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Saints 26 Packers 17: Game Balls & Lame Calls

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Saints 26 Packers 17: Game Balls & Lame Calls

The Green Bay Packers lost their second-straight game Sunday and continue to struggle without Aaron Rodgers in the lineup.  On a day where Brett Hundley had just 87 yards passing and the defense couldn't do much of anything, the reality of what the Packers are without Rodgers is really sinking in.

That is, to say, they're not very good.  No reason to sugar coat it.  Let's look at the good and bad from this game.

Game Balls

Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones starts, Aaron Jones rolls.  He's becoming a rinse and repeat scenario over the past two games.  20 total touches for 138 yards including 17 carries for 131 rushing yards and a touchdown.  Jones has been the brightest spot on an offense where the quarterback apparently isn't allowed to throw and can't produce anything consistently.

Jones shows ability to make quick decisions and act on them to produce yards.  His vision is something the Packers haven't had since Eddie Lacy was in his hay day.  Even when defenses key on Jones, he'll continue to improve and create yards where there aren't many to be had.

The Packers have themselves a running back.  Their biggest challenge with regards to Jones is figuring out what to do with Ty Montgomery.

Kenny Clark

Clark was very active in this game and had one of his best as a pro.  His tip of the extra point try on the Saints' second touchdown preserved a lead that the Packers had at the time.  Clark also read and diagnosed a screen play and was able to move the ball carrier to the sideline.

After being chosen in the first round last year, Clark has elevated his game in his second season and more than justified the investment the Packers made in him.  With the Packers defense struggling to get off the field, Clark has been a disruptor up front and shown a high motor.  He's turning into a regular play maker which the Green Bay defense desperately needs.

Blake Martinez

16 tackles in this game for Martinez and much like Aaron Jones, Martinez is becoming a regular on this side of the list.  He's been as dependable as they get over the past few weeks and is looking like a steal as a fourth-round pick last year.

Davon House

Two passes defended with an interception was the type of day that reminds us all why the Packers brought House back.  My biggest gripe about him is that he's a virtual lock to get hurt and come out of every game at some point.  This thin Packers secondary needs House to stay healthy and available.

Lame Calls

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

I'm at a loss to understand why Clinton-Dix is always a step slow and out of place.  Perhaps he's dealing with an injury that we don't know about but Clinton-Dix has been anything but the breakout player that many, myself included, though he would be this season.

Mike McCarthy

McCarthy himself said he didn't do a good enough job in this game.  It took him way too long to let Brett Hundley throw the ball.  Hundley ended up with 25 attempts but it was clear that he was being handcuffed early on.  Part of McCarthy's hesitation seemed justified after Hundley missed a few throws because he held onto the ball a second or two too late.

That said, this team will not win games with McCarthy afraid to let Hundley get the passing game going.  Teams just can't win in this league unless they can move the ball through the air and McCarthy has to figure out a way to create more opportunities for Hundley and the offense to produce.  

While the players need to execute and hold up their end of the bargain, it's times like this where the top coaches in the league really earn their paychecks.  McCarthy was able to rally his team last season after a slump.  Can he get more out of this team this season?  

Dom Capers

Some will argue that this lame call is misguided but can we agree that we're tired of this defense being inept?  They have some very good players yet they can't make enough plays to give the team a chance to win.  Guys in the secondary are routinely out of position and looking around at each other after giving up a big play.  They sacked Drew Brees one time in this game.  

Those things aren't going to help this team find wins without Rodgers.  The defense can only do so much and to hold a Brees-led offense under 30 points is a win in the minds of some, but it wasn't enough.  They got two interceptions early that the offense wasn't able to do anything with and I can't fault the defense for getting the ball back.  

Nine years in, Capers should have this defense performing much better than they are given the talent.  Tackling continues to be a struggle and while Capers isn't out there missing tackles, he's responsible for the on-field product.  Let's stop making excuses as to why his players can't get ball carriers on the ground.  I'm certainly done doing it.


Others to mention

  • Brett Hundley scored his first NFL touchdown with a nice, hard run.  He also threw a terrible interception late that essentially iced the game for the Saints.  He's not awful but I still need to see him lead this offense to more success before I can pick the Packers to win a game
  • Damarious Randall had yet another interception and now has one in three-straight games.  It's hard to continue to argue that Randall provides no value to this defense with his making big plays on the regular.  He still has coverage issues, but a turnover every week will certainly help his overall case
  • Only one sack of Hundley proves that the Packers needed their offensive tackles.  The line turned in a nice day in keeping Hundley clean and paving the way for Jones to roll.  If Hundley is going to improve and find more success, the protection needs to remain at a near-optimal level
  • Ty Montgomery looked awful on four carries.  He can still be a weapon on offense but with the emergence of Jones, the Packers need to figure out what to do with the receiver-turned-running back
  • A bye week means we won't have to endure another disappointing day from this team for a third week in a row


Jason is a freelance writer on staff since 2012 and also co-hosts Pulse of the Pack podcast.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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EdsLaces's picture

HaHa looked dreadful on the Ingram td....horrible angle.

RCPackerFan's picture

Didn't help that there was 10 guys on the field for that play.

HankScorpio's picture

That makes the play a 2-fer on the "lame calls". 10 guys on the field is on the staff, ultimately laid at the feet of Capers. HHCD did take a horrific angle.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

First, Brice is covering Michael Thomas. There isn't a CB on the field.

Second: Dix takes 4 steps forward and inside before realizing Ingram bounced it outside. The angle no longer mattered: it was hopeless.

Third: Perry immediately crashes inside despite there being absolutely no one outside of him. Maybe the 11th guy was supposed to be there? Maybe Perry guessed? IDK.

Fourth: Who was that 11th player supposed to be, anyway? We had Lowry, Clark, Daniels and RJF (Couldn't see the number either 99 or 91 - either way said player ends up on the ground),. Then Perry with CM3 behind Lowry, Martinez behind Clark/Daniels, and Ryan behind Daniels/RJF. Dix is 9 yards directly behind Perry. Brice away from the play covering Michael Thomas, which is odd.

No CBs on the field.

Out of ILBs.

OLB? Odom, Fackrell? You'd think Perry would notice the absence of a ILB or OLB, who presumably wouldn't be all that far away from him, and would realize that there ain't anybody wide so he is the edge.

Maybe a safety? Could have been Jones/Evans/Whitehead.

Both Perry and Ryan crash inside, as does Dix. Game over.

Hematite's picture

Dix looks to me that he's afraid to tackle, like he's shying away from contact.
I think he's overrated by many.
Once again we are seeing what a poor team Ted Thompson has built without Aaron Rodgers on the field.

HankScorpio's picture

HHCD is growing less over-rated by the minute. More and more people are being critical of him.

Houndog's picture

Kudos, for placing the blame squarely where it belongs on Albino Ted, but McPuffy's stubbornness in keeping Capers plays a part as well. And, just a few short months ago Wade Philips was available, mind boggling!
How many years have we gone without a reasonable defense, what's it been, since 2010?

Nick Perry's picture

Aaron Jones...This kid is special. The Packers O-Line could never be described as "Great" run blockers, even with the starters back in. Jones just makes things happen. Excellent vision, see's the hole and makes his cut and then gone. He can even make McCarthy's toss play to the left work.

