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Say It: Jarrett Bush Had A Solid Day

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Say It: Jarrett Bush Had A Solid Day

The man Packer fans love to hate, Jarrett Bush, had a pretty solid day against the Bears.

Yes, he had yet another penalty on special teams, and yes he allowed a completion here and there - but so did Charles Woodson for goodness sake. From scrimmage, overall, Bush was fine. The play below is a perfect example of the type of solid yet unspectacular play that gets wiped from fans' memories but it's an excellent play by Bush. (Apologies for  the choppy video)

Notice how Cutler keeps his eyes on the slant. Bush does a good job of keeping his zone responsibility and breaking on the swing pass to Forte and of making the tackle. (Though I do wish he'd wrap up)

It's not highlight material by any means. But it is a good illustration of how Bush can be serviceable in this scheme. Yes, he's a disaster in man coverage. For whatever reason, he just has a terrible time locating the ball in the air. He is vary rarely flat out beat. He is almost always right on top of whoever it is he is covering in man. But he just doesn't have the ball-skills needed to be a man corner, which is why he was so terrible in Sanders' scheme. But in Capers' scheme you can get by with his athleticism, as is evident in the clip above. He's going to take his lumps as the season goes on, but he's better than some of the dreck you see paraded around Nickel and Dime packages across the NFL.

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PackersRS's picture

Huh? Is that a film of a GOOD PLAY BY BUSH! Oh My God! Cats and Dogs living together!
BTW, who was covering Aromalallalal (it's aromashudu or dushu, don't remember)? Most of the time, I mean...

Dilligaff's picture

Titan fans everywhere are in an uproar now

Aaron Rogders's picture

haha, nice Dilligaff

Chitown Packfan's picture

One decent play does not excuse years of mistakes. Lets hope he has similar results in the weeks to come. I will in particular be interested to see how he does vs. Arizona in the last week of the season. Bush vs. Breaston should give an indication about our future in the playoffs this year. And if Bush struggles in a game which Arizona may have nothing to play for, it will not be good when we face them the next week in the playoffs.

nerdmann's picture

Capers could be his redemption.

wgbeethree's picture

For as much as everyone has complained about Bush in the past (and I've been one of his biggest critics...I HATED the guy ) I think it's time to admit he is actually a decent player. He has had more than his fair share of stupid penalties on special teams this year and that's something that just isn't exceptable. From scrimmage though he has been remarkably solid this year. He has given up plays here and there but he been in position almost every single play this year. There haven't really been too many plays where he was totally burnt or completely out of position which doesn't sound like much but is a huge improvement from earlier in his career. The one exception may be the Winslow TD catch if I remember correctly. He has certainly played better than I expected and I'm not at all upset that he'll likely be on the team for the next few years anymore. We could be doing a lot worse at our no. 6 cornerback spot and we need to remember that's really what he is. Looks to me like we may just need a new whipping boy. Mason seems to be pushing hard for that role lately.

Dayne's picture

Didn't he have another false start on a punt?

PackerAaron's picture

He did indeed and I mentioned as much in the post. ;)

Brian Carriveau's picture

This makes two decent games in a row for Bush.

PackersRS's picture

Straying from the topic... Just read Jason LaCanfora on NFL.COM on a VERY interesting stat:
When Rodgers is sacked 5 times or less, we're 9-0.

JerseyAl's picture

I believe the secret with Bush is to keep him playing close to the line of scrimmage. he can handle short zone coverage where the play is in front of him. You make an excellent point about him having trouble locating the ball in the air. Anytime he has any kind of deeper coverage, you can see him with hands flailing away and missing an attempt to get the ball. He mis-judges the ball's trajectory, mis-times his jump and the result is a toasting.

Capers has figured out to keep him up close, use him as a blitzer, use him to bump receivers, use him to play the run, etc. Anything but use him down the field in open space. Under those conditions, he doesn't appear to suck nearly as bad.

