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Should The Future Be Now At Right Tackle?

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Should The Future Be Now At Right Tackle?

Anyone who observers the game of football with any regularity could see that Mark Tauscher was struggling out on the edge in pass protection yesterday. And he didn't offer much in the run game either. It will be interesting to see if the Packers start working T.J. Lang back into a rotation with Tausch.

Look, I know the theme coming from Packers headquarters is that Tauscher has 'solidified' or served as a 'calming influence' on the offensive line. But the truth of the matter is both those things happened the moment Alan Barbre was removed from the starting lineup. The guy was just not ready for prime time.

T.J. Lang is.

I think it would make a world of sense to start easing in Lang now with an eye toward making him the starter during camp next year, if not during the playoffs. The kid has all the tools and will only get better the more he plays. Tauscher, bless him, looks like he's on his last legs.

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manolito's picture

Respectfully disagree, purely on the basis of timing. Lang may be (and hopefully is) the future for the Packers at RT, but the team is in a stretch run and should be solidifying the line for the playoffs. Everyone has argued that continuity is one (but not the only) key to effective line play, and I fear the effects of platooning players this late in the season. If you want to put Lang in there, I say put him in at the beginning of the game and ride him until he fails miserably.


packsmack's picture

I know Tauscher wasn't exactly Joe Thomas out there yesterday, but the guy gave up 0 sacks and 1 tackle to a guy who gave us fits in week 1. I'll take that. No reason to force Lang in there until Tauscher is even remotely as bad as Barbre, because even if he's not great, he still makes the line much more cohesive as a whole.

RockinRodgers's picture

We need to get younger at both Tackle spots. If Lang could fill one of those,that would be great. Than we could focus all our energy on LT.

Todd From Minnesota's picture

Hello Border Fellers...I see you knocked off the Bears. Da Bears are gone because of the mighty Pack....I hope the Vikes get another shot in the playoffs against the mighty Pack. It would make great T.V. So if you fellers could go down and beat the Saints and show them who DAT is… This border friend would greatly appreciate it.

NickGBP's picture

Tauscher gave up 0 sacks and 1 tackle to a guy who gave us fits in week 1.
That's all that needs to be said. End of discussion.

jerseypackfan's picture

God forbid we have another rookie starting on this team right? Get Lang in there and keep him in there! Save Tauscher for the playoffs,he does not have much left in the tank, might as well conserve what is left.

wgbeethree's picture

I'm fine with the line as it is for this year. The tackle play hasn't been very good recently IMO but compared to how TERRIBLE it was earlier in the year ''not very good'' is good enough. It's probably hurting us but it isn't killing us.

As for the future at RT I still think our best option on the team is Colledge. He played pretty well for Tauscher when he went down and I think with an offseason to focus on it he could be very solid. I know a lot of people aren't very high on Colledge right now but his skill set seems to be ideally suited for RT. I know the staff seems to like him where he is A LOT though. I would have prefered Barbre stayed at LG and Colledge gone to RT this year but the staff said they liked Colledge too much at LG to move him at the time. Not sure if they still feel the same after his mediocre season there this year. I simply like him at RT and Lang at LG more than vice versa. Their body types and playing style just seem to both be best suited for those positions.

what does everyone think of that possiblity?

Todd From Minnesota's picture

Get Tony Mandarich to play for you guys again. Love the draft picks.

PACKERS.'s picture

I agree Lang is a great player who will only get better. Tauscher served his purpose in getting some order and talent back in the offensive line, but I'm afraid he's going the way of the Favre. As long as Barbre doesn't see any more playing time, I'll be happy.

PackerBacker's picture

I think we should stick with Tauscher as the starter now, like Aaron is saying. Either way you are going to get a player who can be good one week and spotty the next. At least with keeping the veteran in there you have a guy who has learned the tricks to the trade and can compensate for some of his shortcomings. Also, if we are going to make a run at the playoffs and (hopefully) get deep into them, you need as many experienced players on the line as possible.
I do however agree that it might be a good idea to start getting the rookie some snaps at RT. It would both help keep Tauscher healthy and it would give TJ some of the experience he needs to take the next step.

foundindaho's picture

Troy Williamson ring any bells for you Toad?

Nice to see we're not alone, eh?

PackersRS's picture


They're setting down. Tauscher was fatigued late in the game.

Lang is the future, not the present. Unless someone gets hurt, which will not happen.
After reading JerseyPackFan, I mantain my point. An united OL is a happy OL. They need to repeat it as long as they can. If Tauscher gets injuried, we use Lang. But we do not rest Tauscher. We do not rest anyone, if they can play.

mopak65's picture

Tausch may well step up in the play-offs because of his experience - one can never underestimate a man's desire when put under the test and all of us who have played and follow the game know that when the play-offs begin its a whole new season and pride is on the line. Tausch has been there - Lang has not. I'll take experience over in-experience any day - Tauscher is a tried and battle tested warrior - - GO PACK GO!!!

NickGBP's picture

Obviously this game is still early (posting this at 10), but this Cards 49ers game shows that you can't take yesterday's win for granted. Rivalry division games are ALWAYS difficult, and the way the Pack fought back is huge for playoff hopes.

PackersRS's picture

"Obviously this game is still early (posting this at 10), but this Cards 49ers game shows that you can’t take yesterday’s win for granted. Rivalry division games are ALWAYS difficult, and the way the Pack fought back is huge for playoff hopes."
Lovie Smith's main goal, since he came to the Bears, was to beat the Packers. If anyone expected an easy win AT SOLDIER FIELD they were kidding themselves.

retiredgrampa's picture

I like Tausch at RT now, but then I've always liked him. I would like to see Lang get more snaps though, for experience's sake. Maybe near the end of game already decided.

PiedmontPackerFan's picture

Too risky. If we were not playoff - bound, I'd agree with you.

D.D. Driver's picture

I agree with those that say lets work on continuity. If I were going to replace a tackle, I'd rather get rid of Clifton and his three false starts and two holding penalties per game.

PackersRS's picture

DDD, the problem is that Lang isn't built as a LT. But I agree with you. Last year Tauscher outperformed Clifton, and this year he's doing it again.

JerseyAl's picture

Since Tauscher and Ahman Green were brought back, the Packers have played with a different attitude. Their veteran leadership has been invaluable. Having said that, I think it would be good to go easy on Tausch and let Lang get a couple of series each game.

nerdmann's picture

Hasn't Lang been spelling Tauscher? I like things how they are. If need be, Lang can be inserted at LT without shifting people around.

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