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Report: Woodson Out Six Weeks With Broken Collarbone

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Report: Woodson Out Six Weeks With Broken Collarbone

From FOX Sports' Jay Glazer:

This is actually "big" news in the sense that Woodson is a recognizable player. As I indicated in yesterday's Gut Reactions, he had been close to invisible through the first seven games of the 2012 season. He has been ineffective rushing the passer and seems incapable of covering receivers or tight ends one on one any more.

While the Packers will obviously be forced to go young with either Jerron McMillian or M.D. Jennings, this will not be the major drop-off some might think it is. With rookie cornerback Casey Heyward playing as well as he is, I would not be surprised if they moved him inside in nickel situations, replacing Woodson in the slot in that personnel grouping.

Woodson suffered the injury during the Packers' 30-20 victory over the St. Louis Rams. It is the latest injury setback for the Packers' defense, which played without defensive tackle B.J. Raji and cornerback Sam Shields on Sunday.

There is no preliminary word on this yet, but you have to wonder if this is a re-aggravation of the collarbone injury Woodson suffered in Super Bowl XLV.

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lmills's picture

Completely agree. With all the young guys getting better each week and showing that they can handle it...this doesn't worry me that much. Obvioulsy, you don't want it to happen but the Packers have really good depth there now.

DanTX's picture

just means the mock drafters will continue to unnecessarily give us a cb in round one I suppose..

Mike's picture

I'm glad it happened now with who we have coming up on the schedule as opposed to after the bye when we're in the thick of our divisional games. As much athleticism Woodson may have lost, there is still an aura of dependability and "don't throw it there" to his name (Similar to where Champ Bailey is as well). The biggest question I have is whether McMillian will see more time at safety or dime slot...

ohenry78's picture

Crazy. How did this not come up during the game?

Beep's picture

Hate to see him go down, but NFL waits for no one. Next man up...

I'm curious what play it happened. I never noticed he was out of the game.

ABayer's picture

It was late 4th I believe when tackling lance Kendricks

Mike's picture

Sad but true.

He kind of went over the back of the guy he was tackling and when he came down on the other side of the Rams player, he was laying on the ground, clutching his arm like he did back in the Super Bowl when he broke the same collarbone defending the deep pass to Wallace

PackersRS's picture

Yeah, he's been bland. And worse, has had coverage errors.

Still, that many rookies in the secondary, no matter how good they've played, is a little worrisome. Specially against the Giants in week 12, if Woodson is still out by then.

However, they're going to learn from experience and will get seasoned faster.

Aaronqb's picture

He also made a ver feeble attempt at a tackle on the 56 yard screen yesterday and missed other tackles

Kevin's picture

The fact that you and we didn't notice proves the point of this post.

Tarynfor12's picture now he gets a chance to return in time for the playoffs and work the heartwarming angle so we keep him next year ala Driver.

Absoluetly no reason to even consider either as a roster spot holder next season.

He will at least get another shot at a SB as like DD without actually contrbuting much.

Aaronqb's picture

Agree 100%

Tony's picture

As long as he's back for the interception fest against Chicago in December, I'll be cool.

Pack Fan in ATL's picture


I really want to see him get that record for Returns for TDs before he retires but it seems like time is running out on that.

Aaronqb's picture

We will be getting an early look at the Packer defense minus Woodson. I don't think Wood will be back next season so look at this as a preview. On balance, I think the defense gains speed and loses a little experience with this. I don't think it will be crippling, just like I don't think that losing Ray Lewis in Balt is crippling. Both of these proud players are well past their prime.

Doc J's picture

Honest question. With Woodson under contract for 6.5 million base salary and 3.5 million in bonuses (for a cap hit of 10 million) for the next two years, how would the Packers go about not having him on the roster?

Why would he walk away from 20 million dollars over the next two years?

T's picture

With Raji, Matthews, and Rodgers needing new contracts. Woodson would be cut next year no matter how well he played this year.
The only way he is back is on a reworked contract, but even then its a roster spot, just like Driver.

