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Secret Weapon

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Secret Weapon

Does anyone remember this?

According to Poston, Woodson picked the Packers because head coach Mike McCarthy agreed to let him play on offense as well as play cornerback.

I smell a Wildcat-type formation featuring Woodson with a throwback to Rodgers who then lofts a bomb  to a streaking Jennings...

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Ron La Canne's picture

OK, why not?

Jayme's picture

I thought I remembered the reason being that Woodson wanted to return punts, not play on offense. He did get to return punts in '06 and '07 but has no offensive stats in the green and gold.

LACHEEZ's picture


Bobby.O.Shea's picture

i dont this this will ever happen. mccarthy may have given wood a chance his first year with the pack (when we had many holes on offense), but he simply didnt show up for OTAs. while an interesting idea, i believe that ship has sailed.

WoodyG's picture

Aaron & his illusions or maybe delusions.
The wild-cat will disappear as quickly as it originally appeared. Simple gimmick.
One item that I think would be a good idea to try in the NFL is instead of a coin toss to determine opening possession, place the ball at the fifty & have one player from each team race to that location & use any rag-tag smash-mouth means to secure the ball for his team.
Er......Wait.....that's been tried. Never mind.

packeraaron's picture

Woody - A simple gimmick?
The common wisdom among these NFL guys now is that this was a one-week fad, if the Dolphins even try to use it next week it will be snuffed out because coaches around the league have analyzed this, diagnosed it, and will annihilate it if Miami ever tries to use it again. Maybe so. But I wouldn't bet on it. Of course this is not an every down thing (unless Ronnie Brown starts throwing twenty passes a game), but the reason this worked -- unlike some other NFL experiments with the zone-read or other gun styles -- is that this is an actual series rather than just a play or two. That's obviously the case because it hinges on being a series rather than just a "good play." And the fact that it is a series makes it a self-contained offense in itself, as the series anticipates a defense's adjustments. Maybe it won't work, but I'd be surprised if it is as useless as these talking heads seem to think it will be. Just ask the Pats.

WoodyG's picture

Same link.
"When it's all said and done, however, I expect that the wildcat package won't be used too often. Now that the Phins have let the cat out of the bag every opponent is going to know what to expect,and if they force Brown to throw it's only a matter of time before he throws a crippling interception."
I agree with this analysis. It's amazing how an off-season can enable coaches to negate most of the 'gimmicks' that pop up.
Aaron- nothing yet from you on the Tarkenton rant & rave about your boy, BF.
What gives ??

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

That interview was in Atlanta and I was stunned when I heard it. I'm sure there are other old school players that don't like what #4 is doing, but I never heard anyone with a reputation be that negative on Favre. Wow is all I can say. Good stuff

WoodyG's picture

I had the same response after finding the radio interview & transcript earlier today. Needless to say, "Fran the Man" is not going to be invited to any BF socials anytime soon.
However, I appreciate his candor. Tark said what I've been thinking for awhile now.

packeraaron's picture

Woody - on Brown throwing a horrible INT: that's why they drafted White ;)
As for Fran's Rant, he summed it all up perfectly: I kind of hope it happens, so he can fail.

bomdad's picture

Aaron's vikes game embed reminded me, Will Blackmon had a return vs the Vikes in both games last year. Thats 3rd WR status for some teams.
Fran's interview, Thats Incredible!

Pack93z's picture

Man... digging deep for things to post eh. lol.

cowcow4's picture

How 'bout they go a different direction and bring a surprise offensive player over to the defensive side once in a while.

Why doesn't that ever happen? Are defensive players better all- around athletes? Only one I can think of is Branch playing some corner for the Pats a couple years back.

Personally I'd LOVE to see Driver get to dish out a little of what he's been taking all these years. I'd take DD in a collision with just about any other receiver in the game (don't care about the size)... that dude is tough as nails.

Graffin's picture

I didn't remember that, but now have answer to the question I asked so many times last year and the year before, "Why the F*ck is our all-pr0 30+ year old CB still returning kicks?"

packeraaron's picture

cowcow - That was Brown for the Pats that played corner. But that's a great point.

buckslayernyc's picture

The point is not that the wild cat can be contained by some defenses, its that preparing for it takes up valuable defensive practice time totally unrelated to preparing for other offensive packages.

Anytime you can keep the defense guessing you are in a good position. The wildcat is a precursor to the spread coming to the NFL which will come, ready or not. Could be the Florida kid brings it with him. Tough to have 4 or 5 cover corners on the field at once and then have to stop a running QB. But I don't think its a shoo in to be succesful, those QBs are gonna get hurt, now if you had 2 or 3 guys on your roster that could run it....hmmmm one of them named Vick

well that's just speculation

ACDC84's picture

Did April Fool's day come eight weeks late this year??
I sure hope this doesn't happen. I don't know if the wildcat will be a fixture in the league for years to come, but its definately not just a one-year wonder.
That being said, its only for teams with the right fit, personnel, and need, and the Packers don't fall into that category. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the teams that ran the wildcat last year seemed to be offensively-challenged/QB-challenged teams that needed a gimmick to move the ball. That wasn't the case with our team last year, and should be even less so this year.
And while I'm open-minded and not opposed to us using this gimmick, PLEASE don't put our best defensive player in harm's way. If someone like Blackmon or Grant or Williams or whoever else could excel in that spot, then great, but we can't risk our oft-injured best defender getting more physical abuse in that scenario.
PS: How do you insert spaces (or I guess line breaks) in a post? I'm less than stellar at this html nonsense.

Ryeguy812's picture

Yeah Woodson on offense would be a disaster at this point. Collins or Blackmon on the other hand have some elusiveness that could be useful in space.
As for the Wildcat, I think its time as a "Take the league by storm" type of offense is gone the way of the running QB, the I-formation, and the the run-and-shoot. They'll be effective to a degree in moderation but I really don't think it'll revolutionize the offensive game as much as many people think

packeraaron's picture

Don't worry boys - I don't think we'll see Woodson on offense any time soon. It was a veeeerrrrryyyy slow news day yesterday ;)
ACDC - just start a new line and insert a dash ( - ) and then hit Enter and start a new line ;)

IPBprez's picture

Since we're going back to one of the why's wherein a certain (FA) player might have decided to become a PACKER, what say we explore the reason(s) why AL HARRIS, RYAN PICKETT and others decided to become a Player on the Frozen Tundra.
I would think if MAC felt it would be useful, then he'd have added last year, when it might have proved profitable. We certainly didn't need it in '07, the way we kept lucking out on game after game... Although, that Dallas game makes me do a 20/20 hindsight manuever. Oh well.
You're right .... VERY slow news day!

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