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Rodgers\' Release

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Rodgers\' Release

Just a great breakdown from Jersey Al over at Packers Lounge today of Aaron Rodgers and his part in the eight sacks the team gave up on Monday night. Money Quote:

You’ll notice I haven’t discussed the offensive line. For those of you yelling at your screens that it’s the line’s fault, I say - matter how good a team’s offensive line is, a top-flight QB will have to face moments like these in a game. Rodgers has to learn to handle it and make the right decision - period.

Could not agree more. Yes, the offensive line has been terrible, but Rodgers plays a part here as well. Especially when you consider his words after the Cincinnati game saying that McCarthy needed to send more guys out in pass patterns. Well, Rodgers got his wish on Monday and failed more than a few times to hit a shallow crosser or a checkdown. He simply HAS to make those plays. He has to. Does this absolve the line? Of course not. But Rodgers is not an innocent in the bevy of sacks the Packers have allowed up to this point.

UPDATE: And yes, I wrote about this very point this past offseason in my series on things that Rodgers needed to work on - and got ridiculed for it.

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alfredomartinez's picture

i say this as a fan and not as an expert as many of you in this site are (and i mean that in the most complementary of ways)but have you ever wondered if the injury he suffered against TB last year would have anything to do with a quicker release, mayb or maybe ive had one too many already...haha...

packeraaron's picture

alfred - first of all no one, I repeat no. one. here is an expert on football. Secondly, I don't think the injury has much to do with it. He needs to speed up the clock in his head.

Jayme's picture

Ben Roethlisberger is considered a top 5 QB and he holds onto the ball longer than almost any other QB. So far, he's been sacked 10 times this season, however he is heralded for his willingness to avoid the dump off and wait for something to develop. The big difference between Rodgers and Roethlisberger (other than difficulty of spelling their names) is that Big Ben has a superior offensive line. It's ok to hold onto the ball when your line can protect for 5 seconds. If your line can barely keep you untouched for 3 seconds, you need to get rid of the ball ASAP.

packeraaron's picture

The other major difference has been that the Steelers have had a lights-out defense that makes up for all those sacks and field position. Not-so the Packers...

ZeroTolerance's picture

I was yelling at the TV during the Vikings game - but what I was yelling was 'get the ball out'. AR seems at times to be a bit of a 'deer in the headlights'. He has a long way to go to be like our former HOF QB in this regard.

Bad Knees's picture

What I don't understand is how they could look great in preseason and then just stink starting game one. You could give Rogers an all-pro line and he will still hold on to the ball too long (bad coaching) and get injured (it's coming). Hopefully the next GM will get this fixed and create a world class medical staff to reduce the injuries (medical doctors, osteopaths/chiropractors, acupuncturists).

packeraaron's picture

BK - They looked great in preseason because they were facing (and they were playing) vanilla schemes. Once teams started mixing things up, a whole lot got exposed, esp on the offensive line...

D.D. Driver's picture

I clicked on the link looking for some good Nagler-ridicule, but there was none. :(

D.D. Driver's picture

Bad Knees: McCarthy has plenty to account for. Doing a bad job coaching Rodgers is not one of them. At all.

packeraaron's picture

DDD - It came later that week - and you only have to read your own blog for the good stuff... ;)

RockinRodgers's picture

I don't mind Rodgers taking some sacks. Better sometimes to take a sack than just throw it up, like Favre used to do.

But Jared Allen was sometimes in that Monday night game getting to Rodgers untouched. That cannot happen.

PackSmack's picture

Just wanted to say that these last five or six posts all hit the heart of the current status of the Green Bay Packers. Thanks for honest, bold, insightful and brave posts. Nice work.

packeraaron's picture

Thanks man.

IPBprez's picture

Aaron - The Steelers' O-Line is a tad bit better than whatever Campen could stew up - that you gotta admit. Big Ben GETS time to hold onto the ball, just like Favre did on MNF. I consistently keep seeing and hearing how Colledge is so f'ing great and I JUST DON'T SEE IT. More issues with chasing the QB outta the pocket have come from Colledge not being the LG he's "supposed" to be. Does the guy ever really watch film, or is he the equivalent of Favre in '93 sleepin in the film room ? I vote the latter.

Ruppert's picture

In my opinion, (with all other things being equal, of course), a team can win with a QB who holds the ball too long a few times during a game, provided he has overall good pass protection. A team is much less likely to win with a QB who never holds the ball too long behind a line performing as poorly as ours is right now.
And of course, holding the ball too long coupled with poor line performance is just dreadful.
I think it is highly possible that the poor line play is getting in AR's head. I doubt that AR occasionally holding the ball too long gets into the linemen's heads. To me, the more evil of the two is the line play. I don't think AR's role in this should be ignored, but the OL issues are far worse in my opinion.

WoodyG's picture

AR needs to consider that taking sacks over & over will eventually result in some kind of injury that will 'sack' him for a few games or even a season.... Big Ben has limped off the field more than once after being continuously hit........The more you get hit, the greater the chance you won't get up on your own power......... Blame the OL, blame AR..... Blame both..... It needs to end or we'll be posting about Matt Flynn 'looking like a deer in headlights'.

mpd5301's picture

I think a point that everyone is missing is the repeated blows to the body that AR is forced to take. These blows have an added affect after the play is over. They slow down your thought process which directly leads to holding the ball to long. Not to mention inaccurate throws. Seriously how many of us could take a beating like AR and still throw the ball quickly and accurately?

retiredgrampa's picture

I'm sure(?) that while our team is resting from their labors, the coaching staff is figuring out ways to correct the problems.(?)

Ron La Canne's picture

Seeing that coaching has been brought up by a number of commenters, I thought I'd drop this turd. The Bears have a bye week this Sunday too. Lovie had meetings one day and two days of practice before allowing the players to go on break. LOVIE HAD PRACTICE!

Jersey Al's picture

Just wanted to pop in and say thank you for the shout out...

Cuphound's picture

Aaron, there may be "no experts" here, but this blog consistently has the most analysis of the game itself of all the sources I've found. I read here before I read the papers because the blog actually says something of substance about strategy.

Don't sell yourselves short. When you're the best the market is offering, you're the expert.

ACDC84's picture

Well said. The offensive line is extremely offensive. This was common knowledge after three games. Combine that with the fact that Minny has one of the very best D-lines in the league, and Rodgers should have been ready to get rid of the ball quickly on every play, especially knowing that the best pass rusher in the league is going against a patchwork LT on his blindside.

kdogone's picture

I wonder if any of you guys remember me blogging back in the offseason when I had concerns aboout our O-line and AR being smarter and everyone told me to just relax, dispelling it as"it's only traning camp and the exhibition, offenses always start slow!" well can I now start to worry and hold TT accountable for lack of FA's and talented depth on the O-line now?

Asshalo's picture

I would have berated you to, Aaron. I just hadn't found CHTV yet. :-<

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