconceivable.

Can't find no dairy, but here is Bill Burr on no meat:

4thand1's picture

I could watch Bill Burr all day.

MarkinMadison's picture

Good luck with the diet. I'm joining you. Goat cheese has no sugar, cheddar and gruyere have very little.

I have to confess - I'm struggling to remember much of anything about Bill Simmons. I listen to sports radio. I don't watch ESPN TV much. I was thrilled when Cowherd left. But really, getting fired for busting Rodger Gooddell's chops over Deflate Gate and Ray Rice? Half the free world has done that. Doing it because the NFL is effectively your business partner? I guess they just shredded any veil of objectivity.

Sheila Allen's picture

Hilarious, not even the least bit cheesy!
Really enjoy your Sunday articles.
Hang in there with the chemo, it's a journey for sure, I've been on it over a year. Every day is a gift & I'll be praying for you.

dobber's picture

" (even though GMOs have never made anybody sick ever, while Chipotle has had to deal with numerous salmonella outbreaks) "

I thought this one was both funny AND and snark all wrapped up in one, burrito-like bundle!

Community Guy's picture

"even though GMOs have never made anybody sick ever"

- careful with the never-ever statements.. highly unlikely this is true.. AND,
- nobody knows about the (many?) unintended consequences of GMOs flooding the natural environment.. certainly the consequences go beyond the immediate and direct effects on the human body
- all that said, i, like many, buy GMO products because:
1.) it is now so difficult to stay GMO free [capitalism defeats individual again], and,
2.) i, a non-expert, personally feel GMO's immediate effects on human bodies are negligible.

James Lutz's picture

Sorry man, but cows milk is the devil. At least for humans. It's really good for calves. Just not humans. Seaweed and pixie dust is definitely better.

That said, I still love a good slice o pizza pie and a bowl of ice cream. They just have to be about a month apart in my ingestion or I can no longer breath. Milk, haven't had a drop in 30 years. Makes me very ill. Good for Rodgers for trying a new path. I suspect when we win the Super Bowl this year no one will credit his diet change. But I'm telling you, giving up dairy will put the Pack over the top. You'll see.

dobber's picture

There's very interesting genetic and anthropological work out there about how the genetic leap that made dairy something we, as humans, could stomach later in life than most mammals was a key step in our becoming a settled (meaning non-nomadic) species, thus allowing for the development of our civilization---such as it is.

PETER MAIZ's picture

It's very interesting how homo sapiens were able to not have allergic reactions to milk but, yes, domesticating some herbivores helped man settle down. According to my history books, domesticating grains was the big bang of civilization. And Rodgers should be eating cheese, but not the junk we find at our grocery stores. You know, real cheese produced in France. After all, he can afford just about anything.

Nick Perry's picture

Thanks for being here each and every Sunday Adam. I have no doubt your cancer WILL disappear one day.

The article in Football Outsiders takes a few shots at the WR group.

Question, do the Packers have as "Good" of a WR Corps as we think when they're all healthy, or do we just assume it because Ted has drafted the position so well in the past?

Personally I believe they have an Excellent group of WR's. Each brings something a little different to the table and when combined wil be difficult to stop. Most teams won't have enough quality CB to match up. That's my opinion...

dobber's picture

"Question, do the Packers have as "Good" of a WR Corps as we think when they're all healthy, or do we just assume it because Ted has drafted the position so well in the past?....Most teams won't have enough quality CB to match up."

Many have said that had been the key to the Packer passing game (beyond ARod) prior to the emergence of Jordy Nelson: that the 3rd and 4th Packer WR were superior to the corresponding defenders, even if the 1st and 2nd were not necessarily that much better.

If the key to the offense was going 3 and 4-wide, the TE really didn't matter very much, either.

4thand1's picture

Ok, what if AR has a season that makes our jaws drop off instead of just hitting the floor? Then wins another SB MVP . Every dairy farm in WS will go belly up. Sorry for everything cancer keeps taking from you Adam. But stable is good news, and every bit of good news is encouraging. I look forward to Sundays and your writing, keep fighting and kick cancer's ass.

Tundraboy's picture

Who's Bill Simmons?

ray nichkee's picture

The BS report.

Tundraboy's picture

As always keep up your great fight and comedy. Thanks for advice on sugar etc. Bye bye sugar and soda but cheese has got to stay. I'm Sicilian and so that's impossible. Hope my grandparents longevity and genetics hold true.
Hope Rollins finger mends well and soon. He looks like a player

dobber's picture

"You know what would have prevented the bone from breaking through the skin? Drinking milk."

