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Aaron Rodgers Reportedly Signs Four Year Extension

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Aaron Rodgers Reportedly Signs Four Year Extension

Yet another breaking news story about a Packer quarterback today. This in from ESPN's Adam Schefter:

Former Packers WR turned NFL network correspondent James Jones has the initial numbers:


Rejoice Packer fans; it looks like QB1 is here to stay.


Tim Backes is a lifelong Packer fan and a contributor to CheeseheadTV. Follow him on Twitter @timbackes for his Packer takes, random musings and Untappd beer check-ins.

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Tundraboy's picture

Hundley, now this. Something else is brewing as well. Exciting times and great for the future.

4thand10's picture

I feel like it’s Christmas. :-)

Tundraboy's picture

Yes it does. Even better Christmas at the beginning of the Season though, right?

Nick Perry's picture

I have a feeling something else is brewing too TB...I could have swore I read or heard somewhere that Rodgers new contract may not get done before week one, and I heard this in just the last 2 days. Now Rodgers is locked up and the 4 headed monster that is our front office can go to work on getting Mack from the Raiders.

The Raiders have come out and said it will take at least two 1st round picks which the Packers have. Part of me would love to land Mack who IMO would vault the Packers to the front of the NFC favorites.But damn I don't like the cap hits that the Packers would have to deal with for the next several years for just 2 players. There's also the fact the Packers would have BOTH of the 1st rounders under a contract for 5 years starting in 2019 at a fraction of the cost of Mack. Tough decisions for Gute.

mattnw94's picture

I don't think it is worth 2 1st draft picks. It is one player, especially when I could potentially get 2 great LBs on rookie contracts. Not only that but they will be younger. Then again I go back to an old comment I had made about how cheap you could get Bowman, Dansby or Urlacher. Now these guys are older as well but they know the system, they would be cheap especially for a one year contract. That is just my 2 cents, but there is a lot of other things I can see us doing and apparently the way the contract was written out for ARod we saved 15mil in CAP. So let the transactions continue!

Tundraboy's picture

I'm thinking it may be something other than a Mack trade
No idea who,of course,but Gute has shown me he can hide his plans very well.

Tarynfor12's picture

It's great to have Rodgers locked up for 6 ,but if they don't win at least one more SB....the glee and cheers will be replaced with a doom and gloom cloud in GB with having the two best QB's for over 30 years and only winning two SB's.

Defending such failure will be impossible.

Tundraboy's picture

Sounds like you have forgotten the 70s and 80s. I'll take this over any alternative.

LayingTheLawe's picture

Taryns world is black and white. If a backup tight end doesn't screw up an onside kick the Packers are a success and otherwise they are an abject failure so abhorrent that we must shun and vilify their names at all turns. You get used to it.

Tarynfor12's picture

That is such a cheap way to cover up a loss that could have been averted had it not been for offensive passivity and sitting on an INT, that 3rd and 29 that could have secured a win and a trip to the SB.
That's pretty black and white unless of coarse blaming a 3rd stringer for a play that should never have been needed, which most accept as reason enough.
Besides,assuming a win would have been automatic in the SB is asinine based purely on what MM would not do and what he would do.
Bottom line is....Did you win?

LayingTheLawe's picture

Exactly Taryn Thanks. I could not have described it any better. Win the Super Bowl or lose is your only criteria for success. I don't subscribe to that belief and think there are many shades of success and failure and that winning a Super Bowl is more a product of a good team meeting the right luck. So while I find your win it all or you're a loser mantra tiresome we agree on specifics quite often. The Packers have been very guilty of being slow to respond to weaknesses on the team and maybe we are seeing a more proactive administration now. If so maybe there is still a safety and an offensive linemen heading to Green Bay soon.

Barnacle's picture

“asinine” and MM fit nicely in the same sentence.

The TKstinator's picture

You had me at “of coarse”!

Don Hutson's picture

Six Superbowls in a row. Who would have thunk it?

