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Sorry, This Made Me Laugh Out Loud

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Sorry, This Made Me Laugh Out Loud

McCarthy, when pressed by several reporters on whether Derrick Frost should be cut:

I hear you gentleman. I know where you're coming from. It's been heard and well-received.

UPDATE: Here's the video. Love where McCarthy says:

We didn't punt very well last night, no doubt about it. That is twice now indoors that we didn't have a good performance. We need to continue to just try to improve from within.

How? Is he auditioning guys on the practice squad? Perhaps Ryan Pickett has a hidden punting talent? Hilarious.

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Holly's picture

I can't wait to see video of that. He sounds almost resigned.

IronMan's picture

It was classic. I love how they grilled him.

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

Here's a question - did McCarthy do this much "coach speak" last year? I don't seem to remember this much, but the record was much better so maybe that's why. I mean, saying he doesn't agree with the assessment that the team is inconsistent is ridiculous. Surely he doesn't believe this. Anyway, he just seems to spout a lot of coach speak more so than I remember last year. I don't even look forward to his pressers any longer because he doesn't say anything meaningful

Cheezer's picture

The saddest thing is that I caught part of the Seattle game on Sunday. I just happened to see John Ryan kick a 60 yard punt that was downed at the two.

But that's OK. Frost is a directional kicker.

Aaron Rogders's picture

Jon Ryan made punting exciting. He had the potential to punt it 70 yards and there was always the possibility of the fake run. He had a monster preseason and the run vs Tennessee was amazing.

I hope we can get a petition with everyone in Wisconsin's signature on it to remove TT from the Packers. He is the worst GM EVER!!! He would have lost his job anywhere else. You don't get rid of a great punter for one that got cut somewhere else WITHOUT tryouts. That is retarded, and with someone in the kind of position that TT is in should not even have such a stupid thought in his mind. And the punter situation is not the only horrible choice TT has made, even though that alone should have lost his job.

I listend to ESPN radio a couple hours ago and they were talking about the whole Favre and Rodgers controversy (for a change..). What was said though was very true. Why choose one or the other? It is the GM's job (*cough *cough TT) to Mary the now (Brett) and future (Aaron) together. There are positives and negatives to both sides of the stories, but if the whole situation was done correctly, we would still have Favre and Rodgers. The other thing they did mention was to remind everyone that Harris, Woodson, and Driver, to name a few, are getting older. We are setup to win NOW yet we choose to win in the future. Anyways, it was a different take on the story that I haven't heard yet but it does make the most sense.

I am no longer a MM fan either. I can literally smell the crap coming out of McCarthy's mouth doing his interviews. And I actually think he thinks what he is saying is actually true. THAT is a big reason for our loses.

One last thing. After the win last week against the Bears, I heard something about one of the reasons was because "they practiced together". WTF does that mean!? Are you saying that was the only week everyone practiced together?? WHY are we not "practicing together" every week then?

Ron La Canne's picture

We've been hammering Sanders pretty good of late (With justification). I think we have been remiss in leaving out one other glaring moron on the Coaching Staff. Mike Stock! It is this numbnut that wanted Frost in the first place. He also is guiding what maybe the worst kickoff coverage team in Packer History.

packeraaron's picture

Actually, Stock claims he had nothing to do with the cutting of Ryan or the signing of Frost.

Ron La Canne's picture

Hmmmm! If not, then it must have been .... TT (in cahoots with MM) stikes again?

Andrew's picture

Ok, this team is as bad as the bloggers and commenters are making it out to be. That said...

1. We win the toss against Tennessee and Crosby doesn't miss that field goal against Minny and I believe we are 7 - 4, pulling away in the division with an easy schedule coming up. As Simmons and Schatz point out in their podcast this week, we caught alot of team at the worst possible time.

2. That, of course, doesn't excuse the really atrocious line play (on both sides of the ball). Free agency or something, I don't care, but Thompson needs to fix this.

3. Ok, the Frost decision backfired big-time. But I thought it was a good idea at the time, as did many of you. The gameplan WAS to win with defense and special teams. In that situation, a directional punter is a pretty useful thing to have. When punting at our 40 or better, Frost has been pretty good. It's not his fault the lame offense can't get first downs and he's punting from our 20 all the time.

4. Maybe it's just cause i have tickets to Week 17 vs. Lions, but I KNOW we can make the playoffs. We can win the rest.

Aaron Rogders's picture

Andrew, are you actually defending Frost? Did you defend the kicker at Cal Poly too?

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