Martinez was an afterthought in TC. it was all about Burnett, Josh Jones, Nitro. Martinez is quickly becoming the ILB the Packers have missed since Bishop was injured.

McCarthy and Capers CAN'T be given a pass. The defense gave the offense 2 TO's early in the game and McCarthy made two horrible calls on 3rd down to give the ball right back to the Saints. Rodgers would have changed the play at the LOS. You have to wonder just how MANY plays Rodgers changes.

Another game where RB, TE, WR, are running through the middle of the the Packers defense. Another game the CB's for GB are playing 10 yards off on 3rd and 4. Christ most plays when Bree's hit the wide open receiver the Packers defender wasn't even in the picture on my TV screen. I have a 50" TV, you REALLY have to be lost if your not in that picture!

The pass rush....OMG!!! Can they give Brees any MORE time to throw?? I have NEVER saw a 3-4 defense so unequipped to rush the QB. Hey they had a sack! That's 3 sacks in the last 4 games!! Pathetic!!!

Off Topic...Before you guys hate on me for what I'm about to say think about it...

Rodgers is signed through 2019. If McCarthy OR Thompson is still there do you really think he'd want to stay?? I would get as far away from them as possible. He's carried them long enough.

croatpackfan's picture

In 5 games Drew Brees was sacked only 4 times, so less than once per game. Packers had 1 per game sack, which is better than average...

Rodgers is signed through 2019. If McCarthy OR Thompson is still there do you really think he'd want to stay?? - He will stay. He has team build around him. He is not just plug and play guy...

Nick Perry's picture

That's EXACTLY what Rodgers is, "A Plug and Play guy". Greatness travels!

dobber's picture

The question is: at 37 years old, is he going to want to learn a new offense or a new coach? It's one thing to have it thrust upon you when you're under contract and the staff changes around you, it's a different thing to choose those circumstances. Some aging QBs choose not to go through that...but many of them just retire, too.

Nick Perry's picture

Wow..just saw how long my comment was. Sorry for the "Rant" guys, but I'm absolutely DONE with Mike McCarthy, his Coaching Staff, and Ted Thompson. DONE!!

Bearmeat's picture

I don't mind MM. He's a very good offensive coach. I don't think that is arguable. Even in his "down" offensive years, he's managed to find a way to score enough to win most games IF he had a defense.

He does not.

TT and Capers are not a good match. One has to go. Preferably both.

And I really don't think ARod will leave to find a super bowl unless GB finds another QB to replace him.

RCPackerFan's picture

I'm fine with McCarthy... I have been a Capers supporter for a long time.

I really think its time to make a switch. They never would do it. But honestly, this week would be a great time to make a switch. Sometimes a move like that can turn a team around. They have plenty of candidates to replace him. With the Bye week it would give them an extra week to get rejuvenated.

The Lions made a bold move like that with their Offensive Coordinator. And it changed their season. Why can't it work with the Packers defense?

While Capers has tried to do a lot for the defense with different packages and whatnot, it seems like the defense is always on its heals.

dobber's picture

The NFL used to be a league where in-season changes of that type rarely happened. That's not so much the case anymore. I'm usually not a fan of those changes: they reek of desperation. But, guess what? This team is more than just desperate at this point.

The question is: who do you bring in? You all but HAVE to promote from within at this stage on an interim basis. Trgovac is the only guy on the defensive staff who has DC experience. Is there anyone on staff that anyone thinks will do much better?

When Dom first came in, I thought it was a good call. I thought having another guy with extensive HC experience, especially someone who coaches on the defensive side of the ball, would be a good balancing person for MM. There's no way MM should need that anymore.

RCPackerFan's picture

They would promote a guy. Mid season would always be promoting a guy. They have enough people that could do it. I think a young motivated guy would do well. Many of the reporters have said that Whitt would be a perfect candidate.

I liked when they brought Capers in. I still like him, I just don't know if he can adjust in game enough to what is going on. He seems to be to slow to react to what teams do.

Maybe promoting a guy would ignite some players. Perhaps they would change the schemes a bit to best utilize the players?

dobber's picture

I honestly think that those kinds of changes are less about what's being schemed and called, and more about sending a message across the board.
Players: you just cost this man his job.
Coaches: whatever is happening, you need to strap it on because you could be next.

It creates a sense of urgency, but could really backfire, too. More than anything else, Dom Capers doesn't rush the passer...and right now, neither does anyone else.

RCPackerFan's picture

I don't see the Packers making the move. McCarthy is not a guy that will make a bold move like that.

I'm just saying that if they were going to this would be the week they would do it. Going into a bye, they could do that.

HankScorpio's picture

The need to send a message is the only thing that gives me any hope MM may make the move.

I don't know if the team was too busy feeling sorry for themselves yesterday or the people that say they are a 4-12 without Rodgers are correct. All I know is that they played like a 4-12 team in Lambeau yesterday.

If it is the former, the move would shake them out of it. If it is the latter, it doesn't matter anyways.

dobber's picture


HankScorpio's picture

"The question is: who do you bring in? You all but HAVE to promote from within at this stage on an interim basis"

In addition to Trgovac's prior DC experience that you mention.

Winston Moss is an assistant HC and once upon a time was considered a hot commodity. Moss was considered quite a "get" for McCarthy's first staff.

Darren Perry is another guy considered a hot commodity. At least, once upon a time.

As a staff members of a perennially under-achieving defense, I'm not sure they are still hot commodities. Both Moss and Perry have presided over units that have not performed well for the bulk of their careers. But Blake Martinesz is a bona fide Moss success story and the Safeties are pretty good now (not withstanding the recent legit criticism of HHCD)

The defensive coach that has most impressed me over the years is Joe Whitt, Jr but he is sort of on the opposite track of Moss & Perry. Their recent trend is up, his recent trend is down.

Having said all that about their performance to date, being a DC requires a completely different skill set than a position coach. As the title state, DC is about co-ordinating the total effort, a position coach is more about getting individual players ready.

So I think there are 4 legit candidates for promotion.

I'm ready for a simplified defensive approach that asks the players to do less but do it more fundamentally sound. And without playing much, if any, zone. If I was McCarthy, I'd discreetly feel those 4 out to see which one gives the best shot of that and make the change today. Yesterday's performance on both sides of the ball was completely unacceptable. That message needs to be delivered loud and clear. A drastic change like this would accomplish that goal.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"I'm ready for a simplified defensive approach that asks the players to do less but do it more fundamentally sound."

I would love it. Sadly this is the opposite of Capers...

calabasa's picture

Whoa. Generally it is best not to follow the Lions' approach to anything.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Right now I think he's not a good offensive coach. He had 3 years with Hundley and he has no plan for how to use him. WTF? It honestly looks like he has absolutely no clue what Hundley is even good at. You'd think over three years he'd see some things in practice where Hundley did well and have an assistant copy some plays for him into a stash for the future. I guess not...

Nick Perry's picture

McCarthy IS a very good offensive coach but he's not a very good HC. He keeps assistant coaches way to long who have proven not to be effective but MOST of all his message and his offense has become stale. Teams know exactly what GB will run before they run it. Hundley doesn't have a prayer back there without being able to audible himself out of a call the defense knows is coming.

This was a guy in his 3rd season in GB in the SAME system against the 26th ranked defense in the NFL. How many yards did he pass for again??