Tarynfor12's picture

I haven't forget what many claim to have endured. But if another SB is not claimed, winning even 6 Division Titles won't make it any better than the same time frame starting with season of 67-97'. Too much drought to say it was raining success and Rodgers years will be remembered as dry or worse...unless.
This is Title Town which means Championships count and nothing less does.

John30856's picture

Not a claim it was endured. I most definitley want a few more SBs to be sure but regardless it will have been a very wonderful period of time to be a true Packer fan

John30856's picture

you must be a very depressed person. Sorry for that

Tarynfor12's picture

Not at all...very content and have benefited greatly from being a realist and keeping the overly optimistic hopes at bay. Which when those fail to come true, the depression is much harder to overcome.

The difference is the optimist is willing to settle for what they get ( Division Title ) without advancement. A pessimist or realist accepts what they likely won't get and then enjoys what they get but still demand/strive for better. The optimist just increases the loftiness of the dream...and settles yet again for what they get.

fthisJack's picture

and the pessimist never gets expectations too high unless the train starts rolling and then they are right there saying how great it is until that last bitter loss before achieving nirvana.....then it's back to ...."i told you not to get too excited. they should have blah blah blah blah blah."

Tundraboy's picture

Titletown does mean championships, but we've had our fair share of droughts, that's for sure.

Fordham Ram's picture

I'm with you T, it's time.

carusotrap's picture

I lived through the 70s and 80s as a Packers fan. Sorry, to burst your bubble, but this is better, whether or not they win another SB with Rodgers.

Qoojo's picture

We will always have Charles Martin.

White _tornado's picture

I respectfully disagree tundra. By saying it could be worse, like the 70s or 80s is a defeatists attitude. This isn't the Detroit Lions or Cincinnati Bengals, (teams who've never won a thing and dont like they are anytime soon) we are talking about here. This is the GBP! This is Titletown!

The Pack has a very long history of winning! Winning a title was within reach and expected yearly. More NFL titles than any other team. Just because the Pack lost their way in the 70s and 80s doesnt mean we should expect less.

Thank you Mr Wolfe for showing the world and the Packers their way again!

Tundraboy's picture

And I respectfully agree with your right to disagree. Nothing pains me more than not taking full advantage of Rogers greatness filling out the team over the years.Exactly the same as I felt when we weren't really doing the same with Favre ,but at the same time Doom and Gloom is not something I've ever felt in recent years. Frustration,yes.

John30856's picture

just a plain silly comment

Minniman's picture

Winning SB's is obviously nice, and you are true it's the ultimate determinant of success.

However, at the end of the Favre\Rodgers era I for one will look back and reflect that I was always entertained and enthralled when they played.

...... and that's the point. When AR is on the field, winning the day and the year is always on the table!

................I also like how the front office is not sleeping on finding AR's replacement too.

Oppy's picture

The jury is out on if the front office is serious about finding Rodgers' replacement.

If they spend years developing Kizer, that would be an indication they are not serious.

Minniman's picture

Fair point Oppy but you must agree, how hard is it to replace a one-in-a-generational player....... thrice in a row?

Do I think that Deshaun Kizer is that player - too early to say, but possibly not, but I like that they are looking..... and with 6 years they have 2-3 more swings at drafting and developing at least a serviceable interim.

Oppy's picture

DeShone doesn't have to replace a generational talent.

But I don't want the Packers to waste energy (and especially, a roster spot) trying to develop a guy who's likely to be not much more than a back up.

Going forward (2019) I would rather they get a known, vet commodity for the Back up QB position, and cycle through young players (probably need to draft some) looking for the next Franchise QB. Anything short of that type of talent level should be placed on PS, not the roster, while developing.

Minniman's picture

A good counter-argument that I can't disagree with - but has it's own equal and opposite downsides to a draft and develop prospect..... but if GB were able to have some good drafts between now and Rodgers retirement (and construct a strong team), then I too wouldn't have an issue with poaching a proven QB that fits the style of play --> it makes sense if that's the only piece that is missing

BELIEVER's picture

I have enjoyed a lot of football over the last 25 years, for this fan that is success.

