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Report: Packers Could Shut Down Rodgers For the Season

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Report: Packers Could Shut Down Rodgers For the Season

From NFL Network's Ian Rapoport:

Turn out the lights. The party's over.

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brett c's picture

Good. I hope we do shut him down for the season, he's too valuable & we have no shot at making a run in the Playoffs with this Defense as is. Rodgers being out was almost a blessing in disguise, because it showed how bad this team is without him and exposed our true weaknesses. I understand any great team will be weak without their starting QB, but CLE, BUF, CHI, TEN, etc have all won games with backup QBs playing. I will feel much more comfortable going into next season with Flynn & Tolzien as our backups, considering they should have a full offseason in the Offense. Retool this Defense in the offseason, without Capers, add some pieces(FS, TE, ILB, run stuffing NT, CB) and lets go full steam ahead into 2014.

Calabasa's picture

I've seen Lovie Smith's name thrown around here and there -any substance behind that? Is he working now?

Nerd's picture

Wouldn't mind Lovie at all. Or Gregg Williams.

Stroh's picture

Hell no! Especially LoveChild. I want no part of his Tampa 2 D! And isn't Williams the guy from NO who got suspended? Screw him too.

Find a 34 DC that is younger and a leader! Keep the 34 D for sure! Matthews skills would be wasted in a 43, he would still be very good, but not great. Why would you take your best pass rusher out of full time pass rush and expect a D and pass rush for that matter to get better?!

cLowNEY42's picture

Maybe for the betterment of the entire defense.

Last couple years we've had one guy in the front 7 playing a position that suits him, wile the other 6 have to play out of position. Sure - Clay's gettin' his stats... but how's the defense, as a whole, working.

I'd rather have 4 guys with 6-10 sacks than 1 guy with 14.

Just sayin'.

jeremy's picture

Yep, find a 3-4 guy who is not functionally fixed. Capers stuff is from 1992, the 3-4 isn't the real problem.

Tom S's picture

Maybe my 13 year old daughter can be DC. Couldn't do any worse than Crapers.

jh9's picture

I agree. Let's see if this coaching staff has the ability to make this team at least competitive without Rodgers. For both players and coaches, let's find out who really deserves to be on a NFL payroll.

lebowski's picture

I thought that was already established. The answer is a resounding "No".

ECPackFan's picture

Okay - I agree this has exposed how weak the team actually is.

But what about all the people who buy his jersey - and buy tickets for hundreds of dollars to see him play? It's a god damn broken collar bone - what are you going to break it again?

If he's healthy enough to play he should - he's a pro athlete, get out there.......welcome to the AntiFavre.

Hammerstein's picture

Totally agree

LtlBoyBlue's picture

With as bad as the O line is playing I would rest AR and let MF take the beating.

4thand1's picture

preseason starting o-line
LG- Sitton
This group if fairly healthy would have been really good with the ability to shuffle in youngs during the season. We'll have to wait until next year to find out.

Calabasa's picture

Isn't EDS going to be expensive? Is he even worth it? My take is he and Barclay are just so-so. Maybe Tretter gets a look? And Sherrod might have a chance. Yeah the coaches haven't played him, but you're talking about...our coaches.

shystr's picture

You have Barclay enshrined at RT? Really?

And Bakhtiari, who has played consistently better? He's out in the cold?

Doesn't Bakhtiari deserve a look, at least?

And a hint: Bakhtiari was a 4th-round draft pick. Barclay was an undrafted free agent. Think that doesn't count with Mr. Thompson? You've noticed that TT is a little reluctant to give up on the players he's drafted, right?

Stroh's picture

I agree Thompson will give drafted player the benefit of the doubt. Which is part of the reason I think Sherrod is starting next year. He was a 1st rd pick, not a 4th too. My guess is if its even close Sherrod gets the benefit of the doubt.

