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So they went and did it. Fine. Bush is a 'great special teams player'. Fine. (Bullshit, but fine.) IF he 'continues to improve' he'll become a bargain. Fine. 

I will only reiterate what I said earlier. The kid is a coach killer, along the lines of Ahmad Carroll or Cletidus Hunt, players from Sherman's tenure that seduced the coaching staff into keeping them on the roster due to their athletic ability only to cost the team with poor play and dumb penalties at the worst possible times. Jarrett Bush is no different. Sure, he'll make the odd play on teams, down a punt inside the 5, etc. but nothing that couldn't be gotten out of a low round pick or even a Patrick Lee. And as sure as night follows day, he'll follow his good play with a slew of awful, boneheaded ones. 

I've been accused of hypocrisy on this one, (see the comment section) due to my championing Anthony Smith, another young player who used to play from scrimmage and was relegated to special teams duty due to poor play. Again - fine. I have no problem putting on tape of both players and standing by my assessments of each. That's part of what being in pro-personnel (and/or a blogger that wishes he was) is - judging talent and how it projects. Obviously Bush has generated a lot of interest around the league for his special teams play, and I can understand why. He's young, athletic and comes relatively cheap. Again, I stand by my assessment that any team looking for what Jarrett Bush does can find it in the draft. It's a mistake to pay him $4.5 million over 3 years.

All this doesn't even begin to cover the ramifications this signing will have on talks with Tramon Williams. Needless to say, you can be sure that Williams won't be in camp without a new deal...

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IronMan's picture

I have nothing to add, other than to say that you hit the nail on the head.

Franklin Hillside's picture


TT is good buddies with Titans' GM. He laid out terms for the Titans' offer, so he would be comfortable matching it. Allowing him to save some face by pointing out there to Packer fans there was a great deal of interest in Bush.

In the end, we just have to offer Tramon a little more each year, and a little bigger bonus...or make him hold out.

IronMan's picture

Oh btw, Aaron, I posted your article at packershome, and according to masspackersfan, you are a "Whiny Thompson hater" because you disagree with him here.

I tried to convince him that you are one of the best/objective bloggers out there, (which you are) but he was having none of that.

Donald's Designated Driver's picture

Meh. Williams wasn't going to show up at camp without a contract irrespective of whether Bush got a new deal. Williams wants a new deal, and he will get one. This whole Bush/Williams angle is way oversold.

Ron La Canne's picture

Is it possible to reconcile the Bush deal with a guy who actually played as a regular for a time? A guy who had 5 ints? Now old TT will instruct his minion, Ballz, to play hardball with Williams. It's not like Bush didn't show his true abilites last year. Every time they used him he'd have to go to the locker room and get a new Jock. He got faked out of the one he was wearing evrytime he was on the field.

Williams -- 52 Tackles, 5 Ints, 14 Passes Defended

Bush -- 1 Tackle, 0 Ints, 1 Pass Defended

He can't be replaced? Give me a [email protected]#ing break!

PackerAaron's picture

"This whole Bush/Williams angle is way oversold."

That's why it was two lines tacked on at the end... ;)

Aaron Rogders's picture

I don't remember which team we were facing.., but wasn't Bush the guy that got dragged like 20 yards like a little girl from a kick returner??

PackerAaron's picture

That would be the Chicago Bears.

Aaron Rogders's picture

I guess TT saw his ability to hang on as "athleticism"

Chicago Hooligan's picture

Would Bush even have been 2nd on the team in ST tackles if they didn't cut Tracy White during the season? It's weird to offer Bush so much money as a role player, since he's the 4th/5th corner or 3rd/4th safety. But then, NYJ just gave Ahmad Carroll a new contract, too...

LACHEEZ's picture

boooo....another reason to be nervous for next year.

L.A.'s picture

Aaron makes one little post like that and is branded a "whiny Thompson hater"?

I'm insulted.

IronMan's picture

"Aaron makes one little post like that and is branded a “whiny Thompson hater”?

I’m insulted."

There are a few people out there that freak out whenever someone even remotely criticizes TT. I'm thinking they are relatives of TT.

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