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Reactions To Capers and the 3-4

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Reactions To Capers and the 3-4


First of all, the hiring of Dom Capers is great, great news for the Green Bay Packers, no matter what you read about his Wikipedia page. Yes, Capers was a mediocre to terrible head coach. Has everyone already forgoten Dick LeBeau's stint as a head coach? He was awful. And is now the coordinator of the NFL's number one defense that just happens to be going to the Super Bowl. So let's all put the "He was awful as a head coach - he must be terrible!" thread behind us, shall we?

Furthermore, I know there are people who don't like the idea of a re-tread coach, esp one that has been a head coach before because the feeling is they are only hired guns that are angling for another head coaching job. These same people want to hire a young, up-and-coming coach to eliminate the possibility of losing a coordinator too soon after he is hired. Bunk. I hope these same people read about Spagnola taking the head coaching job in St. Louis. He was in New York, what, two years? The point is, McCarthy needed a professional this time around, not some guy just cutting his teeth at the coordinator level. If a coordinator does well, he will get looked at for coaching vacancies. That's just how it works. One thing McCarthy indicated in his presser today was that he was looking for an experience coordinator, which I think he basically was forced to do after this years' debacle.

Also in his press conference, McCarthy declared unequivocally that the Packers are going to become a 3-4 team. It's been a long time since the Green Bay Packers ran the 3-4 and when they did, the results were not pretty. But a lot has happened both in Green Bay and in the NFL since then. I also think it will be fascinating to watch Thompson work to shift the roster to accommodate this shift in scheme. I don't think the change will be as drastic as most people believe. (I am concerned however when McCarthy says that Ryan Pickett is a natural nose tackle for the 3-4. Um, no, he's not. He's a decent bigman that can eat up blockers, but that's it. He's no Wilfork, Jenkins or Rodgers. If Thompson and McCarthy stand pat there, things will get late real early on the defensive side of the ball.)

Overall, I am more excited about the Packer defense now than I have been since Reggie White was terrorizing quarterbacks, and they haven't even released a depth chart yet. But Dom Capers is an excellent step in the right direction.

(I'll have more about McCarthy and the firing of the defensive staff in a day or two. Suffice it to say, I'm getting sick of the 'McCarthy is clearly desperate to have made such a drastic move' meme that has surfaced over the last week, reactions that I think are overblown and not a little ridiculous.)


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Chicago Hooligan's picture

I think Pickett will be okay. Not ideal, but who can they realistically get right now who would be better to play over center, without gobbling up all the money that could be spent on o-linemen or ends? I can't get excited about someone like Tank Johnson.

I will be interested to see what Capers and his crew think of the current stable of D-linemen and who they keep. A couple of these "project" guys will have to hit the road.

Oh, and, can we all agree that we will DEFINITELY see stories about how much better Harrell is performing in a 3-4 this summer?

Eric's picture

At this point I am cautiously optimistic about the Packers defense for next season. I like the experience that Dom Capers brings to the defensive coordinator position but I am a little skeptical of the 3-4. I don't think a 3-4 is a bad scheme, I just worry how our current players will fit it. Hopefully our players will be able to step into their new roles or next season could be a very very long season since our defense will officially go into rebuilding mode. Well one thing is for sure. This offseason just got a lot more interesting and training camp will also be much more interesting this season as the team tries to adjust to a new scheme.

dustybricks6's picture

This now makes for an ideal landing spot for Julius Peppers.

Franklin Hillside's picture


Terrell Suggs would find this an ideal landing spot... and for a lot cheaper than Peppers.

Plus, look at his 2007 stats.

IPBprez's picture

Question becomes: Will Suggs want to come to Green Bay? --- My next read is to see who the best 3-4 Nost Tackle would be for a No.9 Draft pick, in April. A better question would be: Will Trader Ted give Capers some leeway in who he would prefer to have on his Defense?

cheese5's picture

i'm with u Dusty. Peppers will not be cheap. But he is a difference maker...It's not Wrong. Julius Peppers could more than excel at the 3-4. He's a stud. i'm sorry. Charley Casserly doesn't know what the f he's talking about.

packeraaron's picture

Put me down in the Suggs category for any number of reasons. (I'd even take Bart Scott) And Corey - hard to say Casserly doesn't know what he's talking about, esp when it comes to defensive ends - this is the man who picked Williams over Bush even though he knew all of Texas would hate him.

The man knows.

Keith's picture

I vote Peppers. The guy is a crazy athlete and I would love to see him play OLB in the 3-4. I really think he could be like Joey Porter... and he's a lot younger than Porter.

I am not super excited for the draft.

Now, all we need is for McCarthy to drop the zone blocking scheme and we'll be all set.

Stanislaw's picture

I am concerned however when McCarthy says that Ryan Pickett is a natural nose tackle for the 3-4. Um, no, he’s not. He’s a decent bigman that can eat up blockers, but that’s it.

Ummm, that's what a nose guard is - take up the blockers to protect the LB's. Even DE's in the 3-4 first priority have to hold down the OT's - the pass rush comes from the OLB's - in general of course but in a sense you want your 3-4 linemen to protect the LB's.

packeraaron's picture

Yes - that's what average nose guards do. If you like to settle for average, you're all set with Pickett...

Stanislaw's picture

I don't know what's more ridiculous, you and your bozo friends arguing about which one of the following, Peppers, Suggs or Haynesworth, coming to GB. (none of them will come here - seriously TT is right, this isn't fantasy football) or you off handingly saying that Pickett will be an average NT - how do you know? How can you be so certain. If he craps out another team's running game on run downs then where do you stand. Freakin know it all.

And one more thing - nothing and I mean nothing gives me more douche chills than you guys saying 'presser', Christ that's bad. You're better than that - clean it up.

packeraaron's picture

Stanislaw came to play!

1. Suggs coming to GB is not that far-fetched. I agree the other two are and have written as much.

2. Pickett will take up space - that's it. Again, if you want average, he's perfect. I prefer a disruptive player on the nose.

3. Presser. Presser. Presser. Presser...

Andrew in Atlanta's picture

Geez, everything happens the week I travel. Perhaps I just need to hit the road from now on when it's time for the Pack to make decisions!
My two cents...I like the Capers hire a lot, but more importantly I like the way MM handled the interviews. I've always been a fan of MM but was concerned about how the 2008 season would make him approach the 2009 season due to the emotional capital he lost with many in Packer nation. I've recruited and hired many people in my life and some did not work out. Sometimes it's better to just say that and cut loses then try to "fix" them because they are a reflection on you. MM got rid of most of the defensive staff and one would think it was an end of the world knee jerk reaction based on some of the writers. Anyway, I like what MM did.
I'm not sold on Pickett as a NT and as much as I like Harrell and want to give him every opportunity to be successful, we need some help there. I suspect TT will not count on Harrell again this year and will get busy. I think "busy" means the draft
I do not think Peppers will happen. There will be a bidding war and I can't see us getting him. Suggs will not happen either. There are two reasons - first, I think the Ravens will keep Lewis and Suggs. Bart Scott may be the odd man out (and he would be great for us BTW). Second, Ryan is now with the Jets and if Scott or Suggs becomes available I think Ryan will be all over those guys since he knows them so well.
Anyway, great coverage of the events by CHTV and I've enjoyed catching up through all the posts

packeraaron's picture

Thanks Andrew. Nice to have you back. ;)

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