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SURVEY: Let's Hear Your Expectations for the 2019 Packers

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SURVEY: Let's Hear Your Expectations for the 2019 Packers

Happy Thursday everyone! We are just two weeks away from the start of the Green Bay Packers' 2019 campaign. You may recall last year around this time I put together a survey to get a sense of the community's expectations for the Packers. Here's a look at the results.

Most people expected the Packers to win 11 or 12 games (oops), that they'd win the super bowl (double oops), that they'd win the NFC North (yeesh), and overwhelmingly thought the Vikings would win the division if not the Packers (heh). 

So clearly, we know nothing.

That being said, it's fun to get a sense of how the community feels heading into the year. With this being a year of greater uncertainty than the Packers have had in many years thanks to a new coaching staff, new offensive scheme and departures of famliiar faces, I expect predictions to be much more scattered this year.


There are a few added questions this year, including a spot for you to list your CheeseheadTV user name and/or Twitter handle, if you'd like to have some of your thoughts or predictions specifically highlighted.

Like last year, the results will go up the first day of training camp, which is two weeks from today. We had several hundred respondents last year, so it'd be great to beat that number out by quite a bit this year. Spread the word!


Tim Backes is a lifelong Packer fan and a contributor to CheeseheadTV. Follow him on Twitter @timbackes for his Packer takes, random musings and Untappd beer check-ins.

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Hematite's picture

My crystal ball is pretty foggy at this point.
I am excited about watching this team develop over the course of the season but I don't expect a playoff berth.

Coldworld's picture

Expectations are tricky. Football is not played in a vacuum but against other teams.

I do expect our defense to be better and become fun to watch for the first time in s long time. On offense I think we will be better as a result of scheme and experience.

We had better be better on ST, but I think we will see some growing pains elsewhere. By mid season though. I think we will be starting to see a bright future.

How well we do this year depends on how long things take to gel, injuries and how well our opponents, particularly in the division have really done this off season. Personally I think none of them got noticeably better, so it is a case of showing that we have and making that count early enough.

oceanstrength's picture

On paper they are super bowl bound after 12-4 season.
Injuries always tell the tale though and I break that down this way:
Five position groups on offense QB, RB, TE, Reciver, Line. And five on defense: IL, Edge, ML, S, Corner.
An injury to the best player in each of those groups equals 1 more game in the loss column. Rodgers alone represents 3 extra losses if injured; so 9-7 if no other injuries. Baktiari injured is 2 extra losses, Jones is 1, Graham is 1, Adams is 1. On defense, Clark is 1, Z.Smith is 1, Savage or Amos is 1, Alexander is 1, and Martinez or Burks is 1.
So, even with Rodgers healthy, three other key injuries could put the pack right on the edge of playoff contention. Four and they are off the edge and into the abyss.

hobowilly's picture

Hey OS! Your injury bidding is appropriate to consider based on GB's history. I would sincerely hope mgmt is trying to crack the code on their muscle pull incidences (esp hamstrings) but i'm still VERY concerned that there hasn't been much turnover in their training staff. We fans are no experts (unless we are in this field of expertise) but there were 4-5 years after say 2011 where GB suffered more than its share of, let's say, "non impact" related injuries. Enough said. I would make a few changes to your assessment as follows: AR going down perhaps 4 losses and surely D Adams at least 2. You got that right about Bak, 2 losses but A Jones could be 2 as well, although i see both Williams' doing well. I also predict GB will put Vitale on the 53; i almost disagree with Burks as 1 maybe 0, unless he gets off blocks consistently...losing Martinez could be 2 losses and Clark perhaps 2 as well. But losing AR will pretty much foil the season.....sorry to ramble here but MLF's new system will likely make it about 25+% less likely that AR would be injured, IMHO.

TheVOR's picture

12 & 4, anything less than that and competing for a World Championship is a let down!

We have the best QB in the NFL, he needs to keep his jersey clean, needs to run this offense as it can be executed, and be allowed to audible when absolutely necessary, while still running the heart and soul of the offense.

We need to run the football, we need to develop the WR's quickly.

Final word, no coming out of the blocks looking like an expansion team. No excuses! 12 & 4, that's my expectation.

RickInCali's picture

Football isn’t baseball. Plug and play overhauls don’t typically work out. That said.....our special teams were so poorly coached that fixing that alone should yield +2. Having our QB on 2 solid legs is another +2. Increased depth...+1. Playoffs after a low-turnover and fundamentally sound regular season should be the goal. I’d also feel better if we moved on from Crosby. He just isn’t that good.

Handsback's picture

Write this down because this statement is 100% correct....the Packers will play 16 regular season games! This statement could be 100% correct, they will win 11 games and lose 5. So between the 2 statements....I could be at least 50% correct. Too long a night!

Dzehren's picture

GB has not had a winning season since 2016. I expect that to change in 2019 with a 9-7 record.
Improvements by the Pack will solidify the back end & front 7 of the defense. A new offensive minded coach will bring more creative play calling to a more re-focused Rodgers.

Tim Backes's picture

Already at 170 responses! Keep em coming!