The TKstinator's picture

Some of this translates to two fans arguing:
“I want more SB’s!”
“No, I want more SB’s than you do!”
“No, I want them more than you do!”

And then:
“I am a more intense fan than you because I have higher standards!”

“No, I’m more intense!”
“No, I’m more intense!”

After awhile it just sounds like “my dad can beat up your dad”

That’s my .02

stockholder's picture

It's better than up to 180 million.

zoellner25's picture

What a day for Brian Gutekunst. Happy to have ARod locked up for another 6 years, even more happy to not have to watch Brett Hundley in the regular season again.

JohnnyLogan's picture

He's locked for 6?

zoellner25's picture

yes, being reported as an extension

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

4 year extension and he is still under contract for 2 more, so 6 altogether, it sounds like. 4 x $33.5 = $134M plus $42M or so from his current deal = $176M, divided by 6 years = $29.333M effective AAV. This should be fairly easy to live with... probably.

James Jones says $33.5M plus incentives. Note that AR had $17M in incentives on his current deal, but never earned them. That's why his $22M AAV contract never had a cap hit more than $21M.

Incentives can be a big deal.

EDIT: $100M guaranteed means $16.67M guaranteed per year. Clearly wouldn't want that spread evenly (it would mean a $16M dead money hit in 2024). I am looking forward to seeing the structure.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Can't wait to read your article on his new contract's structure TGR. I'm glad this is done. Now we can stop talking about paying the man and about Hundley vs. Kiser. Wonder what effect this will have on the Mack trade talks. Depends on the structure of the contract.

dobber's picture

Someone was reporting that there's a huge up-front payment that will drive the cap numbers way down later. I agree, though, I want to see the official break down.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

GB doesn't have the cap for a huge up-front payment other than by signing bonus. I'd be against a large up-front payment for a variety of reasons (including several that have nothing to do with getting Mack, in case you think I am obsessed with that notion).

As you indicated, I want to see the official break down.

croatpackfan's picture

TGR what is with cap free season, I think 2020?

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

No one knows if there will be a cap-free season. There was such a season in 2010. The 2006 CBA had a provision that allowed either the Union or the Owners to terminate the agreement either one or two years early. It was supposed to run through 2011. Instead, in 2008, the Owners unanimously voted to end that CBA two years early, so it only ran through 2009. Negotiations dragged, perhaps in part because the head of the Union died in 2009 and the players had to vote for a new leader. In any event, no agreement was reached in time for the 2010 year. Thus, it was uncapped.

I've never run across an early termination clause in the current CBA. I can't swear it doesn't exist, but I've not seen it and I've never read any rumblings about early termination. I am assuming that the CBA will be in force in 2020, so there would be a cap.

I wouldn't be surprised if negotiations go badly. There is a perception that the NFL is a money-making machine, which is sort of true, but I suspect not for all teams. If there is an uncapped year, look to 2021. It could be a strike or a lock-out year just as well, or maybe I'm wrong and there is more than enough money to grease the wheels for both the players and the owners and an agreement is reached without incident.

John30856's picture

2 remaining plus 4

LayingTheLawe's picture

Breaking News Aaron Rodgers agrees to 4 year 134 mill contract extension with over 100 mill in guarantees. Whew, Makes my head spin to even think of.

News to follow I am sure of what this does to the salary cap but I am pretty sure this means someone like Mack is an impossibility.

porupack's picture

CHTV writers willbe du'in some overtime with Gute in charge. Thanks CHTV for keeping the hot news coming. Can't wait for you all to make it sensible on what is new money, and what is incremental on what Rodgers was already due over next 2 years.

Tim Backes's picture

It's four years on top of the current two. Six years total. Rodgers will be 40 when this contract is up.

Tundraboy's picture

If it is an Extension, it has to be an extension of something, so 6 years total it must be, I would think.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I actually was sort of hoping that AR's contract would wait until we knew for sure that Mack wasn't available at the right price in case we needed to fiddle with the cap hits. Maybe Gute knows that Mack isn't coming to GB no matter what, so it might not matter.