Barry's picture

Our number 1 need is a special teams coach. Ours is so bad it's setting a precedent that clearly indicates that incompetence is acceptable in some fundamentals. Instead of learning good smart football from special teams experience, our key ST players are not savvy players in their regular positions either ie Bush .

4thand1's picture


BubbaOne's picture


TommyG's picture

Completely wrong. Special teams is the problem? Have you been watching the games?

Cow42's picture

If the top 4 teams in the draft get suckered by the quarterbacks available... WE MAY ACTUALLY HAVE A CHANCE AT CLOWNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





RC Packer Fan's picture

I would say there there is virtually no chance of the Packers getting Clowney, unless they traded up.

Atlanta all have 2 losses.

Houston, Jacksonville and Minnesota could be looking QB, but Atlanta won't be. If they end up as the top 4 picks, Atlanta will draft Clowney.

But if the Packers don't get Clowney, they should be able to find a really good player.
Maybe Ebron the TE from NC.
Maybe get an electric WR like Lee from USC. Not necessarily a need but he could be a PR, and James Jones could be gone, so they would be starting to get thin at WR.
Barr, Mack would be great. Finding a S or a DL would be great as well.
I don't know if there are any but it would be great to find a ILB like Kuechly. that guy is a stud.

Cow42's picture

Atlanta knows they're old and need to re-build. Perfect trade partner - they'll want extra picks. And their OL is right around Packer level so they may target a T (Matthews, Lewan)

4thand1's picture

Give 2 # 1's for JJ. Go troll on Atlanta's site and pick apart their front office.

jeremy's picture

No chance TT drafts a TE or WR with a top pick, ZERO! He always goes for big guys early, the smallest has been Hawk. Given how easily they've found MLB's he won't do that again.

fipp's picture

Think the best LB is Shazier from OSU. He's looking like a stud, though not on the level of Kuechly. Alot faster, but only 226 pounds, so might wanna put on some weight. Other than him, probably Shayne Skov(stanford), AJ Johnson(tennessee) or maybe even Borland(wisconsin). But these guys are bottom half of the first round or second(maybe even third) rounders at best.

Stroh's picture

None of the ILB in this draft rate a 1st rd pick. Mid to late 2nd IMO at best. I don't see any studs coming at ILB. Unless its an OLB moved to ILB in the NFL and honestly I don't see that either. I wouldn't even bother drafting one unless you maybe find Borland in the 4th.

fipp's picture

yea i agree, still think Shazier will wow some team @ the combine and might sneak into the 1st round because of it.

Edit: completely forgot about CJ Mosley, jeez. but have not watched bama that much, so i dunno that much about him tbh.

RunAndHyde's picture

That Barr guy from UCLA is a better all around player.

BubbaOne's picture

...Shea McClellan

cLowNEY42's picture

Wish we had him.
Better than Perry.

murphy's picture

I laughed.

Cow42's picture

Still dreaming about what could have been.

Instead... Perry...yuck.

Cow42's picture



4thand1's picture

You should change your name to Clowney. I would take Barr, hands down.

cLowNEY42's picture

Great idea!

I am now cLowNEY42!

BobbyKemosabi's picture

I agree (if they lose the next 4 games). Out of the 3, Mack is my favorite. His game against Ohio State was unbelievable.

Walty's picture

What about Mosley?

cLowNEY42's picture


starr57's picture

57 different players have played on special teams this year!!!!!!
I don't care how good a coach you are, there are going to be breakdowns when there is that much shuffling every week!!!!

Every time a player has to fill in for an injured starter, that effects Special Teams!!!!

Don't blame the coach!!!!

RC Packer Fan's picture

If Rodgers doesn't come back this week, and they lose. My vote is to shut him down. Get a higher draft pick.
I mean why not.
Get a higher pick, get a better player, be back stronger next year.

Cow42's picture

I agree.
Except.................. It'll be TT making that pick. So...........

4thand1's picture

Nobody likes you, this is fun.