If Ted Thompson is still here and he's STILL trying to pinch a penny at every corner why SHOULD Rodgers stay? Not saying he will or should go, my God I hope he stays until he's 40. Just don't think we should take it for granted he will.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

If Winston Moss is the internal candidate for promotion to Defensive Coordinator, then I've changed my mind entirely: I'd give Capers a freaking contract for as long as he lives at 3% of the cap.

Arggh! I don't know what Moss has ever done.

RCPackerFan's picture

"The pass rush....OMG!!! Can they give Brees any MORE time to throw?? I have NEVER saw a 3-4 defense so unequipped to rush the QB. Hey they had a sack! That's 3 sacks in the last 4 games!! Pathetic!!!"

I know its easy to rip on the Pass rush, but to be fair, Brees has been sacked 4 times the entire year. They pass protect really well.

I just would have liked to have seen a Josh Jones blitz.


Sorry I didn't see Croats comments above.

Nick Perry's picture

Okay then, 12 sacks in 7 games . That's tied for 3rd WORST in the NFL. Defend that!

Bearmeat's picture


I tried to tell you before the season started that this was going to be a problem. The lack of pass rush is 100% on Ted. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. He just has not gotten the personnel.

The coverage problems? That's more on the coaches and players IMO. There's FAR too many busted coverages. We have talent in the secondary. WHY?

FIRW Capers. FIRW Ted. And I'm only laughing because the other alternative is to throw something.

RCPackerFan's picture

"Aaron Jones...This kid is special."

YES he is!!!

He is a guy you can build an offense around. His vision is outstanding! He has the quick cut and acceleration to get through a tiny hole. He has the power to run through tackles and the speed to outrun everyone. The part that showed that he is an every down back was on 3rd down that led to Hundley's TD was his block on the ILB. He made a great block.

What I'd like to see done for the future, is to start Jones. And spell him with Montgomery during drives. This series by series has to end. I would also like to see them get creative and use both guys at the same time.

Find ways to get them the ball in space.

HankScorpio's picture

Jones can obviously make big plays and should be the feature RB that is only spelled occasionally, He should be fed the ball liberally.

But he's not a workhorse. Or at least the offensive line is not build to be a run-first blocking unit. I think I counted 7 or 17 runs that were 3 yards or less. That is too high of a % to control the ball via a ground and pound type of attack. They still need a passing game to succeed. Only Barry Sanders or someone that runs behind a dominant run-blocking line can gain yards without a passing game to keep defenses honest.

RCPackerFan's picture

Jones did a great job a number of times making something out of nothing. I agree that this OL is not a great run blocking unit.
But getting the OT's healthier, and getting Taylor back would really help that. Just because Bakhtiari and Bulaga played doesn't mean they are fully healthy.

HankScorpio's picture

Agreed. Bottom line on Jones is that the Packers appear to have found a RB that can be a big weapon in Jones. That's a very good thing.

Nick Perry's picture

You just said the word that entirely escapes McCarthy...Creative.

billybobton's picture

AROD can jump ship after this season as a restricted free agent

it is not accident or coincidence that little teddie got a couple of free agetns after AROD called him out to "RELOAD"

the shame is that after AROD finally mans up and calls teddie out, just as FAVRE had to force signing of WOODSON and PICKET that AROD gets hurt

but for teddie, he is getting what he deserves at the end of this season
the mess AROD hid is clear for every one with eyes to see

if AROD signs elsewhere teddie will leave green bay worse than dan devine did

HankScorpio's picture

Arod is not going anywhere. Just stop it with that nonsense.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

AR is not a restricted free agent. 2018 and 2019 are not option years or voidable years, as far as I know.

My next line would be an ad hominem attack.

WinUSA's picture

What 2 nimrods could "dislike" this post. McCarthy's and Capers wives?

Houndog's picture

Responding to your final paragraph, as I see it the blame lands on Murphy, Bob Harlan would have never stood for this type of ineptitude throughout the organization.
Murphy spends his time schmoozing wallets for the Packerland developments and things like that rather than realizing where the real money comes from, FOOTBALL!
Harlan managed to get the "New" Lambeau built and win at the same time by hiring and firing as required. Murphy doesn't have footballs, that's for certain!

croatpackfan's picture

1. Dom Capers - I would like to know which DC would have kept capable opponent on less yards and points when opponent had 62% of possesion time. Also, how demoralized was 2 3 and outs on D after each INT produced by D.
Also, all of you, big defensive mind, where was Packers No 1 CB? I'm talking about Kevin King, whom you all declared as the best CB on the team...
I hope you'll never ask for TT, MM and DC to come back, once they left the Packers...

2. Damarious Randall - "He still has coverage issues, ..." Well, as I remember Randall was not targeted much. Same as House. Brees was attacking King and Hawkins, so can we stop that "coverage" bulls**it...

Lame Calls
3. Ha-Ha Clinton Dix trying to avoid concussion, at least by my judgement. And, yes, he is slow to rteact. I was sooooo pissed of for that Ingram TD. I knew it coming and he did not. How is that possible?

4. Mike McCarthy - the worst game he planned and executed in his life.... And for not give Devante Mays any chance in this game...

5. Richard Rodgers - for stupid OPI penalty that move back PAckers 10 yards and out of the FG range....

6. Ty Montgomery - for trying to play injured. He only costs team with his obsession. Let him heal, than let him play...

7. Jamaal Williams for even more stupid holding penalty on PR in the 4 Q.

Team started excellent, but 2 TD and FG will not be enough to win many games....

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I am usually the last to defend Richard Rodgers blocking but I really think Cobb was supposed to get the ball on a jet sweep to Rodgers side, who ironically choose that play to actually block for once.

croatpackfan's picture

That was not blocking, that was stupidty!

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Hundley would have gotten a grounding otherwise anyway. But, your right it was not "game aware" even remotely.

marpag1's picture

Your first comment was exactly on target, JJJJJJJJJJJbrown. Rodgers was expecting a run coming up behind him, and it turned out to be a broken play. There is no way you can fault Rodgers for not having eyes on the back of his helmet while he is blocking. No way at all. The fault lies with the mix up in the backfield.

Nick Perry's picture

4. Mike McCarthy - the worst game he planned and executed in his life.... And for not give Devante Mays any chance in this game...

WHAT???? Aaron Jones just ran for over 120 yards for the 2nd time in 3 games and you're worried about Mayes??

Montgomery is cleared THEN put in the game. How is THAT on Montgomery's "Obsession".

Croat I get you're a huge TT and MM supporter. But even you can't continue to give this team a pass. MM and Capers MUST GO!!!!

croatpackfan's picture

Yeah, because there is the reason why teams have at least 2 RB. One RB can not carry the complete load of the game, and Ty Montgomery is similar type of RB as Aaron Jones. Devante Mays is different RB and he is very fast... But, Jamaal Williams were on team while Devante Mays did not. One of many mistakes Mike McCarthy did in this game preparation...

Tundraboy's picture

Don't worry I will never, ever miss MM, Capers or TT. Vince is rolling over in his grave. Bad coaching.

jasonperone's picture

Croat, so you're simply going to use targets in one game and tell me that my assessment of Randall's coverage issues is BS? That's fine but let me be clear: we don't agree. Randall has, multiple times this season, been in position deep and not turned around to make a play on the ball. When he's not in position, he's badly out of it. I'd suggest looking at some of the guys who do film review for more evidence.