Mojo's picture

This is the reason the Charlie Peprah's of the world don't burn bridges. Wouldn't be surprised to see him back, although the Pack never passed him on his physical.

I think CWood had this injury earlier this year and aggravated in St. Louie. It would, in part, explain his tepid play this entire year.

Evan's picture

All indications are he injured it with about 2:50 left in the game yesterday. Wilde posted screen caps.

Also, I would be surprised if they brought Peprah or anyone in. It's a 4-6 injury and the Packers don't have the roster space (not with the PUP guys coming back).

NoWayJose's picture

For what it's worth -- I'm very suspicious that Sherrod isn't going to make it back off PUP.

The reports on him have been pretty dismal. Think he gets put on IR.

Mike's picture

Knowing what his injury looked like last season, I don't find any issue with that. He just needs to get fully healthy and spend the entire offseason in either the weightroom or on the field doing one on ones against Matthews and Worthy.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

I knew it. I saw him go in for a tackle and get up holding his shoulder.

I just hope in his absence that the young guys don't feel the need to play with his level of reckless abandon. They need to stick to their assignments and fundamentals...


Mike's picture

Exactly. I think that's why Woodson seemed so out of it this year - he's still taking the same gambles he always has but no longer has the same burst to compensate and cover up his mistakes.

Evan's picture

This is the pic from Wilde:

Then he points out: "On next play, there's a fourth-and-5 completion to Steve Smith where it looks like Woodson lets Morgan Burnett tackle him, shies away a bit."

Norman's picture

One of my favorite all time Packers (along with LeRoy Butler) but I gotta agree with the above comments. Time has caught up with Charles unfortunately, and as others have noted, unless he is willing to take a significant pay cut next year, he likely won't be back.

Evan's picture

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if it's within the rules to move Benson to the full IR and put Woodson on the 6-week IR? Or is that not allowed?

lebowski's picture

Wasn't there talk earlier that that slot position would be Jarret Bush's strongest spot, seeing as how he's one of our best blitzes/tacklers and won't have to cover receivers one on one much? May see him in the lineup soon, he's got a lot of experience in this D.

trvs's picture

Does anybody know how severe Shields injury was?

Personally, I am feeling pretty good about our DB's. Next Man Up and win another for Chuck! and DD.

denniseckersley's picture

Sooo that makes Tramon Williams the most veteran player in the defensive a considerable margin.


Evan's picture

Why yikes?

A. Tramon is an all-pro.

B. It's not like he's some 2nd year player. He's been with the Packers since 2006. He's a legit vet.

NoWayJose's picture

Seriously. Tramon's in his 7th season. That's seasoned. How old do you want them?

Even Burnett and Shields are 3rd year guys now.

BTW - Tramon's never made the all-pro team has he?

Evan's picture

He made the Pro Bowl in 2010 (I had to look it up). I was using "all pro" more generally though.

EDIT: Wait, Pro Bowl and "All Pro Team" are different things, aren't they?

Mike's picture

There's a difference between having veteran guys and guys who can play. We got young guys that can play. So don't fret too much over this.

Doc J's picture

Pro Bowl is voted by fans. All-Pro is voted by various sportswriters but the most widely discussed is the AP.

pkrNboro's picture

Did I hear it's the same one he injured in the SB?

Strange! I thought broken bones healed up stronger.

I saw a comment on PFT about his small pads, and I seem to remember someone on the broadcast saying they looked like shells.

Coincidence? Shitty padding & broken bones?

Pack Fan in ATL's picture

I coulda sworn I just heard on ESPN it was the opposite one of the one he broke in the Super Bowl... IDK. Maybe I heard wrong.

pkrNboro's picture

from GBPG, per MM presser:

"Packers coaches were in a staff meeting this morning when they received Woodson news. Not as significant as Super Bowl injury, but had X-ray this morning. Happened on same collarbone."

Maybe you heard correctly, but maybe it was BSPN ????

