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Seven Round Mock Draft Sees the Packers Select Williams, Wheaton

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Seven Round Mock Draft Sees the Packers Select Williams, Wheaton

Alabama defensive lineman Jesse Williams. Photo by Brian Carriveau of

I recently had the opportunity to act as the Packers general manager for the seven round mock draft taking place at

If you're unfamilear with, the website is just the clearinghouse. The actual "draft" takes place on Twitter with all 32 NFL teams represented by different users by following the hashtag #MockFour (Four representing the fourth such mock draft to take place this year).

My involvement was to lead a "War Room" of four individuals who would collectively come to a consensus who to select. My cohorts were Cheesehead TV's own Zach Kruse,'s Marques Eversoll and's Justis Mosqueda.

What follows is our fictional Packers draft class of 2013, along with analysis and some thoughts about who I would have taken. As you'll see, there wasn't always agreement in our "War Room."

That doesn't mean I'm wrong or right. Everyone's opinion is valid, and differences in opinion are just par for the course. Just like the real draft, we won't be able to judge how well we would have done until years down the road.

But without further ado, here's what our haul looks like...

First round, 1.26: Jesse Williams, Defensive Lineman, Alabama

With our first pick, the Packers get help along the defensive line by selecting one of the best run stuffers in this year's draft class. With Ryan Pickett getting up in age, Williams can also be Pickett's long-term successor. The problem with Williams is that he's not going offer much in the way of pass rush, or at least he didn't at Alabama where he would frequently be taken out of the game on passing downs. If "toughness" and "physicality" are truly a problem on the Packers defense, however, Williams can help fix that immediately. He has a bit of nastiness in him and relies on his brute strength.

Brian would have taken: Eddie Lacy, Running Back, Alabama

I personally did not agree with taking Williams in the first round. It's not as if I dislike Williams, but I'm not of the opinion that he's a first-round difference maker. With Lacy, the Packers would have gotten the No. 1 running back on the board and a good complement to DuJuan Harris. Truth be told, I didn't like the way the board fell to us, however. The two best safeties (Jonathan Cyprien and Kenny Vaccaro) were gone, as were the most well-rounded offensive and defensive linemen and tight end Tyler Eifert. I could easily see this happening in the actual draft and would be all in favor of the Packers trading down if they can find a partner.

Second round, 2.25: Markus Wheaton, Wide Receiver, Oregon State

Now that Greg Jennings has left in free agency, the Packers get a player who is as much a Jennings clone as any receiver in the Draft. Standing 5-11, 186 lbs. with 4.46 speed, Wheaton should be able to provide what Jennings did in his prime, namely an ability to stretch the field. By catching 91 passes for more than 1,200 yards and 11 touchdowns, Wheaton was a big part of the Beavers' improvement from 3-9 in 2011 to 9-3 in 2012.

Brian would have taken: Gavin Escobar, Tight End, San Diego State

Jermichael Finley has only one year left on his contract and it's not exactly looking optimistic that he'll remain in Green Bay beyond 2013. By selecting Escobar, the Packers could have some fearsome two tight sets this season, and the San Diego State product could take over as the No. 1 option by 2014. He's tall at 6-6 and fits the new prototype tight end sweeping the NFL. That being said, I was far from disappointed with Wheaton. He was my second-choice behind Escobar. Louisiana Tech's Quinton Patton was also still available and he would have been a great addition too. Whether tight end or receiver, it's looking like the Packers can find some decent help in round two come April.

Third round, 3.26: Travis Frederick, Center, Wisconsin

For the Packers to get a potential starter and the arguably the best center in the draft all the way in the third round was a nice development. By no means would Frederick just be handed the starter's job in Green Bay, but he would provide immediate competition. And with Dietrich-Smith potentially becoming an unrestricted free agent next season, adding Frederick could be the long-term solution at center.

Brian would have taken: Travis Frederick

There was near consensus in taking Frederick. If he was off the board, my next option would have been California's Brian Schwenke who was also still available. Needless to say, I'm not sold on Dietrich-Smith. By all means, prove me wrong, Evan.

Fourth round, 4.25: Christine Michael, Running Back, Texas A&M

There's potential for Christine Michael to be the best running back in the entire 2013 draft class, and that's no joke. The raw talent is there, but unfortunately so is immaturity. Michael also suffered a broken leg in 2010, a torn ACL in 2011 and found himself in and out of coach Kevin Sumlin's doghouse in 2012. His pass protection remains a work in progress too. If Michael adopts a professional attitude and stays healthy, however, the sky is the limit.

