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Scott Tolzien Gets Starting Nod for Vikings Game

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Scott Tolzien Gets Starting Nod for Vikings Game

Mike McCarthy made the announcement on Monday in his weekly press conference. This will be Tolzien's second career start.


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Derek in CO's picture

Interested to hear what ARod says on his show tomorrow, since he said he wouldn't rule himself out on a Tuesday. MM beat him to it this time.

Evan's picture

Yeah, it's curious MM ruled him out (well, said Tolzien would start) but also said he hasn't talked with the medical staff.

I still think he plays Thanksgiving.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, I'm thinking Thanksgiving day will might be the day he comes back. It would give him an extra few days of rest afterwards as well...

PackerPete's picture

sorry, but if Scott Tolzien is the answer, what exactly was the question? I mean, 1 TD, 5 INTs, and the guy simply doesn't have it. Nothing against him personally, and I know there probably isn't a better option on this team, but this guy is not NFL Material.

RC Packer Fan's picture

you know this how? Yes he threw 3 INT's yesterday. The last one the game was already lost, so I don't even consider that one.
He had 2 costly INT's in yesterdays game. Both of which were really good plays by the defenders.

Tolzien will be better next year with a full offseason with the team.

Remember Tolzien didn't join the team until the season opener. Overall I'm happy with how he has played considering everything. Yes he needs to stop throwing the INT's, but give the guy a little time.

Derek in CO's picture

I remember a guy with a #4 on his jersey who threw all kinds of INTs and he made it more than 2 games....

PackerPete's picture

I've seen enough football in my lifetime to come to that conclusion. Look, before the giants game I said he'd throw 3 - 4 picks and the Packers would lose the game. That's what happened. Same thing will happen in the Vikings game. Opposing DCs see that all they need to do is pressure the guy and it's over.
From his motion and demeanor he reminds me of Brian Brohm, actually. I watched Brohm a lot in college and even more in training camp when he was drafted. Brohm had a stronger arm than Tolzien, but otherwise they are carbon copies.

And sorry, I don't buy that whole "he's only here since the start of the season" thing. I've seen other rookies being thrown into games and doing well. I've seen enough guys being signed as so-called "street FAs" and having done well. I know we are spoiled as Packers fans, but that is not just because of #4 and #12, we've also seen a lot of backup QBs who were decent football players, and Scott Tolzien is not one of those. Not in the NFL. Again, nothing against the kid personally, I'm just looking at the football player.

Evan's picture

"I’ve seen enough football in my lifetime to come to that conclusion."


PackerPete's picture

well the one thing you can't deny is that I called it exactly. You can go back to last week's comments, I said he would throw 3 or 4 INTs and the Packers would lose the game because of it. That's what happened, like it or not. He is a weak spot on the team, like it or not.

packeraaron's picture

<em>He is a weak spot on the team, like it or not.</em>

He's a third string quarterback throwing to Jarrett Boykin. He's a "weak spot on the team"? Wow. Well done.

Evan's picture

Congratulations. Your cookie is in the mail.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Tolzien is nothing like Brohm. Do you even remember that, Brohm was horrid. Tolzien has an absolute gun compared to Brohm. Brohm was Thompson's worst draft pick ever. That includes Justin Harrell.

Name the QB's that have come in and played lights out compared to Tolzien.

To me it looks like your looking at his stats more then his actual play. He has the ability to make every throw on the field.

I don't know what your watching be we are watching 2 different players.

I am willing to say that Tolzien will be our backup for years to come.

PackerPete's picture

I'm sorry RC, but I was at training camp when the year Brohm and Flynn were drafted. Aaron, Brohm, and Flynn did a few competitive "who could throw the furthest" drills. Brohm was consistently throwing the ball almost 10 yards beyond Rodgers, and Flynn was consistently about 15 yards behind Rodgers. Brohm has a cannon for an arm. He has one of the strongest arms of any QB I've ever seen.

"He has the ability to make every throw on the field." Yep - including throwing it right to a defender. I don't get it. If RBs constantly fumble people call for their heads. Tolzien throws a few picks and everybody thinks he is playing great. Remember, he only had 3 picks yesterday. there could've been 3 more, and realistically at least 2 more should've been intercepted.

RC Packer Fan's picture

And yet Flynn managed to beat out Brohm. He maybe could throw the farthest, but he wasn't good enough to last more then 2 years in the league. He was the worst player Thompson has drafted. In games I watched him throw the ball he didn't have the arm to throw beyond 40 yards. Maybe in practice he could throw a long ways, but he never could in games.