WKUPackFan's picture

Have you paid any attention to how Clowney has behaved this year? Watch a SC game, the guy doesn't even want to be on the field. You really want his act in GB? No thanks

Barutan Seijin's picture

Recent early-ish Packers' #1s:

Raji @ #9
Harrell @ #16
Hawk @ #5

Harrell is the worst case scenario, Raji the best, Hawk the average. So figure another Hawkish player.

Dan D.'s picture

Given the abysmal pass protection from the Offense, would you trust Rodger's career to them now?

Why put Rodgers in the game when he's simply going to be sacked x-number of times per game? When he's missing a good chunk of the crew he needs to rely on, especially, when coming back from an injury?

Let's all be grown ups for a minute. This Season, a lot of new kids got to play; they gained experience. Next Season, there should be a healthy group of veterans returning, plus the new kids who aren't so green. Next Season should truly rock.

But, this Season? Come on? It's over. Also, for an adult, you should allow 12 weeks for full recovery of a broken collarbone; anyone could have Googled that on Day-1.

4thand1's picture

One more play maker on Defense. A stud opposite of CM would make all the difference. If they shut down Rodgers, go for it. Its SB or bust anyway and they aren't winning it this year. Strong defensive fronts is the way of the FNL today, Get pressure with 4 or 5 and the back end automatically improves.

cLowNEY42's picture


Calabasa's picture

That's what TT's been trying to do. Perry, D Jones, Worthy... 0 for 3. Now we have needs at S, WR, TE, CB. I bet he stands pretty pat on OLB/ DE because his guys will "mature"

4thand1's picture

So your betting they will be and stay injured their whole carrer. Add Barr in the draft and they will have depth on the edge too.

WKUPackFan's picture

0 for 3? Have to disagree. Perry has been very good his past few games, multiple big plays. He just needs to stay on the field. Datone needs to play more, part of the problem with Capers only using 2DL so much. Worthy, too early to tell.

jack in jersey city's picture

i agree with WKU. perry has shown he can be very good when he's on the right side and jones is just a rookie. the guy has shown that he has potential. now, worthy i'm not sure about. he's been injured for most of this season but when he's out there he just disappears. i would give him one more season with the team.

JJB's picture

Barr was awesome last night. Switch back to 43 and trade Mathews and get first rounds picks. Draft clowney. Clowney perry raji jolley. I love it

Al Katraz's picture

Wow, seriously you can't get a first for Mathews, no way. When you think of it he had one very good superbowl year, but he had Jenkins pressuring the QB in his direction.
He is a motor guy but he is injury prone too and his motor has slowed down a bit. Dominnat he ain't.

Stanislaw's picture

You've pretty much nailed 'dopey' with that statement

WKUPackFan's picture

Stanislaw wins the comment of the day so far.

Al Katraz's picture

I don't see him playing again. When he didn't come back for the Lions game that kind of said it all. If the pack lose the next game, there is not point for him to play the last two and get hurt.

Al Katraz's picture

Ted will be in a good position to trade away his low first and second round picks for a host of 5,6,7th rounders again. I can hardly wait to see what we get from that litter, hey Ted. Great pickins and they are cheap!
I hear there is going to be a lot of 5'10 dbacks in this draft from schools no one ever heard of, bet ol Ted is just drooling over that.
Can't have any real talent from the first or second when two of your players are eating up 66% of the salary cap.

RunAndHyde's picture

Dream draft.....Barr ...Skov....Bucannon.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I think instead of Skov, I would rather have Borland. I am a bit of a homer, but Borland is exceptional. Reminds me of Zach Thomas.
The play of the year for me for Borland was him absolutely stuffing Carlos Hyde in the hole on a 3rd and 1. Hyde is probably the most physical RB in College this year. Very similar to Eddie Lacy. And Borland blew him up.

Nerd's picture

Because the Packers are so honest and forthright about their injury reporting?

