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Served: Fitzcore

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Served: Fitzcore

The insanity is really found more in the irony than anything else. I've been accused of not being a 'die-hard' Green Bay Packer fan. As you all know, that never ends well. Nor will it in this case.

If you haven't figured it out already, I'm about to graduate college at 38-years-old. This December I will walk the stage magna-cum-laude from the University of Wisconsin with degrees in Technical Communication/Digital Humanities and Journalism. I owned a small art and frame store in early 2000, and went back to school in 2004 when I started to feel the pinch of the impending economic collapse. Prior to that I spent nearly a decade as a disc-jockey. I would not trade those years of street smarts for anything, but truth be told I have never spent a day of my life in financial comfort. I have literally spent years living pay-check to pay-check and sometimes pay-check to nothing. I've never bought a new car, never had a credit card and never made a mortgage payment in my life. I'm poor, plain and simple.

I have two expensive things in my house. They are the two computers that use every day to write every word you read. Outside of that, everything is either a hand-me-down or the cheapest version of whatever product it might be. My neighbors have a little white trash in them, my house has sun washed asbestos siding on it, and outside of the acre of lawn and garden that I have it's far from a tropical oasis. I have lived this way for the past 20 years.

Despite all of this, for some reason I continue to spend unimaginable amounts of time making pennies or less on the hour to run this here Packer blog. I have to basically beg for money, something that I am not proud of. This year marked the fourth year in a row I have devoted nearly all my spare time to building, writing, and entertaining Packer fans everywhere. Besides a few great writers, I have built every inch of this website myself, even painstakingly teaching myself how to write PHP code to some extent. I have nearly 5,000 posts, 15,000 comments, hundreds of hours of hand made video and audio, and over 11,000 tweets. I haven't missed a Packer game since 1994. I've gone broke attending a Packer game two times (thanks IronMan). I also recently sold my only other thing of value (Nintendo wii) to attend the Donald Driver Softball game and get some footage for this blog.

I really don't even need to start to prove that I am a die-hard Packer fan, so much so that I'm not even going to bother. It's so obvious that even the dumbest of the dumb can't refute it. Unless you're Packer's Lounge commenter Fitzcore I guess.

Quote Fitzcore:

"I would have rather made $10 an hour shoveling cow-shit, than made $50 an hour doing anything that involved the bares or queens all day every day. Get it? Conviction, look it up. You either got it or you don’t."

I'll let that accusation slide simply because it just a dumbass ludicrous comment, but what I can't let slide is the thought that my quality life, and the desire to enhance it, in any way, shape, or form should, or does, take away from my die-hard fan status. Dude, that's just fuckin' dumb. I'm in communications and journalism. There is going to come a day when I have to consider a job that improves my lot in the world. God knows what that job will be, and perhaps it be a freelance gig, but either way it most likely will detract from my ability to provide consistent Green Bay Packer opinion. In turn, it will allow me to eat food, take my dog Gary to the vet when he needs to go, and allow my awesome wife some much needed rest. For all I know it will be covering ice-skating or tractor races, but the chances that it involves the Packer's are pretty slim. That being said, I call bullshit on your statement all the way.

Coincidentally, I have made 10 dollars an hour shoveling cow-shit before, so I know what it's like. But to say that you would give up your cushy spot in life and sell out your family for your team is both a crock and even worse a stupid ass move as a human being. The Packers don't even exist next to needs of my wife and loved ones, and I have done an admirable job to this point finding ways to make sure both the Packers and everything else meld together like they need to. However, when it comes to the defining moment when I have to choose between a better life and my ability to live the Packers 24-7, it's a no brainer. The Packers could give two-shits about me, while my wife lovingly deals with my shit everyday while I pick up my dogs.

I have more conviction about more things than you can ever imagine. I've proved that over and over and over again. Far more than in some two bit comment in the comment section of the Packers blog I write. I wear the Green and Gold everyday and will continue to do so until the end of time. You saying that a non-Packers related job is selling out and making me a casual fan is as insulting as it is ridiculous. If that truly is the case, I say put your money where your mouth is.