Where is that list of QB's that step in and play better? still waiting....

I take away 2 of those interceptions because the JPP play was an incredible play. Rodgers threw one like that to Michael Johnson who batted it up. JPP managed to catch it. Great play. The last one the game was over at that point and he was just trying to make a play. The one to Beason was on him.

Here is his stats from yesterday's game. 24-34 (70.6 completion %) 339 yrds, 0-TD, 3-INTs.

And yes Tolzien is not Rodgers. No one is. Rodgers is arguably the best QB in the league. No one can replace him and what he does for the team. Doesn't mean Tolzien can't play and won't be a good player...

Longshanks's picture

Are you fucking kidding me Packer Pete? What are you watching? I watch Tolzein and this guy has some fucking moxie in him. He reminds me exactly of a young Troy Aikman. He has an aggressive confidence about him and his teammates are all picking up on it. Rodger didn't even have that. He's tough, hard nosed, and is a blue collar worker.

It pisses him off when he makes a mistake and you can just see it. He takes mistakes very personal. He works his ass off and will continue to get better. This guy is definately an NFL starting qb. The guy just got his feet wet you realize this right? Peyton Manning threw 29 int's his rookie season.

I think you are 100 percent wrong about Tolzein. Maybe the Vikings should hire you as a scout. They are looking for a good qb as we speak. At least this way you would advise them to stay away from Tolzein.


PackerPete's picture

"Peyton Manning threw 29 int’s his rookie season." yes, he also played on one of the worst NFL teams ever.
I hear all the time on this board that the Packers are so talented. Moxie or not, he has to produce. Throwing INTs at crucial points in the game is not producing.
Please remember people, those were average teams we played the last few games. If he had to play against real good Ds such as Carolina or Seattle, it would get real ugly real quickly.

Longshanks's picture

Gee really Packer Pete? You don't think anyone here knows that we would probably lose against a Seattle defense? We'd probably lose with Rodgers in there as well.

We're talking about our backup qb. A guy who has come in and is impressing the hell out of 98% of the Packers fans here who prior to him getting in, were all convinced Green Bay did not have a quality backup qb capable of winning a game if Rodgers goes down.

Not only did we find a backup qb, we might have found a solid quality starting qb in Tolzein. Only two teams (Phil with Vick and Foles and Chi with Cutler and Mckown have a better situation than us based on what we've seen so far from Tolzein.

Yes, the guy threw int's. We understand it's about winning and we understand he's just getting started. You seem to want him to play like Aaron Rodgers. We're talking about the best qb of all time in NFL history.

I think you need to look at MM's conservative play calling with Tolzein in there than looking at his int's. Had he put the pedal to the metal and allowed Tolzein to air it out we probably win that game.

Tolzein was deadly accurate with the deep ball. He has impressed the hell out of me for a two week practice squad guy. As RC says, imagine a year of him attending McCarthy's legendary qb school.


Cow42's picture

"McCarthy’s legendary qb school."


Murderer's row right there, I tell ya.

FITZCORE 1252&#039;S EVO's picture

"I watch Tolzein and this guy has some fucking moxie in him."

Actually agree with this. His arm is much stronger than I remember from Sconnie, and he seems even-keeled. I think he has a future as our backup, though he does need to quit turning the ball over.

PackerPete's picture

Longshanks: The guy first has to prove he can win games.
"Not only did we find a backup qb, we might have found a solid quality starting qb in Tolzein."
really? Just because he can throw a deep ball doesn't mean he's a solid quality starting QB. Remember Craig Nall? He had a cannon for an arm and a decent deep ball also...

Longshanks's picture

PackerPete, it's not just his deep ball passes that I was impressed with. It's pretty much everything about him. His aggressiveness, his demeanor, his command of the offense, his accuracy, his confidence, his willingness to stay in the pocket and take a hit, his arm strength, his intelligence, etc. You name it and he's got it.

Again, he's our backup to Rodgers. He's solid already despite the int's which we all know are pretty much expected for ANY qb who has never played in an NFL game. They all go thru that phase unfortunately as they learn on the job.

If you just showed up from Mars and didn't know who he was you would never know he was a qb making his first NFL start after only two weeks of practice time.

Troy Aikman won 1 game his rookie season. One in 15? You would think a hall of famer like that could do better according to you right? So you would have given up on Aikman because "he hasn't proven he can win a game" right?

PackerPete, just take another look at Tolzein. Compare him to any other backup qb we ever had and ask yourself again does he compare to any of those? The answer is no he doesn't.