Jim in DC's picture

J. Bush...serviceable. Hmmm, I never thought I'd see those two words in the same sentence. Amazing. And kudos to him for doing OK.

Oppy's picture

Personal thanks and gratitude for posting this topic. I feel as though perhaps people will quit thinking I have been completely insane and unjustified in my comments on Bush during the game and the last few days.

Playing man coverage without help over the top is the most difficult task in the NFL, and we've been spoiled with Wood and 3irty-one over the last few years. Zone is a much easier (and standard) assignment for DBs to tackle. And as wgbeethree stated, Bush *is* behind Harris, Woodson, Williams, Blackmon and Lee on the depth chart, and at least for the moment he's playing about on par for most teams' 3rd cb.
He does need to step up, and this is a big opportunity for him to do so. Judge him on his performance week to week, not on his reputation. He's going to have his ups and downs.

IronMan's picture

Jarrett Bush definitely sucked less in this game. I still can't get over the fact he had ANOTHER false start on ST. I was at the Bengals game when he had 2 false starts on ST, and I wanted to punch him in the face. Not the sharpest tool on the shed.

packsmack's picture

I'm sorry, but the fact that we have to point out "solid" or "decent" plays for this guy just proves how much he blows. You know, if you're on the field enough - and he is now - you can't help but make a play every now and again. To say that's anything special is just wishful thinking. And he got BEAT Sunday. And had more penalty yardage. And still sucks. Get over it guys. Jarrett Bush isn't, and will never be, respectable.

PackerAaron's picture

packsmack - where did I say it was anything 'special'? The Packers can win with him on the field. And have done so for 5 weeks now. Just thought it interesting given all the "Oh no, the Packers can't win a game with Bush at Nickel!" when Al Harris went down...

Oppy's picture

I don't think anyone said his play was "anything special", as you remarked, nor was there any "Wishful thinking". It was a post stating simply, Jarret Bush didn't have a bad day.. Yet people are critiquing his performance as though he was a liability- which he was not.
"And he got BEAT Sunday." this is my point- he got "BEAT" less than Charles Woodson or Tramon Williams. Now, don't get me wrong, Charles Woodson and Tramon Williams made big plays in that game as well, where Bush did not (on defense). But the point is, Jarret Bush didn't give up a touchdown where wood and williams both did, and they both gave up longer pass plays than Bush, too.
But that doesn't matter to a lot of people. Jarret Bush still got "BEAT" all day on sunday as far as their concerned, and that's that, but nobody is hooting and hollering about the two other CB's who gave up bigger plays and touchdowns.
He's not a great CB, he's a special teamer who's an emergency CB (hence his being so deep on the depth chart). He's got to play because we're injured at CB, and he did a respectable job. Why is it so hard for people to accept that?

packsmack's picture

Well Aaron, it seems to me that if you wrote a blog post about him, you felt he was "special" enough to defend. He deserves a blog post for having a "solid day" about as much as Crosby does. I mean, Crosby DID hit 2 of his 3 field goals, right? Nonsense. They both are liabilities.

Oppy, look, I'm not saying the Packers have better options. I'm just saying he sucks. Perhaps they'd have a better option had they just let him walk to Tennessee this spring, but who knows? And we discussed this a bit in the live blog on Sunday, but the difference in Bush getting beat and Woodson or Williams getting beat is that Bush is caught out of position more often than not, whereas the other guys just get beat by guys making great plays.
I don't like Poppinga, and I don't like Bush. They both are liabilities who I think should have been let go a LONG time ago. Bad things tend to happen when they are on the field. Bush might be serviceable now, but Cutler was OBVIOUSLY looking for him on Sunday. If Cutler didn't suck, the damage could have been worse. What happens when Drew Brees goes after him? Or Warner? Or, God forbid, the Vikes QB? They will eat him alive. It's a cause for concern, considering all of these games that he's played "solid" in have been against teams lacking threats at QB and/or wideout. The playoffs will offer no such respite.

