Snap Counts For Packers Vs. Texans Preseason Game One, August 14, 2021

Take these snap counts with a grain of salt.  Just because a player received a lot of snaps might not translate into a pecking order; it might mean only that the Packers wanted to look hard at that player.  Indeed, it might mean that such a player is a candidate for deletion.


Nijman 54 100%  
Braden 39 72% 1/4%
Runyan (Moved from OG to OC @ 12;54 in the 2nd) 28 52% 1/4%
Kelly 28 52%  
Patrick 28 52% 1/4%
Hanson 26 48% 1/4%
Newman 26 48% 1/4%
Van Lanen 26 48%  
Myers 15 28%  
Love 28 52%  
Benkert 26 48%  
M. Taylor 36 67% 6/22%
Funchess 34 63% Zero
Am Rodgers 32 59% 4/15%
Begelton 23 43% 14/52%
Blair 10 19% Zero
Thomkins 9 17% 4/15%
Sternberger 26 48% 5/19%
Kaufusi 24 44% 12/44%
Crawford 13 24% Zero
Nauta 9 17% Zero
Hill 23 43% 7/26%
P. Taylor 15 28 8/30%
D. Williams 10 19% 9/33%
Dillon 6 11% 1/4%


The Packers certainly wanted a long look at Nijman, who played every snap at left tackle.  While Love was playing quarterback, I thought he got beat twice, once in 2.3 seconds, and then in 2.6 seconds (on the strip sack).  Nijman got walked back once but stayed between the rusher and Love. 

Runyan had a terrible time at left guard with Houston's DeMarcus Walker, number 44.  Walker had 4.5 sacks for the Broncos in 2020 and has played in 36 NFL games.  Walker is not a world beater, though, having signed with Houston for $1.45 million ($500,000 guaranteed).  With 12:54 left in the second quarter, Runyan moved to center.  I did not see him have any pass protection issues while he played center.

Runyan and Myers were the only two offensive linemen to have a Pro Football Focus run grade over sixty.  The Packers had three rushing yards at the half, good for a 0.3 yards per carry average.  Kelly was beaten in pass protection at least twice, and Lucas Patrick missed a stunt while Love was playing.

Funchess was the star for the wide receivers.  He caught six passes on eight targets for 70 yards, and he threw some blocks on screens and running plays.  However, though he has been taking repetitions in practice, that started only recently and he was not used on STs against Houston.  Watch to see if that changes in the remaining preseason games.  Malik Taylor caught five passes on five targets for 50 yards, and he played special teams.  Blair and Thompkins each were targeted twice but had no receptions.

Nauta played nine snaps and then was in street clothes.  That is interesting, as is his non-use on special teams. However, the Packers have listed him with a chest injury.  Sternberger caught three passes on three targets for 35 yards, including a 34-yarder down the seam.  His other two receptions were crossers than gained a combined yard.  Other than Sternberger, no tight end was targeted in the passing game.

Dexter Williams carried the ball four times for 32 yards, an 8.0-yard average.  Those carries came late in the game.  Patrick Taylor slogged his way for 24 yards on 9 carries.  Hill took a screen pass 22 yards for a touchdown, but had negative two yards on five carries. 

The Packers allowed 2 sacks and 2 quarterback hits, but the Texans managed to pressure Love pretty consistently while he was in the game.


Scott 64 85% 10 - 37%
Ento 56 75% 14 - 52%
J. Jackson 46 61% 6 - 22%
Black 41 55% 8 - 30%
Jean-Charles 35 47% 10 - 37%
Gaines 34 45% 17 - 63%
Hollman 20 27% 9 - 33%
Martin 15 20% 8 - 20%
Stokes 13 17% 7 - 26%
Uphoff 11 15% 10-37%
Sullivan 7 9% Zero
Rivers 41 55% 9 - 33%
Burks 41 55% 8 - 30%
Wilborn 34 45% 17 - 63%
Harris 34 45% 15 - 56%
Garvin 34 45% 11 - 41%
Gileai 34 45% 7 - 26%
Summers 28 37% 8 - 30%
Barnes 13 17% 5 - 19%
Previlon 59% 79% 6 - 22%
Slaton 46 61% 2 - 7%
Delontae Scott 41 55% 11 - 41%
Heflin 40 53 2 - 7%
Kemp 19 25% 2 - 7%
Lancaster 10 13% 1 - 4%
Avery 9 12% Zero


Vernon Scott, Black and Gaines all had positive games.  Scott had 6 tackles (4 solo) and a pass defensed, Black had 3 tackles (2 solo) plus another tackle on special teams, and Gaines had a pass defensed and a tackle on special teams. 

Ento had 2 tackles, an interception and a pass defensed.  Jean Charles had 2 tackles, a pass defensed, and a tackle on special teams.  Josh Jackson had 5 tackles, all solo, and a pass defensed, but allowed 7 completions on 10 targets. 

Burks had 6 tackles (4 solo), 1 sack, 2 tackles for loss, a quarterback hit and a tackle on special teams.  Ty Summers and Chauncey Rivers each had 4 solo tackles.  Wilborn had 4 tackles (2 solo).  Slaton had 5 tackles and Heflin had 4 (both with 3 solo).  Delontae Scott had 4 solo tackles.

