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Signing Matt Flynn Could Hinge on Elbow

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Signing Matt Flynn Could Hinge on Elbow

The Packers made a handful of roster moves on Tuesday, placing Jermichael Finley and Sam Barrington on IR and activating Derek Sherrod from the PUP list. Many speculated that the Packers would also activate QB Scott Tolzien off the practice squad to back up Seneca Wallace, however that move was never made.

Since leaving the Packers, Matt Flynn has been on three NFL rosters in Seattle, Oakland and Buffalo. After his most recent releases from Oakland and Buffalo there has been talk of Flynn suffering from elbow tendonitis.

The Packers roster currently stands at 52 players with only one healthy quarterback, so whatever move the Packers make will involve signing a quarterback to the roster. The question remains: who will that quarterback be?

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Bert's picture

If Flynn couldn't make it in Buffalo then I would assume his elbow is shot. I think we are just going to suck it up and play the hand we have been dealt with cards we have.

PackerPete's picture

I foresee a Graham Harrell signing. In my wildest nightmares...

Evan's picture

No way. They'll promote Tolzien before they sign Harrell, imo.

And they'll sign me before they sign Vince Young.

Nerd's Phone's picture

Tendinitis is treatable with acupuncture. Got some good kung fu liniment too. DMSO for the inflammation, with some frankincense to move qi and blood (treat the pain) and myrrh to promote healing.

L's picture

I'm leaning toward believing that they'll promote S.Tolzien (Wallace will be on a short leash), plus BJ.Coleman will be re-signed to the team's PS.

However, for pure entertainment purposes I'd love to see B.Favre return.

davyjones's picture

Wallace will be a very different QB this week after a week with #1's and an appropriate game plan. All he has to be is relatively competent. We are going to be fine for a month...have faith...keep calm & carry on.

UP-Packer's picture

"We are going to be fine". ---Just saying it doesn't make it happen.

If Wallace can't convert a few 3rd downs throwing the ball early, then GB is in trouble. Eight in the box will slow Lacy down. Could be alot of 3 & outs.

Unfortunately, GB is only an average team without AR. If AR is down for 4-6 weeks as now reported, this season may be difficult to salvage.

Cow42's picture

Gotta win their next 3 home games.
Lambeau crowd needs to become a factor... pick up Aaron's section of the rope until he gets back.

If we get to week 15 and the Pack is 8-6 with Cobb and Rodgers coming back... I like our chances.

One at a time.

It is all about SURVIVAL now.

Stroh's picture

That's not good enough! Packers gotta get Rodgers ready by wk 13 at the latest. What is wrong w/ the Packers staff? How come the athletic trainers or S and C staff couldn't prevent this broken bone? They should fire all of them!

IowaPackFan's picture

I think this is sarcasm, but I don't know anymore.

davyjones's picture

No--just saying it doesn't make it so...but a week of reps with the #1's will certainly lead to improvement. if Minnesota can win a couple of games with the Turds they have at QB, we can win 3 of 4 with Wallace, who will improve with time in the system and some game planning adjustments.

I still take him over Freeman/Ponder/Cassell/Webb.

Longshanks's picture

Why must I wake up every morning to still hear of this Wallace guy in charge. I want his head on a platter!! If the Bears can sack Rodgers they can invade lower Green Bay!! We must take out Wallace before he causes further damage!! McCarthy needs to bring in reinforcements. Perhaps the Irish, they cost nothing. Tolzein and Flynn are Irish right?


gbfaninmn's picture

I love the reference long shanks but remember the irish didnt pan out too well for the english either

Longshanks's picture

lol.. Yeah I know but Favre is French so couldn't use him. lol


Jyros's picture

Throw Mike Reilly into your 'micks'. His season's done in CFL.
At least he's been on a football field and throwing.

Morgan Mundane's picture

Matt Flynn would cost money, can't have that when you have Tozien on the payroll and Wallace already. Just howmany QB's do you think this team needs?
Hey got to save the bucks for the signings next year.

Longshanks's picture

My objective is to rid this team of Wallace and replace with cheap Irish qb's until Lord Rodgers returns to full health. The Irish cost nothing to me. We keep putting them out to battle. If one gets mamed we send in another and another. That's how I used to do it. Young people don't understand how things used to be back in the day. It's hard to explain to be honest.


RunAndHyde's picture

Wallace had one of the weakest looking throws I have ever seen. Every pass took forever to get there.

Calabasa's picture

Keep going Longshanks- this keeps getting funnier. How do you feel about our Italian summer kicker?

hump's picture

now longshanks is a Racist and a woman beater!! hehe! Easy does it turbo,just figured a lil humor around here was needed!

Answer's picture

Matt Leinart and his bazooka arm are waiting for a call, so there is hope!

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