PackersRS's picture

Oppy: If he was even a decent ST player, I'd be fine. He's terrible at it. Terrible. His share of mistakes far outweight his good deeds this year.

PackerAaron's picture

packsmack - you can twist it around any way you want. I never said he was 'special' or that he needed 'defending' - I post about what I think is interesting - and I think it's incredibly interesting that the Packers have yet to lose with Bush in the lineup...
And your whole 'just wait till they face a REAL QB' line is hilarious. God forbid fans should enjoy a 5 game winning streak. We might as well cancel the season! It's all over - packsmack said so! lol

packsmack's picture

Aaron, I wasn't trying to twist anything. You made the blog post, I responded. I disagree with your assessment. I think Bush blows. A team can win DESPITE bad players. Look at the Vikes last year with T-Jack. Or the Giants with their makeshift secondary in their Super Bowl year. Great players in other positions can cover up a lot of weaknesses. Here's hoping the Packers can continue to do that, but Bush is not solid. And he never will be.

packsmack's picture

Oh come on Aaron, I never said he's going to make the Packers lose. All I said was that he sucks and he's something to worry about. These are true statements. Whether or not he ends up costing us against teams with good QBs is irrelevant, because the point is, I hate having to worry about it. That is all. I know there's nothing I can do but cringe when the ball is thrown his way, and I've made my peace with that. I WANT him to do well, I really do, but all of the visual evidence points to him just being a dumb guy with bad hips. If he ACTUALLY makes improvements and makes a few big plays, then I'll be the first to note that. But he's done no such thing thus far.

Jayme's picture

Here's my view on Jarrett Bush: He's a bad player. He should not see the field on special teams. Seeing on the field with the defense gets my blood pressure up.

Guess what though? He's not our starter. He's, what, our 5th or 6th cornerback? If not for injuries he wouldn't even be on the field with the defense. The fact that he can be solid, if unspectacular, is a good thing. A very good thing.

I just wish he could stop committing penalties.

jerseypackfan's picture

Even my 8 year old son knows Bush sucks! You should hear him watching the game and saying "Oh no! #24 is on the field Dad, why is he out there?" Now keep in mind I have never said anything to him about Bush ever! This is his own observation.

I thought of a funny thing to do to the Mason Crosby bell tower commercial. Before he starts nailing the bell he says "They hate it when I do this, Check it out" and then proceeds to nail the bell. Instead of watching him nail the bell tower someone should cut to video of him missing field goals.
Yes Mason, we hate it when you do this!

bogmon's picture

Leave it to Aaron Nagler to provide interesting content on a Wednesday!!!

Thanks Nags...your comments are gold...I love how self loathing and hateful Packer fans can be....5 Weeks ago the season was over; the front office needed to be gutted; McCarthy needed to be we have to nit pick on our Nickelback and the ST's...
Enjoy the ride gets harder than this, believe me!

PackerAaron's picture

packsmack - "Here’s hoping the Packers can continue to do that, but Bush is not solid. And he never will be." - that last line is just absurd. Players improve all the time - the change in scheme has certainly helped Bush. I understand he's not your favorite player, but give me a break. Would you not say he's better this year than when he was last in the Nickel at the start of the 2007 season? I sure would.

bogmon's picture

Bush played pretty admirably at Safety last my humble opinion

Ruppert's picture

I'm definitely not a fan of Jarrett Bush...let's just get that out of the way. But I think it's definitely accurate to say that he has improved this year. Whether it's due to what Jersey Al pointed out, or whether it's Capers (or just the disappearance of Bob Sanders), who cares? He has been playing better. I'm not going to try to predict his future, either.

