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Seven Packers Placed on PUP List, Including Mike Neal Unexpectedly

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Seven Packers Placed on PUP List, Including Mike Neal Unexpectedly

The Green Bay Packers have placed seven players on the active/Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list on Thursday evening, according to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun.

The biggest surprise of the group is defensive lineman Mike Neal who took part in all the team's practices open to the public during the offseason program.

Neal was also cross-trained at outside linebacker the past few months, making him one of the more intriguing players to watch entering training camp in 2013.

Maintaining a clean bill of health is a criticism that Neal just can't seem to escape after being placed on injured reserve with a shoulder injury after only two games during his rookie season in 2010 and playing in only seven games due to a knee injury in 2011.

The trend appeared to have abated in 2012 following a four-game suspension to open the 2012 season, and Neal missed only one game the rest of the season, again with a shoulder issue.

There's been no indication what Neal's injury may be to necessitate his placement on the PUP list.

Jason Wilde of cites a source saying DuJuan Harris will be cleared to practice soon and that the Packers are merely being cautious after the running back had a cyst removed from his right lung this offseason.

It's important to note the difference between the preseason active/PUP list and the regular season's reserve/PUP list, which requires players to sit out at least the first six weeks of the year.

Players placed on the active/PUP list are eligible to practice as soon as they pass their physical.

One other surprise listing was safety Chaz Powell who also took part in the majority of the team's offseason program. Along with Sean Richardson, perhaps their health was why the Packers recently signed Ryan McMahon at the position.

Most of the other players on the PUP list didn't come as a surprise. Offensive lineman Derek Sherrod continues to come back from a broken leg suffered back in 2011. Jerel Worthy suffered a torn ACL in Week 17 last year. And rookie J.C. Tretter broke his ankle and tore ligaments during OTAs this spring.

Linebacker Jamari Lattimore was also placed on the non-football injury list, according to a report by Wilson. The nature of Lattimore's ailment is unclear.

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy should address the injuries and shed a little more light into their situations during his post-practice press conference on Friday.

The first training camp practice of 2013 is set to take place at 8:20 a.m. CT.

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packsmack25's picture

Well, Sherrod's done. Sucks.

al's picture

ya I think you right !

Cow42's picture


jeremy's picture

When there was all of the talk about Neal getting snaps at olb I was thinking I'd be happy if he stayed on the field at de.

Cow42's picture

...and i predicted that Neal out in space was a torn MCL waiting to happen.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Neal is surprising, and a little bit so is Harris. I kept hearing that he was going to be able to go. But they are being cautious with him, which is understandable.

I wonder if that opens the door for Starks to remain on the roster, if Harris doesn't come back soon?

Taco's picture

Will be interesting to hear what Neal's injury is. Maybe he's on the trading block and they're just keeping him healthy.

Cow42's picture

Maybe he's got menstrual cramps/bloating.

BradHTX's picture

Everyone just calm the eff down. Pronouncing Neal having a torn up knee or Sherrod being "done" from this is just silly.

Sherrod is still coming back from a major injury that takes a lot of time to heal. He will come back, but we don't know as what kind of player. The fact that they haven't yet cut him means they want to see. The fact that he's not ready yet simply means he's not ready yet.

As far as Neal, yes, it's troubling to hear that he's not practicing given his history. But for crying out loud, take a Prozac and wait for the information to come out about what it is. It could be nothing.

Honestly, with the instant drama here, it's getting as bad as JSOnline!

Cow42's picture

Yeah - you're right... it's probably "nothing".

It's not like this turd has a history of being made out of tissue paper or anything.

As for Sherrod - he sucked when he was healthy. AND THAT WAS 2 F'N YEARS AGO!


PackerNation's picture

You know, I'm a Packer fan, and I object to the notion that our players are "turds".

And Sherrod did not "suck" when healthy. This is a guy who played in the SEC and didn't give up a single sack his senior season. That's not sucking.

Cow42's picture

He couldn't beat out Newhouse (who sucks) at LT or Lang (who's average) at LG during his rookie camp.

