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Report: Finley Will Miss at Least Four to Six Weeks

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Report: Finley Will Miss at Least Four to Six Weeks

Ed Werder of ESPN reported on Tuesday afternoon that Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley was expected to be released from the hospital in the next 24 hours and then added:

There is no specific timetable for Finely's return to the field, but indications are that he likely will miss at least four to six weeks, sources said.


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Evan's picture

Seems optimistic, but here's hoping.

Mrweit27's picture

Good news but I will believe it when i see it.

Longshanks's picture

That would be great if that's true. Much better than never playing again which is what I originally thought when I saw him carried off the field on that stretcher.

PackersRS's picture

"At least".

Evan's picture

Yeah, those 2 words are doing a lot of heavy lifting.

packsmack25's picture

I've never understood why they say "at least" and then give a range of times. Seems like "at least 4 weeks" would suffice.

hayward4president's picture

Weird to say ..but I really don't care about him playing at this point. I want him to just be healthy n not worry about football. As a parent its hard to think about risking my life for a sport. If he does come back that's great but if he doesn't I won't be surprised. Stoneburner......don't disappoint me!

Archie's picture

It was reported that he was a deadbeat dad vis a vis several baby-mamas from his past. Anybody making $8MM/yr and refusing to pay $50/week child support is a bum in my book.

The TKstinator's picture

Do you live on a dairy farm?

jack in jersey city's picture

this doesn't mean that he would want to play football again even if it was physically possible. i have a feeling that his family doesn't want to see him near a football field again. we shall see.....

Stroh's picture

Have to remember that they were probably counting on him making millions a year for at least a few more years. Not saying that his family wants him to risk career threatening injury. I guess it comes down to how much they've been planning for life after football. I just hope the best for him no matter if he decides to play or not.

MarkinMadison's picture

I find it hard to believe that he has received enough medical opinions and tests at this point to put a timetable on it.

Dave in Texas's picture

The Finley situation could fester into a major distraction. Well, it already is a huge distraction, and rightly so. But, if he stays on the roster while doing rehab, the speculation and questions from the media every week will distract TT/M3 and Co. After four weeks, you can bet there will be camp wanting him to play and another saying he shouldn't. Again, very understandable.

What I am getting at, is eventually it could get ugly. Say Finley wants to play and the team doesn't want him to play. He is in a contract, getting back on the field this season could make a difference of tens of millions to Finley. Putting the team in a very awkward position.

I think the team should put him on season ending IR, tomorrow. That way the drama can be put off until the offseason and into the FA period. That allows M3 to plan his offense from here on w/o Finley. Like he did so successfully during the Super Bowl run. And it immediately opens the roster spot for TT to deal with.  

Please do not get me wrong. I would love to have Finley back playing down the stretch. He has worked hard to improve his game and image. But, this is has nothing to do with my selfish desire as a fan. This could become a game of chicken between the team and Finey's camp.  Followed the, if the teams gives in to his desires, and he plays again in a few weeks, by Russian Roulette each and every day he practices and plays. A game that the media will bring up daily with their questions to TT, M3, coaches, players, doctors, etc.

I think the prudent thing for the team to do is end the suspense before it starts, by putting him on IR.

Stroh's picture

No it won't be a big distraction... I just don't see it. You seem think Finley is some malcontent and nothing could be further from the truth. He's a well liked teammate and is a respected and valuable member of the team. Packers would go to him and tell him straight that they won't let him play for his own sake. Finley might disagree and may even say so publicly, but he won't turn it into a distraction.

Dave in Texas's picture

Stroh, I do not at all think Finley is a "malcontent." In fact, that is what makes this so sad, IMO. I think he is 100% on board with the team this year. Happy and proud to be a Packer. This could not have happened at a worse time, IMO. It's threatening to take him away from something he sincerely loves. That is playing football as a Green Bay Packer.

Norman's picture

I'm hoping for another controversy over whether Finley gets to be in the team picture for the Super Bowl!

john's picture

Sometimes a distraction can be a good thing, keeping the team from looking ahead instead of the task at hand. Look at what the Pats have done with the Gronk distraction.

casual fan's picture

Do you think there's any possibility TT would try to work something out with Washington to get Fred Davis? I heard they're shopping him and his salary isn't too high.

RC Packer Fan's picture

What about Tony Gonzalez? I had heard that he might be a person that the Falcons would trade. To a playoff contending team.

Stroh's picture

Except Gonzo has stated that he won't play for another team according to a comment posted by a blogger w/ a ref to a comment by Gonzo.

As for Davis, he is talented but wildly inconsistent. Not worth the trouble IMO.

RC Packer Fan's picture

yeah, I didn't see that comment from Tony. I just heard that last night that the Falcons might consider trading him. I thought it was interesting.

I don't see them going after Davis at all. Honestly I don't see them trading for anyone. Its not their style.

I could see them possibly trading CJ Wilson for a draft pick. But that is the only trade I really could see Thompson making.

Evan's picture

Way too many conflicting reports out there now...

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree. I have heard so many different things.
I heard he needs surgery, he doesn't. He will be out 4-6 weeks, he will be out a year. So many rumors going on right now...

Evan's picture

Speaking of TEs, Scheffler was just cut. I know he is coming off a concussion (he was just cleared to play), but he always seemed a productive player. I wonder what the full story is there.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Yeah, I don't know. I see they signed Barry Richardson (OL) and released Scheffler. I wonder if it was more injury related?

Lucky953's picture

Finley was an emotionally immature kid, but all signs have been pointing in the right direction. I've thought of him as a kind of "late bloomer". He was becoming increasingly confident (REAL confidence, not BS bravado) and increasingly aggressive. He was just running through people! If he can get healthy and play without fear, his best years are still ahead of him. He had difficulty recovering psychologically from the prior knee injury, so can't imagine how hard this will be for him, assuming he's medically cleared at some point.

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