Overall, I'd rather have one AR in hand than 2 in the unsigned/untraded-for bush.

Bearmeat's picture

You can always give AR a bigger signing bonus immediately to offset that hit... I think this was the way to go.

Mack still may end up here.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

He could. Easy peasy if GB jettisons CM3 or Cobb. If the cap hit is lower than his current $21.1M this season, that might be a clue.

fthisJack's picture

make sure that one of them is involved in the trade.

spexxx2's picture

now that the deal is done, how does this affect our cap space? I recall Nags saying we would get more in cap space.

Bearmeat's picture


JohnnyLogan's picture

I think Mack is still possible. Don't know how they structured Aaron's deal but Mathews and Cobb are coming off the books next year and if you include Perry in the trade for Mack there's plenty of money I would think to sign him. We've only won SB's when we've had a monster defensive player; Reggie, Woody... I think Gute sees it's almost more important to give Aaron a good D then anything else he can do. Hope it happens.

Handsback's picture

I agree in that the Mack deal could still be on. Green Bay had to do Rodgers first, just to see if they could reel in Mack and how to structure it. I don't think a Mack deal is in the offering, but getting Rodgers done will open that door.

John30856's picture

dont forget to mention Matthews

calabasa's picture

I'm with you- we need Mack! After Martinez we have no legit MLB's. This is a rare opportunity that we could make work.

Wonder if God talks to Mack like he did to Reggie...

dobber's picture

Perry? Matthews? If you want to leave the cupboard completely bare, what is Mack going to be able to do all by himself?

Forget about Mack until something concrete starts to bubble through the mill. The Raiders will have to let the Packers talk to Mack's representation before they deal him (BG should be fired if he trades for Mack without some ability to be assured he'll get on the field immediately). That won't happen quietly. Until then? Mack is a non-story.

porupack's picture

Agree Dobber,
Someone needs to mention Spriggs, Murphy, Bell again, to reignite the hairpulling about the Oline depth so we can go back to a few days without Mack the savior.

Hey everyone, Bell, murphy, Spriggs, Bell....

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Eh, what's that you say, sonny?

4thand1's picture

No gumsmacker and AR for good

WKUPackFan's picture

Thank goodness that this is done! Go pack, go AR!!

WKUPackFan's picture

And not a single report about "escalators" tied to future higher QB salaries, or automatic increases tied to future salary cap increases.

What will the rumor monger believers and haters complain about now?

LambeauPlain's picture

Well there is a big escalator called $80 M paid by next March.

Just think of the ROI on $80 M wisely invested over 6 years. He may even increase his ownership stake in the Bucks.

Actually a good incentive to front load the deal and get it done now.

WKUPackFan's picture

That is not the "escalator" that some people were freaking about a couple of months ago. Rather, as most remember, there were reports that AR was seeking a percentage of the cap so that his salary would increase each year, or that he was seeking a contract clause that his salary would increase whenever another QB's contract surpassed his.

We had the usual suspects totally believing said reports and commenting about how selfish AR was being, how he didn't care about the team, and that he should be traded.

Of course, AR consistently stated that he was not seeking a revolutionary contract, and his agent was characteristically and wisely quiet on the subject. Naturally, these "reports" have been proven to be totally false, and the people who believed them (or pretended to believe them to promote various conspiracy theories) have been proven to be extremely gullible.

Jonathan Spader's picture

You forgot about the "out clause" rumor WKU. Just be glad the deal is done and the rumors should die as well. Feel lucky that we have 6 more years with Rodgers.

Mojo's picture

Just because there aren't any escalators or opt-out clauses doesn't mean Rodgers didn't want any. He very possibly realized during negotiations that it just wasn't going to happen.

dobber's picture

...and the Packers probably had to pay to buy those things off the table, if there was any real substance to those rumors.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

$80M by March really isn't necessarily that much or surprising. Stafford got a $50M signing bonus, so why not $60M for AR. Without changing his current (2018) cap, he'd get $9M more between base and roster bonuses. The other $11M could be due in March of 2019, but in the 2019 league year so it counts against the 2019 cap. Could be a roster bonus or an option bonus.