Yes - all the rookies got a late start that off season but still...

RC Packer Fan's picture

I think McCarthy and other coaches screwed Sherrod in the beginning though. They didn't have the offseason of work, and then they started training camp and they had Sherrod learning both guard and tackle. If he would have stayed at tackle I believe it would have speeded up his learning curve. I think from the learning part he would have been better to have played one position, especially without the offseason.

Al Katraz's picture

Wow, I clearly remember reading that McCarthy was furios with Sherrod who just couldn't learn blocking schemes and up to his injury was being benched more and more until they were forced to play him.
He was on his way out!

Brooklyn81's picture

I agree. These ppl on here get all worked up b4 they know anything. And preseason PUP is different than regular season anyway. It could be minor so lets just wait until McCarthy's press conference.

Jamie's picture

You all do realize players are put onto and come off the preseason PUP every year and on every year, right?

Other than the devout trolltard, who can do is all a favor and drive off a cliff, let's pump the brakes a little here...

Evan's picture

It might be the first day of training camp, but Cow is in mid-season douche-bag form.

Cow42's picture

Just sick and tired of this team having injuries all over the place ALL THE TIME.

What the "F" is wrong with this team?

They can't get the full group together for day f-ing 1?!

How can you not be ready for day f-ing 1!?

Evan's picture

Hey, I'm as frustrated as you are with all the injuries (well, no, no one is as frustrated as you are...but I am very frustrated).

But just take a deep breath and let's find out what's going on first. That's all I'm saying.

Cow42's picture

I'm guessing it's a "bruise" that'll keep him out 'til wk 10 or so.

PackersRS's picture

You know why this team has injuries all the time?

Because it's 250lb men hitting each other at full speed all the time.

jeremy's picture

The 49ers have a lot more injuries right now. Just to stay in perspective.

Point Packer's picture

This is one of those rare occasions where I'm on the same page as Cow. WTF is going on with these guys - seriously.

Mike Neal is a pussy.

some guy's picture

everyone is done. the season is over.

get a grip people. Neal could be off the PUP in a few days. this happens all the time with the training camp PUP.

Sherrod will take time but there is no way he isn't activated and on the roster sometime this season.

Cow42's picture

This season?

Holy shit - I could not disagree more.

You actually think he'll be activated EVER?!

As for Neal - I'm predicting we don't see him until regular season week 5 (after the bye). He'll come back for 2 games and then be shut down for the season with yet another injury.

Dude's got talent - that's what pisses me off. The pass rush just got even weaker.

PackerBacker's picture

Nothing quite like making predictions based on absolutely no evidence.

some guy's picture

Neal's back in a couple weeks with an ab strain... you were saying?

Yes, Sherrod will be active and will play

Cow42's picture

So you're cool with fact that Neal's gonna miss a couple weeks... Again?

We'll see what "a couple weeks" turns into.
My guess- "a couple" ends up being 16.

Evan's picture

So far in this single blog post you've "guessed" Neal will be out 5 weeks, 10 weeks and now 16 weeks.

packeraaron's picture

And that's all it is. A guess.

Stroh's picture

A completely UNINFORMED guess. Nothing more than a doomsayer spewing doom and gloom! A fan needs to optimistic, not pessimistic. That's why I consider CowPie a 9ers fan! Seems he wants the 9ers to succeed, not the Packers, even if its just so he can be right... For once, ever...

PackerNation's picture

Nice to see all the people getting in position to jump off the bridge this morning....

The only surprise here is Neal. Sherrod is disappointing but the parallels to Mike Flanagan can't be ignored and Flanagan eventually was a pretty good player for us.

Richardson has a Surgically. Repaired. Neck. I think people should prepare themselves for the possibility that he's finished.

The PUP list is not a bad thing at all. It's a good thing. We're able to pad our roster and then bring fresh legs in. Neal sat out the first four games last year and then played in every game. Do we really need him out there in training camp right now?

This is nothing to get your panties in a twist about. The over-the-top commentary on Sherrod and Neal is unnecessary....we're all aware they have an injury history.