Stroh's picture

The players are mostly on the team to help make the D Top 10 again. Anyone who's watched knows Perry rushes much better at ROLB than Left. Matthews has played and excelled on Both sides. Easy fix, move Matthews to LOLB, Perry to ROLB and the OLB position is fixed IMO. Also get Worthy, Datone and Daniels rushing inside w/ Raji and Jolly for the power players and the interior pass rush will be fine. DL and OLB are positions that usually take a couple years to really become very good at. The talent is clearly there on DL to help make the D outstanding.

Get another top shelf safety to plug in via the draft. I still think Clinton Dix is the ideal pick. Just depends where we draft. I don't see Thompson using a top 16 pick on a safety. If we draft that high it'll be another front 7 D player or OL, if in the bottom half of the 1st it'll be Safety possibly TE (assuming Finley doesn't return) or BPA.

Wait till the 2nd to get a WR to develop.

WKUPackFan's picture

Agree almost totally, except for WR in round 2. Hopefully there will a S in round 2. As you said, S is not an optimum position for a round 1 pick. Calvin Pryor, U of L, round 2.

jack in jersey city's picture

yes, safety in round two. also, there's a good chance that raji won't be on the team next season

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree for the most part with you Stroh. Although to me, if there is a Safety worth drafting in the first round. I say draft him.
Also I think Thompson would consider a TE in the 1st. Possibly Ebron from NC.

I know a lot of people say you can't draft certain positions in the 1st round, but to me there really is only 1 position that shouldn't be drafted and that is RB.

I think TE, and S are the 2 biggest needs as of right now. That is not taking into account free agency and whatnot.

Stroh's picture

There's not a Sean Taylor type Safety in this draft. Clinton Dix is easily the class of the safeties and he's a late 1st. It would be a reach to take him in the middle or top 1/2 of the 1st. That along w/ the positional value would prevent me taking a safety high. I don't like the CB class too much either and ILB is a lower positional value too (along w/ no blue chippers at ILB).

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, he would be a 1st round pick. Right now we don't know where the Packers will be picking in the first. And none of these guys haven't gone through the draft process yet. He might be a late 1st right now, but after the combine and after the scouts look at tape more they might see he is more of a mid 1st player.

Its a little early to say exactly where a player will go. But we have a pretty good feel for who will be in the first round area and who will be 2nd round...

I agree that there really aren't any ILB's to take in the first. More 2nd round area right now. I am a homer, but I really like Borland.

Safety's I only know of 1 possible 2 that could be in the mix for 1st/early 2nd round.

TE's, there are 2 that could potentially be 1st round picks. Ebron from NC, and Austin, Sefran-Jenkins from Washinton. I would consider either in the first.

I don't think the Packers have a huge need for OL right now especially in the first round. DL possibly, pending on who they keep and let go.

So that really leaves WR, TE, DL?, LB, CB, S for possible first round picks. It really depends on who is available.

Cow42's picture

"The players are mostly on the team to help make the D Top 10 again."


Stroh's picture

Not as much of a joke as YOU ARE!!!

RunAndHyde's picture

But honestly ...if we hang it up when we still have a small chance to make the playoffs that will say a lot about this team and its coaching staff.....p#ssies.

KennyPayne's picture

Excellent news. No sense in exposing the franchise to further injury with all the injuries on offense and steaming pile that is the defense.

If they lose out there will be yet another top 10 pick for TT -- only hope he does better than Raji and I know he could not do worse than Hawk.

pooch's picture


BrianD's picture

Play Rodgers! The Packers are paying him to be in games. I get more enjoyment out of my Sundays when Rodgers is playing, which is ultimately the entire purpose of football. He's an entertainer, and he's doing a poor job of entertaining me from the bench!

Timbo's picture

Exactly. Assuming he's 100% (and not vulnerable to re-injury), put him back in.

Jameson's picture

The Packers are for all practical purposes out of the play off race anyway. I mean sure there is always hope that about 10 different things magically happen plus the prayers of many to allow the Packers to squeak in but logically it is not happening. So why risk Rodgers any further? Or Cobb for that matter? Let them heal up and be ready for off season work. Let's see which one of the QB's wants to be a back up for next year and play them ala pre-season competition.