It is just that the numbers are so large.

LambeauPlain's picture

I think the deal is a 4 year extension to the current deal with 2 years remaining...but Aaron will be paid $80 M by next March.


Lare's picture

Plus Danica.


LambeauPlain's picture

Go, Daddy!

dobber's picture

I see what you did there... ;)

stockholder's picture

Business is business. I will be surprised if Arron is not cut before he's 40. I personally would have franchised him, and not done the extension. IMO, it's hard to find value in this this deal unless your Arron Rodgers. For the Packers: We have OL problems, Young Wrs, Cap problems. (Things that hurt Stats). Cobb and Mathews will be leaving now. And a very Fragile QB that could be a china Doll. I have my doubts and I hope it does not become reality. The Packers paid to much. They lost their Heads with the Fan Favorite. He will always be the face of the packers! But this extension won't be worth it if they don't win more super-bowls. The odds say this was a tremendous Gamble. Not Realistic with the packer "team" history I'm use too.

John Galt's picture

Agree with you 100% - Use next year's (2) 1st rounders to draft a QB and let Aaron walk if he wants. Remember we lost #4 and everyone thought the world would end. It didn't.

Will this work out? I doubt it - just a lot of money spent with less for other positions, and they walk so #12 doesn't have much of a supporting cast.

All in all a stupid deal.

stockholder's picture

80 mil up front Guaranteed. And if he breaks his collar bone again? 80 hurts this team. If A-Rod can't play, they don't make the super-bowl. And what happens if Gute fires MM and staff. A new coach just isn't going to come in and win. Facts and numbers aside. This was a great deal for A-Rod and not the organization.

Spud Rapids's picture

You're just being a troll... no one in their right mind thinks this deal only benefited Aaron Rodgers. His previous contract was 13% of the cap this contract makes it 14%... You're just being a contrarian to rial people up

stockholder's picture

I haven't heard that since Football Futures. You should go back there. Rial up people? (Thats YOU!). If you followed past articles on A-Rod, you would understand the comment. Their just chicken now because they won't speak their mind and get dislikes. IT's DONE, PERIOD!! A-Rod is a Fan favorite. Obviously they threw money at him. The numbers say he has a chance at a 180 million. Watching football since I was 4. I remember George Blanda. Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas, Joe Namouth, Bob Griese , Terry Bradshaw, KenStabler,Payton Manning, Brett Favre, etc. Obviously Arron Rodgers is the greatest QB to set foot on the football field per salary. This now puts him in the Hall of Fame. So will he finish playing himself in? Or did the packers just buy his way in. Regardless I spoke my mind on Business is Business. But was this a good business decision for the Packers? As a Stockholder I say No. I'm all for fiscal responsibility. Remember this was an extension!!!! And the right to Franchising him, was a better choice in my opinion! Your opinion is based on a band wagon of Love. But Love can be blind. And I feel that is the case with such big $$$. Does A-Rod play for Love or Money? This was a bad BUSINESS DECISION IMO. Your point is I'm being negative and a trouble maker. Please be reasonable and see the other side of this.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Aaron Rodgers didn't become Rodgers overnight and QBs of his quality don't come along often. We also need to draft an EDGE rusher. Before you judge Rodger's contract wait for the details to come out.

dobber's picture

Yes! Thanks, JS!

...and I'll admit to leaning toward the "franchise" argument. But until we know the details, calling this a 'good' or 'bad' deal is difficult.

Oppy's picture

serious question:
Why does everyone capitalize EDGE?
is it an acronym or something?
When did this start?
Why wasn't I notified?

Jonathan Spader's picture

Oppy, it makes it EDGIER (non serious answer)

(Actual answer to your question)

Oppy's picture

This doesn't actually answer the question, which is why do people feel the need to capitalize EDGE, lol. But it DOES make it EDGIER!

