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Seven Packers Interviewed In Sexual Assault Allegation

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Seven Packers Interviewed In Sexual Assault Allegation

Sharif Durhams of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that police in Lake Delton, Wisconsin have interviewed seven members of the Green Bay Packers as part of an investigation into a sexual assault allegation.

According to police, six of the players have been interviewed and released, and they do not believe those players were involved in the assault. A seventh player has also been interviewed and released and is still under investigation.

Lake Delton is roughly 2 miles from Wisconsin Dells, where Clay Matthews was part of a golf tournament yesterday.

And I officially hate the offseason.

UPDATE: The six players who were released were Matt Flynn, Josh Sitton, Korey Hall, Brad Jones, Clay Matthews and Khalil Jones.

UPDATE II: The player in question is Brandon Underwood.

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Mark Deisinger's picture

I also hate the offseason.

ZeroTolerence's picture


BoxStuffer's picture


FITZCORE1252's picture

Love the name.

Chazman's picture

Any chance its Jarrett Bush?

FITZCORE1252's picture

Darryn (fingers crossed)?


misterj's picture

OK I realize that's a joke... but cmon, man.

FITZCORE1252's picture

What dude?

If it's GOTTA be somebody, I'd want it to be him. Something wrong with that? I think the dude is a tool, and his old lady bugs me... No fluff here, what can I say.

Ron LC's picture

Just when are these stupic ass athletes going to learn? Stay away from the bimbos boys at best you're going to get a case of the "crabs". Alcohol + Athlete= Stupid Ass. Nothing good comes from a one-timer.

Chaz - you wish.
Get these guys on the practice field and run their asses into the ground.

Ron LC's picture

Lake Delton? They should have left the damn thing empty.

packsmack25's picture

Well based on this list:

That means other possibilities are Clifton, Tauscher, Colledge, Crosby, Jackson, Lumpkin, and Underwood.

Although it's an inexact list since Flynn and Sitton were there and aren't on the list.

packeraaron's picture

Exactly - it could easily be a player who was there but didn't participate.

Ron LC's picture

I guess Fitz's pick is still alive.

FITZCORE1252's picture

C'mon Darryn! I bet his old wind-bag of a wife would have quite the piece over at the PG, I'd probably even read it!

bigfog's picture

...and the hits just keep on comin'

packeraaron's picture

Though he's on the golf list, word is Daryn Colledge was not there.

PackersRS's picture

You see? I have a theory. It won't be an unimportant player. It'll probably be Underwood.

Now why do I say that? Because bad players can't allow themselves to be put into this kind of situation. If they get injuried, or get suspended, noone is going to call them back. They're going to be cut out of the league forever. That's why Jarrett Bush's name never shows up on things like that. That's why the guy is always 100%, always healthy and ready to play.

But good players, they know someone will always give them a chance, doesn't matter how stupid they are... And they don't have to be elite, just good enough... Ask Will Blackmon.

FITZCORE1252's picture

God I hope you're wrong.

ZeroTolerence's picture

Very interesting thesis.

Keith's picture

Whoa. Why the need to insert "ask Will Blackmon?" What's your beef with Blackmon?

PackersRS's picture

Always injuried. And he's not an amazing talent. But he's good enough as a PR so that the Packers are sticking with him.

do you think if Jarrett Bush was hurt as much they would've kept him?

keithprime's picture

"But good players, they know someone will always give them a chance, doesn’t matter how stupid they are… And they don’t have to be elite, just good enough… Ask Will Blackmon."

Fair enough, but I didn't see any mention of injuries in the above quote, which was why I inquired.

PackersRS's picture

Oh, and call me crazy and supersticious, but in the offseason in 96', didn't our STARTING QB, the face of the franchise, the freaking NFL MVP, spent more than a month in a clinic rehabing from his addiction to Vicodin?

I'd figure that's a shitty offseason as it gets...

greenbowlpackerbacker's picture

This is unfortunate... So one of the women, "initially indicated more than one player was involved" and then retracted that statement??? somethings missing... the off season does bite!

FITZCORE1252's picture

"somethings missing"

Money hungry bitches. You heard it here 1st. Nothing will come of this.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"The Green Bay Packers player who is still under investigation for an alleged sexual assault that was reported early this morning in Lake Delton, admitted he had sex with two women but it was consexual. The two women told police it was not consexual."