I don't trust TT for much in drafting anything outside of a WR so we're kind of playing with fire with a high draft pick. Good God we have Herrell, Hawk, and Raji as evidence of that but maybe we'll get lucky this year. One can only help because we need a lot of help in several key areas.

Nerd's picture

Rodgers is too obsessed with Favre's records to sit out if he is able to play. #statwhore

The TKstinator's picture

I could not disagree more.

Stroh's picture

No shit. That's about the dumbest comment I've EVER read in 10 yrs of commenting on Packers related subjects.

murphy's picture

Bait, line, sinker.

Jake's picture

You must have yourself on ignore.

ben's picture

2014 53 man depth chart
QB: Rodgers, Tolzien, Flynn
RB: Lacey, DuJuan, Franklin, UFA
FB: #5draftpick
WR: Cobb(extended4), Jordy, #3draftpick, Boykins, Harper
TE: #2draftpick, Quarless(3year), Stoneburner, Bostick
OL: Bakhtiari, Sitton, EDS(4year), Lang, Bulaga(extended4), Barclay, Tretter, Sharrod
DL: Neal(3year), Daniels(extended5), Datone, Jolly(2year), Worthy, Boyd, #6draftpick
LB: Matthews, Perry, Jones, Lattimore(tendered), Hawk, #4draftpick, mulumba, #7draftpick
CB: House(extended4), Shields(franchised), Tramon(honored), Heyward, Hyde
S: Burnett, #1draftpick, Richardson, McMillian, banjo
ST: Goode, Crosby, Masthay
Let go: Finley,Raji,Pickett,JJones,Bush,Kuhn,md,newhouse,&Wilson.

jack in jersey city's picture

i think the #1 draft pick will be a d-lineman, not a safety. pickett and raji will most likely not be on the team next year. they will probably go safety in round 2

ben's picture

2014 53 man depth chart
QB: Rodgers, Tolzien, Flynn
RB: Lacey, DuJuan, Franklin, #6draftpick
FB: #5draftpick
WR: Cobb(extended4), Jordy, #3draftpick, Boykins, Harper
TE: #2draftpick, Quarless(3year), Stoneburner, Bostick
OL: Bakhtiari, Sitton, EDS(4year), Lang, Bulaga(extended4), Barclay, Tretter, Sharrod
DL: Paul Soliai(Freeagent), Daniels(extended5), Datone, Jolly(2year), Worthy, Boyd, #7draftpick
LB: Neal(3year), Perry, Matthews(MLB), Jones, Lattimore(tendered), #4draftpick, mulumba, UFA
CB: House(extended4), Shields(franchised), Tramon(honored), Heyward, Hyde
S: Burnett, #1draftpick, Richardson, McMillian, banjo
ST: Goode, Crosby, Masthay
Let go: Finley,Hawk,Raji,Pickett,JJones,Bush,Kuhn,md,newhouse,&Wilson.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I think there is a real possiblity that they draft a QB to develop in the middle rounds. Probably keep Tolzien or Flynn. My guess is right now they will keep Tolzien and Flynn will leave in free agency.

I personally wouldn't mind them finding a dual threat QB. One they could teach our system but have the flexibility to run if needed. I really like what Wallace and Young brought to the offense when they played with their ability to run. The ability to scramble and use their legs to get yards.

Paul Ott Carruth's picture

For McCarthy's sake he better hope the medical staff doesn't clear Rodgers before the end of the season. Should he return, perform well and move the offense it will expose McCarthy's glaring deficits in overall offensive philosophy, game planning, play design and play calling.

UP-Packer's picture

I would contend that MM has already been blatantly exposed for his ineptness.

5-2 .... to .... 0-4-1 seems obvious to me. ---- No doubt there are other factors but IMO, both TT/MM have stayed employed in GB ONLY because of AR.