Like I said, DR has made some big plays recently, whether they were handed to him or not. He has value. But the mental part of his game needs work and he's proven it with his behavior and attitude. Those things are translating to his play. In year three, he shouldn't be having some of the issues he does. His not being targeted may have had more to do with match ups than Brees being hesitant to throw at #23 because he's that good. If the Packers want to "hide" Randall and keep those targets down, that's fine, but that doesn't necessarily translate to his coverage skills having improved.

Razer's picture

Well said.

flackcatcher's picture

Spare me Jason. No one is 'hiding Randall'. Modern NFL DB is exposed on every play. Brees choose not to target Randall and switched to King based on the reads he saw at the line. Green Bay pulled King and put Hawkins in on his side. That didn't last long and King was back. If Whitt had Rollins then King would have sat this week. They don't, so King played. And yes Jason, Randall's coverage skills have improved because his mental game has toughen up. Brees had plenty of chances to throw in Randall's coverage area. He did not cause he is a future Hall of Fame QB looking for a way to will his team to victory on the road.

jasonperone's picture

According to what you’re saying, we agree. Brees attacked the best match up. I don’t read what I’m saying as Randall is being hidden. I do, however, question if DR had gotten more mentally tough. I’m not sold on that at all yet

flackcatcher's picture

Sorry should have been clearer. If Randall was a 'head case' the Packers would have cut him after the Bears game. If the media reports are accurate, the front office wanted to cut him. Whitt did not, MM sided with Whitt, TT sided with MM. With the way it played out it was a very close call. Let me remind you Jason that NFL clubs do not cut good DB with coverage skills.(IE: the New York Giants) They overpay the market for them. (Hayward, M. Hyde) In this NFL teams live with the problem child at positions of need. What you or I think of Randall is immaterial. The Packers think he has value, so he plays. As a aside, I was on the sideline and saw the whole thing play out. Randall was right, Brice left him naked looking for hard hit and biting on the play fake. Might be the only thing which saved his job. Of course if I were playing the boundary and Brice had my backside, I wouldn't have too much confidence either.

jasonperone's picture

I don't know that Randall is a head case, he's just not your solid vet presence. He's not very mature but if you can make plays, you play. Like you said, and that's my take on him. The secondary as a whole isn't great, they're good sometimes and mostly average. That involves House, King, the safeties, etc. But at this point, 23 is worth a turnover a week. Get him out there and hope he does't throw any tantrums.

flackcatcher's picture

Like they have a choice. (I kept asking myself if they had any DB healthy during yesterday's game 0:)

mrtundra's picture

We drafted King as a press corner, not as a zone player where every underneath the coverage play was open for Brees to exploit. The Packer defenders got in each other's way running after the player with the ball looking more like an elementary school soccer team than a good defensive unit.

Finwiz's picture

I didn't read past point ONE, where you clearly illustrated you're an absolute idiot. Clueless

Finwiz's picture

I didn't read past point ONE, where you clearly illustrated you're an absolute idiot. Clueless

Tundraboy's picture

Figure out how to use Montgomery? No it's why won't MM use him as well, as Jones. If MM is too stubborn to use all the tools this team has, we are in big trouble. He truly is a control freak that must find multi tasking too difficult. Guess he has 2 speeds for the most part. Run or Pass and only one per game.,and typically just one variety of each of those per game. Or perhaps using his own type of terminology, we are in phase one of the new installs for the team which the individual coaches are evaluating before implementing. Geez.

Here's to 5-12!!!!

Nick Perry's picture

Completely agree TB..Except on the 5-12 prediction. That's 17 games and THIS team ain't going to the playoffs! : )

Tundraboy's picture

Oops. 5-11. Even we can beat the Browns. I think.

RCPackerFan's picture

I know its over reaction Monday. But I would say hold off on predictions until after the Lions game.
I actually expected them to lose against the Saints. To be honest, I was thrilled that we were in the game and actually ahead going into the 4th Quarter.

They have 2 weeks to get it figured out. I think we will see a lot of changes made coming after the bye. I also think we will see a different type of offense coming back.
I'm not throwing the towel in yet.

Christopher Gennaro's picture

Three years in the system, a full week to prepare and we got the Aaron Rodgers offence lite, with a run game. Sorry another two weeks will not help that, unless MM decide his playbook is not suited for this qb. Look MM did change after 2015, because he was forced. If MM still thinks that he can mold Brett into Rodgers lite nothing is going change. I hoped before this game he had changed and I heard that Brett was going to make plays with his feet, and after all that he its was for the most part five step drops, for a qb that still doesn't get by his first couple of reads. MM is better than that if they don't show anything on Monday night against the lions, he needs to give himself a "its pad level talking to himself." Oh yeah the saints game was steal game if there was ever one.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Agreed with all of them, but adding Kevin King as a Lame Call for atrocious coverage. I mean, "stealing money" lazy coverage, on at least three plays. He should be ashamed.

croatpackfan's picture

I forget. You are right. Kevin King had the worst game as Packers...

jeremyjjbrown's picture

He had some TBuck level loafs. I am ashamed for him.

RCPackerFan's picture

I'd like to see the PFF ratings on King when he is playing up on a WR vs when he is off coverage.

He seems to be much, much better when he is right up on the LOS and battling the WR. When he plays 5-10 yards off he seems to give up a lot of plays.

I'd like to know who is in charge of that.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

AFAIK the players decide how far off they will be if it's 5 or 10 yards. His cushion however doesn't explain leaving a guy 5 yards of cushion and inside leverage 10 yards downfield. That's just loosing football.

RCPackerFan's picture

I think its time the coaches take away the players decisions on how far they play off.

I really like King and think he is going to be really good. But the soft coverage and playing 5-10 yards off the ball as much as they do, simply is to easy for a QB like Brees.

dobber's picture

This defense used to be predicated on getting into the faces of receivers and making them earn their releases. Disruption. Physicality. It gave the pass rush an extra tick to get home, and it forced QBs and WRs into making decisions that feel unnatural.

I hate watching DBs play off coverage. NFL QBs eat that for lunch.

RCPackerFan's picture

Completely agree. House and King are very good in press and run. They have proved that. Why not get up there and be in the WR's faces all day. Make them earn it.

That also allows the rushers a second longer to get to QB's.

flackcatcher's picture

Lack of confidence in the Brice and Evans playing the slot. It's one few ways CB can protect the inside. Still, King was playing way too far off the line. He'll learn with more playing time.

RCPackerFan's picture

I guess its players choice to play off or up tight. Well they maybe need to be told you suck at playing off, so play tight.

Christopher Gennaro's picture

^^This^^ he looked like Randall of 2016 on at least 2 of those plays, maybe just maybe we should just play man to man and pray the d-line gets home.

HankScorpio's picture

King wasn't the only one that looked like he was giving less than full effort yesterday. I don't know if the wet field made them unsure or what. But lots of guys played as if their feet were stuck in mud.

ollie418's picture

Lame call - Not firing Capers!

cuervo's picture

I had earlier posted that we'll see how good of a coach McCarthy is now. Zach had claimed that when Rodgers was hurt in 2013 his 2-5-1 record was a "great coaching job".

