Senior Bowl Report - Day 1

Andrew Garda is down in Mobile, Alabama for the 2012 Senior Bowl and has notes from the first day's action.

Hello from lovely Mobile, Alabama where the skies are overcast, the BBQ is exceptional and the air is thick with talk of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Monday is almost the busiest day, with the Wiegh In, an afternoon practice and Media Night all in one day. Normally we stay at Ladd Peebles Stadium and see both teams practice, but on Monday, there is only the afternoon practice and so the South practice is elsewhere.

I am in Mobile with Cecil Lammey (Footballguy and NFL Insider for ESPN 102.3 in Denver), Matt Waldman (from the Rookie Scouting Portfolio and Footballguys) and new addition Jene Bramel (also Footballguys - sense a theme?).

Jene headed out to the South practice and when I see some notes on that, I'll add them to a post either tonight or tomorrow.

I went to the North practice to watch the first days action. The first day is always one you take with a grain of salt as players who have never been on the field together before try to get into a rhythm, something which always seems to be the case with the offense more than the defense.

While I recognize for those of you who are Packer fans, the focus this off-season will be defense more than offense, more of my attention was spent on the offense as that's often my starting point for the week. I like to see where the offense starts off on Monday so I know if and how they im;proved on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Before I get into the practice, let's talk a little bit about the weigh in. It is, in many ways, a real meat market. The players from each squad parade up to the stage in shorts and that's all. As they are oogled by scouts, team staff and media alike, they have their height measured and are weighed. There are always a few surprises-someone weho is smaller or shorter than expected.

A player can also show a lot in his body type. Is he super cut? Does his frame looked maxed out? IS he a little overweight and if so, is he just a bit pudgy or sloppy?

Guys who stood out (for good or ill) were Iowa WR Marvin McNutt (shorter than expected), Cincy RB Isiah Pead (could define himself more), and North Alabama DB Janoris Jenkins had very good physique.

Really though I don't spend too much time on the weigh in because it comes down to one thing-can they play or not?

So let's look at the North squad and who on the offense looks like they can play.

One of the bigger names at quarterback here in Mobile is Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore. Moore looks small out there, almost as a boy amongst young men. That doesn't preclude him from being a good player though.

His arm? That just might.

Moore throws very well short, though he appears to be unable to throw a very hard ball even short. Moore overthrew his recivers on longer passes with great frequency, wildly innaccurate on most deep balls. I was not hot on Moore before, and so far I'm not seeing anything to change that.

I liked the aggressiveness Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson threw the ball with. Once he warmed up, he didn't hesitate to throw the ball into tight coverage, with success most of the time. He throws a hard ball short and a pretty ball on longer passes. Of the quarterbacks, he stood out to me as the best of the day. I have an interview with him coming up in a day or so, so keep an eye out for it.

Suprsised is the word I would use to describe two receivers: OSU's Devier Posey and Appalachian State's Brian Quick. My practice report notes basically look like this-

88 - body catch, fought the ball
3 - caught with body
88 - ball off hands, attempted to body catch
88 - body catch, almost lost pass

88 is Quick and wow did he fight the ball a lot. He rarely reached his hands out to meet the ball, waiting for it to come to his body and as a reslut, there were some catches he should have made but he didn't. Heck, there were passes he didn't even try to catch. He runs a decent route and he has speed but so far, he is not impressing.

Marvin McNutt, WR from Iowa looked pretty good though he sometimes had issues pulling in the ball and a few times he took some coaches notes to the extreme, overdoing some move or motion the coaches mentioned to him. He's a bit more raw than I expected.

A guy who stood out in a great way is Arizona State WR Gerrell Robinson. I loved the effort I saw from Robinson today and he made some great catches, including a beauty of a one-handed grab ona ball well behind him. He runs a fast route and did a good job of helping his QBs out with some athletic moves.

California's Marvin Jones also stood out positively is to me. He's another guy who got great seperation on his routes, made some good over the shoulder grabs and like Robinson, made his quarterbacks look good.

At the running back position, I saw a lot of OSU's Dan 'Boom' Herron, Cincy's Isaiah Pead and Washington's Chris Polk. The guy who stood out the most? Doug Martin out of Boise State.

there are some guys, like Herron, who seem to think they don't need to go 100% because it's the first day of practice, there's no real contact and you well, you are who you are.

Martin is NOT that guy. Martin went hard on every single play. He's not a big guy, but he's thick and a tough runner. He looked good at the weigh in, and even better on the field.

He stays with a very low pad level, runs strong and will abuse any player who has the thought enter his mind that he'll take Martin. Martin will blow him up. He also catches the ball well and can run inside the tackles very effectively.

A guy like Herron, you see the talent but not the effort. A guy like Martin, you get both.

You'll get to know Martin a little more sometime soon as I was able to group interview him on Media Night.

I thought both Polk and Pead look pretty good, though not spectacular. Polk looked a little doughy to me at the weigh in and Pead looked to me like he could add a little weight, though many other analysts disagreed.

That's it for now, as I will take another look over my notes, check out the audio interviews on Martin and Wilson and try to sleep off the end of my cold. Of course, I'll be at both practices tomorrow and give you my takes on the South as well as the North squad all week here at's coverage of the 2012 Senior Bowl, live and in person in Mobile, Alabama.

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jmac34's picture

January 24, 2012 at 01:15 am

I hope the Raiders draft Quick. It just makes sense

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dgtalmn's picture

January 24, 2012 at 06:45 am

Andrew, thanks for the info, we'll be watching the game. At least we have the Combine and Draft to look forward to.

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aaron's picture

January 24, 2012 at 08:15 am

I look forward to these reports all offseason

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