Brian would have taken: Michael Buchanan, Outside Linebacker, Illinois

While I agree Christine Michael is talented, I think he's too much of a risk to take in the fourth round. He wasn't even on my radar at that point. My top choice at the time was Michael Buchanan who has ideal measurables to play 3-4 outside linebacker in the NFL at 6-5 and 255 lbs. Although, concerns are raised by his involved in an altercation before his senior season that caused him to have his jaw wired shut and lost 20 lbs.

Fifth round, 5.26: J.J. Wilcox, Safety, Georgia Southern

Wilcox is another one of those boom-or-bust type of players. He played running back prior to his senior season, but performed well enough to be invited to the Senior Bowl. There's also concerns about his level of competition at the FCS level, but there's no doubt he has the size (6-0, 213 lbs.) and athleticism to make it big.

Brian would have taken: J.J. Wilcox

Michael Buchanan was actually still on the board in the fifth round, but I didn't want to see the Packers go another round without addressing the safety position. In my analysis of safeties in this year's draft class, I have Earl Wolff of North Carolina State rated almost equally with Wilcox and wouldn't be a bad alternative.

Sixth round, 6.25: David Bass, Outside Linebacker, Missouri Western State

Erik Walden has left Green Bay via free agency, and Frank Zombo hasn't re-signed, so at the very least, the Packers need to add depth at the outside linebacker position. While Bass only competed at the Division II level in college, he racked up 39.5 career sacks and has good size at 6-4 and 262 lbs.

Brian would have taken: David Bass

In case Nick Perry doesn't pan out, the Packers need some options at outside linebacker. Bass should be able to provide some special teams help in 2013, even if he's not yet ready for primetime. Among other players still on the board at the time, I was also interested in San Jose State tight end Ryan Otten and Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones.

Seventh round, 7.26: Zach Sudfeld, Tight End, Nevada

Sudfeld has the desired height you want in a tight end at 6-7 and is a good athlete, especially out of a seventh-round player. He's also a tight end that can contribute both in the receiving and the blocking aspects of the game, not just one or the other. His stock is on the rise after scoring two touchdowns in the New Mexico Bowl game and then having another good week at the East-West Shrine Game.

Brian would have taken: Dustin Hopkins, Kicker, Florida State

I think Sudfeld is a fine tight end, but there were plenty of good ones still on the board even in the seventh round, including Joseph Fauria of UCLA and Lucas Reed of New Mexico. If that's the case, it's a good possibility the Packers could just wait and sign one of them after the draft. Dustin Hopkins is too good to pass up in the seventh round. He has a strong leg and can push Mason Crosby immediately. Fullback Tommy Bohanon might be the best blocking fullback/H-back in this year's draft class too.

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jmac34's picture

Considering the way the year ended, I would have liked to see more defense earlier in the draft. I really only see C as a major need on the offensive side of the ball while the defense has a ton of holes including S, another Dlineman or two, and a backup OLB

cow42's picture

"I really only see C as a major need on the offensive side of the ball "

...of course you mean - other than rb, lt, and te.

jmac34's picture

Harris is a good RB so no major need there. LT has survived w/ Newhouse there and moving Bulaga over and having Barclay play RT could work. Barclay should only get better. TE is fine for at least this season and is no way a major need. Just because their is a need at a position doesn't make it a major need and I feel that the needs on the defensive side are much worse shape than those on the offenses side

RC Packer Fan's picture

Barclay is a player I am really interested in seeing how improves from year 1 to year 2. If he can improve his pass blocking skills I believe he will be the RT and Bulaga will get moved to LT.
He will be one of my most watch players in the offseason.

Stroh's picture

Barclay should be an OG. He did ok w/ alot of help at RT, but move him to OG and he's a great fit. Packers want OT that are better pass blockers than anything else. Barclay will never be a great pass blocker. IMO he's a natural at OG, w/ Sherrod, Newhouse, Bulaga and Datko at OT.

QOTSA1's picture

I like this draft with the exception of the Williams pick. I really think the Packers need a defensive lineman who can push the pocket and get after the quarterback.

Jamie's picture

Nearly all their DL are pass rushers. We have no one to hold the line and stop the run. They don't need anymore pass rushers on the DL, Pickett is the only run stopper we have.

BradHTX's picture

Actually, CJ Wilson is also primarily a run-stopper. Worthy, Neal and Daniels are the pass rushers, but I get the impression Worthy's injury is worse than they've let on, Daniels is a situational rusher, and Neal's history is hardly comforting. Plus, which Raji do we get next year? Yes, the Packers need to address Pickett's replacement. But with this draft's DL depth, I would like to see them get another really DE as well as a NT. You can never have too many "big mens."

Stroh's picture

I think it a deep draft for 43 DT and edge rushers. But no good 34 DE that we need more than anything. Wait till mid rounds to draft DL that actual fit the scheme.