Well, 1 game in and the results suck for both MM and Capers. You would think that with a QB that you've had around for 3 years one would have some idea of a productive game plan you could use with him? That coaching job by MM yesterday was a shit show...plain and simple.

The Packers have more than enough talent on defense to be respectable. It's time for new blood...Capers must go at the end of the year. The perfoirmance in the second half yesterday was outright embarrasing.

The rest of the season will certainly show all of the warts Rodgers has covered up for will be interesting to see if MM will actually change anything at the end of the year.

Johnblood27's picture

... and that's the cuervo talking...

I agree, MM has put all of the pressure directly on him and his staff with that piss poor performance yesterday. The players or injuries cannot be blamed if that type of performance is continued after the bye. All the weight should be directly on the decision makers.

Bearmeat's picture

I think Hundley and the offense will get better - assuming health. Hundley will get faster in his reads and that alone, will help.

I do not think the defense will improve. If it does, it will be only marginally. The only player of note we were missing yesterday was Burnett.

I'd be shocked if this team made it to 8-8. If they lose the next 2 coming out of the bye, I'm going to be rooting for full tank mode. Get a high pick.

Hopefully for the next GM after TT FINALLY retires.

RCPackerFan's picture

I agree that I think Hundley and the offense will improve.

It felt like the offense was out of sync yesterday. I put that on McCarthy. He didn't do enough to help Hundley schematically.

I think the defense can improve. I just don't think Capers has put them in the right position to succeed. I think they have the players to play well.

They were also without Brooks which does help the pass rush.
Also I can't wait till Biegel can come in and play. Fackrell does NOTHING. I honestly wish they would bring Elliott back. Elliott is far greater then Fackrell.

dobber's picture

Elliott and Fackrell are about a wash at this point. Fackrell is a run around guy who can't get to the QB. Elliott is a guy who in his past showed an ability to sometimes get to the QB but gets washed out of run plays. They're known commodities, and neither is going to make a difference for this defense.

I'd rather see them give the Odom kid a chance at this point.

RCPackerFan's picture

Elliott always made plays. While he maybe did get washed out on some run plays, he also made plays in the run game. Fackrell does absolutely nothing.

I do agree. Until Brooks comes back and Biegel can play I would much rather see Odom.

Bearmeat's picture


All the guys mentioned above SUCK. They're ALL below average players. Ok, Brooks is not when he's actually on the field - but let's be honest - he's over 30 and it is showing up on the injury report. Odom is an unknown, but it doesn't say good things that he can't get past Fackrell.

RC, Biegel is going to do nothing this year. His injury wiped out any chance he had of meaningful football. He'll still be barely playing by the end of the season.

TT screwed the pooch on the pass rush this year.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Yeah, Elliot could at least rush the passer. Fackrell can't do anything...

Christopher Gennaro's picture

I've said this in other sites, IMO there is no way TT goes out on crap season. I just don't see it, the man will overjoyed to have a high pick and he will not let anyone have it, even with his draft record over the last few years. I hate thinking it, but he comes off as the smartest man in the room, and because of that he will want to correct this roster, his way even if the roster was made by him.

Donster's picture

I have asked for years now for Capers to be fired. His "improved" defense hasn't materialized, as usual. After watching again another painful performance by his defense, after the disaster was over, I watched the Steelers/Bengals game. I sit their and say "why can't the Packers have a defense like that"? It is like night and day the difference between the Steelers defense and the Packers. And it has been that way for a number of years. Capers system is as moldy and two month old bread. No speed. Can't tackle. Not aggressive to the ball carrier or receiver. The Pack has a number of good players on defense. They may even have more out there if they were coached right and put into a better scheme.

If the Packers defense had played like the Steelers did yesterday, the result of the game would have been different. No pass rush again. Gashed by the run. It is the same script every week. For a number of years now. With an odd "decent" defensive game thrown in to allow Capers to keep his job I guess.

jfajas's picture

Lame call: Brett Hundley, he doesn´t even look like a serviceable QB. It was painful to see...
Lame call: D (nothing new)

RCPackerFan's picture

Game Balls:
Agreed with all mentioned.

Jones is our starting RB. At this point in time they need to use Jones as the starter and have Montgomery spell Jones. Jones is that good.
I would like them to find a way to use Montgomery with Jones though. Create a 2 back look.

Lame Calls:
McCarthy & Capers -

To me this game is falls on the coaches.

McCarthy's game plan had no rhythm. The only thing that he did that made sense was to start Aaron Jones. It felt like he was being ultra conservative and not allowing Hundley a chance to win the game with the types of plays that were being run. While Hundley wasn't great, McCarthy needs to do a better job.
When watching the Saints offense, I was quickly reminded how simple or predictable our offense is. Saints are creative in getting players open. You have no idea what is coming. Why aren't we doing that? McCarthy needs to find ways to get creative with the offense.
Also right before halftime, to attempt a 59 yard FG with 6 Seconds left and a timeout. You just can't do that. Run a simple pass play to get 5 yards and use a timeout. I would have rather seen them attempt a hail Mary then the 59 yard FG.

Which leads me to Capers. When the Saints are running the ball down our throats, when does putting a 3rd DL on the field become priority? How many times do we have to watch the Saints or any one gain 5+ yards per carry when we have 2 DL on the field?
When the Saints ran against our 3 DL sets they didn't seem to gain as many yards.
Capers defenses tend to always be playing on their heals, Doesn't seem like they are rarely on attack mode. One question. Why haven't we seen Josh Jones blitz lately? Did he prove he was to good at it?

I give the defense credit, They held the Saints to 7 points in the first half. In the 3rd Quarter they only allowed 9 points, but allowed 10 points in the 4th. By the 4th Quarter he had no idea how to stop the Saints offense. The Saints had the ball for 12 minutes in the 4th Quarter. Packers were winning by 1 point going into the 4th. The Defense can't give up that last TD if they want to win.

This game is more on the coaches then the players.

dobber's picture

The bottom line is that DC coaches like he's afraid against good QBs. He's so afraid of the big play that he won't pull his nitro when the evidence is showing that they're getting gashed on the ground. Remember when Atlanta had the ball on the goal line and DC was still playing nitro?

The bottom line is that the Saints didn't beat the Packers downfield. They beat them between 0-15 yards of the LOS. They got chunk yardage in the run game and they took everything the Packers gave them in front of the safeties and then some. A lot of catch-and-run by that offense. Those RBs are really good.

dobber's picture

I'll preface my comments by saying that I didn't see any of the game yesterday, but heard every snap on Sirius as I was driving the forever road...

First: there's no consistency or momentum for this defense. Good defenses can dictate play, and this defense don't dictate nothin'. That said, we need to remember that Drew Brees is an elite QB and a first-ballot HOF player, who is still really good at running that offense and taking what a defense gives him. He's also the least-sacked QB in the NFL right now and the Saints don't typically turn the ball over. This was not a good matchup for the Packers defense from the start. Still, you can't put a silver lining on 500+ yards.

Second: I'm now a believer in Aaron Jones. He's had his moments prior to this, but he's now started stringing games together and, in this case even though the Saints are not very good on D, he beat a defense that had to be looking for him to get the ball. That's why I'm going to say this: DON'T GET HIM KILLED!!! They're going to need him in 2018 lined up next to #12.