You're supposedly a die-hard Packer fan in every respect, willing to throw your family and your career out the window for your team. If that is the case, let's see you open up that thick wallet and give me an opportunity to do that too. I'm not talking about a 100 bucks either, it's four figures or nothing as far as I'm concerned. Give me your family vacation. You want to prove your a die-hard willing to back up your statement where it really matters? Well prove it, like I have. Until then you're just another guy in the comment section.

It's real simple Fitz. Before anything, I am a fan of those I love. Those people that mean more to me than anything that ever will appear on Lambeau field. That's called being a human die-hard.

That's ironically is also the definition of Packer people. Which quite obviously you are not sir.

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CHHQ's picture

Need some ice for that burn Fitz? And I used to think he was a good guy.

The fact that people who would support a team over their family is simply not comprehendable, so I won't go there right now.

Alex, I have been a fairly consistent reader of your site for awhile, long enough to learn through your posts about the challenges you've faced, and I have come to the conclusion that you are the most dedicated fan I know; not because you watch every game, have 5000 posts or whatever those numbers were, but simply because of the effort you have to give to be able to do all of that. Fitz can't possibly have any idea, which makes his comments that much more disgusting.

In some ways I can relate to you, although on a much smaller scale. As a student, life is very unpredictable and, when it comes to time, we have to do what we can with what we've got. Sometimes, life is more important than the Pack. It's a simple fact that is sometimes difficult to realize. Congratulations on your graduation, and the best of luck finding that new job.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"Need some ice for that burn Fitz?"

Really? Am I supposed to be soaking my keyboard with tears or something? If so, I guess it didn't quite have the intended effect. I feel absolutely GREAT about my take. And I wish all the best to Alex and his, hopefully they get it without having to compromise.

LOL. Talk to me when you graduate High School kid.


Cheesehead_HQ's picture

I was really remarking on the long, attacking nature of Alex's post. Nothing personal.

Nick's picture

Great post. Congrats again on your school work. Its never easy so way to go!

As for being die hard I am a die hard sports person, especially baseball and football. I know I go extreme and I love buying merch and going to games, but I have never given up anything for my kids. And as you state, there should be no reason to take it that far.

I hope some people can learn from your post, or at least see where you come from. I agree that those on the field or in the front office's of the teams probably could care less about single fans, just that they can get more.

Frank's picture

Wow, Fitz is a Moron with a capital M! Dude I love this site, read it all the time, but this is my first post. You are a true fan with your priorities on straight. I gave up tickets to a Packer/bear game for my family without even a second thought. What I don't get is why people have to put others down, by saying you're not a "real" fan, because they disagree with what you do.

As to the sentiment about not profiting from the bears, I agree with fitz, but only to this degree. I made a mid season bet in 2006 that the NFC team would beat the AFC team. Once I found out the bears were in it, I was rooting for the Colts and the guy I was betting with was rooting for the bears, so he could "pay" me. LOL

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Congrats on your first post. Keep coming back, and thanks.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Yes. Great to have you. And great take about that Fitz moron, couldn't agree more! LOL


Erik's picture

I've seen two instances where Fitzcore seems to disagree with people on something and then when asked where his stance logically takes him, rather than backing down he attempts to "win" the argument by just doubling down in the crazy and saying stuff like "You should put your fandom for a sports team before your family." It's a shame because he seems like a nice dude most of the time, but he seems to really want to win internet arguments, which is odd because I don't think that gets you a pay raise, laid or helps the Packers win or anything in between.

Largely it just requires you to have more time on your hand than your "opponent."

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I agree. Fitz has been a valuable member of this community. Perhaps he is just having a bad week.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Nope, great week!


FITZCORE1252's picture

“You should put your fandom for a sports team before your family.”

Not my quote.


Asshalo's picture

Great post. Part of what makes Lambeau special is fans do not act according to Fitz belligerent definition of belligerent.

JohnRehor's picture

Without adding further comment, this is Alex at his best.

JerseyPackFan's picture

Man I cant wait for the season to start. This in-fighting amongst us fans is getting nuts!