Stroh's picture

Now that's just dumb! Take the Franchise QB, of which there are about 4 in the entire NFL off their teams, and those offenses suffer immensely! Add the fact that the backup QB's we had in training camp didn't pan out and McCarthy had to start over w/ backups who have little to no experience in the Packers system the past few years and your going to suffer on offense. Flynn hasn't been here in 2 years was forced to learn 3 other offenses in the meantime and you expect him to step in w/ a week in GB and play like he never left? Are you freakin delusional or what?!

UP-Packer's picture

Sounds like you're pointing at TT for GB's 0-4-1 demise..... Good to see you're starting to direct the responsibility to where it truly belongs. The back-up QB fiasco in TC & preseason was all on TT.

Take off your filthy G&G glasses and you'll discover even more reasons why TT has worn out his welcome in GB.

Stroh's picture

Not hardly! They thought one of the QB's on the roster in training camp would work out. They didn't so they got rid of all of them and got better alternatives. That's called admitting a mistake and fixing it.

KennyPayne's picture

MM/TT may finally be admitting their mistakes regarding Coleman, Harrell, and Wallace but the backup QB problem sure has not been FIXED anymore than continuing to trot out McMillian/Banjo/MD Jennings FIXED anything at Safety.

Stroh's picture

I'm more than fine moving into next year w/ Flynn being in the system for the offseason and Tolzien in the system for an offseason. Flynn was fine as a backup prior to leaving. Just get him acclimated again and Tolzien some real work in QB school and a full offseason when he actually gets reps.

Buster's picture

Thompson has basically ignored the back-up QB spot for years (yes, even Flynn). The Pack's season is now a lost one because Teddy has gotten lazy. Someone needs to show him the door out of 1265 Lombardi Ave.

Geo's picture

What better alternatives sure in the hell isn't Flynn or Tolzien!

Jameson's picture

I'd give you that IF the QB play was the only problem or only reason the Packers were not winning.

But it's not.

This team is in complete disarray with problems all across the board.

MM's deficiencies as a coach go beyond being unable to get Flynn or Tolzien ready.

I don't think anyone underestimated Rodgers and his importance to this football team. I think a lot of us over estimated Mike McCarthy's ability to get this team to move forward. There really is no reason we couldn't or shouldn't have won at least 2 of the games in the last 5 weeks. MM couldn't figure out some offensive plays that fit with Tolzien and/or Flynn's strengths? He couldn't allow them to MANAGE a game? Not carry, but manage? Really? For a QB guru? For an offensive genius? He looked helpless and completely bewildered. He did nothing to help those guys and I wasn't expecting miracles considering Flynn was signed a couple weeks ago and Tolzien was on the practice squad only 6 weeks ago.

There were winnable games on the table and we got out coached and out smarted.

Removing Rodgers and the QB position from this equation (Because these were all issues no matter who was starting at QB), the Packers have a lot of other problems. Many of which are recurring problems that we can't seem to fix or correct. Why do we still have problems keeping the QB upright? Why can't our receivers get open? Why do defenses know exactly the play we are going to run? Why can't we cover on ST? Why can't we get beyond the 20 on kickoffs/punts? Why can't we tackle? Why can't we generate a pass rush to help our secondary? Why can't we score TDs in the red zone? Why do we keep having blown assignment after blown assignment on defense?

Isn't that part of MM's job to figure out the whys and then find ways to address it?

Our defense for the most part was back to full strength sans Casey Hayward. What the hell is that excuse? I mean we've been pretty poor on defense for the last few years. Why is that still a problem?

I think for the most part Rodgers hides MM's problems. Rodgers seems to know how to read a defense and his accuracy and talent makes MM look better than he probably really is. He is able to put up enough points most of the time to keep us in a game and/or win games even if our defense is horrible.

