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Should the Packers Bring Back Eddie Lacy?

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Should the Packers Bring Back Eddie Lacy?

The Packers have a big decision when it comes to whether or not they should re-sign Pro Bowl running back Eddie Lacy.

I am very much in favor of re-signing Lacy because, in my view, the upside far outweighs the risk. Eddie Lacy, at his best, can be a one-man stampede of muscle and dreadlock. When fresh and healthy, Eddie Lacy brings one of the most punishing running styles in the league to the table. He gives the Packers an offensive hammer and physical presence that few teams in the league enjoy, and which is certainly missing from this offense without him. While his overall statistics may not lead the league or blow you away, in part due to the fact that Green Bay has always closely managed his work load in the interest of longevity, Lacy has consistently brought power and stability to the offense. 

Lacy has the talent to be a difference maker and, coming off an injury-shortened season, will likely be willing, or have no other choice, to sign a short and cheap contract making the downside less painful if he once again cannot live up to the expectations that accompany a second round draft pick. If the reports are accurate, it sounds as though a one year “prove it” deal worth two million dollars could be a possibility.

I am acutely aware of the prospect that Eddie Lacy disappoints us all again in 2017 should he return as he did for much of the last two years.

A dominant narrative on Eddie Lacy for his whole career has been about his difficulties maintaining a healthy weight. Much was made during the offseason last year about the fact Lacy was working out with the founder of P90X. Personally, I found it a little ridiculous that we Packer fans were celebrating that our running back was working out like every other professional athlete is expected to do, but nonetheless I saw it as a sign Lacy was committing more of himself to his craft.

I have often wondered if Eddie Lacy’s weight issues have contributed to his recent injury struggles. There is no doubt weight and injury, and therfore reliability, are the main question marks surrounding him. I believe if Lacy can mature and take care of himself both in terms of nutrition and a workout regimen, it will cut down on his frequent visits to the trainer’s table. I have confidence and patience to see him become that mature player we all hope for, but there are no guarantees.

Let’s turn to what I think are the pros of bringing back Eddie Lacy.

Eddie Lacy was off to a strong start in 2016 with a 5.1 yards per carry average, though he did not have a touchdown in his brief five game campaign. Per Pro Football Focus, though his season was officially incomplete due to small sample size, he had the 11th best grade for a running back in 2016. Ty Montgomery finished 18th without a full offseason at the position. If Lacy returns, it would make the Packers one of just three NFL teams with two running backs who finished the season in the top 20 PFF rankings at the position.  

Eddie Lacy will be just 27 years old when the 2017 season begins. His rookie year he averaged 18.9 carries per game, largely because he was asked to take on a bigger role in the absence of Aaron Rodgers. However, since then he has never averaged more than 15 carries per game in a season. He essentially had a year off this past season. There is a lot of tread on the tires.

With Lacy’s season coming to an end before Jared Cook really found his groove in the offense, we never got to see what the combination could look like of a bruising back and a seam-threatening tight end. Ty Montgomery did some great things at running back, but the offense skewed so heavily towards the pass in Lacy’s absence that at times the Packers lacked a true play-action threat. Jared Cook could be made even more effective with a one-two punch of Lacy and Montgomery.

Eddie Lacy and Ty Montgomery would be a powerful tandem. With the exception of last season, Lacy has shown an impressive ability for a big back to thrive in the screen-game. So, rotating Lacy and Montgomery in and out does not necessarily tip the Packers’ play-calling hand to the defense. Both can catch, though of course Montgomery should be stronger in this area seeing as he came into the league as a wide receiver, and both can take handoffs and grind out yards. 

Such a vibrant backfield could ease the pressure that is on Aaron Rodgers to do it all and which all too often requires a miracle to win. John Elway benefited greatly in the mid- to late-90s when the Broncos developed a stronger running game to shoulder some of the burden for him in the final years of his career. Certainly Rodgers is in his element with a high number of pass attempts and the West Coast possession passing game, but it would be nice to get some of the 2014 “pound and bomb” going again on occasion next season.

I offer two final topics more as issues of debate – I could see them being reasons to re-sign Lacy or to put less emphasis on the running back position altogether. I am referring to balance on offense between the run and pass, and time of possesion.   

