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Report: Ryan Grant Out For The Season

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Report: Ryan Grant Out For The Season

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports is reporting via Twitter that Packers running back Ryan Grant is done for the season:

Tough blow for the Packers, I'm reporting RB Ryan Grant is done for the year w severe ankle and leg injuries. Will be placed on IR.

This news comes one day after Packers head coach Mike McCarthy described Grant's ankle injury as "significant," but couldn't say whether surgery was needed at the time.

It also comes one day after Grant, himself, said in an interview on 1250 WSSP-AM in Milwaukee that he's "taking it one week at a time."

Brandon Jackson filled in for Grant as the primary halfback on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles and is expected to be the main ball carrier as the Packers begin preparations for their home opener against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday and for the remainder of the season.

The more immediate issue may be the depth at running back where John Kuhn is currently the backup halfback.

"John’s done a very good job with his limited opportunities," said McCarthy on Monday. "Every time you put the ball in John’s hand he’s been productive, and we feel very good about him. He’s our third halfback and now will be our second halfback going into Buffalo. I think that’s the obvious, without giving away our whole game plan, but I think that’s the way we’ll definitely go."

It makes sense that the Packers would replace Grant's roster spot with another running back, but seeing as it's only five days until the Buffalo game, it could still be a stretch to see that player activated on Sunday.

Kregg Lumpkin, who the Packers cut, is not available after being picked up on waivers by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Options with experience on the Packers roster include practice squad running back James Johnson and all-time franchise rushing leader Ahman Green who spent time on the 53-man roster a season ago and is currently on the roster of the Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL.

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MLecl0001's picture


Tony Wilson's picture

Time for B-Jax to show why he was a second-rounder

PackersRS's picture

Okay, so season over? It started so well...

Or the combination of Jackson+Kuhn, with soon-to-be game active Johnson leading the way, will be more than enough?

Or does anyone really expect any trades?


Mr. Bacon's picture

Activate Starks in 5 weeks. If he is healthy.

CSS's picture

Trade is possible, but at this point I only see WR, OL or TE as an area where TT has the depth to part with somebody on the lower half of the depth-chart.

His style would typically be to wait until option 3 (Starks) comes off IR and roll the dice. I don't see that as an option considering the fact that Starks hasn't been hit since 08' and was injured himself on a non-contact drill.

This is where I hate even playing pretend GM, tough going...

PackersRS's picture

Yeah, IF Starks is healthy, he won't have played for 1 1/2 years... not the best situation.

About trades, how would Carolina feel about Jordy+Flynn+draft pick?

Mr. Bacon's picture

You mean the PUP.

Max's picture

Ahman Green. Phone him Ted!(or is he still with the UFL?)

PackersRS's picture

Green right now has the speed of Kuhn and the power of Jackson. He's done.

ZeroTolerance's picture

I say Kuhn will be fine. Sunday he looked like Csonka. Will now need another RB, from PS, waivers, or trade. Most likely from PS.

A power RB like Kuhn will add a twist into DC's game planning.

Wiscokid's picture

PackerRS, first take a step back from the ledge. We'll work something out. Trust Ted to find a way to work through this.

PackersRS's picture

Well, I'll hope for the best, I can assure you of that...

Max's picture

Double crap!

Scott W.'s picture

The Pack has a big Johnson, time to use it.

RockinRodgers's picture

I don't think we sign anyone. I think we wait and see what happens. I think Jackson will be fine. We aren't a running team. James Johnson will get some carries and chance to prove something.

Barry's picture

Jackson is not the answer.He is a good back up but nothing else.TT will need to go shopping or our season will be over.Let us see you pull that trigger Ted.Show us you want the SB as much as we do.

sammer's picture

Think we can get Ahman Green out of that UFL contract?

Pkrjones's picture

This may be a blessing in disguise, as we may see screens or swing passes on 1st & 2nd down, now with Jackson in. Hopefully between Jackson and Kuhn we'll keep the same mix of pass/run, but will be less predictable. Go B-Jax, show your stuff. Packers will still be playing in Feb... hang in there fans.

PackersRS's picture

Jackson was in for most of the game. No screens called whatsoever.