I can relate to Alex when choosing between family and the Packers. A couple years ago I had the chance to see the Packers play the Queens in Lambeau on a Thursday night. I grew up in Milwaukee and Kaukauna, WI and never got a chance to see a Packer game in Lambeau so you can imagine how psyched I was to go.
I had planned this trip for months and was counting down the hours to my flight out and not 8 hours before my flight out of Newark, NJ, my wife was rushed to the hospital for an emergency blood transfusion. She suffers from Crohn`s Disease and I have come to the realization that one day this dreaded disease will take her from me.
So I was caught in a dilemma. Do I go to the game or do I stay by her side and lose all the money I shelled out to go to this game?
Needless to say, I made the right choice and I stayed by her side and she in turn has since re payed me twice for it.
The very next season she acquired great seats to the Packers vs Giants in Giants Stadium for me and my brother who was in town visiting from Wisconsin. This season she has payed my way for my son and I to attend this years upcoming Queens vs Packers game in Lambeau Field.
I look at it this way...the Packers will always be be there.
Your family will not, So choose wisely.

FITZCORE1252's picture


Choosing to be with you Ill wife shouldn't even be a choice and you made the right one. I'm talking about making a career out of following your arch-enemy day-in, day-out. Would/Could you do that? Or is it just me?


Jersey Al's picture

It was an innocent little question...

Graffin's picture

It's all your fault Al, all your fault. You knew, and you asked it anyway.

PackersRS's picture

This shit really escalated, huh?

Like I said in the other thread, I would never do it. I'm not in the same position, but I just could never do it. I understand where Fitz is coming from. I, too, would rather scrap burgers than cover a rival, but I cannot relate, I may be being hypocrite, but it's how I feel. I have given up on things to follow my soccer team, and do give up things to have a better internet connection to watch the Packers, but it's not affecting my quality of life.

I can't, however, for the reasons I've said, judge a person that does it, that covers a rival for life. And, sorry Fitz, but I have a real problem in doing so. Imposing your point of view to others is what started the 3rd Reich (fitting, as Germany completely dismantled England. But enough of soccer).

It's one thing if a guy like me, that has very good financial stability, chooses to not improve it by covering the Vikings. It's another for a guy that struggles through life to do so. To me, it's a choice. To him, it's an opportunity.

And, yes, once again, Al, your doings bring chaos amongst Packers fans. Shame on you.

Cheesehead_HQ's picture

Just to be picky, the main point of argument was whether a team should be more important than family, which Fitz appeared to me insinuating. And what did Al do? Still trying to find out.

PackersRS's picture

Read the actual article. You'll know it.

And about the "main point of the argument", who gives a shit about what's the main point anyway? The article wasn't about team over family. Fitzcore's first post had no mentioning to it.

Just to be picky.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"I, too, would rather scrap burgers than cover a rival, but I cannot relate, I may be being hypocrite, but it’s how I feel."

Ahhh, of course the first one not afraid to be honest is PackersRS. Everyone else, let the Alex ass-kissing festival continue...


Scott's picture

Fitz giving PackersRS his props and vice versa. What a shock since the two of you echo one another on every Packer Board.

Fitz, I've seen you be a beligerent poster in other blogs and even to guest writers. You often fail to address what their saying and personalize it by attacking the messenger. I have no desire to kiss up to Alex at all and I know it's a waste of breath to attempt chastizing you. But hey, you've mastered the internet tough-guy routine so, keep up the content free work on the backs of other fans blogs. If you're so tough and die-hard start your own blog.

Tought guy internet response in 3....2....1...

PackersRS's picture
FITZCORE1252's picture

"the two of you echo one another on every Packer Board."

You're obviously a big fan of our work. I can't speak for RS, but me personally, I must acknowledge... It's people like you (the fan) that keep me posting. Can't say I remember reading any of your posts, but I'm glad mine had a lasting impression on you. Have a great 4th Scott, and thanks again for your loyalty!

Ahhh, good to be back.


Alex Tallitsch's picture

"Good to be back"

Hope you didn't spend all your cash. Sorry, couldn't resist.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Not at all. Almost back to normal after the unexpected hit. Another month-or-so and it'll be in the rearview. You'll be hearing from me, my word is my bond. You ain't getting no F'ing vacation though!


DirectingTitan's picture

Way to go, Alex!

FITZCORE1252's picture

"The insanity is really found more in the irony than anything else. I’ve been accused of not being a ‘die-hard’ Green Bay Packer fan."

