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Report: Packers Interested in Trade for Jets CB Darrelle Revis

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Report: Packers Interested in Trade for Jets CB Darrelle Revis

Rarely have the Green Bay Packers been serious players in trade rumors under general manager Ted Thompson, who typically treasures using the draft to build his rosters.

But according to one report, Thompson and the Packers may be one team interested in dealing for New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports reported the story Friday morning, likening the league's building trade interest in Revis to a "gold rush":

Other teams highly interested, I'm told, are Denver, San Francisco, Buffalo (not happening -- division rival), and even Seattle, which already has some of the best defensive backs in the game. One team also constantly mentioned by league sources is Green Bay, though the Packers, possessors of one of the best front offices in all of sports, usually don't give up high-round picks.

Freeman also mentions strong interest from the New England Patriots, but rules them out as a possible trade partner because of the obvious division connection.

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports initially reported Wednesday night that Jets owner Woody Johnson would explore options in trading Revis, who is under contract through 2013 but has a void clause in the deal that kicks in the following year. Internally, the Jets continue to worry about extending Revis past next season.

By dealing him now, the Jets can get maximum compensation for a roster beginning to rebuild under new general manager John Idzik.

However, while the Packers may have a level of interest in adding Revis—each of the 31 NFL teams should—the chances of Thompson outbidding the rest of the league remains relatively small. As the trade market fills, compensation needed from the Jets for Revis will increase, substantially.

More than likely, such a trade would include several high-round draft picks. It is very easy to envision the Packers' interest in such a trade drying up rather quickly once the parameters of a deal reached such levels.

But even if Thompson could agree on some kind of compensation package for Revis, the current structuring of the Packers' salary cap doesn't appear capable of supporting another huge deal.

The Packers would need to find the money to get Revis under contract past 2013, which seems unlikely given the players (Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, B.J. Raji) who are in need of extensions within the next 12-24 months. Thompson and V.P. of player finance Russ Ball would have to work miracles to get all four players new deals.

Revis, who turns 28 in July, is also coming back from reconstructive knee surgery. The operation was completed on Oct. 16, 2012, and he is expected to be ready for training camps.

Widely regarded as the best cornerback in the NFL, Revis has 19 interceptions and three All-Pro selections (2009, '10, '11) in his six-year career.

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Tony's picture

There is absolutely no chance. The Packers aren't desperate. A team that is desperate will give away too much for him.

jmac34's picture

What is Revis' cap hit this year?

Zach Kruse's picture

Just $6 million. But under his current deal, Revis essentially becomes an unrestricted free agent after 2013. If the Packers can't sign him long-term, they aren't sending a bunch of high picks to New York for a one-year rental.

Evan's picture

$6 million.

"Revis is scheduled to earn $6 million in cash compensation in 2013... Revis is due to receive a $1 million roster bonus on the fifth day of the 2013 league year. Revis is also due a $1 million workout bonus, a $1 million 'reporting bonus' and has a $3 million base salary for the 2013 regular season."

imfubared's picture

If thats all he is due he ain't going anywhere anytime soon. You but him just before the big contract year not a cheapo year. 6 mil in nothing.

Point Packer's picture

Not a chance. Pure fantasy.

Evan's picture

With the caveat that this will never happen....I wonder if any hypothetical deal would include Tramon going to NY.

With the addition of Revis he'd be expendable for the Packers and he'd be a relatively cost-effective and quality player for NY to replace Revis with.

Just a though. But, yeah, it's not gonna happen. Revis wants to be paid like a QB.

CSS's picture

"With the caveat that this will never happen….I wonder if any hypothetical deal would include Tramon going to NY."

That would be a hilarious defensive backfield to watch. Cromartie can't tackle to save his life and Kyle Wilson may have missed more tackles than any other DB in the league during his career thus far. Imagine adding Tramon's tackling to that group. Any opposing player getting to the second level may as well moonwalk to the endzone.

Evan's picture

Haha. Tough but warranted.

Though I am holding out hope that Tramon's 2012 tackling was a byproduct of a shoulder that wasn't yet 100% and will improve in 2013.

CSS's picture

Normally I would be an optimist about improvement, too. But it wasn't his lack of tackling effort that was the most frustrating, it was his lack of willingness to even try and disengage from blocks. Self-preservation related to tackling a guy like Adrian Peterson is one thing. Being content to be hugged by the receiver your covering is just sinful. He did it all year. He wasn't even fighting to get off blocks.

Idiot Fan's picture

Ted giving up high draft picks for a guy at a position of strength, coming off a knee surgery, with a history of holding out for bigger contracts? Never, ever in a million years. This reeks of Teddy just doing his "due diligence" and calling to see what the price is.

