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Randall Cobb Signs With Dallas Cowboys

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Randall Cobb Signs With Dallas Cowboys

Former Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb is now officially a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

The signing was first reported by Fox Sports' Jay Glazer. ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Cobb's deal was a one-year deal worth $5 million.

It was widely presumed Cobb would not be back in Green Bay after his contract expired following the 2018 season. In eight years with the Packers, Cobb tallied 470 receptions for 5,524 yards (11.8 average) and 42 touchdowns. He was the last remaining link in the receiving corps to the Packers' record-setting 2011 passing offense.

Cobb joins a Cowboys team that was in need of a slot receiver to complement Amari Cooper after losing Cole Beasley in free agency to the Buffalo Bills. 


Tim Backes is a lifelong Packer fan and a contributor to CheeseheadTV. Follow him on Twitter @timbackes for his Packer takes, random musings and Untappd beer check-ins.

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Samson's picture

Wish RC luck down south. -- Somehow he needs to to stay healthy to show his talents.

GBPDAN1's picture

Love Cobb and I would wish him luck on most teams. But the Cowpies? Nope, sorry, I will be hoping that Cobb has an under productive season.

albert999's picture

u have good point my friend!

4thand10's picture

Good luck to Cobb, not too much luck though. He might have been healthier Had McCarthy not used him as a RB ...

PeteK's picture

The 59 carries really destroyed his career. Let's blame MM for over playing Matthews and Lacey too. Can't let the past go.

Coldworld's picture

Looks like a classic prove it contract. I think that’s the point, young enough but can he still perform over a season? Was the same question in GB, but with a young receiver corps, we weren’t the place for him to be asked that question. I can’t blame him for taking the opportunity from a team willing to give him a chance to answer it. Good guy.

The TKstinator's picture

Time marches on.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

As so with Clay Matthews who is a Ram now.

albert999's picture

Wish him luck

Montana's picture is there any cap savings with Cobb's departure? Good luck to Cobb.....

Coach JV's picture

No dude... Cobb was a Free Agent... which means his contract had expired. That basically means he wasn't really employed with the Packers anymore. Which means we didn't owe him any money. Which means he isn't under the cap. Which means there's nothing to save. Which means "no".

Salary cap 101 has concluded.

Montana's picture


Montana's picture is there any cap savings with Cobb's departure? Good luck to Cobb.....

Dzehren's picture

No. Cobb was already off GB’s books.

Montana's picture is there any cap savings with Cobb's departure? Good luck to Cobb.....

Samson's picture

1st day with your 'new' computer Dash? --- er... Montana.

4thand1's picture

I wonder if the Pack saved any money?

Lassy13's picture

good for him..

Razer's picture

Good person, good teammate and a good Packer. Wish him luck and health

Lare's picture

Agreed. He got well compensated for his contributions in Green Bay, we just need faster WRs that can stay healthy.

Coach JV's picture

Thanks for the good years Cobb. Enjoy the rest of your career!

ricky's picture

It'll be interesting to see if he continues to have health problems with the Cowboys. If he does have a productive, healthy year, would this indicate something wrong with the Packers training staff? Or just luck?

Minniman's picture

That injury that he got while wearing the NFL mic'd up kit and putting it on the line to make a catch definitely goes into the shizzle happens luck bucket

Coach JV's picture

Yeah man... I remember he came up right away but then started coughing blood on the sideline. That was definitely bad luck. You can't train for landing on a battery pack.

LarryPennell's picture

That is an interesting thought. Not a direct comparison but may give us an indication of how lacking the Packers strength and conditioning staff was.

Guam's picture

Quality person and good player - wish well against everybody but the Packers.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Randall Cobb, one of the greatest wr's in Packers history. I wish him well. Good guy. Good luck in big D!!


jeremyjjbrown's picture

IDK about "one of the greatest"...

Sterling Sharpe, James Lofton, Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, Antonio Freeman, Donald Driver, Robert Brooks, Boyd Dowler and Don Hudson where all better. And, that's just the list from right of the top of my head.

He was good. Maybe he was one of the goodest. :)

HankScorpio's picture

Pretty nice top of the head, JJB. You named the top 8 + #14 (Brooks) in career rec yards for the Packer. Brooks would been much higher if not for injury.

Cobb sits in 11th. Davante Adams is 16th and trails Cobb by 1327. Adams has 1386 last year. So Cobb may be down to 12 by this time next year.

Other notables: Max McGee-9, Billy Howton-10, Carroll Dale-12 and James Jones-13.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Had to throw Dowler in there since he was from a era where an 800 yards season could get you in the ProBowl. Unless you where Dave Parks, then your numbers looked like a modern reciever.

Coldworld's picture

Right, modern yards are deceptive due to extra games and increased passing. Cobb was a good receiver no doubt but not a great one.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Well Jeremy, as a doctor on an episode of Seinfeld once told Elaine Bennis when he called a very ugly baby and Elaine both "breathtaking", sometimes you just say things to be nice. I didn't think someone would break it down but you did. I was trying to give Cobb a nice compliment and send off for his services to the Green Bay Packers organization in case he came here and read the comments. Nothing more. 11th in history with gas left is still pretty damn good. I think one of the greatest still applies IMPrO.