Monsmoy's picture

It is scary having so many dollars tied to one player, but all considered, the balance has to be in favour of this being a good move. I completely agree that we need to quickly address a couple of other areas, namely the right side of OL and Free Safety, and we can do this in 2019 draft. I assume the front $ weight of the AR contract is to free space when we need to pay later (2020 onwards) solidifying the team being built now and next year. I also assume this closes the rumbling idea of getting Mack, which is a daft one (based on the risk profile of injury against cost in conjunction with Rodgers payment).

Since '61's picture

This is turning out to be a banner day. First we chuck Hundley for a pick and now we lock up the potential GOAT QB for the next 6 seasons. Keep it coming Gute.

Thanks, Since '61

dobber's picture

I still can't figure out how they got a 6 for Hundley.

Another reminder of why I'm glad John Schneider is not the GM of the Packers.

Minniman's picture

dobber I think that Hundley's proclivity for tucking and running aligns better to the way Russell Wilson plays and Pete Carroll plans his offense. Seattle's unstable\rebuilding RB situation also means that their QB's will probably take more runs when they are on offer, and they probably see Hundley naturally aligning to it in the event that he does see the field.

I'm personally going to watch the SEA vs OAK game this week just to see how he plays against the same team 2 weeks in a row.

Dash Riprock's picture

Not to mention Tim Boyle is now a lock to make the 53 man roster.

Oppy's picture

Sweet Jesus. No.

Just... NO.

I burn an authentic Picasso if they do it.

Practice squad- it's where players who aren't ready to play belong.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Preparing plans to keep Oppy from going over the EDGE. We might have to talk Oppy down from the l-EDGE. It appears he getting pretty EDGY about Boyle being on the 53.

Oppy's picture

I generally consider myself a pretty even-keeled Packers fan, and often scoff at the fans that jump off ledges and freak out over all sorts of stuff.

I am legitimately going into full-blown, emotional freak out mode about the possibility of the Packers wasting 3 roster spots on QBs.

There's far more talented players on the roster who could actually have a positive impact for the Packers in 2018 (and beyond) than either (choice of) Kizer or Boyle. You need 1 back up QB on the roster. That second spot could keep a Tonyun, Kumerow, Looney, Davis, an extra LB, etc and so forth- guys who could actually do something to help the Packers WIN in 2018.

PAPackerbacker's picture

Glad to see that Rodgers will more than likely be a Packer for life. Having him locked into a contract now for the next 6 years is awesome. Now to protect that investment with a good OL is a must. For sure the team can concentrate on the present and future now that Rodgers is signed to an extension. Go! Pack! Go!

Cubbygold's picture

Yeah, Gute has to understand and recognize that the need to protect Rodgers goes up every year as his mobility declines. Hopefully 6 healthy years are in the cards

Oppy's picture

Rodgers is the guy who needs to recognize that the need to protect Rodgers goes up every year as his mobility declines.

The last many years he has had pockets for 3-5 seconds. That's on him if he doesn't deliver the ball on time, or if he rolls out early.

Mojo's picture

Now at least the GB FO have the numbers in place so that going forward they can put together strategies on what to do with other players. Don't underestimate the value of known cost certainties.

Mojo's picture

Teddy Bridgewater to Saints. Hmm ... is Taysom Hill set free?

dobber's picture

I wish John Kirk were still here so I could point to Taysom "Saints QB of the future" Hill and laugh at him...

Qoojo's picture

ST guy and backup QB, if that doesn't say "QB of the future", nothing does.

Lare's picture

The Saints paid a pretty steep price to get Bridgewater, a 3rd round pick next year plus taking on $5 million in salary. All for a backup QB, at that rate the Seahawks got a bargain with Hundley.

Oppy's picture

I like Teddy Bridgewater.