AgrippaLII's picture

With the addition of veteran players on should show much improvement over last year. The key to the season will be the offense and how quick they can learn and execute the new system. I don't look for that to happen until half way through the an 8-8 season would seem reasonable to me.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Same as every year....Win Baby the Super Bowl! My expectations every year just like the organization, coaches and players should be!

What was the famous Lombardi quote something along the likes (help me out) that no one plays for 2nd place.

Old School's picture

I hope we can be 8-8 and 2nd in the division. We are not as good as the Bears at this point. On paper, we have the third best defense, an untested HC, and an old QB with an injury history and no legitimate backup. That doesn’t say 12-4 to me.

Lphill's picture

Super Bowl , Colts Packers , book it!

jannes bjornson's picture

I've placed my bets in Vegas before the draft. 1Keep Rodgers upright and 11-5 should be the money line.
They difference is attitude. They gave away too many games last year. Quite a few of the slackers have been jettisoned. Miami is my favorite country to visit.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Football or Horse Racing?

jannes bjornson's picture

Ocean Boulevard

4thand1's picture

Where is this Miami country you speak of?

jannes bjornson's picture

I've placed my bets in Vegas before the draft. Keep Rodgers upright and 11-5 should be the money line.
The difference is attitude. They gave away too many games last year. Quite a few of the slackers have been jettisoned. Miami is my favorite country to visit.

I'm Dunn's picture

I expect to watch a much improved and entertaining team. That does not mean they are playoff bound.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

9-7 maybe, maybe 10-6 if they can get to a fast start the 1st 8 games.

Since '61's picture

I prefer to wait until after the preseason to make predictions about the season. However, if Aaron Rodgers stays healthy then I expect the Packers will win 10 games and maybe more.

Except for 2008, ARs first season as the starting QB, the Packers have had double digit winning seasons unless Rodgers was hurt during the season. 2013 he missed 8 games, 2017 he missed 10 games and in 2018 he played through injuries all season with little support from the rest of the team except for Bak and Adams.

A healthy Rodgers plus a reasonably healthy roster around him should get us 10 wins and a playoff berth. More than 10 wins we win the NFC North and hopefully earn a first round bye. As usual we go as far as Rodgers can take us. Thanks, Since ‘61

hobowilly's picture

pretty much correct. Would add, ST's only direction is up. As Nags has so appropriately shared on numerous occasions, let's "wait until the pads come on". I add, well, the pads have long since been on the coaches since they arrived in GB. Forever when it comes to our beloved Packers, i'm quite optimistic regarding this new coaching group. Mike Smith is going to be the biggest notice of improvement of his LB charges, just see. Can't wait to watch the opener....and since its da bears and already an important division game (albeit on da road) there should be (SHOULD BE) no holding back on creative play calling/scheme. This, IMHO, gives GB a slight edge even though so many claim da bears D will crush everyone...not so fast!

Samson's picture

11-5 or 12-4 with the North Division Crown secured.
A nice run in the playoffs, including an NFC Championship game. -- SB -- only maybe at this time.
Many of the "Debbie Downers" will be falling all over themselves trying to catch the moving train in December. ---- Booyah!!

jsb937's picture

Bears are a better team because of their defense. Best in the league. Their coach is outstanding. Bears will be 9-7 and the Green Bay fellas will be 8-8.

jannes bjornson's picture

Not going to happen. Rodgers kicked them with a broken kneecap and just missed two big plays or Big Cubby goes down in December. Packers sweep them.

splitpea1's picture

Without getting into the W-L record, I just want to see a balanced and respectable team. Smart play-calling on offense, particularly on third down. Improvement from the defense every week and getting off the field much more frequently after third down. A competent special teams unit that doesn't make stupid mistakes or put the offense in a hole.

This team badly needed an infusion of fresh talent and coaching ideas and I think we'll see all of the above.

hobowilly's picture

Andersen's Pea! Duh, they've had the talent sir...they just didn't have the correct HC since 2014 loss in the NFC championship game. All that has changed for the good and also tired Ted (meaning no disrespect) is gone too. Gutey is doing an exceptional job of rebuilding the roster; we can only hope our beloved AR can once again spin straw into gold. These were 2 critical moves, GB had to make AND mark these words, it will bring GB back to perennial playoff appearances as before.

Tundraboy's picture

I expect them to have a great year,with a lot of players having break out years. And while it will be a great year, it'll end in some disappointment leaving us wondering what might have been.

What I hope for is that it will end up being even more.

4thand1's picture

I'll try to keep my optimism in check. No way this team only goes 8-8, 10+ wins and make the playoffs. The div is good but winnable, too much respect for thebearstillsuck and queenies.

PackerfanAuggie15's picture

I think the bears and lions will be in a shootout for bottom of the division. I predict a big fall off for the bears, who will look worse ans worse as the season progresses. Pack takes the division by one game over the vikes.

uncle10's picture

Win the division, win a shoot-out vs. the LA Rams for the NFC, then take down Rivers and the LA Chargers for the title in Miami. Will be a fun ride!

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