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Sunday Is The Vikings' Super Bowl

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Sunday Is The Vikings' Super Bowl

It all comes down to Sunday and the Green Bay Packers.

The Vikings aren't eliminated from the playoffs - not yet. But the only way they go is if they get to play the Cardinals every week from here until the end of the season - oh, and all those game have to be at the Metrodome.

That monstrosity of a stadium and the Vikings incredibly desperate position pretty much make this Sunday's upcoming matchup with the Packers Minnesota's Super Bowl. They may not make the playoffs, they may get their coach fired - but by God, their entire season can retain a tiny semblance of redemption if they can manage to beat the Packers in what will surely be Brett Favre's last game against the team that made him relevant.

Make no mistake, the Vikings will be hell bent on making life miserable for Aaron Rodgers and company. Going back and watching the earlier game against the Vikings, you can see their defensive line getting a slow jump off the ball and still almost getting to Rodgers, especially Ray Edwards. His matchup with Bryan Bulaga in the dome will go a long way in determining the outcome of the game. And don't discount Jared Allen. As ineffective as he was against Chad Clifton in Lambeau, the last time the two met in the Metrodome, Allen made Clifton's life miserable almost the entire game.

On the other side of the ball, a lot will depend on who is catching passes from Favre. By all accounts, Sindey Rice has looked ready to go in practice and has just not made the final jump to the active roster. His presence would obviously change a lot of what the Vikings like to do on offense. And of course there's Adrian Peterson who can truly only be stopped by Brad Childress and his incredible personnel groups that only make sense to him.

So while the week will no doubt be populated with stories about whether Brad Childress will be fired (how can Wilf ignore what an in-season head coaching change did for the Cowboys) and any-and-all-things-Favre, make no mistake - this is a dangerous opponent the Packers face on Sunday, one which will make their entire season about winning this game.

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JerseyCheese's picture

Couldn't agree more Nagler. However, I thought the same thing about the Cowboys -- "a desperate team is a scary team" -- but if the Pack wants to win this division, this is one of the games they must win.

And of course, Clay Matthews is PISSED he didn't get to play football this weekend and he's ready to eat small children!

Wiscokid's picture

The Vikings are on life support. If they have anything left at all, a home game against the Packers will bring it out. If they don't win on Sunday all they have to look forward to is finding out who their new coach will be and looking forward to their top ten pick in the draft. That is of course, if they don't trade the pick for another rent-a-player.

Ken's picture

If we go up 7-0, that place will be become Lambeau West.

packeraaron's picture

So, so true.

nerdmann's picture

Hit Favre hard, and hit him often. He WILL throw the ball up for grabs.

WoodyG's picture

The Vikes may very well be amped up at kick-off but when their 1st drive ends in 3 and out, they'll return to reality .....

The Bears dominated the Vikes yesterday ....... There's no reason why the Pack can't do the same ...... The last nail in the Vike's coffin comes this Sunday ......

packeraaron's picture

I obviously hope this is the case - but that building is always a house of horrors for the Pack, regardless of coach, quarterback, records, etc. Agree that getting up early and getting the crowd out of it/against Childress will be big.

Zub-a-Dub's picture

That game was played in Chicago, the dome will be very much in the Vikings favor.

fish's picture

Agreed, The Viks were slipping all over the place on the real grass in Chicago. Had they been playing on turf (Like this week) that game would have turned out different.

CSS's picture

Vikings receivers would slip less if their QB didn't throw the ball 5 feet behined them. I doubt the outcome of those two passes would have been different on turf.

Sullivan is likely to be out. In all likelyhood, we could see Camirillo, Lewis and Basket as the Vikings starting receivers. The defensive line has no push, that secondary is terrible.

Vikings linebackers are playing great ball this year, Peterson and Harvin are always dangerous. Other than that, this is not a good team.

Winning in the dome will be difficult, but the Packers, despite all their injuries, are actually a more talented team.

P.S. - I still laugh uncontrollably when Childress keeps Peterson on the sidelines during anything greater than 3rd and 3; AND seeing him with fewer than 25 touches. Thank you, Chilly.

Morli's picture

Gotta expect Rice and Berrian back out there. While I'm not sayin' this will make the Vikings a good team, they're at least considerably better on offense with them.
On defense they flat-out suck. They passrush ain't gettin' nowhere this year, and their secondary is injury riddled and lacks depth.
So as long as Clifton keeps playing well and MM provides Bulaga some help we should be able to score.
Defensively, and with Sullivan maybe out, go get 'em Busari.