FourEyesBrewing's picture

Was trading up/down a possibility in your mock draft? Did you try to trade down in the first and just didn't get any good offers from other teams? Unless a great player falls unexpectedly to us, I'd be in favor of trading back down to the beginning of the second round.

Brian Carriveau's picture

Yes, trading was an option, and we did try. Obviously it wasn't quite as easy as the NFL where every team is just a phone call away, however.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Was compensation picks not included in this mock? Packers have 2- 5th round picks.

Brian Carriveau's picture

They were not included because the draft started at almost the same time as the comp. picks were announced. The folks at just couldn't make it happen from a logistical standpoint.

Mike's picture

It's a shame they were not included. When did Buchanan get taken, did he last to where our comp pick would be?

Overall I'm a little underwhelmed with the class as a whole. I do like the Michael pick a lot.

Brian Carriveau's picture

Buchanan went in the top of round six, so yes, he still would have been available with the comp pick.

lmills's picture

Thanks for posting. Sounds like a fun time playing GM in a live draft. I agree that we need a pass rusher in the first. I would have taken Datone Jonesin the 1st and Phillip Thomas in 2nd.

Drealyn Williams's picture

Not enough defensive picks. A WR in the 2nd round? Really??

Evan's picture

With Jones in his final year and Nelson and Cobb up after 2014, it fits right with Ted's MO. I'd look for one in the third, but wouldn't be surprised at all if he grabs one earlier.

Drealyn Williams's picture

As long as there aren't back-to-back offensive picks I can deal with a WR going early. I just can't get passed B.J. Raji's high snap counts,Pickett's age,C.J.'s minimal impact and Neal's inconsistency...

Jamie's picture

What were the selling points on the Jesse Williams pick? I just haven't seen any real exceptional qualities from him to think someone could have sold the group on him being the pick.

Jay's picture

I'm actually not opposed to the Williams pick, but not above Datone Jones, who was available.

Cole's picture

Cyprien and Lacy are busts. We need BPA whether it's WR, TE, or DL or whatever. Neither Cyprien or Lacy will go in the first.

Cole's picture

And re: Williams, just because a guy is fat as fuck doesn't mean he can stop the run. He's a late second rd talent at best.

Stroh's picture

I mostly agree. I would hate this entire draft!

cow42's picture

i really like wheaton, frederick, michael, and bass

Lars's picture

What an awful first round pick. Williams? Really? High effort but he can't handle double teams, gives you zero pass rush and for all the weightlifting and great 4o-time is pretty much a non-factor on the field. So, don't even think of Williams at 5-tech. Why not get a real NT like John Jenkins if it just has to be a DLineman?

This is what happens when you lock onto position and ignore better players at other positions.

Now, if you take Hopkins at WR in one, you don't need to draft the undersized Wheaton to back up Cobb in the slot. Michael is OK, but Frederick is not a zone lineman. Escobar in the 2nd with that dazzling 4.84 speed? No thanks. I'm not convinced they even take a TE, with Bostick making it five at the position. Schwenke at C or ? Love to draft the same kicker Brian suggested (probably in 6 or he's gone) but you know they won't do that. The Packers already have the competition that is supposed to push Crosby, but not really threaten his job. More of the same in that area in 2013 and beyond. They won't admit that mistake and eat the cap loss.

Stroh's picture

Thompson won't take a WR in the 1st IMO. Hasn't yet... He'll wait till the 2nd or later and look for a "fit" for scheme and other personnel to provide what might be missing at WR. If you have an elite QB draft WR that fit the scheme and are productive. Like I said, IMO Thompson will not take a WR in the 1st. 2nd is possible but given the depth at the position I would be surprised if THompson drafted a WR before the 4th.

Stroh's picture

We don't need a NT we need trur 34 DE IMO. Raji and Pickett aren't going anywhere. Jenkins has gotten exposed and has fallen. Right now we might be able to get him in 2nd. Some consider him a 3rd myself included. Let someone else draft the bust inwaiting.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Is the first round pick really nasty, or does that sweet neck tat just make him appear that way? Is that a teardrop too!?!?


Jay's picture

He has "YOLO" tattooed by his left ear...=/

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Tell me that's a fucking joke...

Evan's picture

Yeah...he actually has GODS GIFTS tattooed on his arms.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Lol. Hurry back Quarless!

markinmadison's picture

I don't like the Michael pick, and definitrly not in the fourth. Since I got taken to task for mixing two players up I read up on him. First of all, I don't think a back with pass pro issues is going to see the field in this offense. Second, it sounds like pass pro and other issues were a matter of attitude as much as anything else. He may be the best pro RB in the draft, but I don't see him in Green Bay.