Personally, I am a believer that whether it’s Lacy or another player, Ty Montgomery will need a complementary back to help restore balance to the offense. I think more balance is needed. In the final three Packers victories of the 2016 season, from Week 17 at Detroit through the Divisional Round of the playoffs at Dallas, the Packers threw the ball almost exactly twice as many times as they ran it, with 122 passes compared to 59 rushes by running backs. These numbers are more skewed if you consider the NFC Championship at Atlanta due to the large deficit the Packers faced so early in the game. In that game as well, they had no consistent and reliable running game to speak of. 

Balance is not only important for opening up the playbook to your offense, but also for time of possession. TOP can assist any defense, especially one that makes you nervous every time they step on the field. That being said, the Packers won time of possession against the Lions and the Giants in the final stretch, and almost tied time of possession with the Cowboys, who finished the Regular Season third in the TOP category. The Packers finished 5th for the year in TOP despite a lack of balance. This would seem to indicate that one of the great benefits of balance was achieved through the efficiency of Aaron Rodgers even while lacking a great running attack. I also think it could indicate this team would really be able to grind the clock if a stronger running game is blended with the rhythm pass attack.

In closing, I think that as a draft-and-develop system the Packers should give Eddie Lacy one last opportunity and see if the stars can align. Can he avoid serious injury? Can he maintain a healthy weight? Can he be a mature, committed professional on a more consistent basis? His upside is tremendous if patience pays off, which it has so often for the Packers in recent years, specifically when you consider the careers of Davante Adams, Mason Crosby and TJ Lang.

What are your thoughts? Should it be Lacy, a player from free agency, the draft or the practice squad that serves as main the complement to Montgomery in the backfield?

Go Pack Go.

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jeremyjjbrown's picture

Sure if he's affordable bring him back. I've heard the Lions really want him. Hopefully they do not drive up the price.

Chad Lundberg's picture

"Should the Packers bring back Eddie Lacy?"

Uuhm.. Just how many times can I say yes to this question!? The fact that anybody actually thinks that's a good idea to move on from him drives me crazy. The guy who brought back our running game despite having a below-average offensive line before 2016 tells me people don't know what they're talking about. The offensive line is very good, but thats almost all because of pass blocking, not run blocking. Ty Montgomery looks good, but Lacy is the back who can gain yards by himself, plus PFF marked him as the best tackle-breaking RB in the NFL before he got injured. Not to mention he has above average pass blocking skills, and pass catching ability compared to Ty or Ripkowski who blew several key assignments during the Packers late push.

Sign Eddie Lacy. Period. He probably wont cost much anyway. Very high reward compared to low risk. Sign him.

ironman3169's picture

While I am in favor of bringing Lacy back, I must disagree with some of the laurels you've bestowed upon him. I don't see home getting so many yards by himself. In fact, I have repeatedly been disappointed on third and short. I've also noticed that he is only effective lined up 7 yards deep and rushing up the middle. Not very versatile. On a different subject, has everyone forgotten about a pair of concussions Eddie suffered in his first two seasons? I wonder if that played a part in his third year production , as in subconsciously "maybe I shouldn't play as hard or I'll get another one".

pooch's picture

3rd in short does not work for any of GB backs,of line issue

dschwalm's picture

It just doesn't make sense signing Lacy again. We all know that he is NOT self disciplined enough to stay in shape. How many chances do we give him?? He has already let his team mates down by letting himself get out of shape this season. I think everybody suspects that he will not be in shape for Training Camp again! Enough, already. We wouldn't keep giving a 10 year old kid second chances like this...... I hope TT has the cahones to let him walk, and maybe give him a shove. Let the Lions take a chance with him.

Gman1976's picture

Totally agree. 5.1 yards a carry and a being a battering ram is enough reason to have him back. I would hate to see him play against our defense and see him blowing up our guys. Yes, he has issues, but as he grows older he could be our Blount (the RB on the Patriots who if my memory serves me correctly also had issues as a younger RB).

al bundy's picture

The problem he was a battering ram for five games. We play and sixteen game season plus.

al bundy's picture

The problem he was a battering ram for five games. We play and sixteen game season plus.

mbrand1969's picture

i would rather have him as a packer than face him lol im all for him to be resigned he is a powerhouse we have lots of guys that are fast but only one when it comes to power and thats lacy

RodFlash's picture

Michaels' really the only RB we have that's fast, but he's easily replaced and should be. I am for resigning Lacy.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Monty is fast.

marpag1's picture

At most, Monty is a tick above average for a running back. But speed is a little overrated when evaluating running backs anyway.

RodFlash's picture

Monty is not fast.

dschwalm's picture

You mean "Fat Eddy".