DaveK's picture

We've won five in a row with the guy at nickel and until a team can actually exploit him enough to cost us a game I'm not going to get all bent out of shape that our 6th best CB can't step in and play like Al Harris. It's unfortunate that Harris, Blackmon, and Lee all ended up on IR but that is life in the NFL. Let's hope that Capers can continue to design schemes to maximize strengths and negates the weaknesses of each player. It will be tougher against the playoff teams with good WR groups but let's have a little faith...five in a row! Let us also hope that our front seven continue to get better and in a month unleash so much hell on opposing QB's that it just doesn't matter who starts at nickel CB.

IronMan's picture

Jerseypackfan said:
"I thought of a funny thing to do to the Mason Crosby bell tower commercial. Before he starts nailing the bell he says “They hate it when I do this, Check it out” and then proceeds to nail the bell. Instead of watching him nail the bell tower someone should cut to video of him missing field goals.
Yes Mason, we hate it when you do this!"
If I can find video of him missing field goals, I'll do this. Awesome idea!

packsmack's picture

Sorry Aaron, I didn't mean to start a debate and insinuate that I hate the team or think they won't press on and continue to succeed. Like Leroy said, everyone has a weakness, even the Saints and Vikings. It's not about that. All I'm saying is that Bush is a liability. He always has been and always will be. Sure, he might be SLIGHTLY improved over 2007. Hell, he could still improve, and I worded it poorly by suggesting that was impossible. I just don't see it. A guy making a tackle on a running back after he entered the zone is nice and all, but since when is it something to praise? He did his job. He makes a LOT of money to do that job. The fact that we have to sit here and remark about his making a correct read is kind of scary, if you ask me. I'm not trying to be doom and gloom, and I think Capers knows how to keep him from getting singled out through scheming correctly, but I REALLY don't think he should be considered anything other than what he is at this point: a necessary evil.

foundinidaho's picture

I admit, I sounded like jerseypackfan's 8 year old when I saw him come on the field. But I will also admit his play didn't make me hide my face in shame.

IronMan's picture

Jerseypackfan, here ya go:

packsmack's picture

Oh, and to those saying, "we've won 5 in a row, relax and enjoy it." You're missing the point. I am THOROUGHLY enjoying this team. As I told Holly during the Ravens game, I am IN LOVE with this team. This year's team makes me more proud to be a fan than any team since the last Super Bowl run. It trumps the 2007 team, because I had high expectations that season, even if no one else did. This year, I had no idea what to expect. I thought they could go 12-4 or 4-12 and everything in between. But the way they have responded to adversity, grown into their abilities, and put themselves into playoff contention WITHOUT EVEN PLAYING 4 QUALITY QUARTERS really makes me smile.
This team could really ruin things for a lot of fan bases this January if they stay on this path. It's really special to watch, and all the nit-picking I do is only because I don't ever want this to end. It's been a great ride thus far, and I have a feeling it can only get better.
I hope I'm wrong about Bush. He's only 25, so the light bulb could go on at any moment. And I would LOVE IT. Bring on the Steelers. This week has already been too long.

ZeroTolerance's picture

I'm happy to see he's coming around. He seems to be a great guy.

Franklin Hillside's picture

I'm sitting in the front of the Jarrett Bush Bandwagon. All are welcome to climb on board. But let it be known here and now, I am leading this train. The nice thing is, even if I crash into a tree and the wagon explodes into a blazing inferno, no big deal because everyone thought it would happen anyway. Go, Jarrett!
I seriously cannot wait to root for #24 on Sunday. This will be a whole new experience.

PackersRS's picture

38 posts on Jarrett Bush...

Not even himself with his blog had that many...

jerseypackfan's picture

Very cool IronMan! Thanks!!!

Dayne's picture

I agree with you on this Aaron. Jarrett is showing enough to hang in there in this defense. It seems to limit the mistakes he makes. He'll never be a big playmaker due to his lack of ball skills as you mention, but he's serviceable.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed :-)

wingnuts's picture

I had noticed that he was making some plays during the game and was waiting for you to make some comments on such. Good to see that it didn't go unoticed.