You know what may have prevented that bone from breaking in the process and leading to a much longer recovery time? Drinking milk...

Tundraboy's picture

Thats right calcium, calcium, calcium.

Ferrari Driver's picture

Billy Crystal's 15 rounds was impressive.

scullyitsme's picture

I've always been an "to each their own" type of person but with that said,the hostility to non milk drinkers is surprising, almost childish, maybe even infantile.....oh, wait.

Hematite's picture

Here's some "snark" for you:
Mr Rodgers disembowling of the dairy industry is his first step out of Wisconsin.

Teflon Ted's picture

I not only would like to offer my condolences to all the dairy farmers in WI who will take a big hit on milk prices because of Aaron Rodgers but also on a more serious matter to the 50 plus victims of this horrible shooting in Orlando targeting innocent Americans by what appears to be another islamic terrorist targeting a gay nightclub. I know Bernie would have stopped this kind of stuff from happening but even though I can't stand him I have to vote for Donald Trump now. He was right all along even though I didn't want to believe it. I believe him now.

Teflon Ted's picture

Wow!! We just suffered our worst attack in the history of our nation as far as this shooting in Orlando is concerned and I offer my condolences to the 50 plus victims and 4 people here have the audacity to dislike it. What kind of sick people do we have here that dislike what I said. I'm in disbelief.

Spock's picture

Everything in moderation. I have greatly reduced my sugar intake, but will not give up cheese. Check out "The Belly Fat Cure" book. It's a real eye-opener on the amount of sugar in the American diet. I dropped forty pounds and my wife lost fifty simply by changing our eating life style. Unfortunately, I've gained about 20 back because I'm not as disciplined (especially about the "empty calories" in brandy!) but it's surprising how many "low fat" items are "high sugar". Read the labels carefully! Keep up the good fight! There are lots of low-sugar alternatives out there. I love my red meat but cook a "meatless meal" once a week which isn't too much of a hardship if planned well.

Gforcetrivers's picture

Cant imagine life without Cheese, Bacon, Beer, Brats or BRANDY. And I love an ice cold glass of whole milk. Cheese curds are amazing! Low Fat and Reduced Sugar items are mostly a scam and are not healthier choices. There are sugars in milk and cheese but not Sucrose, glucose or fructose. Although lactose is a disaccharide derived partially from Glucose. Anyway all this Gluten free, fat free, sugar free crap is a bunch of BS.

PETER MAIZ's picture

I love
Adam's piece. If I were Rodgers rolling $20 mil (including endorsements) I'd be importing my cheese directly from France where many cheeses don't use pasteurised milk and, therefore, aren't delightful, but are outright delicious. If you're making a delicious income, have the deliciousness that comes along.
I wish the best to Adam with his fight with cancer.

slicknic007's picture

I am glad to hear the positive cancer update. If I were in your shoes, I too would do anything I could to kick this thing including giving up dairy. I can't remember where I saw the article, but I had read a couple weeks ago an article about eating asparagus and how it is believed to help fight cancer. Has anyone else read this article? It made me want to start eating it as part of my daily diet.

Rossonero's picture

Adam, glad to hear you're stable. Not perfect news, but still good news.

There is some truth to the dairy free diet reducing inflammation. I went dairy free for a while since my wife had to when our daughter had developed a temporary milk allergy when she was a few months old. My skin used to be dry and red finally cleared up. I had no idea dairy would've caused that! I'd have to find some studies that support the notion that dairy causes inflammation, but I've switched to almond milk and never looked back. Less fat and all the same vitamins.

Rossonero's picture

Absolutely. I still enjoy cheese and ice cream, but in moderation.

phillythedane's picture

Bravo, Adam. Your comic timing with the written word is pretty darn good.

WKUPackFan's picture

Adam - A little late, sorry. Billy Crystal's eulogy was amazing.

I watched the procession at Bardstown Road and Watterson Expressway. In 56 years I have never seen anything so moving. There were at least 2,500 people at that location. We could see another large group a block up. I believe the 100,000 total estimate for the crowd was low.

So many great stories were told here last week. Perhaps President Clinton best captured the essence of the outpouring of emotions. Describing Ali, Clinton said: "He was a truly free man of faith ".

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