Maybe MM was relying too much on Rodgers. I don't know, but without him he looks like he couldn't coach his way out of a high school locker room. Tom Clements was a fine QB coach but he's not an offensive coordinator. Ever since Joe Philbin left we seem to have stalled in a big way and our offense has suffered as a result.

The other teams know exactly what is coming and have a plan for it. We seem to sit back and react and have no plan for whatever they throw at us. We don't see to know how to make the proper in game adjustments.

Now injuries are a huge problem. Don't get me wrong. I question our strength and conditioning process because ever since Mark Lovat took over in 2010 we've had an usually high number of injuries. Coincidence? I doubt it.

I also think we have to look at personnel. Do we have the best possible 53 man roster? We're literally down to our 53rd man and I think that answer is a loud no.

If we build entirely through the draft TT has to get better at this. Injuries happen in the NFL. No one hands out kleenex so it is in our best interest to have quality backups. It's clear we do not.

It's also clear that several of our starters are not starting caliber. Enough babysitting. These are supposed to be NFL players. Earn your 7 figure pay check or get out.

I think if we get healthy and plug some holes we can compete next year, but we also have to look at some lingering problems we have and start to figure out why they aren't being fixed.

4thand1's picture

C'mon POC, your better than that last comment. Of course Rodgers will move the offense. Teams aren't going to but 7 & 8 in the box if he's on the field.

Buster's picture

However, POC's also 100% correct.
Mac's a$$ is definitely warming up.

Stroh's picture

No chance in hell!

4thand1's picture

You couldn't be more wrong. $$

4thand1's picture

I don't know why I read most of these comments. We're all definitely dumber for it ,and have wasted several minutes of our day.

Evan's picture

Ha...exactly why I haven't read anything the last 4 days.

Uncle Louie's picture

Looks like you just read at least one.

RunAndHyde's picture

So .....the bears lost lol.

RC Packer Fan's picture

And everyone thinks they and the Lions are going to run away with the division.. LOL....

Uncle Louie's picture

No one thinks the Lions or Bears are any good, just that the Packers are worse than they are. Who ever makes it into the playoffs from this division will get their asses kicked.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Have you read the comments. From a lot of peoples takes the Lions are the Patriots...

I'm not saying the Packers will win or anything. But the fact that the Packers still have a shot at the playoffs is amazing...

With the rest of the team getting healthy. I will say if Rodgers were to come back. I would take the Packers over a lot of teams.
Even after the way the Packers have played lately. With Rodgers they are a completely different team.

RC Packer Fan's picture

As bad as the Packers season has been. They are still in the hunt for the division title. Yes they need help, but they are still in the hunt... Crazy...

Cow42's picture

No they are not.

RC Packer Fan's picture

1 1/2 games back is not in the hunt? Don't know what world you live in, but 1 1/2 games back is still in the hunt.

I never said they would win, just said they are in the hunt...

Sir Cheese's picture

Cow isn't very good at math, just smile and nod.

TommyG's picture

If this is true the season is over today. I really hope that this isn't the case. Not because I think we can go to the playoff or because I harbor some fantasy of running the table and winning another Super Bowl. I hope that this season isn't over because I want a reason to look forward to Sundays, to look forward to having friends over, drinking too much, eating too much. If this is it what do we do? Watch the NBA... Please, I've thrown up enough in the last week.

Stroh's picture

I go to the gym and workout more in the offseason. Gym mtn bike, hike... Get out and do something, with friends or not.

Point Packer's picture

Offseason just started.

Stroh's picture

I went mtn biking today. That was only due to the Packers playing on Thurs not Sun tho. I'll be back at the Packer Bar 2 miles from my house drinking too much and cheering the Packers till the season is over and not before that. No matter if the playoffs are possible or not.

Point Packer's picture

I'll surely put myself through the same amount of pain from here on out, but I may skip one or two on account of beautiful weather.

Love the Packers win or lose, but the current incarnation of the 2013 GB Packers is just difficult to watch.

4thand1's picture

Is there some kind of award for writing a 15k character post?