PatrickGB's picture

Now we need a slot receiver. Cobb in his prime had a great relationship with Aaron. Best wishes for you but not for your new team. ;-)

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I'm not sure we need a "slot" reciever. Based on MLF history with the Titans I expect to see a lot less 11 personnel than McCarthy utilized. Graham and ESB are likey to play in the slot.

Coldworld's picture

I surely hope you are right. That was one of the big shifts from early to late MM and tied to the we will just beat you ethos that developed to replace imaginative player focused schemes and usage.

I also agree that the smaller shifty slot is not necessarily the only solution. It was in MMs system but other teams have used jumbos or just different personnel groups to achieve success. As long as we open up different areas downfield any method is fine with me.

sam1's picture

Always liked Cobb, hope his health stays good, but his new teams flops!

Mags's picture

Randall “Tex” Cobb

Skip greenBayless's picture

Very nice Maga!! I wonder if that had any influence on his signing. Probably too young to remember.


Tundraboy's picture

I doubt Randall Cobb knew who Tex Cobb was.

the real russ letlow's picture

Thanks for the great memories Randall "Bear killer" Cobb! Larry McCarren's "YES!" on the 2013 TD was absolutley awesome!

Nick Perry's picture

DUDE... You stole my name for Cobb..."Bear Killer"...LOL....

But seriously you've nailed it. On 4th and 8 with Peppers bearing down Rodgers rolls left while Kuhn chops Peppers down and Rodgers in his first game back himself from his first collarbone break hits Cobb for the TD. I've watched that play 100 times. What was AWESOME was James Jones raising his hands to signal TD before Cobb even caught it...

BTW....This past seasons 75 yarder vs the Bears to win the game was pretty awesome too. No matter Cobb was one of my favorites over the last 10 years in GB. Never embarrassed the franchise and ALWAYS gave 100%. Not to mention the guy CAUGHT the ball in a lot of clutch moments throughout his career...

Thank you Randall...You'll be missed!

Coldworld's picture

It was never attitude with Cobb. Great person and influence by all accounts with, like Clay, a desire to win and never give up. I hope we still retain that attitude within the new roster group.

At this point, Cobb like many others has been let down by his body. Perhaps his luck will change, perhaps not, but I can think of plenty of others less deserving of a good break.

sam1's picture


4thand1's picture

2 players left from the sb team, Tramon and AR.

ScaryGary's picture

its taken us five years to recover from mcarthys 14' fucq up

Savage57's picture

Crosby, Bulaga.

Holecrap's picture

Good luck clay, many great memories. Glad you ended up back home. Last year's season was no fluke it was testimony to the lack of talent on this team. It was time for change. I think things only get better from here.

haseo's picture

I’ll never forget that 70 yard TD he caught on 3rd and 10 against the Saints on SNF in 2014. Still love the call on the field, Idk why haha. We will miss you Randall! You’re an amazing player and an ever more amazing human.

albert999's picture

Clay Matthews gone to Rams

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Appreciate the memories of both Cobb and Matthew's. Never thought Clay would get that kind of money.

Minniman's picture

If they win a SB then they'll get vindicated, but the Rams really are in "win now" mode and splashing the cash around. I too thought that he got a sweet deal getting more than one year on his contract - be interesting to know the distribution.

Coldworld's picture

Probably a locally popular move too for the Rams. Business as much as play motive?

Daren726's picture

Good luck in Dallas. Thanks for the good years.

Buschmen's picture

Good luck and good health to Randall Cobb. Will struggle to cheer him on too much,as I really dislike Dallas.

Tundraboy's picture

Good luck Randall . Cowboys are truly classless. Only giving him one year deal, with the way they piss money away!

Minniman's picture

Thanks Randall, the NFCCG dagger to the bears will be enshrined in Packers folklore (along with Nick the picks SB steal). Thanks for some great memories, but it was time.

PAPackerbacker's picture

Not a surprise for Cobb to leave Green Bay. He was a great receiver but it was time to move on. He couldn't stay healthy enough to justify signing him to a big contract. If he plays more than 8 or 9 games for the Cowboys next season I'd be surprised.

Donster's picture

Thanks Cobb for your great play through the years as a Green Bay Packer. You are a class act on and off the field. I wish you good health, but not to much success since you signed with the Cowdungs.

Thanks to Clay Matthews too. Great player at one time, and a good man off the field too. Don't be a force to be reckoned with in L.A. though. If you do, that will show that the past few years you weren't utilized (Capers) to fit your abilities.

Spock's picture

Best wishes to a classy guy who often suited up and played hurt. I want him to play well but the Cowboys to really suck (I just hate that team). Will miss Cobb's infectious smile (almost as good as Driver's, lol). Good bye to my favorite (as others have mentioned above) "Bear Killer".

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