RodFlash's picture

Offer him a 1-2 yr. deal loaded with weight & performance clauses, if he won't accept that, let him walk. His ankle issues goe back to college so I don't think weight overall has contributed to injuries but they say he hit 260 lbs. in 2015 and actually put back on some of the weight he lost in the off season, I think that compounded the chronic ankle. Still need to draft a RB by the 4th or 5th round this year even if Lacy is resigned. He really needs to play @ no more than 235 lbs.

Savage57's picture

Packers fans have a tendency to overvalue a player that shows a flash and crown them the answer. Montgomery, who's also dealt with injuries during his Packers career, ran for 450 yards last season. Lacy, who played in 5 games had 350 in his most disappointing season as a pro. Lacy's averaged 900+ in his 4 years with the Packers, yet people are saying the Packers need to bring him back to 'complement' Montgomery.

Puhleeze. I hear the Jerkmichael FinMe hype train going past.

Lacy's had his issues, but unless some GM offers him a long term deal with big guaranteed money, he'll be back on an incentive laden deal.

Ferrari Driver's picture

Absolutely bring him back.

He is a little too heavy fill the needs at middle linebacker, but by the time training camp opens, he could be a good run stopper candidate to play along side Clark on the defensive line.

Packer Fan's picture

News flash! The Packers don't need a big bruising running attack. We only need to see what happened in the Super Bowl. Montgomery is a match up nightmare. I'm OK with Lacy coming back, but at a low price. Might need to spend a third or fourth round pick on another Montgomery type pick. However there is an offence philosophy and dink and dunk setting up the downfield passing game.

Ryan Graham's picture

I respectfully disagree with you, and if you wanna use the super bowl as an example look at what Atlanta was able to do to the top defensive scoring team in the NFL, meaning allowed the least amount of points all year - less than 16/game. All that first half scoring was set up due to the strong run production of devonta freeman and some help from Tevin coleman. Granted rodgers is a better qb than Matt Ryan and performs better than him under pressure, but when he doesn't have to play under all that pressure, the team doesn't have to win 10 in a row to win the big game. The team doesn't run out of gas and get embarrassed in the nfc championship game.

And if you're gonna draft an rb, which I do agree with, you need some eddie lacy insurance in case he goes down again. Someone to play in that thunder/lightning system that can open up the playbook to control the ball more, keep the defense off the field more easily, and ease unnecessary pressure off of Aaron Rodgers.

al bundy's picture

Dont tell mental mike that, that is exactly what he wants, He hates speed backs. Mike is tough. Mike is going to show the world his teams are tough. Mike is going to run the ball all the time because he is tough. Ya and thats the reason I still blame him for the Seattle loss. Lacy left Lacy right didnt work against them but Rogers never threw into the endzone in that game to put them away, it was supposed to be Lacy pounding the ball

bleedsgreen's picture

Any story of Eddie Lacy that doesn't include, "his coach ran him into the ground during the 4th q of a blowout loss, ending his season," is not dealing with the full universe of key facts.

Key fact: McCarthy got his big boy hurt. McCarthy owes Lacy now, just as Lacy surely continuously owes the Packers, considering his habit of ... um, indulgences.

Given T. Thompson's commitment to valuing time, training, and identification as a Packer, Eddie's generally just nature and presuming willingness to play for a fair price.... they'll bring him back.

That's heart _and_ head talking. You know Eddie's got an epic Packer December in him yet... and a Super Bowl.

Bring him back.
#27 Packer4LIFE!

Point Packer's picture

Whoever signs Trent Richardson, I mean Eddie Lacy, will be disappointed. His best years are behind him. Trent Richardson, I mean Eddie Lacy, hasn't and won't be able to get himself into shape to be a consistent contributor.

If anyone else wants Lacy, he's gone.

RodFlash's picture

Pretty cold and harsh and untrue comparison. An inshape Lacy(max weight 240) has a lot of good football left and is still an excellent RB. He's great in the screen game (no DB's want to tackle him) and he's a 3 down back. I'd bet he's back on at least a 1 yr. deal with major weight clauses. And I hope he is.

Point Packer's picture

How do you know he "has a lot of good football left?" He comes into camp at 260 (again), he is likely to be injured (again). Lacy has three years max left - IF he gets in shape (no guarantee).

Lacy was non-existent in the screen game last year.

He's a three down back, half the game.

Nick Perry's picture

Just look back at his first 2 seasons in GB Pete, he was actually pretty good catching the ball out of the backfield, especially 2104. In 2014 he caught the ball 42 times for 427 yards, 4 TD's, and an average of 10.2 YPR.

marpag1's picture


And how do you know that he DOESN'T have good football left in him? Heck, you're even trying to name the number of years he's got left.