Third: Realistically, I think this is exactly the kind of game we expected MM to throw out there against the Saints. He was going to try to take the focus off his green QB by running the ball...and they DID that. We bitch about how he handled Hundley, but we can't forget that the Packers either led or trailed by two or fewer points all the way until 5 minutes left in the game. I don't think any of us expected to see Air-Hundley, but once it was clear in the second half that the Packers D couldn't stop Brees and the Saints D had finally started to corral #33, they needed to start using the passing game more.

Fourth: I live in a Lions market, and watching the local sports guy salivating over the Packers' misfortune made me gag.

Fifth (and I might need a fifth): The Lions are at least as beatable as the Saints at Lambeau. Their defense is hurting (no Ngata, plus others), Stafford has a lingering leg injury, and Tate will miss several weeks. They don't have the weapons out of the backfield that the Saints do, and they don't protect their QB like the Saints do. I don't like to talk about must-win games, but this is a must-win. It has little to do with playoff positioning because it's clear that this team just isn't that good. It's about figuring out who can play and avoiding a losing mentality.

Sixth: I'm particularly frustrated because if #12 were under center I believe this team would be 6-1 going into its bye, best record in the NFC, and about to get over many of its nagging injuries. These last two games were more than winnable.

RCPackerFan's picture

1st - The defense seems to always be playing backwards. Rarely do they seem to be attacking. I'd love to see Jones get some more blitzes called up.

2nd - Jones is a stud! I and others have been saying it!

3rd - I expected them to lean on the run game and build off of that. They got the run game part right. To me though, the pass game was just abysmal. The route combinations were terrible. There just was no rhythm for plays.

4th - Lions and Vikings are now happy they finally have a chance to win the division

5th - Lions are very beatable. Actually all the teams on the schedule are beatable. Packers have to take the bye week to figure out an offense around Hundley.

6th - Completely agree. If Rodgers plays the last 2 games they would be 6-1. At the very least 5-2.

dobber's picture

I'm not jumping off a cliff at this point. I'm too much of the eternal optimist for that. But in all honesty, the defense--and not Hundley--is going to kill this season. I think there are ways to scheme the offense to give Hundley a chance to grow into the job, and that one game isn't going to define who he is or what he does. But I think we were all hoping that with the addition of Jones and King, with House helping to solidify the other side, and with some young players growing up, we could see a defense that would play faster and create some big plays. That was the theme around here after the draft: faster defense, team speed. I think that could still happen, but either there needs to be a come-to-Jesus meeting for the coaching staff or there needs to be a change in who's calling the shots. Get this defense playing downhill and let the chips fall. It can't be worse than what we're seeing now.

I'm a believer in Jones at this point. It's one thing to flash for a game or two or in short stints. Now he's showing he can do it against stacked fronts. I'm on board.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I don't agree that D is going to be the problem. Clark and Daniels were studs. No audibles, nothing down the field, routinely facing 8 in the box: the offense was the problem. This is the NFL, and some kind of passing attack is necessary. Aaron Jones averaged 7.70 yds/carry, and even eliminating his 46 yarder and his 21 yarder, he averaged 4.26 yds/carry. He had positive yards on 14 of his 17 carries. And play action still didn't work. Never saw a LB of SS bite on PA. Hundley was inaccurate and didn't always keep his eyes downfield. Don't think he throws on the run at all well, so those roll outs and moving pockets might not be the answer.

croatpackfan's picture

I agree with you!

croatpackfan's picture

I agree with you!

nostradanus's picture

It is amazing how lame this Packers team is without Rodgers covering up all of the deficiencies. For those of us who watched every play during the 70's & 80's this is exactly what it was like, a bunch of bungling-stumbling idiots out there with no direction and no purpose except poor football.
Thumbs up - Aaron Jones-Kenny Clark-Blake Martinez

Thumbs Down - McCarthy-Capers-Dix-Montgomery-Hundley

Dom Capers, dude the game has passed you by and your players obviously don't believe in you.

McCarthy, will you please grow a pair and fire Capers already, everyone else could see this 5 years ago.

Ted Thompson, it's time for you to give up the GM job already and let someone come in so Rodgers can have one more run at a Super Bowl

Thank you

badaxed's picture

Right the ship by ridding it of excess ballast and wharf rats. fire Dum, Mcfatty, The white zombie, and Howdy Doody.

BPEARSON21's picture

Good blog, I'd agree with the game balls/lame calls

Also have to give Damarious Randall a shoutout because his interception was a very very nice play. That one wasn't luck. That's the best play I've seen him make since his game ending interception against the Chargers his rookie year.

EdsLaces's picture

I also feel the need to leave this tidbit here. "The packers are in much better shape at qb than in 2013" I heard that allllll week. Hundley...87 yards. Just sayin..

RCPackerFan's picture

They are much better. A lot more prepared.

He threw for 87 yards, but also ran for 44.

Wait till after the bye to truly judge the team.

EdsLaces's picture

Matt Moore threw for almost 200 and 2 or 3 tds I believe..

HankScorpio's picture

I was one of them. I don't mind admitting I believed in Hundley. I don't think it is anything to be ashamed of to believe your favorite team can succeed. I don't watch the Packers in order to wallow in misery. That's not my idea of fun or my idea of being a fan.

Having said that, I have eyes and saw how bad he played yesterday without being told. But thanks for the "I told 'ya so" post! It was informative.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Daniels had a fine game.
Clark had a tremendous game.

What does that tell you about the rest of the D?

OLBs were invisible.
DBs had terrible run fits. Josh J. too.
Dix was terrible in run support and coverage.

No pass rush, receivers getting open pretty quickly on a regular basis, but Brees could also afford to wait as well.

Packatron's picture

No pass rush. A Packers tradition since 2011.

lou's picture

Thanks Packatron for the honest and simple analysis in a single statement. Last year no pass rush made Matt Barkley look like Johnny Unitas reincarnated and this year he is out of work.

marpag1's picture

Packers' ranking for sacks since 2011:

2016 - 6th most sacks
2015 - 7th
2014 - 9th
2013 - 8th
2012 - 4th
2011 - 27th

Average ranking - 10th (or 7th if you don't count 2011).

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

You have a point, Marpag, though sacks are only part of the equation for assessing a good pass rush. This season GB is tied for 27th-29th in sacks. And pass rush is only part of the equation for having a good defense. The top 5 teams in sacks are 11th, 13th, 16th, 24th, and 32nd in points allowed per game. Yes, those teams probably have deficiencies in other defensive areas or have other circumstances that help explain their rankings.

Razer's picture

When we lost Aaron Rodgers in Minnesota, I had hope the Hundley might be able to carry the season, particularly after his substitute play in that game. After yesterday's game against NO, I recognize the reality of the end of our season. Yes, McCarthy didn't do him any favors with the gameplan BUT you gotta be able to make some throws. He was overwhelmed and way off.

I have defended Capers on many occasions citing lack of talent and I still believe that we have are short on skill on this defense BUT the continued confusion on defense, particularly in the secondary is chronic.

I would like an explanation on the following:

1. How can NO successfully run 10 screens and we fail to react on each one. 3 WR split left and we have 2 guys lined up against the formation.

