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Report: Colt Lyerla Receives No Guaranteed Money from Packers

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Report: Colt Lyerla Receives No Guaranteed Money from Packers

As expected, rookie tight end Colt Lyerla received no guaranteed money in the contract he signed with the Green Bay Packers earlier this week, according to Wes Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press-Gazette:

The three-year minimum contract Lyerla signed with the Packers did not include a signing bonus, according to an NFL source with access to the NFLPA salary information.

Lyerla, 21, will make $420,000 for the 2014 season, $510,000 in 2015 and $600,000 in 2016 so long as he remains on the active roster.

The Packers have not taken on much risk by signing the talented but troubled Lyerla.

Lyerla will not receive a dollar from the organization until he plays in a regualar season game, except for the per diem money all players receive in the offseason—regardless of the size of contract they signed—which doesn't count against the salary cap.

The Packers can cut Lyerla at any time between now and the start of the regular season and not owe him anything or have anything count against the salary cap.

Should Lyerla play out his three-year contract, he would become a restricted free agent in 2017.

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Evan's picture

Not much to complain about here.

Speaking of TEs, Finley had a nice, cryptic tweet about an hour ago.

@JermichaelF88 1h
Awesome News! #IWillRiseAgain

ballark's picture

COW and MRS. COW go out to eat...

RCPackerFan's picture

I hate it when people post stuff like that then don't say anymore.

The thing for me though, is even if his doctors clear him, doesn't mean the Packers doctors or any other teams doctors will clear him.

Should be interesting.

Clay Zombo's picture

Spot on analysis Ballark, no doubt.

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

Just the kind of contract they should have written.

calabasa's picture

If I had a penny for every time writers have, and will continue to refer to him as "talented but troubled" I'll make more than he does!

Seriously, I'm happy to see no guarantee, but a 3-year deal! He might be Ted's 2nd best move ever.

Jordan's picture

Oh but there is risk. The only risk is upsetting fans (and shareholder/owners) that feel strongly about his lack of apology regarding his sandy hook comments.

It's difficult for some fans to root for a nut job and makes some fans question Ted Thompson.

For many packers fans and Wisconsinites, the sandy hook comments don't hit close to home. But for others (like me) who happen to know parents that had their child murdered at Sandy matters.

One might think that the executive committee may have to intervene and demand a public apology from that friggin nut job.

Nick Perry's picture

I think it's a great deal for the Packers. If the kid that made those horrible comments, did some coke, and left his team surfaces, he Packers cut him and owe him nothing. If the kid that showed all that promise, blew away other's at the combine posting some of the best results since 2006 shows up, the Packers got what might be the one of the best players that was available in the draft.

I think it's worth noting that Lyerla was 19 or just turning 20 years old when this all happened. I'm not suggesting youth is a excuse to say or do anything anything you want. Obviously people need to be held accountable and I believe Lyerla has. He's had a pretty crappy childhood so for a person like myself who has worked in a profession that deals with youngsters like Colt, it's easy to see why he had problems. But I'm quite certain many of us know people that haven't always said or done the right thing, especially at 19 years old. Again, not making excuses.

At the end of the day Colt Lyerla deserves this shot. The Packers have a strong enough locker room to help guide this kid. Lyerla has enough talent to be one of the better TE in the NFL, and it all costs the Packers nothing should he not make the 53 man roster.

I found this article on Lyerla, it might be worth checking out....

Evan's picture

"This a$$hole poured salt on the wounds of their parents."

I very much doubt the tweet of some random college football player even registered in the wounds of those parents.

ballark's picture

It was only words. Stupid, stupid insensitive words, yes, but still, only words. I don't understand why this is something so unforgivable. I doubt any Sandy Hook parent cares what some meathead football player in Oregeon thinks about the situation. Besides, that Colt made the statement in the midst of quitting football and cocaine use suggests his life was a bit messed up. Who knows if he's coming to terms with abuse, family stuff, addiction, or lord only knows what...

But whatever the case, I think it's 100% safe to say the Packers have way more information and a way better grasp of the situation than Cow, guy on the internet. If they're willing to take the chance, I'm ok with it.

Evan's picture

Sticks and stones...

(Then again, I don't really get "offended" by stuff.)

4thand1's picture

Whah, whah, phucking whah already cow. Quit your whining. The NFL is full of players who have done a hell of a lot worse. This is just one more thing for you to criticize. You bitch like a little whimp no matter what the Packers and TT do. You suck.

Nick Perry's picture

I'd venture to say you don't know the first thing about what happens to children that grow up the way Colt has. Granted it doesn't give him reason to say hurtful, insensitive things. But hate him with the vengeance you do is entirely unbelievable. As far as being "Trash" I don't know you from Adam. The way you hate on this young man, you're really not any better than him and I'm glad I don't know you.

Evan's picture

I don't think I'm a yes-man for being okay with giving Colt a second chance.

I was fine TT bring Jonny Jolly back, sure. Less so with Koren Robinson (DWIs are pretty darn close to unforgivable - thankfully no one got hurt). I think it's a case by case basis.

Would I be okay with signing Michael Vick or Leonard Little (who actually killed a person). Not for a second.

Colt's tweets don't fall into the Vick/Little territory for me. They do for you, okay. I don't understand it but okay.

Roger Over's picture

I think its great were giving this kid a chance albeit may reasoning if different. Over the years I've seen some bad dudes get chances, more chances and even more chances and no one dares comment on it due to the fact it may be racially sensitive.
I just hope someone took the kid aside and explained, this is your one chance. Use it wisely. No drugs, no screwing around, just football baby.

Evan's picture

"I just hope someone took the kid aside and explained, this is your one chance. Use it wisely. No drugs, no screwing around, just football baby."

I'm sure many within the organization did just that.

Roger Over's picture

Brian thanks for all the hard work you did over the course of the draft. Again right on top of things with informative stuff. Good job.

BradHTX's picture

Question to Cow and Jordan. And I am asking this for the sake of serious discuss of your position, not to rip on either of you.

I respect that you intensely dislike Lyerla for his comments about Sandy Hook (and Jordan -- my condolences to your friends, I can't imagine a more awful thing to go through). But I also find it interesting that you feel that he ought not be allowed to play for the Packers because of what he said. Now admittedly, you haven't said the NFL should ban him, so not in that sense of "ought not be allowed," but you have said or implied you don't think the Packers should have signed him.

Reggie White was very outspoken and said things that were deeply hurtful and offensive to homosexuals. Does that affect your opinion of the Packers signing him?

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