PadLevel's picture

Amen. He wouldn't give a 3rd round pick for Lynch or a 4th round pick for Randy Moss. Not a chance in heck of this happening

Mojo's picture

Yup, not a chance this will or should happen. If it does, I'm taking down the TT poster from my bedroom ceiling.

Revis had knee surgery and will demand a high salary at the same time we're going to be dumping players or asking others to restructure to resign current core players. And as Idiot mentions, a relative position of strength. Makes no sense. And is the "tough" guy everyone says we need? Hell no!

For TT to give up high draft picks and trash the salary cap for an player coming off a major injury would be the worst personnel move he's made since he's been here.

Justin's picture

This would be a great move, if you had confidence in getting a long term deal done, not just a one year rental.

bryce's picture
Bill's picture

How about Asomugha on one corner and Revis on the other?

Lou's picture

If you watched any of the Eagles prime time games last year, Asomugha made Tramon Williams look like the best tackling CB in the league, he was abysmal, even Collingsworth couldn't hold back how obvious it was that he wanted no part of anyone with the ball. Deon Sanders was the only one I have seen that you could keep on the field because of his potential interception/return ability that did not want to tackle.

Jer's picture

Well, at least I got to enjoy the fantasy for a couple hours.

Chad Toporski's picture

A player-for-player trade would seem more up TT's alley in regards to Revis and his contract.

Maybe we could get Revis by giving Rodgers to the Jets. That way Rodgers' attitude and poor leadership won't infect the team next year like it did this season.

Denver's picture

Would probably need to send #88 and Jennings' sister as well to complete that deal.
And TT should demand Tebow, too.

Evan's picture

Dude, get a clue! No way the Jets would want that clubhouse cancer.

MarkinMadison's picture

What are you talking about? No one has Facebook posted video of the WRs sitting around a bad-mouthing #12. So clearly he's the most perfect human being and leader we've seen in the last 2000 years, with no improvements needed.

Jer's picture

I've heard that he's looking for a new deal for $15-$16 mil/year range.

Not going to happen!

Jerry's picture

The Packers had 7 Million cap space at the end of the season, Saturday and Driver retiring opens up an additional 6 Million. Woodson's salary drops 1.5 Million, rounding out at 14.5 Million in cap space Jennings leaving opens up another 7 Million, putting us at 21.5 Million. Figure 5 Million/year for Raji, a 3 Million dollar jump, leaving us with 18.5. Rodgers will probably get a Brees like deal at 20 Million/year, a 9.5 Million/year boost, leaving us with 9 Million. Matthews signs a Demarcus Ware size deal at about 10/year, a 8.5 Million bump, leaving us with about 500 thousand. These are probably highballed figures, not taking into account front/back loading the contracts, but essentially, In order to afford Revis, the Packers would have to part ways with the previously stated players and either Hawk (5.2M), Finley (8M) or Woodson (10M).

mark's picture

I can't stand Revis. I can't stand any player that wants to re-negotiate his contract every season.

His "will he/won't he hold out" game is much too similar to #4's I might retire dance.

Revis has no legacy as a NFL player. Unless he wants to come to Green Bay to create one, and I highly doubt that, I say PASS.

Jerry's picture

Great player though, shut down one side of the field with the JETS Defense... Capers would find ways to make Revis into more of a play-maker.

As far as attitude, look at Woodson. Didn't want to be here, he was full of himself in Oakland and fell on his face. A change of scenery can completely change a player.

Anthony's picture

"I can’t stand Revis. I can’t stand any player that wants to re-negotiate his contract every season."

He signed the last contract because the Jets led him to believe he would get an even better contract after one more year. He's held out due to them not giving him a better contract. The franchise didn't stick to their word.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

For numerous reasons... no thanks.


Jeremy's picture

Yep! I think Hayward may be just as good anyway.

MarkinMadison's picture

Interesting take on Mike & Mike this morning. In a nutshell, stopping the pistol offense against a quarterback like Kaepernick requires being able to put your corners on and island to free up a man to spy the QB. So this move might make some sense IF the Packers lacked cornerbacks capable of holding up in man coverage for a reasonable amount of time. You could even justify a one-year rental if you thought it would get the Packers over the hump. I just don't think that any of that is true. Between Shields, Hayward, Williams and House the Packers will find two good cover corners next year. The question is what does TT think - and he probably thinks he needs all of his money for Rodgers and CM3.

Anthony's picture

One year rental? My problem is, is giving up several draft picks and/or players for him for just one year.