If Lacy was non-existent in the screen game last year, maybe its because he only played in five games. Or because the Packers don't call that many screens. But in his NFL career he has 101 receptions on 134 targets for 900 yards at 8.9 per catch. (8.9 would have ranked 8th among running backs last year)

So he's "a three down back" hey? Damn, last year GB ran 1.0625 fourth down snaps per game. And if Lacy can't manage on all of those fourth downs, what they hell are we going to do on fifth down???

Do you watch football?

RodFlash's picture

If he's not in shape they won't sign him. IF they sign him he'll only make the roster IF he gets in shape! That's how you deal with weight clauses. In order to be involved in the screen game the HC has to call screens. DUH!

Point Packer's picture

He won't be in shape and will be out of the league in three years. Lacy wasn't motivated to stay in shape on a team that can win the SB every year, after being called out by his coach and before his big second contract pay day.

What makes you think his weight issues will not be an issue? Because if they are, he'll continue to be injured and will be out of the league before he turns 30.

Bert's picture

I like Lacey but I really hate going into training camp DEPENDING on him. It's OK to sign him to an incentive laden contract with a weight clause but please don't actually put the team at risk by actually depending on him to perform. In other words we need to have a Plan B to Lacey in place as his odds of staying healthy and in shape aren't all that good.

kevinmooney's picture

Totally agree. I'm in favor of a mid-round draft pick being used on a running back. Maybe rounds 3-5 somewhere (I hope rounds 1-2 are used on an edge defender and a corner) . I'm still interested in what Don Jackson can offer as a role player too, but perhaps he stays on the practice squad for insurance.

Slim11's picture

There is a wild card on the roster...Aaron Ripkowski.

He's shown he is a hard runner to bring down. I know all about the fumble in Atlanta. But (1) what RB doesn't fumble periodically and (2) can he develop into a reliable runner as a FB? I think he can but it will take considerable effort on his part.

If he wasn't on the roster, I'd be all for signing Lacy to a one year, incentive laden contract. But, with Ripkowski and Montgomery on the roster, is Lacy really necessary?

Since '61's picture

I would only resign Lacy to a 1 year prove it contract with a weight clause. If he gets over 240 pounds he doesn't play and he doesn't get paid, period. We have Monty and Rip. We can draft an RB to replace Lacy that stays in shape and is serious about playing in the NFL. Maybe keep Michael or a UDFA as a 3 rd string backup. We went 8-0 without Lacy so I don't see him as a must sign. If Lacy agrees to the weight clause and the right price sign him, if not let him walk or roll in his case. Thanks, Since '61

Rossonero's picture

Bring him back on a 1 year prove it deal.

He was playing well until he got injured this year. Let's not forget that Monty still has his sickle cell condition which can act up.

And if you want to let Lacy walk, then that means you're OK with him in Lions or Vikings colors, because after pummeling them for years, you know they'd love to have him.

Lacy is not the dumb fat boy that some of you make him out to be. Let's be real-- he's the best RB we've had since Ahman Green, period. He saved the 2013 season when Rodgers went down with the broken collarbone.

Yes, people remember Rodgers' incredible throw to best Chicago in the finale, but it was Lacy who carried the team with Matt Flynn at the helm.

Look, I know he had his weight issue. What did he do? He responded the way a pro does: got a trainer and got into great shape. He's a Jerome Bettis-type of running back, he's just a big guy.

He's not going to look like Adrian Peterson or LeVeon Bell, that's just not who he is. He will be back and you'll thank me later.

Ryan Graham's picture

I'm in support of resigning lacy, so I'm just playing Devils advocate here. Some things to be considered is all

1. Reflecting on his rookie season is old news, he's had 2 subpar seasons riddled with injuries since his start up in the nfl, and my guess is he put on some of that bad weight he 'lost' this past offseason.

2. I'm not so convinced he lost any weight to begin with, more turned a slight amount of bad weight to muscle. That's all well and dandy, but that's still a lot of weight to be banging around in his bad ankles. He's gotta trim down for his own sake and the longevity of his career.

3. Comparing him to The Bus is a bit extreme. I don't have any stats on this but from what I remember, he didn't have many injury issues at his size in a more physical nfl. No one is asking him to look, run like, or adopt APs running style either, but the pack needs him healthy, and a trim Lacy is a better opportunity for a healthy Lacy.