The Packers only mustered 1 sack and 2 quarterback hits (Burks and Garvin).  The Packers allowed just 33 rushing yards in the first half, a 2.4 yard average.  The Packers allowed 133 yards on 13 carries, 10.23 yard average, in the second half, which included two long carries that each went for 25 yards.  The Texans average 4.6 yards per carry for the game.

Here is one take on the first preseason game:

Packers weren’t kidding about being displeased with their guards in the preseason opener: First practice back, rookie Royce Newman gets his first chance at RG with the No. 1 OL. Ben Braden at LG. In the game it was, Lucas Patrick at RG and Jon Runyan at LG.  Demovsky






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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

August 17, 2021 at 05:49 am

I chose to use a photo of Burks but it was a tough decision. Funchess had a very good game, as did some of the safeties. Ento at cornerback also had a positive game even if it wasn't perfect.

The Texans' long run in the first half was 5 yards. I can't say much for the pass rush, but there was some stoutness along the defensive line. Slaton had been pretty immovable in training camp. He got moved a little in the game as he seemed to wear down a little later. He probably won't be asked to play 46 snaps in 78 degree weather during the regular season.

A couple of players haven't really been in camp long enough to know what they are doing on special teams. Readers might note where I inserted zero for STs rather than leave it blank. Chauncey Rivers played STs right away. Given how the STs performed, hard to know if playing STs in this game was a plus or a minus, but not playing can't be too good.

Edit: Dietzen and Punter Winslow waived. 3 more to go today by 4:00 pm eastern.

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BrettGB's picture

August 17, 2021 at 05:56 am

Thank you for this! I was wondering what how many snaps some of these guys had in the game. This is very helpful.

2 points
Thegreatreynoldo's picture

August 17, 2021 at 07:16 am

I should have a Practice Roundup for yesterday's closed practice up later this morning. I didn't think there would be enough tweets to justify an article with one QB available and a short practice, but now that I've finished it I just have to schedule it.

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Since'61's picture

August 17, 2021 at 09:22 am

Sometimes I think that teams give players like Nijman or Burks a chance to put some tape together before they are released. Then at least they have a portfolio for other teams to review if they try to picked up by another team. In any case I'm not sure that Nijman's tape will help him. The same may be true for Jackson and Burks.

I expect that at least some of the players with fewer snaps like Barnes and Summers will make the team while Burks is shaky at best and at the least needs the snaps if he is going to stick. We'll find out soon enough either way. Thanks, Since '61

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dobber's picture

August 17, 2021 at 10:47 am

The wild card is how Barry values certain positions and how he plans to use the players he has. Pettine didn't seem to go very deep into his CBs, and liked to use S in coverage and in place of ILB. If Barry has the same predilections, that bodes well for Innes Gaines or Christian Uphoff, and not so well for Summers, Burks, or McDuffie (sorry, but I snicker at an NFL player named "McDuffie"). We also don't know how much the relatively weak depth at OLB will impact the ILBs (with Martin and Burks both having practiced and played a little bit on the outside). Supposedly, Barry has said that he wants to use more "5 man fronts" utilizing DLs and OLBs, which means he's going to need bodies at OLB...which might bode well for Garvin, Tipa, and Rivers.

We'll see how it all shakes out!

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dobber's picture

August 17, 2021 at 10:28 am

Thanks, TGR. Much appreciated.

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THESZOTMAN1's picture

August 17, 2021 at 10:39 am

Stats like this good to know, especially during pre-season, and especially since we need to run the ball, now and later. (See Nags' Daily Chat) Keep giving each O-lineman about 50% of the snaps thruout pre-season. Only way to know who to keep. And, sadly, who's gotta go.
The Szotman

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10ve 💚's picture

August 17, 2021 at 11:57 am

Thanks TGR! I was hoping to see the "snaps count" for the pre-season. Thanks for providing it.

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Minniman's picture

August 17, 2021 at 12:58 pm

See Winslow, I said that you should have laid the wood on that attempted tackle instead of attempting that poor-excuse chop block! You marginally out-kicked Scott in the game but unfortunately still got cut.

I often wonder why DB’s don’t train and do the punting duties - and why the backup QB isn’t the holder for the kicker.

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flackcatcher's picture

August 17, 2021 at 01:50 pm

Thanks TGR. This does show us what the coaches were looking at first preseason game. In general, I'm dubious of any comment any coach makes preseason. Sifting though 90 plus players while running a compressed TC makes for hard and fast decisions. Bet neither MLF and his coaches, and Gute and his front office team are getting much sleep these days. Radom thoughts: Nijman was bad Saturday night. His footwork was lazy, and his base was set way too high. He got pushed around too easy. He was on an island all game, pretty obvious the Packers put him there to see how he would play. Credit Love for moving within the pocket, and getting rid of the ball on rhythm. As both '61 and dobber said, I think the Packers were showcasing Funchess, and to a lesser extent Burks and Jackson. The later two have been though major injuries, so this is the first time we have seen them healthy since their rookie seasons. All in all, it looks like the Packers successfully executed their game plan for the first preseason game. (As others have said here on CHTV, you don't throw five guys on the O-line together and expect to function as a unit. That's strictly on both the MLF and his O-line coaches. That is the price one pays for a compressed TC and a short preseason)

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Thegreatreynoldo's picture

August 17, 2021 at 07:06 pm

Looks like Josh Jackson getting a lot of snaps translated to being deleted/traded for another disappointing CB.

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