So this guy raped 2 chicks at the same time? This is a load of crap. These chicks saw $$$ signs. PERIOD


JerseyPackFan's picture

I call BS too.
Just in time for the charity softball game tomorrow.

Ron LC's picture

Again I say, stay away from bimbos you stupic asses. Nothing good happens.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I know Ron. It's easy to say.

But, what were you and I chasing when we were 24? While I wish stuff like this wouldn't happen, I can't blame a kid that age for getting a 'little hay for the Donkey'. And like a 24 year old's gonna turn down a threesome, I'd have larger concerns if he did!


dilligaff's picture

Sad day for the Packers organization.

All we have is an allegation at this point. Need proof or at the least a strong probablity that it could happen.

nypacker's picture

Aaron Rodgers was at the event but wasn't on the list of players interviewed. Is he the 7th mystery man? God I hope not!!!

packeraaron's picture

It wasn't Rodgers. (And are you sure he was there? His Tweets put him in Green Bay at the time)

FITZCORE1252's picture

He and Tausch were there a day or two before, played a round I believe. But, he said he would not be attending.

retiredgrampa's picture

We didn't need this! It may all be B.S. but we didn't need a cloud to hang over what could be a stellar season. It's front page now but when everyone is cleared, it'll be on page 32.

FITZCORE1252's picture

In all seriousness, these guys should Carry around consent forms. “We can get it girl, just gonna need you to sign here, here, and initial here”. Easy enough! I’m dead serious.


PackersRS's picture

Nothing more romantic than a "sex contract"...

Plus, you can't contract on something illegal...

FITZCORE1252's picture

Whether it would hold up in court or not... no idea. But, it couldn't hurt their case. They carry condoms... carry a 'release' form as well |(something business card size in the wallet). Sure it would suck, not as bad as spending the following day getting interrogated though (I would think).

And not a "sex contract", simply a form with a signature that states "I so-and-so am about to willingly engage in sexual acts with so-and-so".

Sounds crazy, but why the hell not. These guys livelihood/freedom are on the line. If she won't sign... on to the next one.


FITZCORE1252's picture

And what's illegal about consensual sex?

PackersRS's picture

What's illegal about prostitution? Not saying it's this case, but you know how this works...

Aaron Rogders's picture

Perfect idea =D

aussiepacker's picture

Good idea fitz, You should send TT a email and get him on board.

Fromage Latete's picture

As a woman, I will never, ever understand men. How many examples do guys need to wake up and realize a random "encounter" can cost them their reputation, freedom, pocketbook, family, health and the list goes on.

Any man has to be careful but especially someone with status and money. There are women looking for a monetary score or bragging rights. True or not, once a claim is made there will always be doubters of a man's innocence. This story stinks to high heaven. What a shame these 7 young men allowed unknown females to be in their proximity which put them all in a position of vulnerability.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Thank you for some female perspective.

"There are women looking for a monetary score or bragging rights"

And thank you for acknowledging ^^^^THAT^^^^

While I am aware of the devastation a 'legitimate' rape can inflict (been through it with a loved one, would wish it on no one), I am equally aware of the # of false rape claims that ruin innocent mens lives. Nice to hear a women acknowledge the problem as well.

Anderson's picture

Amazing that athletes without guaranteed contracts would take this kind of risk.

FITZCORE1252's picture

IIIIIIIIT's Brandon.

From the JSO - "When apprised that the investigation centered on Underwood, 23, several players who wished to remain anonymous said he had been a problem since he was drafted in the sixth round in 2009 out of Cincinnati. Cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt talked last season about Underwood being immature early in his rookie season."

Wow, he's been "a problem since he was drafted"... I had no idea. That sux. We need the guy, hopefully this all blows over quickly (bet Tramon isn't too torn-up about this).


ZeroTolerence's picture

And if so, it's hard to believe the confidence that TT had in him by not seeking additional CB help?

aussiepacker's picture

Yeah dude i think tramon just added a extra 0 to his contract demand.

Jose Lopez's picture

Player is DB Brandon Underwood

packeraaron's picture

Thanks Jose - put up a separate post last night.

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