Jack's picture

According to a local news report there are thousands of tickets left for the game. You'd think many of those would be snapped up by Packers fans.

jeremy's picture

These are all good points. This is the classic example of a trap game, but there are also a few tings in the Packers favor

The Packers have had the whole bye to look at film, and they should have fresh legs. They have seen first hand what happens when a team comes out flat after the bye week against the Jets. I don't think Loadholt will get away with continuously face-masking Clay Matthews this time. So Clay should add a few more sounds to Favre's snap, crackle and pop body.

Go Packers!

Zub-a-Dub's picture

Key to the game is to get on top quick combined with the defense stepping up right away, then they will fold and give up just like Dallas.

IMO this is still an important game for the Pack, the Bears are hanging around and this concerns me with the Packers loss to them giving them the edge.

Has anyone looked at who the Bears have to play, I cans see them going 5-2 the next 7 games or better if Cutler plays smart, Hester does his thing ,and Peppers comes alive.

Pack needs this game over and above the emotional history between the 2 teams. A loss by the Pack and a win by the Bears sets a tone for the rest if the season.

This is a division game, double important as far as playoffs.

Things are tighter than they appear Pack fans.

jeremy's picture

I have looked and I think they'll have 3 wins, 4 tops. It's a tough list and the only good team they've beaten is the Packers.

Zub-a-Dub's picture

Lets break it down;


N.E. looks good and more than likely a loss. They have beaten everyone in their division, Dolphins don't have a QB, Jets have been shut out by the Pack and almost lost to the Lions, the Eagles are winnable (toss up), Vikings by that time will be playing for nothing.

Chances are good the Bears could finish strong, I don't see for sure loses except N.E. and G.B. (fan bias)

jeremy's picture

I never ever see a sure loss. Just look at the Giants Cowboys. but, I think you overestimate that team. They should have lost to the Lions, and they only beat the Packers because James Jones still hasn't figured out how to bring the football with him.

Zub-a-Dub's picture

Jeremy, they keep hanging around and winning, and are perfect in the division.

I agree there is no sure loss, making this team scary as they keep up with the Packers with a better record in the division made only worse if the Packers give one up in the Dome.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Fins, Eagles, Pats, Jets (all losses if I had to bet). And all of their division games are on the road. They will do well to go 3-4 in that stretch.


WoodyG's picture

"5-2 or better" .... With Philly, NE, the Jets & a final at GB along with road games against Miami, Lions & the Vikes ...... Da Bears may finish 9-7 .... The Bears aren't much better than a .500 club & will prove that in their final 7 games ....

Zub-a-Dub's picture

I agree its not a cake walk and the Bears are not a dominate team, but they are finding ways to win.

A little luck and a couple of balls bounce their way and they win most of those games.

I thought the Bears would have folded already, that game against the Vikings showed me this Bears team can play.

Bears played a better game at home against the Vikings than the Packers did at home.

They are sticking around and quietly getting better.

WoodyG's picture

They did look better against the Vikes ..... However, the only team they've beaten with a winning record is GB .... The rest are: Det. (2-7), Dallas (2-7), Carolina (1-8), Buffalo (1-8) & Minn. (3-6) ...... Five of the Bears wins have come against teams with a combined record of 9-36 ..... Not very impressive, IMO.

Zub-a-Dub's picture

I see your point, but those wins still don't prove they can't beat better teams.

IMO the Bears have set themselves up nicely and are in a better position than the Packers after 10 weeks into the season.

Another loss in the division by the Packers is significant.

RickyBobby's picture

I am terrified of this game.
But then - I'm terrified of every game.

djprotege's picture

I hate playing anyone in the division i dont care how bad they are. We cannot take any team lightly right now, which I dont think they will

alfredomartinez's picture

packers win 35-17...havner has himself 2 td's!!!

Cheddarhead's picture

I would love to see GB go on defense first so we can get a classic Brent Favre pick 6 to take out the dome crowd and shake up Brent.

RockinRodgers's picture

How awesome would it be if we won the next two games. That would be fantastic.

Sam's picture

Rodgers has played incredible in domes throughout his career with the exception of New Orleans in 07. I think the controlled climate favors his style of play allowing him to throw the long ball. Favre on the other hand has not been significantly better playing in domes his style is more feast or famine. If the packers can control Peterson and force Favre to pass the Packers should be able to win this game.

jay's picture

I have to think that with a healthier Dline Peterson does NOT gain just south of 200 yards this game like he did the last time. As long as we don't walk into the Metrodome with only three linemen, I think we'll be fine. Hopefully Pickett rejoins the squad, but according to a Rotoworld article he's unlikely to be back after the bye. We'll see

I also think the absence of Sullivan often gets overlooked regarding the Vikings. If he isn't there than Peterson might be in more trouble.

bomdad's picture

Its a compelling story to watch if BF can motivate and will his team to a victory. As much as I disdain him now, he's still an extreme competitor and effective leader. He will not go down without a fight.