Ryeguy812's picture

There was a swing pass or two that went to Jackson. There's no disputing that he is the better back catching the ball. With the way Philly was bringing pressure, I'm surprised that we didn't run more screen plays.

PackersRS's picture

Not knocking on Jackson. Completely agree about who's the better option when passing (both blocking, catching and running routes). But MM needs to use him that way for it to work...

PackersRS's picture

God. This is me, again. I don't ask for much, but please, go back in time and make the Packers sign Brian Westbrook, OK? Thanks.

God's picture

PackersRS, this is God....

I've already blessed Westbrook with a bad hamstring thus starting his weekly, 'questionable' to 'probable' availability report prior to each game. He wasn't an every-down back anyway.

Have faith, brother...


PackersRS's picture

God (CSS), I'm not asking for an every down back. But Jackson has never been healthy, and has never carried for more than 100 times in a whole season, so that is worrisome. Kuhn has never played RB. I just wished we had a guy that has done if before, and effectively, just in case.

CSS's picture

Totally understand what you're saying, just pointing out that Westbrook already has a non-contact hammy himself. Who knows, I just don't blame TT even in retrospect for not going after Westbrook.

PackersRS's picture

Me neither. This is an absurd hindsight. Grant had never missed a start...

sammer's picture

So Ahman Green is done but Brian Westbrook and his 75 concussions and gimpy ankles are the answer?

PackersRS's picture

Last time I saw Westbrook, he still had it. Last time I saw Green, he didn't. Plus 2 year difference.

I understand the injuries, but, when playing, Westbrook was still Westbrook. Green hasn't been Green since 06.

jeremy's picture

Now the foolish Grant haters will get their wish. I hope they are happy.

bomdad's picture

They can also wait on Quinn Porter, or sign someone off a practice squad.

PackersRS's picture

Porter out for year in IR.

bomdad's picture


ZeroTolerance's picture

Which means he can be signed, but after so many weeks (?) after the duration of the injury settlement. The how many weeks after I have forgotten, but it's longer for the team that settled than the other 31. So, looks like he would not be available for many weeks, if he was healthy.

Packer_Pete's picture

WOW! Never thought it was that serious. Who ever is running the rock for us should have some holes considering no one in the leauge will be expecting it.

Ryeguy812's picture

I remember two years ago everyone was bashing Grant because his yards/carry was low. Last year he put's up similar numbers and he's now an indispensable member of this team?
The Packers aren't a power running team, they use the pass to open up holes for the running game. Brandon Jackson will be fine (assuming he can stay healthy and hold onto the football). What we do need is some depth which can easily be added via free agent or PS promotions.
Stop with the gloom and doom. Did you really think we were going to make it through the whole season without any injuries?! Who do you think we are, the 2009 Vikings?!

PackersRS's picture

I actually tend to agree. One thing, though: Jackson has NEVER had a full healthy season. He has never had more than 75 carries IN A WHOLE SEASON.

lebowski's picture

Exactly. Grant is not an irreplaceable part on a pass-first team. I'd argue he's one of the most average starting running backs in the league. My main concern is, Brandon Jackson is so important in blitz pickup as a third down back, that if he gets hurt while carrying the entire load, we really are screwed. That would put a huge question mark on our passing game.

bomdad's picture

Edgar Bennett went down in 96, and the Packers won the SB!

PackersRS's picture

Are you really comparing Dorsey Levens to Brandon Jackson?

NoWayJose's picture

Well, its not good news for the Pack. Grant is an excellent player and fit our style very well. Moreover, I feel terrible for Grant, who is nothing but a good Packer.

That said, I don't tend to believe RBs are irreplaceable. Jackson will be solid, and may even have a chance to break out. And its early enough in the season to get another back on the team to get up to speed by crunch time.

I know some won't like it, but I'm looking at Marshawn Lynch. I'm a Cal guy, and I could see him shaping up with fellow Golden Bear Rodgers at the helm. We'll even have their personnel people in town this week!