Mike's picture

It most likely broke somewhere else along the collarbone. The area where he broke it back in the Super Bowl but the surrounding bone is relatively weaker.

Sam's picture

they do heal back stronger, but it only takes 7.1 psi (Lbs/square inch) to snap a collarbone. A little more for one that has previously been broken.

Chad Toporski's picture

I guess we'll find out in the coming weeks just how valuable Woodson is to the defense.

Bohj's picture

I agree that Woodson has lost a step or two, but it may not be the reason you think. Think about Woodson's DPOY Superbowl year. He had more one on one coverage with top receivers. Biggest reason: Sam Shields over produced and Tramon was amazing. Then 2011 happened. Tramon, injured shoulder ans big dropoff on Shields play (sophomore slump). So Woodosn was put into the slot as to play a hybrid safety and put him into the more of the middle of the field to make up for our deficiencies. We saw how that worked out. You're taking a guys strengths at corner and putting him against slots and tight ends and blitzing. huh??

Then this year, at safety. Only because of depth at the position we are asking the guy to switch roles. Hall of famer Rod Woodson (no relation) didn't exactly tear it up his first year at safety after transitioning. Lets give Woodson a break and let him learn the position before we say bye bye. Rod Woodson finished his career with pretty stellar safety play. Sir Charles can do the same. Here's a question: if Charles is done after this year are we happy with our deptth at Safety? I think not.

Pack Fan in ATL's picture

Never really thought about it like that... Definitely food for thought.

packeraaron's picture

I'll be shocked if Woodson is back next year.

Mike's picture

He's got a chance if he takes a DD type salary cut. But if not, he's gonna be shown the door, just like TT did to Sharper.

Bohj's picture

I totally agree with this. Where does his contract sit currently?

Doc J's picture

He is due a base salary 6.5 million with 3.5 million in roster bonuses each of the next two seasons. So he is due 20 million over the next two seasons.

LACheez's picture

Care to elaborate why you'd be shocked? Just curious...and I value your opinion, although I kinda want you to be wrong in this case.

LACheez's picture

Nagler - do you say that because of $$, or do you have an inside scoop?

Idiot Fan's picture

Wasn't Woodson DPOY in 2009? I thought it was Clay who was almost DPOY in the Superbowl year.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture


BrianD's picture

If I recall correctly, Woodson was one of the best in the league at covering the slot last year.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Yes. It's been a rapid decline.

joe's picture

Can anyone say for 2013 DRAFT
TJ McDonald
Robert Lester

Mike's picture

Not as the first round pick! I'd still rather see another d-lineman, center or ILB. Of course, I'd happily take another pass rusher - can't have enough of those!

Lou's picture

Best CB in Packer history, I never would have thought someone would top Herb Adderly but he has. Tremendous instinct, quickness and is fearless, he has to be missed even if he was not the turn around artist as in the past. It may be possible that his play of late was effected by the injury, once you break a collar bone it is easy to do it again. Some players can turn a game around, he is one that could turn a season around, like Reggie White and Ted Hendricks the one year he played in Green Bay.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

"Hayward" Nagler.

Chad Toporski's picture

That seriously bothers me to no end when people write his name with an "e." Same thing with Davon ("Devon") House.

Guess I'm just anal.

BrianD's picture

Come back soon Woodson! As Mike pointed out in his comment earlier, Woodson has the potential to make that INT he had on Culter on every play. Don't throw it in his neighborhood.

Sure he's not the best in coverage anymore, but teams still respect his presence on the field.

I fear that another injury to his collarbone may prevent what we're used to seeing once he does come back - Woodson throwing his body around recklessly in the running game.

Mojo's picture

Just saw the play that took CWood out. Hate to say it, but there's something structurally wrong with his collarbone. That type of play occurs a hundred times a game. And even if he comes back in six weeks, do you see him taking on charging RB's and TE's like safeties are supposed to (often shoulder first)? I don't. I didn't see it this season before this latest injury and I can't imagine it after. My guess there's been wear and tear accumulated over a long career.