Evan's picture

Well, I tried. But this is all I've got now...

Breadman's picture

Might as well keep Neal on PUP all pre-season, that way he'll get to play a couple of meaningful games before getting injured again. Can't believe some people thought he should have his contract extended. First, lets see how good he is (still don't really know). Second, can he last an entire season and can he play banged up. He still has a lot to prove!

Ruppert's picture

22 comments on this and 8 belong to the one ultra negative presence? Can't you sum up your paranoia in one or two comments, then leave like normal bloggers?

We get the point. The horse is long dead.

Cow42's picture

You're right.

PackerPete's picture

Relax people. None of those on the list is a starter. While Neal is surprising, I don't think he will start this season, healthy or not. Sherrod is ways away. Harris is alright but we drafted 2 rookies who I think are both better than Harris. Anybody else noteworthy? And just to put it in perspective, if those players mean the Packers season is already over, then I have news for you: Just look at the PUP lists of the big favorites 49ers and Seahawks! 49ers: Michael Crabtree, Kendall Hunter, Mario Manningham, Tank Carradine, Quinton Dial, Marcus Lattimore and Luke Marquardt. Best and 3rd WR. backup RB. 4 rookies who were expected to contribute.
Seahawks: Percy Harvin, Chris Clemons , Zach Miller ,Greg Scruggs, Tharold Simon and Robert Turbin. 3 starters and backup RB. Well guess the Seahawks shouldn't even practice then, their season is over already.

Jake's picture

Seriously. Houston Texans: Ed Reed and Arian Foster. They should probably pack in the season....

Evan's picture

Neal: abdomen. Couple weeks.


Mojo's picture

I think he had an abdominal injury as a rookie and missed three games. Just glad his knee-cap isn't falling apart.

Cow42's picture

And so it begins.

al's picture

next man up shit happens

hayward4president's picture

Harris not playin? Let's keep Eddie off the field for as long as possible so we don't have cow runninn his jib about his toe. Franklin it is.

Ma Linger's picture

Hey I'm really sorry about posting that today begins the injury plague season for the Packers. I was just joking. Apparently it does.

Al Katraz's picture

I still beleive, and its just my opinion based on the Frank Zombo story, that a lot of late rounders we end up with are their for a reason.

31 other teams passed and maybe it was because their score cards had guys like Zombo as 'injury prone' and not tough enough to endure the NFL punishment.

Seems to be the same guys all the time.

PackerPete's picture

not sure what your point is, but Zombo was an undrafted free agent. i don't get it. it's the same every year. team sucks, everybody injured, blablabla. then they make it to the playoffs, much better than most of the teams who are 'most improved'. everybody is excited. then they lose in the playoffs and the trolls come out of the woods shouting 'i told you they are not tough enough...'. my advice: don't even watch. just wait for a few games who is the best team that particular season and cheer for those guys.

Evan's picture

On the flip side, there appears to be the slightest glimmer of hope about Sherrod...

Mikeh's picture

Don't we always have loads of players on the PUP at start of TC as per every other team - not sure why dudes are getting their knickers in a twist.

Neal will probably be Neal, play some games well, miss some games. Some guys are injury prone just the way it is. Sad but can't really extend him too much of a risk. The team know this and will have planned around it. They know more about this sort of stuff than you mister Cow believe it or not.

But the personal abuse on Neal. The guy knows how much he plays will mean how much he is paid after this contract. And you think he is being soft. Come on engage brain for once ... Some players don't have the body to play to be durable in the NFL.

Shame about Sherrod but doesn't look good at all for him to be useful to the Packers but again they've planned without him.

Evan's picture

"Shame about Sherrod but doesn’t look good at all for him to be useful to the Packers but again they’ve planned without him."

McCarthy actually seemed rather optimistic about him.

BrianD's picture

Here's an actual question for discussion: which players on IR at the end of '12-'13 were not on the PUP to start training camp?

Cpheph1's picture

Brian Bulaga, Quarles...then who?

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