But his signing sure brings the "Letting Taysom Hill go is the biggest mistake ever, the Saints are laughing at us" crowd to a screeching halt.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

The jets only have to pay Bridgewater $1M ($500K signing bonus and $500K workout bonus) and they get a 3rd round pick (Jets are sending a 6th to NO).

I wonder if NO has extended Bridgewater? It is kind of awkward. Would you give him big money? If not, why would Bridgewater sign it? And he probably doesn't play too much.

Hurts GB, most likely. If Brees went down, that 1st round pick we're getting might have been a sweet one. Now they have an apparently competent QB to replace Brees. Oh well, a first is a first, and other problems could arise in NO.

Bure9620's picture

Gee, I wish there was Green Bay Packer Quarterback news today.........

oakr's picture

So, just curious as to who actually broke this story. AR told James Jones that he would get the scoop. but it looks like Adam Schefter has an earlier time stamp on the Twitter feed. ESPN says it was their guy AS. NFL network says it was their guy JJ.

Johnblood27's picture

who gives a sh!t what parasitic reporter got a call first?

The rush to get credit for simply regurgitating words from a primary source is just disgusting. That is not journalism. It may be called reporting, but it doesn't make the parasite a professional "reporter" eg journalist.

WKUPackFan's picture

Please describe the attributes that you believe are associated with being a professional journalist, along with your experience and educational background qualifying you to assess such attributes.

It is a day to celebrate the great moves by the Packers front office. Please stop trying to ruin it with your Trumpian attacks on the press.

White _tornado's picture

Please edit your post wku. Between the words you and assess please insert the word "to"

Wth do you mean when you say " it is day to celebrate......"?

These mistakes/typos make you seem much less intelligent than the people you berate.

WKUPackFan's picture

Thank you White _tornado. Your edits are gratefully acknowledged and have been made.

By the way, it is WKU, all caps please. Johnblood27's and your continued use of lower case letters demonstrates uncalled for and intentional disrespect toward a respected institution of higher learning.

I don't "berate", I criticize three specific people. "Berate" more accurately describes what you have done to croat on multiple occasions.

Bert's picture

Chill dude. No reference to Trump or "Trumpian attacks" intended.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

IDK, there has always been a rush to publish in scientific and academic circles, right? As I recall, Einstein just barely beat another eminent mathematician to get credit for e=mc squared. Of course, that mathematician was working out the math to resolve issues thought up by Einstein in one of Einstein's earlier papers, but there are plenty of examples. Patents are time sensitive as well.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Just another leftist Cheesehead writer doing nothing about WKU inserting politics in unrelated threads. This lunatic also calls people racists and accuses them of attending KKK rallies, then even takes religious swipes as well--all on a sports site.

If a conservative pulled this stuff, you guys would ban him into oblivion. But hey, WKU's on your "team," so the double-standard protects him.

Disgusting. Truly disgusting. If I were a Cheesehead writer and a Conservative did these things, I wouldn't let it pass. But then, I don't use a double-standard...just a fair one.

You and your group of Cheesehead writers should all be ashamed--if you were capable of it.

Spock's picture

TGR, Another example: Alexander Graham Bell actually had successfully gotten a sea plane prototype to fly (for much longer than the Wright brothers') but his patent application was later than theirs by something like 3 minutes!

Grandfathered's picture

I'm a little irritated that Adam Schefter had to overshadow James Jones' scoop. Schefter is an a$$____

camike's picture

Great, I like this sport.

Matt Wayne's picture

We really need to go get Mac. Arod is still at the top of his game. Clay is on his way out, Cobb too. That’s going to free up money. Tell Russ to work some more magic and make the cap work. If we land Mac, our defense would be a top five for sure. I don’t see how we are not the favorites for the next three years to bring another championship back home!

carusotrap's picture

To all the naysayers, imagine this... No Rodgers deal. Two years from now, he signs with Dallas for 4 years at $40 mil per, completely guaranteed when they figure out Dak is not the second coming of anyone. And the Green Bay QB? DeShone Kizer or Tim Boyle.

$180 mil total is a serious pile of money, and GB got a HUGE deal, so settle down.

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