Zub-a-Dub's picture

I kind of like the Packers better on fake grass and in a dome, compared to how the Bears and Giants are built.

Sam's picture

I also have a feeling that if Rice does play Brett will try to force it to him a couple times resulting in an interception of two.

BigbyATTACK's picture

Rice wasn't activated from the PUP list before the 3 p.m. deadline Sunday afternoon, so he can't play until week 11. BUT, I do hope we can keep tabs on Percy this time. Games in Minnesota have had me biting my fingernails my whole life, but like someone said earlier, Aaron plays well in domes. I still get nervous there, but I believe in our boys. GO PACK, GO!

Ruppert's picture

"The Packers will be facing a focused and determined Vikings team on Sunday..."

You would think this would be the case. But the Vikings have not been focused or determined all year, except for the 2nd half against the Jets and for 5 minutes against Arizona.

Harvin won't be 100%. Berrian probably won't be 100% either, after sitting yesterday and admitting this groin has been a problem for the last couple weeks. Will Rice be 100% if he even plays?

We could lose this game. The loud dome and the quick track will benefit the Vikings defense. No doubt. But we should win this game.

IMO, to win this game the Vikings will have to buck multiple disturbing trends (turnovers/poor pass rush, poor secondary play, poor line play), overcome multiple injuries (all WRs, Favre's new shoulder, their Center), AND find a way to be more focused and determined than they have been all year. It could happen. But we should win this game.

Satori's picture

Sunday is the vikes Super Bowl ?

Very Interesting

How has that franchise fared in past Super Bowls ?

Well enough to get a new area code for the twin cities (0-4-4)

Zub-a-Dub's picture

good point

packeraaron's picture

Nice :)

Wiscokid's picture

It's funny looking at the backdrop that Queens use for their press conferences. It features the 50 year logo. Not one NFL championship in 50 years. Hilarious. I wonder how many people thought the Saints would win a Superbowl before the Minny?

redlights's picture

0-4-4 is classic!

Actually their backdrop says "1961-2010"; isn't that 49 years? LOL......

CSS's picture

Fun speculation: What are the odds that, should the Packers win, the Vikings quietly place Favre on IR, with the NFL's blessing, to sweep the Jen Sterger mess under the rug without making it publicly appear to be a 'punishment'?

Anybody else think the NFL is sitting on their hands waiting for such an easy out?

packeraaron's picture

Not really - but I do think the NFL is sitting on its hands until after Favre v Packers.

Zub-a-Dub's picture

Its good business, and as a Packer fan BF has to be their after everything that has been said and done.

JerseyPackFan's picture

Oh hell yes! The NFL needs the ratings its going to get for this game Sunday. After that, the NFL kicks Favre in the wallet.

bigfog's picture

Vikes are a much different team on turf. Lets them play at a much higher speed. Hope McCarthy and Co are ready for that.

davyjones's picture

They barely beat AZ in OT at home on turf...right before AZ proceded to get routed by a decidely mediocre Seattle team this week. The Vikes might still be dangerous, but they are old and broken down across the team--just like their QB.

Wiscokid's picture

It's still the Packers. If they can't get up for this one they should be pronounced dead.

al's picture

i think the nfl is just kind of moving slowly and hoping after the season is over farve will retire so they dont have to punish him. Maybe they will force him to retire this time or threaten him with suspension if he comes back. by the way this game is very very scary. Packer fans around the world better be rooting for the dolphins on thursday, we dont want our game to be a must win in order to remain tied with the bears.

pzzldfan's picture

Bears finish out 5-2 no way! Looking at there schedule I don't see any more than 3 wins (Minn, Detroit, Mia) - probably only 2 (Minn Detroit). Cutlers propensity to throw the pick will finish them in too many games. There D can only keep it close for so long before they get exposed.

NoWayJose's picture

Aaron's point is dead on. The Vikes may be reeling, but this could be a brawl. Favre is equally capable of elevating his game in the face of adversity as he is of melting down. And Adrian Peterson is a few steps away from swining the game at all times.