RodFlash's picture

Sorry but he only had 1 subpar season with the weight issues 2014. 2015 he was avg. 5.1 yds a carry after 5 games THEN got hurt. 1 subpar season, 2/3 of an injured season. So, 2 1/3 very good seasons out of 4. But the bigger point obviosly is he needs to keep his weight at around 235-240 Max. otherwise he's not worth the trouble.

Rossonero's picture

I'm glad you're in favor of bringing him back. I know you're just playing Devils advocate, but I must disagree.

2 subpar seasons? He was averaging 5.1 yards per carry until he had a season ending injury. That said, I would not classify 2016 as an "injury riddled" season. That's a stretch.

You can check out his photos during his training with Tony Horton. Whether he "looks a certain way" is irrelevant. He obviously met the Packers requirements to return to the field. How he looks is subjective and irrelevant -- just worry about his performance.

"he didn't have many injury issues at his size in a more physical nfl." With all due respect as a fellow Packer fan, are you serious?

Bettis had a litany of injuries during his career: turf toe, a lump the size of a cue ball in his lower left leg, injured ribs, a bad left knee and a partially torn groin.

TommyG's picture

The guy is already being fined this offseason for violating his weight agreement. Unless he signs cheap there is little reason to keep him. Micheal hits just as hard and is much faster.

kevinmooney's picture

Michael definitely has some explosion, but sometimes he does some really boneheaded stuff. Seattle cut him because he wouldn't run the ball according to the play design. He went the wrong way on a simple run play with the Packers. Had a blown kickoff return. I like the potential but I'm also nervous when he's on the field.

J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

Ever look up Christine's Wonderlic score? I question whether he even has the tools to follow what is initially assigned, then audibled at the line. I hope I'm wrong and I KNOW BEN hopes he catches on too, lol.

al bundy's picture

I'm all for a one year show me you can stop eating everything is sight contract. I would not want him to get a three year deal considering he crapped on the packer fans two years in a row now. I mean he was approaching 264 when his ankles gave out, that is un accpeptable. Not to mention 5 game zero TD's

stockholder's picture

I heard they offered him a 1 year deal. This came from the same source that said Lang had not been contacted. I have said let lacy go. But I'm in agreement with MM now. If he wants Lacy back, sure. And I'll tell you why. The choice is McCaffery #1. We have monty. A RB should be taken in the 3rd or Not #1. Not this year after watching what the falcons did to this team. Sign Lacy -

RodFlash's picture

Just remember, Ted WILL NOT draft a RB in the 1st round!

Turophile's picture

Ted rarely visits vet FA, so if you let Lacy go it's very likely he is replaced by a draft pick. Even if Ted did dip in FA, who is there ? The word on the street is Steelers RB LeVeon Bell will be franchised. After that maybe the Pats LeGarette Blount ? Not much there, even if Ted did go looking.

So, if you replace Lacy with a starting quality draft pick, you need to be spending a 1st or 2nd round pick on a RB. Given the projected losses at OLB (Peppers, Jones, imo), another pass rusher is a serious need, which becomes even more acute if Clay Matthews spends time at ILB.

That sucks up one of the first two picks, because good pass rushers are so in demand, they are off the board very quickly. The Packers are lucky this is a deep year for pass rushers as it means they might get a good one in round two, as well as round one.

The other serious need is a starting quality CB, given the struggles there last season and the loss of no.1 CB Sam Shields. Again, this draft is deep in good CBs, but that only means that a potential no.1 type might be there in round two as well as one.

Once you are out of the first two rounds, who would be left at the bottom of round three at RB. ? Perine, Gallman, McNichols ? Any of them could be a good complementary back to Lacy, but how much better than him would they be, as the no.1 RB ?

This also supposes the Packers have no pressing needs left, other than RB, and I think they would like a good sideline WR or a TE, guys with speed - I'm sure they would like both, but most of the good ones are gone by now, so they just might get a starting quality guy here, if they are lucky/scout well. In an average draft year the talent level drops quickly through the 3rd round, if you are looking for WR/TE/RB who can do more than back up.

Conclusion - keep Lacy if you can, offer a solid price (not a lowball offer), but featuring an incentive laden deal. Then you can manage most of the more acute needs of the team, on days one and two in the draft, and pick up that complementary RB on day three, rounds 4/5.

Nick Perry's picture

I'd like to see Lacy back, but not at the weight he's been the last 2 seasons. The Packers would have to have it IN the contract the weights they want him at when he reports. For example, 250 for OTA's and 240 for TC, and 235 by week one of the 2117 season.