No "DIE-HARD" could cover the queens (let me borrow this for a moment Nagler)... PERIOD.



FITZCORE1252's picture

"But to say that you would give up your cushy spot in life"

Nothing Cushy about my life. I have nice things, I bust my ass to get them. I worked full time while putting myself through school, and you? If I had to choose between nice things and looking myself in the mirror, I'd choose the latter. It's cool, not everyone's wired to be a "Die-hard". Again, "Conviction" look it up.

"That’s ironically is also the definition of Packer people. Which quite obviously you are not sir."

Nope, never drank "Purple Drank" or had Threesomes with prostitutes, If I'm not "Packer People", I can live with that.
Oh, and if that's your definition of getting served, your "weakness levels" continue to escalate, Alex.


Alex Tallitsch's picture

Every penny. On my own. And if you are insinuating I don't work you would be sorely mistaken. Here's my portfolio - pass it around.

Either way, it's obvious by your response you have missed the point. I worry about the person in the mirror, not the hat they're wearing. That's just human decency.

Dude, you absolutely got served here with reality. Your lack of anything tangible to refute that is the only weakness I really see here.

FITZCORE1252's picture

WOWZERS, looks like we will agree to disagree. God Bless America.

"Dude, you absolutely got served here with reality"

No. No, I really didn't dude. Guess it didn't take. And I guess my simple little take didn't quite sink in for you either.

I'm going to say this ONE MORE TIME, NICE AND SLOWWW...

No "DIE-HARD" (pay particular attention to the quotation marks and the 2 words encapsulated within) Could/Would take a job for their nemesis. I don't know if that makes you a "DIE-HARD" or not, I guess we'll find out when you hit the job-market.

Maybe this will help -


die·hard [d hrd]
stubbornly resistant to change: resistant to any kind of change, and reluctant to give up beliefs, positions, or attitudes
diehard team fans

Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved."

Don't hate the "DIE-HARD" hate the dictionary, playa!




FITZCORE1252's picture

Alex, my man... THAT was just fucking awesome! Wherever life takes you, hang on to that sense of humor.


Cheesehead_HQ's picture

This is getting out of control. Two things:

1. It appears both sides are misunderstanding each other. @Alex, Fitz is not saying that you should follow a team at the expense of your life and family, and @Fitz, working for media that covers a rival team is not the same as supporting the rival team. This whole thing evolved from misunderstanding made by myself, Fitz, Alex, and many other commentors here. I think we should let it go.

2. Alex, it seems you have a double posting problem (I am using the mobile version.) Just wanted to let you know.

Go Pack Go!

FITZCORE1252's picture

Well, this was nice!

My feelers are really getting hurt here. NOT. But I am going to be away for the week... attack away, I'll have no way to respond.

I'll check back next weekend, I will be disappointed if there's not at least 100 posts on here verifying that I am indeed a Dickhead (but we all already knew that).

Oh, and FYI, the first house I bought in Illinois had that same siding, they called it 'China Glaze', good luck finding a place to dispose it if you ever replace it.


FITZCORE1252's picture

Before logging off I saw this tweet on your homepage Alex -

"Ah yes, I was waiting for someone to call Nagler a sell-out. At least tomorrow morning will be interesting."

You think he's going to rip into the people who define words/terms and take on the Dictionary industry? WOW! Can't wait to check back over there... I really gotta get a laptop!


Cheesehead_HQ's picture

Like I said on the other thread, the dictionary doesn't use words in real life.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Hit donate before you leave.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I'll be gone this afternoon. And I possibly would have hit donate before I left.... BUT, I don't do well with Peckerwoods telling me what to do...

Alex says - "it’s four figures or nothing as far as I’m concerned."

Well, Alex...

If the $100 that I "vowed" (and I am a man of my word... concept may be lost on some of you) to pony up in the coming days isn't good enough... BLOW ME. Sensing a theme here? For 4 figs, you leave a shit-ton to be desired (you're not Asian, you don't give hand/blow jobs... I hope). I thought a 'bill' would be appropriate, you say it's not. 'Your' site, I'll respect 'your' wishes! You've got people telling you they'll give you $$$, and you say "that's not enough"??? Maybe that's why your broke... just sayin' (not the business model I would draw up)... sure you'll find a reason to get pissy with that as well. WTF else is new? YAAAAAAWN.