IMO, the Pack will be better served going with the youngsters even if CWood returns. And I can't believe the injury will be healed in just six weeks. Maybe he grabs and holds because that's all he can do anymore. This is not to dump on CWood, because I'm a fan of his like many others, but to me the writings on the wall. His mind may be in it, but his body has checked out.

tundravision's picture

Totally disagree. You've moved Woodson back to safety and think he's going to be playing the game the same way he was played at cornerback. Yes, I would agree completely that he's definately not hitting like he has in the past. But just think about how the defense fell apart last year without Collins in the backfield. Your free safety is the quarterback of the defense, and Charlie Peprah was Graham Harrell back there.

Not trying to invoke a panic or be overly negative, but the defense has been much improved this year over the end of last year, and I do think having Woodson back at safety has played a large part of improving the communication and coverage. You can replace (or even improve on) Woodson's physicality. The jury is out on whether we can replace his awareness and leadership.

Mojo's picture

Sorry CD, having a safety on D that can't take on opposing players is a huge liabilty. And who's to say the newbies won't get the communication thing down by themselves. And where was all that leadership and communication last year when the Pack (and CWood) had the worst ranking in NFL history against the pass?

As Nagler stated, he's been close to invisible this year. Love what he's done for the Pack, but it's time to move on.

tundravision's picture

Damn, dude. I sure hope you're right.

PackersRS's picture

That'd be a valid point if Woodson was calling the plays, but I believe it's Burnett who has the mic.

packeraaron's picture

He's "moved to safety" in base, which they play less than 25% of the time. The rest of the time, he's been in the slot where he used to be effective. He has done close to nothing there this year. He couldn't cover last year, but that was offset by big plays, both sacks and INTs. This year, he's easily blocked at the line, he isn't picking off the football - oh, and he still can't cover.

Rocky70's picture

Anyone who thinks GB's "D" won't be adversely affected by the loss of CW for the next few weeks either has just started following the NFL (GB) or they have been spending too much time kicking their soccer ball around in the backyard on Sunday afternoons.

This is the only place I've found that is marking the Woody loss as insignificant. Too many kids in the room, me thinks.

woodson4president's picture

I broke mine in high school they are pretty easy to break. Well...i did hit a tree on a motorcycle.

JerseyPackFan's picture

My 11 year old son gave me his Christmas wish list today. He wants a Randall Cobb and Casey Hayward jersey. You gotta love it when our youth see the future stars of our team.

Nononsense's picture

I'll take a wait and see approach to this whole mess. Woodson is a guy teams still gameplan for and hes a guy that plays a lot of different roles throughout the game for the defense. Can't replace him with one guy so it will be a collective effort.

The most interesting thing to watch will be how Capers adjusts to calling the games. Will he simplify things or get creative with his youthful personel.

Im not sure what the right call is but I am sure glad we have have a Casey Hayward, Jerron McMillian and Davon House to plug into the void left with the loss of Woodson. That will help.

PackerPete's picture

Yes, he has lost a step, and he certainly was not very visible so far. But as others mentioned, due to his reputation teams throw away from Wood. MD Jennings, McMillian, Richardson, or whoever else will play won't get that benefit of the doubt. One of the reasons other teams are not attacking the middle of the field despite AJ Hawk and now Jones (before DJ Smith) was a certain respect for Wood, plain and simple. Not this coming game but the ones after, just wait for teams throwing the short passes into the middle of the field turn to 20 yrd gains. Problem is, now there is nobody who can cover a big TE. Certainly none of our LBs, and I don't see who of our Safeties could besides Wood.
I can also remember some remarkable tackles in the run game, where Burnett, Shields, Tramon, and Hayward come up short. I'm afraid this will cost us a game or 2, and then it'll be hard to get into the playoffs.

razor's picture

I think Woodson ran into Neal on the sidelines and both were injured.

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