Last year Eddie fooled me and got me excited when he looked great at OTA's of the 2016 season. Whatever he had lost seemed to reappear in TC and by week one of the regular season.

Just think what a 235 - 240 pound Lacy could do. Yes he was averaging 5.1 YPC, but I'd bet my last dollar he could have been even better than 5.1 had he been 235ish.

The draft is loaded at RB this season but with so many other areas of need do the Packers really want to have to draft a RB?
Thompsons drafts the last 2 seasons haven't yielded much yet. Granted the Packers draft towards the end of each round year after year, but it's unsettling to know the Packers #1 draft pick RARELY makes any impact as a rookie. You at least expect something from the #1 pick wouldn't you? 2013 and 2014 were pretty awesome drafts for TT. He managed to draft several starters in those drafts, starters who were able to contribute right away.

IMO the Packers can't continue to do just the Draft & Develop thing in 2017. They also can't afford to play "Hope Ball" and hope everybody who was bad last year does a Davante Adams and improves like Adams did in 2016.

Offer Eddie a contract LOADED with incentives for a year or 2 and maybe another year as an option. Lacy is going to have plenty of suitors and Minnesota and Detroit would probably be 2 of them. IMO a combination of Lacy and Montgomery could be one of the better 1-2 punches in the NFL, Might even be as good as what Thompson had in mind when he took Lacy and Franklin.

Ryan Graham's picture

I think you hit it on the head with Lacy, but I would like to see them draft an rb in the 4th or 5th Rd just to let him know they mean business with him, and of he doesn't then he will have less leverage this time next year than he does now, and we would have an insurance plan in his stead. I'm high on Jamaal Williams and James Connor to develop into good solid downhill runners that can pass block when asked to.

Sam Shields MUST be replaced with a veteran. Cutting him was the right choice, but if Ted is forming a team to win next year, you give up a one compensatory pick for a Stephon Gilmore or Logan Ryan, particularly Logan Ryan you already know he cab handle a no nonsense regiment. The only way to compare Adams development to what Randall could do is if you stick him back at the no. 2 cb position.

pooch's picture

Management needs to take some blame for injury.He was clearly playing on bad ankle in Dallas game

al bundy's picture

Ya being 50 pounds over weight may have been a big reason his ankles gave out.

TheoJay's picture

Lacy is most effective in an I-formation with a lead FB. So if the Packers continue to go 5-wide and force Eddie to create his own holes, then let him move onto another team. He doesn't read zone holes fast enough and his instincts are suspect at best. A lighter, shiftier, and more of a 'zone' read RB is more of a preferred RB for the Packers system.

Rossonero's picture

He is a power runner between the tackles, not a shifty, nimble runner. I'm getting tired of people trying to ram a square peg into a round hole. That's not the type of runner he is.

DD's picture

If Lacy doesn't report to training camp in shape and at about 235 then his desire is not there! Other professionals come to camp ripped and ready. If overweight he can't go 2 quarters, will get hurt, and not contribute at all based on that in December and post season when needed the most. Wake up Pack! If he doesn't want it bad enough now at 27 he never will. His future in football depends on him!! I wouldn't screw around and waste any more time with him. Football career or donut shop? Simple.

Lphill's picture


PETER MAIZ's picture

Lacy is explosive and hard to bring down. Hopefully, he'll start liking salads instead of pork ribs. Give him a year and see how he responds to ankle injuries. Ted needs urgent help on defense, anyway.

greenngold's picture

My biggest fear with Eddie is not that he has a weight issue, which he does, or not that he has an injury issue, which he does. I fear that he just doesn't love football and isn't willing to make the huge sacrifices needed to continue. Honestly, I can't fault him for it. In this day of increasing health concerns, particularly regarding concussions and the long term repercussions (no pun intended) we will most likely see more players have this attitude. Eddie seems like a bright, likable individual, and if he wants to be able to walk and talk when he hits his 50's, that is absolutely his prerogative.

Point Packer's picture

Maybe the most overrated Packer in the last decade.

Rossonero's picture

Nah, that award goes to Justin Harrell.

croatpackfan's picture

When I read this opinions, well, most of them, I'm glad Packers have Ted Thompson as decision maker...
All of you knows nothing, one fact of the present situation, yet you are so determined to re-sign or not re-sign Eddy Lacy...
I think Packers needs RB like him, but he or someone else, I'll wait for the decision of informed people...
Thank you!

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