Airrod12's picture

Just who I was thinking or willie parker

Wiscokid's picture

I know that Marshawn Lynch is not a character guy but he's still young and has some talent. Clearly the Bills aren't high on him or they wouldn't have drafted Spiller. Maybe we could get some use out of him while we're working on other options. I wouldn't give up too much for him, maybe a conditional draft pick.

NoWayJose's picture

Yes. More than some talent. He was a beast at Cal, and had at least one solid NFL year.

The character thing is a real issue, but the Packers have done such a solid job building a locker room of high character guys, that I think we would be a positive influence on him (instead of him dragging us down). Hard to judge character from afar though. If I was TT, I would get him in an interview and see how the guys acquits himself.

Wiscokid's picture

I would like to think that we have a bunch of character guys on the team but after going through the Jolly and Underwood crap earlier in the year I have my doubts.

I really liked Lynch coming out of college and would have liked to have seen the Packers draft him and I think that there was a chance of that if Buffalo hadn't drafted in front of us. Now he's just has so much baggage with him he's a gamble. Still, I think that he would be our best option if we could work out a deal.

Rainman's picture

There's still hope. From Yahoo.

"Sports Illustrated's Will Carroll says Glazer's report "directly conflicts" with what he has heard regarding Grant's injury."

Here's hoping

PackersRS's picture

If Grant is out for an extended period of time, but not for the season, then everything is well IMHO...

Briandevil78's picture

some free agents you might want to look at for some vetren help I think Bjax will be fine for just for depth

Samkon Gado
TJ Ducktt
Najeh Davenport
Adrian Peterson
Shun Alexander

Briandevil78's picture

Shaun sorry about that

PackersRS's picture

None of them knows the system. Brandon Jackson is the starter no matter what.

Briandevil78's picture

That I under stand and say, but you are going to need depth its a long season and sure Kuhn is great but do you really want him our #2 for the rest of the season

Overkill's picture

"None of them knows the system. Brandon Jackson is the starter no matter what."

For real? Surely they're gonna sign someone else. Jackson looked great, did well, but counting on him for the entire season? With Kuhnonball behind him?

PackersRS's picture

0% chance other back is the starter, at least for 3 or so weeks.

nerdmann's picture

I think we'll be better off with Bjack, actually. I like Grant, but let's face it. He leaves yards on the field. Jackson can not only catch the ball, but cut on a dime into holes that Grant never even sees.
The big thing is, with Grant in there, you know it's usually gonna be a running play. When Bjack was in, it was usually for pass pro. So it's a tipoff that it's gonna be a pass. If Bjack is the every down guy, it's gonna be much less predictable.
Now I'd like to see us get a guy who can CATCH a screen, make a guy miss and get downfield with some speed. Starks may be that guy, but he's 5 weeks away.

Dale's picture

Season's done. Ted sucks...

Nothing to see here, Pack fans.

lars's picture

What's Barry Sanders up to these days? ;)

Seriously, Grant IS a big loss, but not catastrophic. Those saying Jackson is a "better option" are delusional. There was a reason Grant was the starter and he was primed for his best season.

Still, all is not lost. Now, if Woodson, Collins, Rodgers, Mathews or Jenkins go down, THEN maybe we start panicking.

Nononsense's picture

Im am not surprised one bit that Grant is out for the year, that was a bad looking injury. The ankle and leg are not supposed to bend that way.

I don't ant to take anything away from Grant but I think this team will be just fine with Jackson and Kuhn carrying the load.

TT needs to find a guy with some burst, neither Jackson or Kuhn have it but both are steady and can break a lot of tackles.

No idea who this Nance character is but he doesn't sound like hes any kind of a speedster either. Maybe Starks will provide the speed we need after week 6.

Sucks to lose a guy like Grant but if it was gonna happen to any position, RB is probally the most replaceable without great loss in production.

chicago hooligan's picture


Erdie's picture

This is why other teams don't do ridiculous things like keep 3 FB and 4 TE. Leaves you short at other positions, and when there are injuries you are left short, and are picking up leftovers from other teams. Happened last year with safety, and this year with RB. Seems like they go into the season with their fingers crossed that they will not have injuries at a traditionally physicially tough position like S or RB. I am no GM, but seems like they need to start preparing for what is likely to happen, not what what they hope will happen.

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