2. How Clinton Dix can tackle without using his arms.

3. How our 2nd round pick Josh Jones can get 3 penalties while only playing a fraction of the snaps. REALLY.

4. How the NO WR's (Ted Ginn) can go out 10-12 yards and be wide open for an uncontested catch.

5. Why does 3rd and long yardage against this defense not really favor this defense.

On Offense:

1. How can you run to sweeps left, back to back and take the loss of yardage and call it a gameplan tailored for Hundley.

2. Could our O-line give Hundley any less time to throw a ball. Maybe this shows the rust of not playing with starting tackles but man it was sad watching the pocket collapse right from the snap.

3. Did our WR's actually get open? It is hard to believe that there was no place to go with the ball.

Overall, it was sad to watch the team shrink as the game went on. I actually expected Hundley to lead us to a competitive game and even pull it off. Despite Drew Brees spotting us some possessions, we were not even close. Failures on many fronts.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I wrote something longer about Dix not wanting to hit the ground, and always standing after his tackle attempts, but your phrase is excellent:

How Clinton Dix can tackle without using his arms?
How Clinton Dix can tackle without using his arms?

He can't very well.

Pack204's picture

The Bears won this week with there qb completing 4 passes. Let that sink in for a moment...Good defense and a solid running can still win in this league.. No need to always throw it around 40 times a game. MM is going to earn his paycheque now figuring out what to do with his game plan and in game management.

There is no reason with the skill position players around Brett Hundley they shouldnt be able to produce offensively albeit not at the same level as with Aaron. This is where the defense and special teams have to step up and find another level. Although I am afraid the talent and coaching (mostly on d) is not there to make that happen. This team needs a fresh voice in the locker room next year.

ollie418's picture

Fire Capers!

Packatron's picture

You're right. Capers missed a ton of assignments and missed a ton of tackles yesterday.

How about holding these players accountable?

Bad take.

Johnblood27's picture

who is supposed to hold those underperforming players accountable?

Thats right genius... the coaching staff, which by the way is led by Dom Capers.

Calling for Capers to be dismissed IS holding the players accountable.

Packatron's picture

I don't think you realize what the word "accountable" means.

Firing Capers doesn't hold the players accountable.
Getting rid of sub par players is holding them accountable.

Hell, at this point I'd blow everything up. Players AND Capers.

The Defense has been crap for 8 years and counting.

GeorgiaCheesehead's picture

If the players are crap then so is TT!!!

ollie418's picture

Without a dominating D it is hard to win a SB. With this Capers coached lame D they have now the Packers have to score on virtually EVERY possession. With Rodgers they always had a chance to win games. Now just TURN OUT THE LIGHTS!

C'mon opponents receivers are so wide open it is a joke!

Razer's picture

BTW - when Datone Jones claimed that Brett Hundley would be a hall of fame QB, I knew we were in trouble. Having an unemployed former 1st rounder making stupid claims is just another thorn in the side of Packer fans who desperately want to see better defense. Arrrrgh...

Packatron's picture

Ah yes. Datone Jones. Yet another reason why this defense sucks.

The blown high round picks on this team just keep piling up...

lou's picture

Thanks Razer, after yesterdays performance we needed something like this, it made me laugh out load.

egbertsouse's picture

On play after play I saw all GB receivers run straight down the field, including two where Bennett and a WR were running side-by-side. McCarthy, what kind of play design is that? Genius, you ever hear of a short route? There are a bunch of them, just ask Sean Payton.

Razer's picture

Yeah, I saw that as well and shook my head. Maybe this was an attempt to simplify the game for Hundley by reducing the number of reads. Very disappointing.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

At least twice two GB receivers were running verticals within 5 yards of each other. That will attract the attention of a safety, who can cover both of them!

Since '61's picture

I agree on the Game Balls but I must add Kevin King and Hundley to the list of Lame Calls.

I made no secret on this blog that I wanted King to start at CB for the Packers since the preseason. I believe that prior to his concussion he played very well for a rookie CB. But against the Saints he was bad. Definitely his worst game as a Packer so far. I hope that he is not holding back due to his injury and I also hope that he is fully recovered, he certainly did not look like it yesterday.

As for Hundley, I realize that it was his first game as a starting QB but he his execution was poor. He looked hesitant and uncomfortable especially when he was throwing the football.

IMO MM was very over protective of Hundley. He should have opened up the offense after each pick the defense made during the first half. That was the time to add at least 7 - 10 points and put NO back on their heels. If we go into the half at 21 - 7 or 24 - 7 we can play the second half completely different on defense. Also, why are we kicking a 59 yard FG with 6 seconds left at the end of the half when we have a TO left?! Throw a 10-12 yard pass, call TO and kick an FG with 1 second on the clock. Another possible 3 points lost. We left at least 10 points on the field in the first half. MM should know that you can't play football halfway. Whether AR or Hundley or Jerry Tagge is your QB you play all out to win on every play or why bother?

Not disappointed with the loss as much as I am disappointed with how we allowed the game to get away. That was a winnable game even with Hundley at QB. Thanks, Since '61

nostradanus's picture

Guys, I think I had the same deep down feeling after the Packers lost Aaron Rodgers last week that basically the season was over. Then during the week listening to all of the coach speak and how they were going to rally around Brett Hundley and how he has been apprenticing under Rodgers for three years and went through the famous Mike McCarthy QB school yada yada yada. Then by late in the week I started to come out of my funk and had hope that the season was not lost. Surely the Defense would step up and the whole team would rise up and finally become "a team" that with Brett Hundley could possibly get get us to the playoffs and then Aaron Rodgers could take it the rest of the way to the Super Bowl and...........then I woke up.
Here's looking forward to a high draft choice, the Brewers and next season.

HankScorpio's picture

To pile on to how awful the Packer defense was yesterday, Drew Brees has no arm strength left. At all. He's a shell of the QB he once was. All he could do yesterday was throw short.

The Packers should have seen that and sat on short routes..even disrupt those short routes at the LoS with a good, hard jam. Instead they played timid, lining up off the ball and allowing lots of YAC all day. The WR screen to convert a 3rd and 17 was a disgusting display.

Packatron's picture

This defense sucks.

I've been saying for years that all the personnel in charge of scouting for defensive players need to be fired. The defense has been atrocious since the Superbowl. And, the 15-1 season after the Superbowl was the first indication that Rodgers is capable of carrying this team. He's been carrying it ever since.

Outside of a handful of decent players, our defensive draft picks have been subpar or outright busts. The fact is, TT has blown defensive picks in the 1st thru 4th rounds at an alarming rate, and has had to "cover up" his terrible picks with undrafted free agents and other low round picks. And every time a high draft pick doesn't work out, your roster suffers exponentially, especially if your goal is draft and develop.

Blame Capers all you want, but until we get some studs on the defensive side of the ball to complement Rodgers and our annual powerhouse offense, nothing will change. Rodgers will have to continue to bail out this team and bail out TT and his scouts for their terrible picks.

Razer's picture

Totally agree with this and I think it will handicap this team well into the future. Aside from a couple of players, too many guys who make it to contract two are just average. We are looking at Clinton Dix's second contract and most are wondering when he will learn to tackle to play centerfield properly. Too many misses to call this defense talented or deep.

HankScorpio's picture

"Blame Capers all you want, but until we get some studs on the defensive side of the ball to complement Rodgers and our annual powerhouse offense, nothing will change."

I don't believe that. There is better defensive talent than defensive performance. That has been the case for years.