Jameson's picture

YES! I win all those awards.

I have a great system and a great coach which is why I'm so successful.

~Writer of Novels on

4thand1's picture

To bad it didn't make you the best defensive coordinator in the world.

Jameson's picture

Defensive coordinator? I don't aim that low!

Head coach baby!

I want to be the first female head coach in the NFL!

My half time speeches would all be typed. Ten pages. Back to back. Single space. I'm gonna make those bitches earn their 7 figures!!

4thand1's picture

All you'll have to write is, Blocking and tackling! Football is all about blocking and tackling. keep it simple. Man that Lombardi guy was pretty smart.

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Oh, so your a woman. Never mind. That explains everything. You need to get a life toots!! Nobody going to read that mile long shit. That was ridiculous.


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Longshanks get outta here with that sexist Neandertal crap. Oh, and signing off with your handle that's already posted at the top is really stupid.

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GB players with multiple games missed this year: Buluga, Barclay, Dejuan, Starks, Lacy, Franklin, Kuhn, AR, Cobb, JJ, Finley, Taylor, Jolly, Perry, CM, Neal, B. Jones, Lattimore, Shields, Hayward, Burnett, Bush. Not considered: Worthy, Sherrod, Tretter, GVG, Richardson.

Anyone trying to tell us that this is not the main cause of a team underperforming is uninformed, promoting their own agenda, and/or just plain stupid. TT is still as great a GM as he was five weeks ago. MM is still as good a coach. Capers continues to be insufficient.

Should MM have had the team better prepared the last four weeks? Yes. Should the defense have risen to the occasion with AR's loss and preserved wins against Chicago and Minnesota? Yes. Could TT have handled the safety and back up QB issues better? Yes. However, don't lose sight of the main issue for disappointing season.

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GB has enough holes that BPA at a position of need (of which there are several/many) is fine. But do not forget OT (and oline in general). Current candidates for OT are Bulaga, Bakhtiari, Sherrod, Barclay. Bulaga has a cap # of $3.8 M next year, then he is a FA. He will be looking for a big raise if he performs as a LOT. Sherrod has a $1.8M 2013 cap #. In 2015, GB has an option to pay Sherrod the average of the 3rd to 25th highest paid OTs. Bakhtiari needs to gain strength as his problem seems to be that he can be bul rushed. Not sure what his frame is like or if he can add 15 to 20 pounds and strength over the off season. Maybe use a 3rd to 5th on an OT. There is no back up C or Guard, and EDS is a FA that GB will have to overpay to keep. I'd be concerned if GB relies on Tretter to be a starting or even back up C. Not happy if Lane Taylor is back up G.

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You would be concerned if a 4th rd draft pick is a backup?! Dude what do you think makes up the majority of backups in the NFL? It certainly is proven NFL OL. Those guys get signed to be starters! What are you thinking?!

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i just can/t believe this is going to be a five win season...

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If the Packers shut down Rodgers for the balance of the season, the Packers could go 0-fer.

Small consolation: nice to reload with a few high-round draft picks AND play a softer schedule next year.

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shut him down...the rest of the team is on vacation so why risk injury with that pathetic line?

i say switch to a 4-3. they have 2 high draft pick 4-3 DE on the roster that are playing out of position....Perry and Jones. then you have Worthy, Daniels, CJ, Jolly, Boyd, maybe Pickett. let Raji go....he won't be worth the money.

Mathews is great in the 3-4 but what good is that when the rest of the D sux? he will be just fine at Will. Get Latimore in the middle and look for another OLB to compliment Mathews.

top ten pick.....BPA or trade up for a gem or down for more picks if the MAN is gone. picks.

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If Mr. Rogers does not play to save him from injury. May be we should just forfeit the rest of the games to save the rest of the team from injury or embarassment.
Give the fans back their money and save on the light bill @ Lambeau field. Better luck next year.........hmmmmmm sounds like the cubs...... who in the packers organization would not let in the goat?

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