Hands's picture

TT probably goes after more trades than any of us suspect. I would be disappointed if he didn't try for Revis. I also think it would be more player swaps and a high, but not a first, draft pick.

imfubared's picture

Ted just leaks that he is thinking of someone, he never goes for the high price talent he knows he cannot compete with the deep pocket owners.
Ted is forced to play cheap ball. He passed on Julius Peppers, Jared Allen and a host of pass rushers who could have immediately helped this team and settled for Mike - always hurt, Neal, Mike - I can make some plays some time - Daniels, Perry - I will learn this new postion, just give me a few years to study up on it.

Cole's picture

Raji hasn't earned a new deal. Would much rather put his money towards Revis, but of course that won't happen.

imfubared's picture

Raji didn't show up this year. His arse was bigger than my snow shovel. Most of the time d linemen were just shoving his face into the ground.

redlights's picture

I think this is a "shot across the bow" message to all of the CB's to not get too comfortable.

imfubared's picture

Its bull. Any team can leak so and so is trade bait. Happens all the time and nothing ever happens. Just like Ted leaking he is interested. Ya right.

Kevin's picture

Let's be honest, our first round draft pick is going to go on IR in his rookie season anyway. Might as well.

IowaPackFan's picture

Get that "yolo" shit outta here.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture


cow42's picture

good point, actually.

rjw's picture

I think this is simply TT's long-term approach to negotiation -- allows him to keep his hand on the pulse of trade values; learns how trading partners operate for potential future deals; and sends a message to current players to not get comfortable because he always looking to upgrade the team. There is zero chance Revis will be a Packer.

madmanJack's picture

Revis for Jennings and JMike...problem solved.

Evan's picture

You can't trade a free agent.

madmanJack's picture

to my knowledge...he is still Packer property.

madmanJack's picture

until March 12

Evan's picture

I didn't think it was an actual rule, but more of a "it's frowned upon" sort of thing. It happens a lot.

imfubared's picture

March 12th? Hey thats my birthday! Lets do a package deal: Findley, Zombo, Jennings, Walden, Francious, Neal, Worthy, Tramon W, for anyones fifth round pick.

Evan's picture

For like another month or so - and the trade deadline doesn't reset until after free agency starts.

elhandro's picture

Franchise Jennings and then trade him.

Evan's picture

That's a big gamble. Certainly possible. But with so many scouts/GMs predicting a soft market for Jennings, it seems unlikely. Of course, they could always be blowing smoke.

Chad Toporski's picture

You can't franchise a player with the intent of trading him. 'Tis against the rules.

CSS's picture

The Packers did this with Corey Williams, other NFL teams have violated the same rule with no repercussions. Appears as though the NFL doesn't really enforces this rule.

That being said, the notion of franchising and trading Jennings is somewhat moot. The Jets are trying to avoid future salary cap issues by trading Revis (along with other reasons). Would make no sense to clear future salary cap by trading Revis, only to get back in salary cap hell by signing Jennings to a futures contract that will certainly cost the Jets some serious coin.

Evan's picture

I didn’t think it was an actual rule, but more of a “it’s frowned upon” sort of thing. It happens a lot.

jack in jersey city's picture

ain't. gonna. happen.

SSilva79's picture

No, it won't happen GB fans. Ted will never break the bank, he will not part with high draft picks and most of all the packers are not hurting for a DB. Besides It's not a sure thing Revis will be back in top form, it would be a waist to give up alot and the guy just bombs.....

imfubared's picture

Smoke and mirrors. Won't happen. Ted has no interest in spending that kind of money. Ted better sit down, have a drink and ask himself who do I really need to get rid of over the next two years: Sherrod, Driver, Woodson, Neal, Zombo, Walden, Williams, Francious,

Chad Toporski's picture

Why in the world would he get rid of Neal?

Evan's picture

Don't you know? Neal is no-talent bum. EVERYONE knows that.

cow42's picture

he plays great against bad teams and then disappears against good ones... fits right in!

why get rid of a guy like that?

andrewgarda's picture

Those of you who read my stuff here and elsewhere know I love the Jets and I like Revis a lot as a cover corner.

However you only needed to see him completely avoid really tackling Tebow a couple years back to see what his limitations are.

You can trade for him (the Pack won't but let's "what if") and he'll shut Calvin johnson down but don't expect him to tackle Kaepernick in the playoffs with the game on the line.

imfubared's picture

Seriously I think its up to Jennings. He will get an offer for sure and he has to accept or reject that offer. If he did not get an offer, then I think he is free as a bird to go wherever and why would the pack let him go for nothing?
The other thing is how much is he really worth. If the price is to high, adios Jennings.

Evan's picture

I doubt he'll even get an offer.

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