PACKERS.'s picture

They guy had a great game, and congrats to him. Hopefully this is a sign of better play to come from Bush because we need more consistency. Charles can't do everything by himself.

Ron LC's picture

The difference between Bush 09 and Bush 08 is simple. Dom Capers! He has a way of designing defenses to cover his weak links and not give the oposition a target out there that can be exploited with no problem. Bush is not now or probably never be the kind of DB that can take a guy man-to-man on every snap. He can fit into a well designed role.

foundinidaho's picture

Iron Man,I about split my gut laughing. That was really awesome. THANK YOU.

Oppy's picture

Ron LC, you're right- Dom Capers is the difference. But it's not a miracle woven by Capers defensive genius per se; it's just the fact that playing Man coverage with absolutely no help over the top down after down is the single hardest assignment you can give a player in the NFL. Playing zone is far more forgiving and requires a skill set that most NFL DBs possess. It's the scheme, to be sure, but I'd say that the difference between Bush 08 and 09 is simple: NO MORE BATES MATCH SCHEME rather that "Dom Capers". :)
if your claim that Jay Cutler was "obviously targeting" Bush all game is correct, it only strengthens the fact he wasn't a liability. That would mean he held his own even while being blatantly picked on without giving up a TD or a completion of 20 yards or more... Whereas the two CB's Jay Cutler would have been theoretically avoiding throwing at can't say as much.

WoodyG's picture

No one has mentioned the 'real' problem that is arising out of the continued improvement in the play of Bush.......... Bush could conceivably be removed from the cross-hairs ........ PackFans need someone to trash ..... Who's next? ....... Someone needs to develope & maintain 't h e - l i s t'.

Phillip's picture

Kudos to the overview of Bush, however. Bush is no servicable nickel, pure dime cover 2 or cover 1 zone man, but you saw him get took on that very play. He takes inside knowing he has over the top coverage, looks inside and still get beat. This is why Woodson is our best corner. He doesnt just stare inside he reads, how is this difficult with a player thats been in our system/leauge for how many years? The kid should know by now and be a servicable nickel, yet he still falls short. This is why we do well in free agency, the coaching is there, the player must be attimate, attentive, and aware. Cmon man!

PackerAaron's picture

Phillip - what play are you watching? Bush is absolutely textbook above. Textbook.

PackersRS's picture

WoodyG: Bush is eternal in my list. Until, you know, he actually has a good day, instead of a regular day.
And don't worry, though Moll is gone, Crosby is replacing him ;)

Victrix's picture

I feel something big from Bush this weekend. Whether a pick or a fumble recovery. He's due right ha?

greenbaypackerbob's picture

"PackFans need someone to trash ….. Who’s next? ……. Someone needs to develope & maintain ‘t h e – l i s t’"
Come'on Man - Woody, it sounds like you are complaining about people who are complaining!! lol. There's plenty to critique without giving up the love for the team. No one needs to stick their head in the sand...
Heck, I watched the 14-0 Colts and came away complaining about how they let the Jags pass all over them... everyone has weaknesses.
As for the post who stated this team "looks as good as the 07 season" !!?? Let's beat Minnesota one time before blowing that trumpet.
Merry Christmas

PackersRS's picture

Where all those Crosby and Bush defenders? WHERE ARE THOSE???????????? NEVER PRAISE A HORSE SHIT LIKE BUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PackerAaron's picture

Oh my god - read the fucking post:
Yes, he’s a disaster in man coverage. For whatever reason, he just has a terrible time locating the ball in the air. He is vary rarely flat out beat. He is almost always right on top of whoever it is he is covering in man. But he just doesn’t have the ball-skills needed to be a man corner

PackersRS's picture

He's a terrible football player period. Everybody in this league is good at something, but the bad players, like him, have much more flaws than they have qualities, and praising qualities off such a terrible player is a pointless exercise. But you already know it.
This game was a bonus, we're still going to the playoffs. But with him, Crosby and Bell, it's going to happen again.

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