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So'oto Ruled Out Against Saints After Workout Injury

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So'oto Ruled Out Against Saints After Workout Injury

After everything he went through to make the Packers 53 man roster, Vic So'oto will have to wait a bit longer to make his NFL debut.

So'oto injured his back during a weightroom workout, Mike McCarthy told reporters after today's practice.

McCarthy also indicated that defensive end Mike Neal would be a game time decision.

It's no secret the Packers will need to find ways to get to Saints quarterback Drew Brees. It's also no secret the Saints will be paying particular attention to outside linebacker Clay Matthews where ever Capers has him lined up. Whether its fellow outside backer Erik Walden, cornerback Charles Woodson from the slot or Sam Shields on the Corner Cat, Capers will need to find additional avenues to apply pressure on the veteran signal caller.

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Jer's picture

I swear that OLB position opposite Clay Matthews is cursed.

Yuk's picture

Let's just pray that the curse stays on that side

JonBob's picture

Actually, So'oto has played almost exclusively at LOLB. At this point he's Clay's back-up.

chazman46's picture

Damn! Was looking forward to seeing So'oto terrorizing Brees!

Darrin's picture

Seriously, how does an NFL player hurt his back lifting weights the week of the game?

lebowski's picture

He's injured? Well, now he's officially a Packer.

maxginsberg's picture


Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

Hey all the good one s anyway

Mojo's picture

That didn't take long.

Hope it's not a disk injury.

Must have been somewhat bad if they ruled him out already.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Hope it's just a strain. As a guy with a couple blown out discs, I can tell you it's a long road back. But I'm back like scoliosis baby!

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture



PackersRS's picture


DWhitehurst's picture

No doubt accidents happen. But if I'm McCarthy getting this news on So'oto injuring his back, I'm gonna initially be quite peturbed and want an answer from the Strength&Conditioning coach and/or whomever was monitoring the weight room. I mean, if any player is doing deadlifts and such, you'd think the Packers would require that there always be a spotter of some sort to maintain proper form for such exercises, precisely in order to avoid such back injuries. Back injuries due to lifting for a guy So'oto's age are usually not a "fluke" occurrence. It almost always is due to a bad form and/or bad form caused by trying to increase one's max lift (i.e., the max weight you can do while still keeping proper form.) I can't but think this was an injury that could have been avoided.

Spiderpack's picture

Agreed. Wt Rm Coach sure could've turned his head or walked to another lift location, but if So'oto was lifting free wts, even more important that wisdom was present in whatever way it needed to be, either with direct supervision, or otherwise.

lars's picture

Don't blame the coach. It's not like he can individually monitor the activity of 61 players.

It's the player's job to lift responsibly. Vic said he has a tendency to push too hard in the weight room. So, an unforced error and it cost him. Hope it's minor and he's back soon, but he has learned a valuable lesson.

PackersRS's picture


The guy was fighting for a spot, do you think he was honest with his coaches? Hell no. He must've had some injury the whole time and played through it.

Bearmeat's picture

I thought Neal said "It's no big deal."

Yeah right. I thought MM was holding him out of the preseason games as a precaution... guess not. Hope Harrell.. I mean Neal...gets healthy soon. We need him.

On another note - Like I said in April. Someone's going to have to step up in order for this DL and the ROLB to passrush. Outside of CM3 right now they just don't have the horses. And that's frustrating.

If we go down this year - it's gonna be due to lack of quality depth on DL and a lack of passrush coming from the right side of the defense.

packeraaron's picture

"Outside of CM3 right now they just don’t have the horses"

They have Woodson - add in Dom Capers - they'll be fine.

jeremy's picture

As well as Collins, Raji, and Williams...

Spiderpack's picture

They'll have effective blitzing and pressure with the "Capers Creative," but I agree with Bearmeat in that the DL is the team ensemble which when weak (or strong) has the most dramatic effect on the game. And without consistent contribution from Neal . . . I just don't know. Maybe Wynn and CJ really step it up but its still thin.

BTW, (Emeril-like food tip here) I put capers in my tuna salad the other day and that was just awesome. :)

packeraaron's picture

It was thin when Neal was on IR and Jenkins was out for a month - and still they won.

Seriously, as long a Raji is there, they are fine.

PackersRS's picture

Against which teams? Saints, Falcons, Bears, Patriots? Or Vikings, Cowboys, 49ers?

Not being sarcastic here, I've heard that talk about them winning without those guys, but against whom is never mentioned.

WisconsInExile's picture

Green, Raji, and Picket still gives me the warm fuzzies (see Cassel, Matt)

Swingle's picture


Phillthy Phill's picture

Agreed, no.

Mojo's picture

My first moniker for Neal was Mike "the Real Deal" Neal. Now it's Mike "it's time to Heal" Neal. Keep him out against NO and let him get to 100% for the rest of the season. It seems the Packs biggest threat this season are blocking dummies and free weights.

CaLIPACKfAN's picture

I want Jolly back like the last name.

PkrNboro's picture

from the GBPG:
“I was trying to be a super hero on the squat rack,” So’oto said Tuesday. “It was just a little minor thing. They’re just making sure I’m healthy so they kept me out of practice today.”

I hope somebody in the organization is going around with a huge part of their glute missing (with snide co-workers asking: "Boss have much to say?")

jaydubya's picture

Injured players? Yeah, just write off the Packers hopes, again.

At this rate, even if we achieve warp speed, the Vulcans may ignore us.

Nononsense's picture

Sucks to hear, I was looking forward to seeing his encore after the Chiefs game. Oh well, get better soon Vic.

Who knows, maybe him changing his jersey to number 56 gave him some bad juju or something. Im glad he changed it back to 97 even if it was his wife that made him do it.

Anyway, as much nickel as Capers likes to run im not so worried about the depth of the DL. I believe Wynn and Wilson will play some good ball when called upon and when Neal is added to the mix the line will be just fine.

fishandcrane's picture

Game injuries, I'm getting used to. But non-game injuries? Uggh. I don't like the sound of Vic's injury one bit.

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