Stroh's picture

I would definitely take Micheal in the 4th. Thats the one pick I actually DID like!

Stroh's picture

I wouldn't take a DL in the 1st, but absolutlely would have taken Hankins over Williams. That said I would have taken Ogletree over both. His off field issues are a concern but his playmaking ability are exactly what the Packers need. Would love to see what Thompson does in this draft.

I like Short in the 2nd over both Williams and Hankins. And in the 2nd would have taken Short or Lemonier.

Absolutely take Schwenke over Frederick in the 3rd. Frederick is not a scheme fit for the Packers! Schwenke is a perfect scheme fit for GB.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree Stroh.
I would absolutely take Ogletree in the 1st. IMO tho Thompson won't take him. I think that they will view him as to much of a character risk and will remove him from their board.
And I also do believe that another team will take Ogletree before the Packers draft.

I like taking a WR at some point in this draft and in the 2nd round both Wheaton and Quitton Patten were available. I can see going with either.

3rd round I agree with you too. I think Schwenke would be a better fit for the Packes then Frederick.

I am not sold that the Packers would take Cristine Michael. I think he could be another player that they remove from their board.
A couple of RB's i could see the Packers taking in the Early to Middle Rounds are Kenjon Barner, Mike Gillislee,Joseph Randle,Stepfan Taylor, and Jonathon Franklin. I can see them in rounds 3-4 for the Packers.

cow42's picture

Packers need a power back.
all of the RB's you listed actually need holes to be successful. the Packers' offensive line is incapable of making a hole.

gotta find someone who can plow forwards for 4 yards.

ogletree's gonna be a bust if he goes to a 3/4 team. he'd have to play mlb and he's too much of a finess player to play mlb. too light to play olb.

he needs to play olb in a 4/3.


these are all flash guys.
Packers need guys who would rather go through people than around people.

just so damn soft.

Stroh's picture

Ogletree excelled at ILB at U Ga. His best projected position is 34 ILB then 43 OLB.

Denver's picture

The Packers have a guy who can plow forwards for 4 yards. He just needs to stay healthy for a change and, since it's a contract year for him, I'm thinking he will.
I'm no expert, but seems to me Ogletree's best shot in the NFL would be as a 3-4 ILB as well.

Stroh's picture

I'm torn w Starks. Can't decide whether to cut ties and move on or give him one last chance. What Don't get is why Green has basically been written off by fans. Last year he clearly didn't have the power snd confidence in his knee. Those are the last things to return after an ACL. This year he'llbe 100% and we'll see what kinda RB he can be. I think he can be the feature RB we need. He's got all the tools. Size speed good elusiveness and hands. They were getting him ready for a much bigger role when he tore the ACL

Denver's picture

Yeah, I'm one of those fans who wasn't excited about Green even before the ACL, Stroh. I would certainly be more than happy to have him prove me wrong, though.

cow42's picture

i just don't think ogletree has the thickness to play ilb at the pro level.

regardless of what his weight is he just seems too "slender".

i kinda feel like he's just gonna get pushed around in traffic.

can he get sideline to sideline? yep.
can he cover the deep middle? yep.
can he get to the qb? yep.

but i don't think he'll be able to stack and i don't think he'll be able to get off blocks.
and i think he may tend to get out of position while trying to get around blockers as opposed to taking them on.


he also seems to be to "linear" in his build.
michael's like a cannon ball.
the Pack needs to get some rb's w/ some meat on 'em.

green, starks, harris - they just don't come across as being "punishing".

harris packs a bit of a punch but he's just so small.

starks will stick ya but he is incapable of staying healthy.

green is just plain soft... despite his size.

Stroh's picture

All the thing mentioned about Ogletree. Play sideline to sideline , coverage, pass rush are exactly what we need at ILB. He's an inch taller but same wt as Bishop and Manning. Agree he might not always take blockers on but at Weak ILB he should be more free to run to the ball. Just thik he's a perfect fit for our weaknesses.

cow42's picture

"Just thik he’s a perfect fit for our weaknesses."

i disagree (of course)...

i don't think our problem is getting sideline to sideline, i think our problem is teams jamming stuff right down our throat.

packers need more "beef".

Saul Good's picture

I would have preferred Menelik Watson, we need to protect the face of the franchise, first and foremost, left tackle leaks like a sieve. You don't pay a QB like Rodgers that much money,without the intent of beefing up that line, as of right now it's shaky at best. We need a wall there for him.

After that..we go for everyone else...Safety, RB, TE, DE, DT ETC..

al's picture

this is the worse pics i have ever seen !!!!!!!!!!!!!

al's picture

first round eddie lacy rb or sam montgomery de second travis frederick C

al's picture

third gavin escobar te

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