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Report: Clifton Likely To Be Cut

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Report: Clifton Likely To Be Cut

From Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports:

Source says that Pack likely to cut Clifton and restructure Driver.

Clifton is due $5.25 million in salary in 2013, along with a $203,125 roster bonus.

Driver is due a salary of $2.6 million, but more immediately, he is due a $2.2 million roster bonus next month.


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packsmack25's picture

Good Riddance!

/end sarcasm

Sad to see him go. Cliffy would make a great coach, as technique turned him into an expert at negating some great pass rushers.

Jake's picture

Clifton played some of the best LT of his career 2 seasons ago, and we don't win the Superbowl without him. Sad to see him go, but his time might be up.

Evan's picture

I'd do the opposite.

Kevin's picture

Agreed. Clifton could still be of use as the LT spot is far from solved. Besides being a veteran leader, Driver's just taking snaps from Cobb

More's picture


Maybe if no one else picks up Cliffy, he could be 'on call" so to speak throughout the next year.

Tim's picture

I've said it before, and I'll say it again:
Restructure Driver and drop him to the #4 WR, elevate Cobb to #3, and trade James Jones for a 2nd- or 3rd-rounder.

Evan's picture

No way. You don't trade Jones just so you can make room for a 37-year-old receiver who is on his last legs.

IowaPackFan's picture


Tim's picture

I'm not making room for the 37-year-old, I'm making room for the 22-year-old.

Evan's picture

How? The 22-year-old isn't going anywhere regardless.

Al's picture

hes making room for Gurley #5. Driver is still an awesome receiver, it is nuts to even consider cutting him. He has at least 1 or 2 seasons left in him. Drop him to #4 or #5 whatever but the best 5 guys need to be on the roster and Driver is still right there

mark's picture

The Jones contract (3 years/9.4 mil) was a bargain. No way you trade him. And even though I think he's a solid player, no way is anyone giving up a 2nd for him.

Tim's picture

You're probably right that nobody will give up a 2nd-rounder for JJ, but perhaps a 3rd. In any case, JJ is "good not great" and needs to step aside for Cobb who looks like a genuine stud. It's just my opinion, but I don't think $3M/year for a #4 WR is a bargain.

Sherry's picture

There is a reason why we are Green Bay fans, tradition. Donald Driver is that. Remember which WR came through against the Giants. A lot of people said Nitschke was on his last leg and we won 3 championships. Yes, we need work on the O Line but we need defense!

Lynn Dickey 12's picture

LBs covered him. Made it a lot easier to get open. You and I may care about tradition, but on the field, Driver vs. corners and safeties is a loser for the Packers. Driver is only slowing Cobb's development....Gurley, too.

RedLine's picture

If this is the decision to be made to trim the roster to 53 and Cobb and Gurley look good, I agree. However, we need to get through the off-season workouts, training camp, and preseason games first. A lot can happen in that time.

redlights's picture

Why do we need to get through offseason? Do you think the MM hasn't watched Driver all season? TT/MM know exactly what each player is capable of; and have opinion's of what each player will project to next year. Granted, these opinions can be wrong, but I'd stand behind the decision to cut Driver if its made.

Thanks DD; but I think you'll make a great mentor on a WR deficient team. Personally, I'd like to see him traded to Miami with Flynn, but that's just me.

Chris Davis's picture

Both Players had great times at Green Bay, But also they now have reached the point were they are hurting us by keeping them on the Roaster. Both have made a ton of money playing...It is time for a change to the younger players, that have a lot of potential.

BLACKHAWK's picture

Driver had a good game agaisnt the Giants. I am guessing here,...but what did he have....4 catches for 59 yards with no drops? Big deal...he played good and has had a great career. Time to move on, trade him for a 6th round pick, if no one bites, cut him and invite him back as a free agent and make him prove that he deserves to make the roster for 2012. I love me some DD, but youth has spoken.

Crede's picture

Maybe keep 6 receivers and only 4 TEs.

packsmack25's picture

Probably gonna happen unless they draft another TE. I don't see any way that Quarless isn't put on IR. He absolutely dismantled his leg, and it was late in the season.

Don Hutson's picture

More likely Quarless is put on PUP, not IR. As for DD, it will be sad to see him go but unless there is a reasonable way to get Gurley on the 53 and have sufficient depth otherwise, it is tough to argue that you tie-up ~ $4M in cap space and a spot on the 53 for what may be the #5 or #6 receiver. I would like to see the back-up plan at Tackle without Cliffie, but He may well be unreasonable to keep given his reduced durrability vs. cost.

packsmack25's picture

Even if he goes on PUP, I really don't see him being needed enough for them to pull him off when he's coming off such a catastrophic leg injury. Sherrod is a different story, as his presence might be needed for depth on the offensive line.

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