He's the best backup we have had here since Aaron Rodgers backed up Favre in 2007. Tolzein is better than Rodgers was in 2005 and 2006.

That's why you need to hold your horses on him. He's only going to get better. Look at Rodgers in 2007 and look at him now. Tolzein has that same type of upward curve in my professional opinion.


Evan's picture

2 games = not NFL material. Got it.

PackerPete's picture

this is his 3rd NFL team, not the first... Apparently the other 2 teams who had him before didn't think he could do it either.
Just because he played QB at Wisconsin doesn't mean he will make it in the NFL.
He made crucial errors that cost the Packers 2 games. One cannot deny that. Defense playing badly and all, the games still could've been won. And you can't have your QB throwing INTs at crucial moments. Jimmy Johnson always said you don't win games with making the most big plays. You win games by not making egregious errors.

Evan's picture

That's wonderful. All besides the point, but wonderful.

PackerPete's picture

so what exactly is your point for Tolzien? What has he done so far that you declare him the next coming?

Evan's picture

"The next coming"? I said that? Really?

My only point is that writing a QB's obituary after 2 games is idiotic.

PackerPete's picture

and there it starts. Have nothing to refute an argument (namely that he threw INTs that cost the Packers at least one game) and have to start with name calling. Good one.

Evan's picture

Sorry to hurt your feelings. But if the shoe fits...

Sportspack's picture

Tolzien is the best QB on the team since Rodgers.

taco's picture

He's got a great arm, good pocket presence, a great work ethic, seems to be a quick learner and well-liked by his team mates....and he bleeds Green and Gold. He's one of us. I don't understand why people aren't rallying to support this guy? Personally, I think he is going to tear it up this weekend against a very weak vikings defense.

Derek in CO's picture

I agree here. I'd like to see anyone try to digest what I can only assume is MM's way-too-unnecessarily-thick playbook. Vince Young couldn't spell his name on his wonderlic, so no wonder he couldn't cut it. Tolzien has had only a few weeks to develop chemistry and timing with receivers. Only a few weeks to gel with the OLine on protection calls. He's smart and he has a good enough arm. He'll be fine, as a backup.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Exactly. I agree with you guys here... I really would like to see him with an offseason to learn the offense.

I firmly believe he will be our long term backup QB.

Evan's picture

I dunno guys...I think he might be the next coming

Steven's picture

Evan he is fearless in the pocket. Bit please tell me thats a joke.

Evan's picture

Yeah. Look 6-7 comments up.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, I'm thinking we shouldn't get our hopes up to high. I mean after all, Brian Brohm is better then he will ever be...

drcpackers's picture

it almost seems to me that I am watching preseason games. they have that feel. not a lot of emotion and many mistakes.

steve's picture

Its funny to me to hear all this about how good or how bad our 3rd string quarterback is. In the grand scheme of things it really doesn't matter what we think. I guess it is just fun to try and express your opinions, but that is all it is, just an opinion. I have never seen one person's blog entry convince another person with an opposite view to change their mind. Why bother arguing about it? Do you really enjoy condemning another person's point of view?

As a packers fan through thick and thin, I just hope the best for Tolzien and our team.

WKUPackFan's picture

I'll agree with those above who believe Tolzein can perform well enough to win games. However, he must begin to observe the first commandment of all QBs, especially backup QBs, "thou shalt not turn the ball over". That is one of the many things that makes AR so great, he abhors interceptions.

Point Packer's picture

Of all the QB's in next week's Packer/Viking game, if you were given a NFL franchise today, which one would you like to have start for your Club over the next three years?

Based on what we have seen so far, I'd actually probably say Scott Tolzien.

Cow42's picture

"Brohm was Thompson’s worst draft pick ever. "

For where he was drafted - maybe... but what about that DE/OLB they drafted out of Arizona?

That guy totally blew.

Point Packer's picture

Ricky Elmore?

Cow42's picture


Point Packer's picture

That guy make it through the first week of training camp?

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, Elmore was bad. But as of last year he was still in the league. Not a good pick. But there were people that thought Brohm was going to unseat Rodgers as the starter. Brohm was a 2nd round pick. Elmore was a 6th. Elmore had little expectations where Brohm had high expectations, and was a huge flop.

Cow42's picture

Pretty disappointed to hear that Pickzien will be starting this weekend.

For some reason I had a funny feeling that Rodgers might play.

Damn - when was the last time the Vikings had the QB advantage in Lambeau?

Let me guess a score right now...

27 - 16 Vikings.

