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Rodgers Helping to Close Gap Between Favre, Packers

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Rodgers Helping to Close Gap Between Favre, Packers

For five drawn out years, the relationship gap between the Green Bay Packers and former MVP quarterback Brett Favre has been a sizable one.

Now, the man originally stuck in the middle of one of the worst divorces in sports history is ready to help move along the process of healing between the two sides.

Appearing on his radio show with Jason Wilde of ESPN Milwaukee Tuesday, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers admitted that his reunion with Favre Saturday was a signal to all that it's now time to let bygones be bygones.

“I think it's important to realize that it is time to move forward,” Rodgers said.

“As the face of the franchise, I felt like it was important that I take a leadership role in that," Rodgers continued. "Not that one was needed now, but I thought it was good timing to just let the fans know, let Brett know; let's move forward. Let's heal things up and let's move forward.”

Rodgers and Favre appeared on stage together during the NFL Honors event in New Orleans Saturday night. While presenting the award for NFL Comeback Player of the Year, the two shared a scripted laugh, a purposely awkward moment and a handshake that was long time coming for two of the greatest quarterbacks in the franchise's history.

Rodgers said he was approached about the idea a week in advance, and initially needed some time to think before confirming. But he eventually decided sharing the stage with Favre would be a benefit for everyone involved.

“They pitched to me this idea of presenting with Brett, just to see how I would feel about it. And I thought about it for a little bit," Rodgers said. "But I really felt strongly that it was going to be a good thing for both of us and for Packer nation."

Credit Rodgers for advancing a cause that likely needed a middle man.

"I'm ready to move forward in regards to things with Brett," Rodgers said. "I think this was a good thing for our team, good for our organization, and hopefully they feel the same way, Packers fans feel the same way. Things happen, and I think its important to move forward and for the healing process to begin."

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FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

My black heart isn't ready, don't be telling me what to do #12.. you just throw the ball to the open guy.


FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Preferably a half tick quicker.

Jamie's picture

Valyncia's at it again...

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

There was a touch of sarcasm in there. Just a touch.

razor's picture

Love #12 playing football. Not so much as the team's decision maker and talking head. Time for a visit to Mr Murphy's office!

Rocky70's picture

Many fans long for the long lost day when, you know, football players just played football. -------- It's easy to love the game and still hate the endless histrionics.

Lucky953's picture


Bomdad's picture

Maybe this was a well timed reconciliation, or maybe Favre is close to a TV deal, or is looking for one, and so now needs Packer fans to boost his ratings.

3RDi's picture

There's always an angle...just not sure who is really pulling the strings on this PR move.

razor's picture

I don't think Favre gives a damn about Green Bay. He had his fun and now he's gone - hopefully forever. We don't owe him anything and he doesn't add anything positive or desireable to the Green Bay image. All the negative things that he made happen in Green Bay don't exist in his mind. He thinks his stuff don't stink. He's an idiot and if AR wants to be his pal, then go for it, but don't drag the team or the fans into it.

Also, AR please and stop acting like you are the team's president.

PackerBacker's picture

Dude, chill out. It's been 5 years. Get over it.
Of course he offers something to the GBP image. He was an iconic face of the Packer brand for what, 15 years? It's like saying that Bart Starr doesn't add anything to the brand. It's ridiculous. I realize Starr has a better image outside of football, but give it 10 years and hardly anyone will give a crap about this problem.
Don't forget that Lombardi left under some stressful circumstances and no one cares about that anymore.

I bleed Green More's picture

Well it was a fun ride, some great memories and I remember where we were in the 80s. I know we all hate the whole thing.

razor's picture

AR - please don't help! Please!

Marlo94's picture

Why not let the fans decide when/if Favre is welcomed back to Lambeau? It would be easy enough to cast votes on a secure website for a limited period of time. If the team had only one owner, he/she would have the deciding vote about team affairs. The Packers, having many owners, could do the same.

PackersRS's picture

It's been long enough. He'll never be the idol he was (and that can be a good thing), but Favre was the face of the franchise for 15 years. Great 15 years.

Saying the Packers get nothing from reconciling with their premier player from the modern era is shortsighted to say the least.

It will be awkward at first, as the encounter was. But this is a big, necessary start.

It's good for everyone. Favre had faded, he knows that GB is the biggest opportunity for him to continue being somewhat relevant. Green Bay gets back their most important modern alumnus, and Rodgers shows great maturity in the process.

packcruiser's picture

What is wrong with people? You want to carry this on for years, for what? So you can go on the internet, rant and rave, bash Favre and Rodgers some more?

Criticize Aaron over this? I get it people just never want to think a positive, always a negative. He isn't entitled to have an opinion and think maybe some common sense, smart fans might want to close the door on this?

Comments here are priceless, and laughable. What is the real problem? Solely based on going to the Vikings, playing for another team? I don't understand it, seems so very senseless.

Jayme Snowden's picture

Like two weeks ago the stories were that Aaron Rodgers isn't enough of a leader. Now he acts very publicly as a leader and people are upset?

Whether you want Rodgers to be vocal or not, he is the face of the franchise. He's not out robbing banks or making comments that are offensive or un-PC. He's trying to move forward.

He is also the player who was most pitted against Favre. If Rodgers wasn't being public about his feelings and making an effort, the comments would all be criticizing him and assuming Rodgers is a stick in the mud diva.

Rocky70's picture

"a leader"
On. The. Field.

Why is that so hard to understand. Most PackFans don't give a rat's ass about the legacy of BF. ---- That's yesteryear.

If BF can somehow get us into another SB, I'm all for inviting him to the party. ------ HE. CAN'T.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

FTR, my comments about #12 were totally in jest. FTR

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