The Pack is better team, but if they come in unfocused after the bye and overconfident on a few wins, and get down early, this could go bad. Can't let it happen.

bomdad's picture

so you're saying they might let it all hang out?

NoWayJose's picture

Does Favre ever not let it all hang out?

briandevil78's picture

ask Jen lol

davyjones's picture

I don't think there is any way in h3ll GB looks past the Vikes (ie "trap game"). They are tied for Div lead, coming off a bye and relatively healthy & rested, playing their arch nemesis and have a chance to really nail the coffin shut & perhaps end another coches tenure, and have historically been a better 2nd half team. I think they will be up. They were swept by these has beens last year and should be motivated to return the favor.
This is not a game to not be up for.

greenbowlpacker's picture

Packers will be carrying the dagger in their hands next sunday....It will mark the end of Brent and the queens...mark my word...

packsmack25's picture

If you're saying this game will be important for the Vikings, I like our chances against Favre in a playoff-like environment....

Ruppert's picture

I just read that Favre is going to see Dr. Andrews about his new shoulder injury.

The article didn't specify, so I'm not totally sure if it's Erin Andrews or the other one...

Cheddarhead's picture

He always has an injury after a loss

JerseyPackFan's picture

The funniest moment during that Bears game was in the 4th quarter. The camera picks up all three of the Vikings receivers sitting next to one another on the sidelines hurt and where is the gunslinger? Setting up himself up to throw another INT on the field. You couldn't ask for a better day.

Stop all this talk about being scared. I am aware you throw the records out the window when you play the Vikings. Who cares? That old man embarrassed me and my team last year. The only things on my mind are REVENGE and WINNING. I expect every single player on the Packers to feel the same way come Sunday.

WoodyG's picture

It was a great shot .... Amazingly, none of the 3 seemed the least bit interested in the game ...... Look for the same this Sunday.

Norman's picture

Anyone know the Packers record after byes under MM?

He's not tenured enough to be looking at divisional games on turf after a bye, or noon games on the road in November, etc.

Ruppert's picture

3-1. The loss was in 2008, in OT at Tennessee. We beat Miami in '06, Denver in '07 and Detroit last year.

foundinidaho's picture

I keep thinking that the Vikes might pull a Cowboys and lose interest so Chilly will finally get the boot. Delusional thinking I know.

Wiscokid's picture

Keep the good thought.

PackersRS's picture

Less interested than they've been?

xxstatic's picture

Time for the "Deathblow" delivered to them by the Packers, nothing better than smelling blood in the water and to send them to another losing season and Farve's final one at that. I see them winning maybe even in the same fashion as the Dallas game ;)

POOCH's picture

All bullshit aside its time for the Packers to make a statement.Dont care who is injured for Vikes ,home game for vikes,...blah blah...M.M.get your troops ready,kick some ass and put a little fear in your upcoming foes.Its time for PACK to make a statement!!!

FITZCORE1252's picture


packerwest's picture

Hope MM looks at the Bears game plan against the Vikes and does the same thing. Screen passes to rb and tight end kill the Vikings. Welcome back Spencer Havner!!

FITZCORE1252's picture

This does have all the makings of an upset, I admit it. For some reason I'm just not worried. GBP win. Big. Nice little dome 'tune-up' for the dirty birds (where we will also be victorious).


Wiscokid's picture

You've been noticeably absent lately. What up?

FITZCORE1252's picture

Man, you know Kid... life and shit.

I like your new pic, but I think the Badger best represents what the Wiscokid is all about!


Wiscokid's picture

True, but I pulled this one out especially for the Queens. It's hard to see but its a Packer taking a whiz on the Vikings. I'll go back to the Badger next week.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I could tell what it was, awesome pic, I had that on shirt once (come to think of it, where the hell is that shirt?)... no pressure man, just sayin' the Badger's a good look for you.

BLACK HAWK's picture

Where's the troll PACK66 been?

FITZCORE1252's picture

He does usually show up queens week, let's count our blessing's that he hasn't.

JoePackersNYC's picture

Excellent points by both Aaron and the rest of you fine commentors. We need not forget how crucial our boy Dmitri Nance going in motion will be.

All jokes aside, It's going to be a close game I feel. Sure the Queens defense will be quicker, but I think ours will be too, which is a scary thought.

I think the game comes down to what else, turnovers. We play turnover free football we should be able to leave Queensland with a W under our belts. And with #4 under center for the purples, I like our chances.

Overkill's picture

Speaking of excellent points. Fook 'em, the lutefiske chomping blanks. Long and hard.

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