Yup - I'm feelin' unusually positive tonight... gave the Pack 3 more points than they've been able to muster the last 2 weeks.

Watching this team right now is more like an obligation than entertainment. So boring. They just have zero "bounce". Not sure what it is but they just do not seem mentally or emotionally engaged whatsoever. I mean two 12 men on the field penalties? Like back to back? Wow - way to have your guys ready to go TT.

Point Packer's picture

Next week's array of QB's adorned in pads will be a remarkable array of sub-mediocrity rarely eclipsed.

Point Packer's picture

At least next week's game isn't an array game.

Morgan Mundane's picture

Sorry Cow, I think the Vikes take one hear. They will load the box against Tolzien for sure. It might not be pretty on Sunday. The Seattle run game didn't open up intil Wilson got the passing game going. Until then they stuffed a very good running team.
If come out running its lights out, lambeau or not.

Cow42's picture

Uh, yeah - I'm picking the Vikes.

4thand1's picture

TY cow, now I'm putting my money on the Pack u jinx.

UP-Packer's picture

Actually all of you are correct. Tolzien is a young &amp; inexperienced QB who could improve with playing time to become a good QB. He's got an arm &amp; the moxie to get better.

At the same time, if he continues to throw picks at a rate of 2.5+ a game, he'll be coaching HS football somewhere in rural Illinois in short order.

However, this isn't about his future. The Pack needs a win sometime very soon.(Vikings?) I'm not concerned about Tolzien's future after the next few weeks.

Ho Le Fuk's picture

Tolzien didn't light up the skies at Wisconsin. I don't remember him being in the discussion as a first rounder.
He needs a lot of development and even then may not possess the skill lever to succeed. There's a lot of him in the league right now.

Albert Lingerfeld's picture

Hey I give Tolzien one hand up: If MM is stressing the run and he is spending his time in practive handing off and not learning pass plays, don't blame him.
One thing you cannot coach, no matter who you are and that's reading defenses. Travais J could not read em and until I see otherwise, Geno S is in the same league.
If Tolzien coughs up some more goof balls, he may seal his own fate.

L's picture

If the defense gets it turned around and the O-line starts picking it back up again (mainly looking at that RT position) I think this team can definitely make it into the playoffs, but first things first...

Perhaps it's partly because of the wear and tear on the really big and aging D-linemen we have, but I think it's more-so that the team just needs to get back to playing disciplined gap control up front on the D-line to stop the run game like they were earlier in the season then massive improvements in communication in the secondary which should go hand-in-hand with improved safety play.

One thing I wonder about often is that when were having our OLBs aggressively attack up-field and get after the QB why does it seem like we rarely see any finesse moves to shed blocks? All I ever seem to see is full out sprints meant to try getting around the outside tackles or head-on bullrushes with last second attempts of using pure physical strength to get separation from the blocker in order to make a play. I can't help, but think of how D.Freeny (granted he wasn't an OLB) use to mix in all kinds of finesse moves along with physical ones on edge rushes in order to throw off the defender and get easy separation for clean shots at the QB or whoever had the ball in the backfield. Doesn't K.Green teach and stress using more techniques to our OLBs than just those two techniques?

On a side note: there was an excellent article today talking about how the Pack could potentially make use of a hybrid 4-3 base lineup going forward due to the strength of our depth on the D-line and I would also recommend a 3-3-5 option to including using Micah Hyde in a hybrid ILB role as part of that 5 DBs.

As far as S.Tolzien is concerned I think there's a lot to be pleased about and I think the coach will probably try to get him started sooner in the game then he did in this last one. Of course with that said he'll need to limit his mistakes by not turning the ball over. Overall, I was encouraged by his performance.

4thand1's picture

SOB!! This team is totally deflated by losing Rodgers. Has anyone here ever played on any sports team ever? I have and it really sucks to lose your best player, let alone a whole bunch of starters. 1 game out of the div. with 6 to play. Tolzien is not the problem, being to conservative was a bad choice early. Tolzien hit every long throw with accuracy. I liked what I saw from him and he'll get better every game. Hell Rodgers rode the pines for 3 years, but he knew the playbook inside and out and practiced with team. Tolzien has had 3 months, cut him some MFing slack.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree... That's why I'm looking forward to seeing what Tolzien could do with an offseason to learn the offense.

Also lets not lose the fact that he was their 3rd string QB. He is without 2 of the offenses top weapons. (Cobb, Finley).

Everything I have seen, I like of Tolzien. Once he has an offseason with the team, takes QB school, and plays in some preseason games he will improve dramatically in my opinion. And I think he has played well.

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