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Steven Jackson Visits Green Bay

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Steven Jackson Visits Green Bay

Rams running back and soon to be free agent, Steven Jackson, tweeted the following Tuesday morning:

Steven Jackson has drawn interest from Packer fans after news surfaced that Jackson will be voiding the final year of his contract and entering the free agency market.

Since the league year does not officially begin until March 12th and teams aren't allowed to meet with players until March 9th, the Packers won't be able to talk with or sign Jackson until after Saturday. Steven Jackson is officially in Green Bay for a speaking engagement; however, the timing of his visit, along with off-season speculation, is interesting.


Tom Silverstein has announced that Steven Jackson's trip to Green Bay has been cancelled due to weather.



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Jamie's picture

So is he going to GB to visit someone that won a contest or the Packers? Though I guess both is a possibility.

Jamie's picture

This story feels like a hit and run.

No clarification or acknowledgement that Jackson's tweet was likely unrelated to the Packers.

Jayme Snowden's picture

except where it clearly states, "Steven Jackson is officially in Green Bay for a speaking engagement".

SHODAN's picture

My guess is the above individual is referring to the headline. Given past discussion about Steven Jackson on GBP fan sites, folks may conclude from such a headline as this (reasonably, I think) that the subject matter will revolve around efforts by the Packers to acquire Jackson

Evan's picture

Jackson and Harris would be a nice 1-2 punch.

THEMichaelRose's picture

There's no way we sign him. Given that there's no way we'd give a 29 y.o. RB a long-term or even a mid-term deal. If we were to add a vet (like Benson last year), it'd be for one year, maybe two max.
Jackson voided his deal for a reason, to attempt to secure a relatively long-term deal by entering the market one year younger with one year's less wear-and-tear than otherwise.

packsmack25's picture

There just is no market for RBs that hit age 30. He has no leverage.

Chris Davis's picture

I agree with you, but I think for the right price, he would be amazing playing for the pack!

Evan's picture

I think he'll get a relatively cheap, 2-year deal somewhere. If he wants to finally play for a contender, it'll probably come down to the Packers and Atlanta.

Stroh's picture

I think he voided his contract cuz he wants a chance to play for a winning team, instead of toiling away in StL where they have no chance of winning while Jackson still has life in his legs.

THEMichaelRose's picture

I actually just did a little reading on the topic, and apparently had he not voided his deal, St. Louis would have just terminated the contract themselves. That changes my view above slightly. I previously thought that he was willingly giving up $7 million next year to try and get a bigger deal.
Definitely agree about his age and lack of leverage.
The RB position is crazy because you have late picks like Alfred Morris and Daryl Richardson who look so much better than former all-pros who haven't hit 30 yet. Just goes to show you why Ted won't pay more than the minimum for a FA, and why he won't draft someone on Day 1 or 2.

bryan's picture

the thing about jackson is you cant under estimate how much winning can influence a man! i.e. (brady restructure). of course we dont really have the cap space with rogers and mathews contract looming! it would be awesome to have a great running back like jackson! But any running back short of adrain peterson wont do anything without a descent line!!!

Dj Protege's picture

I think bringing him in would be smart. Him and Harris in the backfield would be a good 1-2 punch. Also Jackson does have alot in the tank, I think he was just done being in St Louis.

trvs's picture

I am on the Chris Ivory bandwagon.

Brian Carriveau's picture

Ivory is a restricted free agent, which complicates things quite a bit.

Evan's picture

Whaat? Why did I think all this time he was unrestricted??

Regardless, do you think the Saints would put up much of a fight for their 4th string RB?

What's the timeline for RFAs to get tendered?

mark's picture

Brian, what does the RFA tag mean again? Packers could make Ivory an offer, but then Saints would have ability to match, is that correct?

Evan's picture

And then have to forfeit a draft pick to them, depending on at what level they tender him...I think...either 1st round, 2nd round or original draft status.

From wiki:

Tender amountCompensation required
$2.742 millionFirst-round
$1.927 millionSecond-round
$1.26 millionRFA's draft status

Evan's picture

Looking at those tender amounts, I can't really imagine the Saints would want to pay their 4th RB first round or second round tender money.

In that case, if they tendered him at the 3rd level, then another team wouldn't have to forfeit anything since Ivory was undrafted.

mark's picture

I am also on the Ivory wagon, but I will be doing-back-flips-thrilled if we sign Jackson. And I agree with packsmack25 above, at 29 Jackson won't get some mega-$, multi-year deal. But he might get a nice chunk of change from a contender.

Nononsense's picture

Ahmad Bradshaw, Michael Turner and Steven Jackson are all veterans that I would consider signing. None of them will break the bamk and all three of them have some good tread left on their tires.

Evan's picture

Turner looks done and Bradshaw, being only 26, will get a big payday, I imagine.

AbrahamLeanin's picture

Jackson will be in either green bay or atlanta when the season start. Im saying go for it TT

mark's picture

Steven Jackson is just a really interesting option to me because he's such an interesting fit for this Packer team. Benson succeeded in the Green Bay scheme, and Jackson is essentially a bigger, faster, better version of Benson. You can put guys in the box to stop him, but then Rodgers will pick you apart. Or you can defend the pass, and then Steven Jackson can rack up five+ yards every time. He's also great catching the ball, so that would also add some wrinkles.

Turner has lost his burst, and his work ethic was questioned in Atlanta. Bradshaw is tough but he gets hurt a ton.

Point Packer's picture

What's Jackson like in pass pro?

mark's picture
Jamie's picture

Not to poop on the party, but I'm not so sure he is not simply announcing a trip to visit a Rawlings contest winner...who just happens to live in Green Bay.

That, or he's talking about two very different things in 140 characters or less.

Evan's picture

I think that's exactly all he is doing - though the trip has now been cancelled due to snow. But that's doesn't stop us from speculating.

Stroh's picture

I know... seems everyone is getting hopes up but he's not there to talk to the Packers not can he. Admit I would like him in the backfield but lets wait to see if he visits as a FA.

Mike's picture

Jackson yes.....Turner no.......Bradshaw fumbles and gets hurt to often to give him what hell want. Your welcome.

mark's picture

My welcome?

cow42's picture


Hands's picture

I think that if RB is on the Packer radar it will be Hollis. He's big,young,pass-catching 3rd down back. Also did I mention he will be cheap!

Evan's picture


You mean Peyton Hillis?

imfubared's picture

Jackson is waiting for the Falcons to offer him a big deal in the meantime its bean time. A Packer he will not be. However, if you cut Seine, Starks, Benson and Koon (who has a fullback) the money on those losers would pay his salary for three years.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

So this "Koon" fellow "has" a fullback? Like, at his house or something?


PackerNation's picture

Even though sometimes you get lucky, I think it's a bad plan in general to try to bring in some high-mileage RB in hopes of turbocharging your run game.

However, would you rather pay Jermichael Finley $8 million this year or Stephen Jackson? Which guy might help the team more?

This is not the no-brainer that it should be.

Evan's picture

I don't see why it's an either/or scenario.

GBPDAN's picture

Who ever we sign lets hope he ddoesn't end up on IR by week 4...last year sucked for injuries

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