All you gotta do is apologize. I'll still get that 'bill' out to you. I'll even expedite it (get it out "overnight" mail today)! C'mon, Alex... an apology's gotta be easier than slurpin' Ziggy's Nutz for a few bux (Well, I personally would think it would be much easier, but we haven't been seeing eye-to-eye lately...).

God DAMN I'm good! And every last one of you know this. BRRRRRRING IT BITCH'Z!!!!!

All you Haters have a full week of uninterrupted Fitz Hatin', TEAR IT UP! Make it worth it. 'Cause I will be back, and I will put every last one of you in your place... Unless these fools realize that they should pull the plug on me (Alex, Erin. I probably would, I'm just too damn silky).

Anyhew, I've got some people to see about some things...



Have a FITZ-TASTIC week, FRIENDS! Smiley face time! 8-)

Good Lord I ROOOL! Can we all agree about that? I thought so! LO F'ING L!


Alex Tallitsch's picture

I thought you didn't care what the Peckerwoods said?

I appreciate all the donations, but if your going sling it, I'm going to shoot for the moon. Perhaps you won the lottery or something, why go small? I gladly take your bill and thank you profusely for it.

But, you should know more than anyone that an apology is not going to happen.

I don't know man. I want to believe you're a man of your word, but it seems like I'm hearing a lot of excuses.

P.S. Business model... get real. My model is to beg.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Guy... as of now you probably don't, but at one time you knew that I respected you/your place/your takes. Nothings changed. To be honest, it just kinda felt like a kick in the nutz to hear you say you'd do "that" without 2nd thought.
But, after some reflection, you're right. I'm not in any position to judge your position.

If you haven't noticed, when I feel cornered, well... I try to scrap my way out. Right or wrong, it is what it is.

I''m a Dick. I know this, you know this, everybody knows this. But I am a Packers fan. That's why I come to these places, to talk GBP with other fans. I need to work on recognizing others takes as equal or greater than my own. But shit, we all have shit to work on.

I was out of line questioning your heart. Period. As far as I'm concerned this shit is squashed.

And yes, I knew I'd never get an apology. That was just me "shooting for the moon".

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I was never all that worried about it dude. It's cool.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Good looking out

jeremiah's picture

everyone everyone everywhere sells out at some point, to some degree in their life. props to alex for putting his family first. i hate the vikings, hate hate hate. but i would love to have more "packer people" trying to bring them down from the inside. so get in there alex, start bashing on the bottom of that stupid boat and sink that helga horn wearing MFer to the bottom of the bay!!!!!!!

PackersRS's picture

Like Bedard.

Sorry, had to do it!

Globalpack's picture

Well, I had a big long post that didn't work that included such additions to the love fest like "Alex is a great guy to watch a baseball game with" and other musings. So, enjoy the shorter version.

Take the job. It's a first job and no one can hold out for their ideal job on the first job. Specially in such a competitive field.

Fitz, you seem like a nice guy, but you have to admit there is some hyperbole going on when you refer to the bears and the Vikings as the "nemesis" and our "arch enemy." Look up the definitions, they are kind of extreme words. I mean, the NFL is only a hobby. Don't get me wrong, I hate the the Bears/Vikes. I always hope they each go 1-15 and lose all their home games. But the only people I consider my arch-enemy are those that shoot at my cousin over in the 'stan.

PackersRS's picture

Well, I know the issue has died, but...

Difference between people and entity. I don't hate bears fans or vikings fans, I hate the fandom, and the organizations. And the obnoxious fans.

Robert Greenfield's picture

My nominee for quote of the year.

"The Packers could give two-shits about me, while my wife lovingly deals with my shit everyday while I pick up my dogs."

Alex, congrats on the degrees. Next beer's on me!

Charlie Kelly's picture

Congrats on your impending degree. I've only been here a few times and I've never really commented but I enjoy your writing style and the site, and wish you all the best on your job search.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Appreciate it Charlie. Thanks for reading.

Ryeguy812's picture

I love rants, and dogs with people names....Gary

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