The systemic epidemic of missed tackles and blown coverages for the last 5 years is a clear indicator that the coaching staff is incapable of correcting those errors, which is their job.

Personally, I believe that the Capers system is overly complex. I believe more time should be spend on fundamentals and less time on trying to perfect all kinds of different looks to throw at an offense. Do a few things extremely well instead of many thing sloppily.

Handsback's picture

We are seeing life w/o's not very pretty!

Tarynfor12's picture

Lame call to come...all those who after a win will jump onto the bandwagon of the week.
He's great!
He sucks!
Their great!
They suck!
Around and around you go.

Next week the bye makes them a winner and Hundley great again.....can't wait.

4zone's picture

Wonder if Kevin Greene would be interested in the DC job?

WinUSA's picture

One of my saddest days as a Pack fan was when Greene left... the linebackers play plummeted after he left.....

lou's picture

Look what Greene did with Zombo and Walden in regards to his coaching ability, good enough to win the Super Bowl with, both have gone on to decent careers, Walden had double digit sacks last year and Zombo is a top special teamer with the Chiefs and because of injury has started and played well for as much as a half season multiple times. As far as motivation from a coach, film clip to review again from the Super Bowl - "Its time to make something happen Clay". No question about his coaching or playing credentials period.

WinUSA's picture

EXACTLY Lou...a quote I will go to the grave with....

JohnnyLogan's picture

To those who say it's the players.... we all have seen a strikingly similar D for years; CB's playing off receivers, middle open, 3rd and longs converted with ease, no pass rush... year after year... but with different players. Have they all been bad? This D has some good players; Clark and Daniels are studs, Perry and Mathews at least better than average, Martinez is playing like the second coming of Kuechly, and yet teams move downfield like tanks through a cornfield. The only constant has been Capers. Why in hell does MM continue to put with this? It's baffling. Jim Leonhard is DC for Wisconsin. Ten years an NFL safety. Likely too young and inexperienced, but why not? Will we give up 600 yards instead of 500?

Flow49's picture

I didn't really have high expectations for Hundley coming into this game. The game is moving too fast for him right now. Hopefully Hundley can find a rhythm that will slow the game down for him. Don't know what that game plan would look like but hopefully MM can find it. If Jones continues his play Hundley doesn't have to be Rodgers he just has to be good. The D is the most infuriating side of the ball to watch. Since 2011 it been like watching a canoe that has a hole in it the when you plug the hole another 1 or 2 pop up on the other side. Coverage in the middle of the field is a huge problem. Can't feel safe even with a 3rd and 15. I'm a Capers fan but I think at the very least in 2018 it's time for some new blood to lead the defense.

CAG123's picture

The Packers need a fresh defensive mind Capers defense seems to gimmicky for this defense full of youngsters. Look at what Chicago did too Carolina a team that was on the rise and playing great yet they smothered and destroyed them scoring the 2 TD needed to win the game and keeping the offense out of the end zone. Look at what the worst defense did to the Atlanta Falcons last night a team that destroyed the Packers the Patriots made it look easy a virtual shut out until a garbage time TD. Do you guys realize that the Packers gave them their only definitive win? This Falcons team is a dropped pass (Chicago) and 1 inch short (Detroit) from being 1-5. We simply aren’t getting the best out of our players with this defense I mean why get 2 press corners in King and House and then ask them to play zone? That’s the same thing House dealt with in Jacksonville.

Pauly's picture

Comment on Capers slow to react during games. As I get older I see definite slowing of reaction times in my thinking processes by 70 and I didn't play college LB and get my bell rung during the 1970s when the game was rough like Capers did. Experience is good but when the Saints started quick changes to offensive scheme, Capers couldn't think quick enough to counter their changes. That's what happens with age. If you don't believe me,, try playing a video game against your 14 yr grandson and see real youthful speed.
Time for a younger guy with a simpler defense for these young players.

lou's picture

To your point Pauly, more talent on defense and a simpler scheme was the answer to turn around the Atlanta defense in just a year and get them to the Super Bowl. The Falcon's just turned the youth, speed, and enthusiasm loose.

WinUSA's picture

I'm too tired from hauling out my television to the curb after I threw my shoe thru the screen.

I won't even go into the game ball scenario...yeah there was enough good out on the field...but the lame is so fucking enormous I just have to vent.

The lamest of all was McCarthy's play calling. For the life of me Jones is running like a stud and McCarthy goes to Montgomery. Yeah I know the guy needs a breather now and then, I get it. But for Pete's sake the Saints D was terrified of the run...and were primed for a play action. Not to be .....

3rd and 2. Again, instead of letting Jones go up the's a pass to a receiver on the left side, with THREE guys on him and he isn't even over the first down marker.

LAME.... the QB. He couldn't hit his grandma if she was two feet in front of him... constantly over the heads of receiver, hell even when he threw it out of bounds (at least five times as he was rolling right) he just about got one intercepted.

Oh..did I say interceptions...what the guy has 7 picks to 2 TDs... put in Callahan...he is a gamer.

Capers D. If I see one more TE going across the middle uncontested on 3rd downs for an easy lst down I will run out of TVs. Same ol Same ol from the lst Minnesota game last year and all the rest of the season. King looked horrible. The only thing Capers is good for is as a seasoning in my great Grandma's meatballs...oh...and I hate those too!

Montgomery needs a compass to find NORTH!!!!!!! Obviously this guy isn't healed from his rib shot..shouldn't have even suited up. We found one stud in the draft Jones.. maybe the 3rd RB drafted could do something.

This whole scenario of using Hundley reminds me of 2 decades of futility of the Packers trying to find a QB in the late 70's and 80s and the ensuing mediocrity.

Don't count on Rodgers coming back this year. Our record will suck so bad it wouldn't be worth putting him on the field to risk further injury.

Sunday was a waste of time! Whew...thank you..I feel so much better now....on my way to Best Buy to get a new TV!!!!!!!!!

PETER MAIZ's picture

Lots of comments on the mediocre defense, true, years now. And now Hundley that might miss a barn side at 40 yards away. He has very good physical attributes but can he connect with a receiver? I think not. Whatever the reason, I'll let the more tutored fans figure it out. And as to McCarthy's rah-rah pep speech, whoever is naive to believe it is certainly naive. Hundley improving considerably during the season is also pure naivete. Life without Rodgers will be part of the "Inferno" no matter what McCarthy says or promises. 87 yards passing will get you nowhere.

4thand1's picture

Watched NE last night. The whole world was screaming how bad NE's D is. Held Falcons to 7, 7 in garbage time. They have gotten better every game by making the necessary adjustments. They also played without 2 starting CB's! The game has left Capers in the dust and he can't adjust. New blood at the DC job is long overdue. This bullshit stubbornness has to stop. No longer should we as fans have to put up with this elephant in the room. Boycott the MNF game on the 6th! If lambeau was half empty, they would get the message. LAME, LAME,LAME.

4zone's picture

Let me try to grasp the complexity of pass defense. The offense has 6 guys who can't catch the pass. Chat leave at most, 5 who can. If you rush 3 down linemen and two OLBs that leaves you with six guys covering 5. How in the world can you not have at least one guy fly papering all 5 potential receivers with one left over?

WinUSA's picture

Yup..dumfounding isn't it?

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